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Human cognitive performance: a neurophysiological assessment of the impact that reverse assessment priming has on mental workload, performance and cognitive efficiency during transient information processing

Kylie Hutchings Mangion
This study assessed cognitive efficiency (CE) during transient information processing by capturing the neural activity experienced during the completion of varying levels of cognitive processing. The study researched the impact of low versus high cognitive demand on transient information and the effect that reverse assessment priming has on overall neural activity, and the correlations of mental workload (MWL) with performance and with CE. In total, 13 university students and staff members from the University of...

The long term impact of an english language teacher training program on teachers’ practices in Madrasah Tsanawiyah in Indonesia

Moch Imam Machfudi
In recent years, Indonesia looks toward the challenge of elevating the quality of education in the most disadvantaged schools, especially in the Islamic school sector. This study investigates the successful implementation of a teacher training program called English Language Training for Islamic Schools (ELTIS). ELTIS was an AusAid funded program run between 2007 and 2010 to improve the quality of the teaching of English in marginalised schools based on the introduction of a more learner...

An investigation of decision support knowledge production, transfer and adoption for it outsourcing

Mohammad Rajaeian
Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is a widely-adopted strategy for IT governance. ITO decisions are very complicated and challenging for many organisations. During the past three decades of ITO research, numerous decision support artefacts (e.g. frameworks, models, tools) to support organisational ITO decisions have been described in academic publications. However, the scope, rigour, relevance and adoption of this research by industry practitioners had not been assessed. This study investigates the production, transfer and adoption of academic...

Uttering the unspoken: early childhood educators' conceptions of the impact of regulation of their profession

Turner Michelle
Early childhood education and care contexts have undergone change in light of growing regulatory reform and regimes of accountability. The introduction of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care across Australia on 1 January 2012 was one such significant reform experienced by the early childhood sector. The introduction of the framework heralded broad changes for early childhood educators engaged in this field. A continuing problem that emerges in the face of regulatory...

Modelling the compressive strength and thermal properties of foam concrete

Qiang Li
Foam concrete has attracted attention worldwide because of its light weight and enhanced insulating properties as a building material. Pore features in foam concrete play an important role in affecting its compressive strength and insulation properties. Therefore, quantitative description of relationships between pore features heat conductivity and compressive strength is the main aims of this thesis. To accomplish the aims, theoretical method is employed to deduce the heat conductivity, and experimental method is used to...

Human head temperature and electric field investigations under ECT

Marilia Menezes de Oliveira
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a non-invasive technique used to treat psychiatric conditions. A high strength low frequency electrical stimulation is delivered through two electrodes. The aim of this work is to develop an ECT finite element human head model to investigate the electric field and the increase in temperature due to the electrical stimulation. The bio-heat transfer equation combined with Laplace equation and their initial and boundary conditions are used to define the physics of...

The enhanced use of digital technologies in school guidance counsellor and student activity

Gary Hohn
Digital technologies are constantly changing and school guidance counsellors (SGC) are challenged to keep up with the adolescents use and acquisition of new technologies. There is limited research investigating the impact of providing practicing SGCs with professional development and support in implementing digital technologies. In a rural district in Queensland, Australia, nine secondary SGCs in public schools experienced a customised professional development program in the use of digital technologies. The aim of this face-to-face professional...

A generic multimedia configuration management system for constrained spatial user-interface design

Thorp Stuart
This thesis examined two leading researchers within the fields of Design Science Research in Information Systems. The first was Peffers’ (DSRM), which is a six-step linear process model. The second model was Hevner’s, (DSRC), which is a three-stage design research cycle which comprises of an eight core structure. The process was to map the (GMCMSID) concept-of-prototype (which was the test programme for this thesis) over Peffers’ and Hevner methodology models. By mapping these two pre-existing...

eLearning integrators' narratives expressing professional identity and explaining patterns of practice with ICT

Christopher Byrne
This research explored the complexities surrounding encouragement of the use of Information Technology (IT) in Educational settings by classroom practitioners. The Melbourne Declaration, made by all Australian Education ministers in 2008 states that successful learners 'are creative and productive users of technology, especially ICT, as a foundation for success in all learning areas'(MCEECDYA, 2008, p. 8). Early adopters of the technology encouraged their peers to embrace these new technologies with the enticing promise that it...

Characterisation of syntactic foams for marine applications

Zulzamri Salleh
Syntactic foams are light weight particulate composites that use hollow particles (microballoons) as reinforcement in a polymer resin matrix. High strength microballoons provide closed cell porosity, which helps in reducing the weight of the material. Due to their wide range of possible applications, such as in marine structures, it is desirable to modify the physical and mechanical properties of syntactic foams in particular to achieve both high specific compressive strength and high energy absorption with...

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility reporting: a case study of Malaysia

Nurulyasmin Binti Ju Ahmad
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is relatively a new concept to developing countries, hence it is less prevalent as compared to developed countries. There is growing consensus that CSR is highly contextual. The literature indicates that the concept and practices of CSR vary depending on the country, region, culture, management perspectives, and geographical and business systems. Accordingly, it can be concluded that existing CSR in developed countries cannot be employed in developing countries. The need for...

Diagnosing integration: applying complex systems thinking to develop practical tools for diagnosing institutional arrangements and their resilience in integrated water governance contexts

Sarah Hood
The developing water crisis is one of several emergent environmental crises that could produce catastrophic consequences for human health and wellbeing. Some biophysical scientists have described the world water crisis in terms of the resilience of various combinations of three problematic water management syndromes catchment by catchment throughout the globe, while some social scientists have described it as a crisis of governance. In this thesis I provide new insights into the resilience of integration institutions...

Efficiency and productivity analysis of deregulated telecommunications industries: a comparative study of the cases of Canada and Nigeria

Abayomi Oredegbe
Following telecommunications industry deregulation in United Kingdom and the introduction of competition in the United States of America's long distance telecommunications services in the 1980s, telecommunications industries in other developed and developing countries have been deregulated. Contributing to the deregulation are the influences of globalization, technological advancement, fiscal policy restraint, lending institutions' requirements, regulatory costs curtailment and the desire for improved performance. However, the benefits of deregulation remain uncertain. The motivation for this research is...

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