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The widening participation agenda in higher education in Australia: theorizing a model of service delivery for non-academic Student Services to support university students from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Christie White
Australian higher education has historically been influenced by a variety of government agendas seeking to increase the proportion of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds (LSES students). It is generally acknowledged that socioeconomic status makes a difference to who accesses, and subsequently completes, university studies. LSES students may have complex social, economic, and cultural influences that impact on their student experience. Improving access to university for LSES students without ensuring that adequate supports are facilitating their...

An advanced systemic lesson learned knowledge model for project organisations

Stephen Duffield
The research study described in this thesis was inspired by many years as a project manager, watching the failure of organisation projects, and the lessons learned. This led to the research idea of how can the lessons learned enable organisations to learn from past project experiences to drive continuous improvement. The thesis is based on five published publications that collectively make a significant contribution to knowledge of the development of the Systemic Lessons Learned Knowledge...

Experimental and numerical study on fracture behaviour of bamboo fibres reinforced epoxy composites

Ziaullah Khan
The usage of natural fibres as reinforcement in composite materials is gaining the attraction of both academic and industrial sectors. However, there is lack of information and understanding on how the natural fibres influence the fracture toughness behaviour of the composites. In this work, experimental and numerical study on fracture behaviour of bamboo fibre reinforced epoxy composites is presented. Optimum NaOH concentration for treatment of bamboo fibres was determined through single fibre tensile test results...

An Australian case study in identifying perceived barriers to innovation and technology transfer among drilling assets in CSG infrastructures

Daniel Davoodian
The drilling industry supply chain consists of global procurement, contract management, transport, storage, control measures and information flow. Factors that restrict the supply chain in the Australian drilling industry include internal (company-related and micro-economical) and external (geopolitical and macro-economical) drivers or barriers. Through this research, a number of perceived barriers to innovation and technology transfer within the Australian drilling industry’s supply chain network were identified. The causes of these barriers include internal forces, external forces...

What are the collocational exemplars of high-frequency English vocabulary? on identifying Mwus most representative of high-frequency, lemmatized concgrams

James Rogers
Collocations, simply defined, are words that have a high frequency of co-occurrence (Biber et al., 1999: Shin, 2006). Collocational fluency is an essential aspect of communicating in and comprehending a second language in a native-like fashion. However, second language learners of English struggle to obtain such fluency since there is a lack of focus on it in the classroom and in ESL resources. This stems from the lack of a large-scale resource that identifies which...

Thrownness as tapestry: using art therapy to discover life experiences that influence a manager’s behaviour to deal successfully with project work

Markus Krusi
The current project management theory and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is not providing the desired results in the real world of project work. The theory is largely focused on abstract, oversimplified and one-size-fits-all mechanical tools dictated by the PMBOK that neglect the reality that humans employing social (soft skills) to deliver project work. This research employs an arts therapy technique as a research method to expose the soft skills a project manager uses...

Building preservice teacher capacity and professional identity using metaphor and critical reflection as tools to illuminate beliefs, identity and practice

Deborah North
Recent national and international reports have expressed concern about the quality of initial teacher education programs. A key concern is the disconnect between theory and practice highlighting the need for authentic tertiary assessment to deepen preservice learning. This doctoral research is focused on the development of an effective teacher professional identity and how this impacts on practice. Metaphor and critical reflection were used as tools to illuminate connections between preservice teacher beliefs, their professional identity...

Adjustable dynamic range for paper reduction schemes in large-scale MIMO-OFDM systems

Thana Udomsripaiboon
In a multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) communication system there is a necessity to limit the power that the output antenna amplifiers can deliver. Their signal is a combination of many independent channels, so the demanded amplitude can peak to many times the average value. The orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system causes high peak signals to occur because many subcarrier components are added by an inverse discrete Fourier transformation process at the base station. This causes out-of-band...

Higher education curriculum ecosystem design

Christopher Cheers
This study focuses on the development of a Design Framework for Higher Education Curriculum Ecosystem design. The study views the world as a digital ecosystem where the physical and the virtual are fully intertwined and function through integrated social and technical architecture working together in a seamless mesh that is persistent and pervasive. This digital ecosystem is an open, flexible, demand driven, self-organising, collaborative environment. It has enhanced individuals’ abilities to connect with other people,...

Anaerobic digestion of pre-treated slaughterhouse waste

Peter Harris
Low-rate covered anaerobic lagoons (CALs) offer the Australian red meat processing (RMP) industry an attractive wastewater treatment option with the added benefit of capturing methane-rich biogas that can be combusted to offset onsite fossil fuel consumption. Whilst high-strength, high-fat wastewater generated by the RMP industry provides excellent potential for biogas production, it also presents operational problems and can reduce the performance of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems. Fats, oils and greases, and other solids present in...

Uttering the unspoken: early childhood educators' conceptions of the impact of regulation of their profession

Turner Michelle
Early childhood education and care contexts have undergone change in light of growing regulatory reform and regimes of accountability. The introduction of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care across Australia on 1 January 2012 was one such significant reform experienced by the early childhood sector. The introduction of the framework heralded broad changes for early childhood educators engaged in this field. A continuing problem that emerges in the face of regulatory...

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