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An exploration of social workers’ professional identities within health settings in Queensland

Jacqueline McNamara
Social workers make up a significant number of the professionals and are key members of multidisciplinary teams employed within the health sector in Queensland. Shifting government priorities such as increased governance, managerialism, privatisation and marketisation of the health sector in Queensland are consistently shaping health service delivery. These are subsequently reflected in the delivery of social work services in this context. This has prompted an exploration of how social workers develop and maintain their professional...

The implementation of Lean thinking in reducing waste, streamlining clinical processes, improving clinical access, efficiency and consumer outcomes in Queensland regional, rural and remote mental health services

Brian Mayahle
Mental health has become a high priority for many countries, including Australia, due to the increasing number of mental health consumers presenting for treatment. The increase in service demand is not being matched with availability of resources world-wide. In line with the current health blue print document that emphasises the need for efficiencies, mental health service managers are under pressure to streamline processes so that consumers will continue to receive the same quality of care...

Improving Biometric Image Watermarking based on Sparse Approximation and Frequency Domain Transforms

Eyad Ben Tarif
With the rapid growth of web-based applications, digital images can now be distributed much faster and easier, which resulted in the rise of problems such as illegal copying, manipulation, and redistribution of digital multimedia. Given this context, it is imperative to develop effective methods for securing the digital data during transmission. To address the issue, digital watermarking concept has recently been proposed to prevent any illegal usage of the digital data. In this thesis, two...

The nature of caring by nurses in an intensive care unit (ICU): A focused ethnography

Hanan Subhi Khader Al-Shamaly
As a concept, caring is inextricably intertwined with nursing. There is a plethora of literature devoted to the concept of caring, but it is nebulous and complex. Numerous theoretical and operational perspectives of caring within the context of nursing have emerged over time. The ongoing dialogue and debate about what constitutes caring within the ever-expanding domains of nursing practice are nowhere more evident than in the specialisation of the adult intensive care unit (ICU), where...

Role of personality characteristics and dining-out atmospherics in the development of taste complexity attitude

Vipada Charoensuk
Restaurateurs need to understand of how an individual’s personality characteristics impact on their attitude to taste complexity in dining-out atmospherics. Agreeableness and Conscientiousness personality characteristics are most likely to have a strongly developed Taste Complexity Attitude. The meal appearance and textural variety of the food are important for customers.

Beyond Boarding: An exploration of post-boarding school expectations, experiences and outcomes for remote Aboriginal students, their families and their communities

Tessa Claire Benveniste
Education delivery and outcomes in remote Australia frequently feature in political, educational and research discourses. In particular, improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, who are largely achieving at lower levels than non-Indigenous, urban students, has been a priority for decades. Recently, boarding schools are being increasingly viewed as a ‘solution’ to the complexities and purported failure of remote education. However, the discourse supporting boarding school models has developed from a limited...

Advanced fuzzy logic based control systems for an institutional building in subtropical climate

Yazeed Yasin Ghadi
Building management systems (BMS) have the ability to monitor and control buildings mechanical and electrical systems, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems, for providing indoor thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption. However, most HVAC systems are controlled using conventional controller the functions of which are based on ON/OFFs controller and Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers. These controllers are not efficient at saving energy because of the operations of HVAC systems are nonlinear....

Woorabinda Youth Yarning Up

Bronwyn Fredericks, Carolyn Daniels & Susan Kinnear

A framework to build trust in mobile payment systems for Australian consumers

Domingos Mitsuhide Yamaguti Mondego
Trust is at the core of any payment method and its role is of vital importance in the adoption of a new payment system. Individuals need to trust in one another in order to validate any monetary system created. With the evolution of payment methods, shifting from paper-based to electronic-based, building consumer trust has become a vital element for the success of businesses involved in the mobile payment systems sector. In this sense, this research...

Acoustic detection of flying vertebrate pest in fruit orchard: Case study of lorikeets

Suryamani Sharma
Australian fruit growers face huge losses due to the damage sustained from flying vertebrate pests such as birds and flying foxes. Growers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in combating these pests due to the strict stipulations by the Department of Environment and Resource Management requiring all deterrent measures to be non-lethal. Some of the counter measures include canopy netting, tunnel netting, odour repellents, sounds, lights, scare guns, fruit bags and chemicals. These methods involve...

The effects of temperature, sleep restriction, and physical activity on the sleep architecture and cognitive performance of volunteer firefighters during various simulation wildland fireground tours

Michael Anthony Cvirn
The overall aim of this thesis was to investigate the interactions between firefighters’ sleep, ambient temperature, hydration status, and cognitive performance during simulated single and multi-day wildfire suppressions. These exact aims are addressed through four studies: 1. To assess the effect of ambient heat during day-(33-35°C) and night-time (23-25°C) exposures on firefighters’ sleep quantity and quality during a simulated multi-day wildfire suppression compared to thermoneutral temperatures (18-20°C; Study 1 -Chapter 4). 2. To quantify the...

Mungabah: a rural romance novel and exegesis

Kristy Anne Taylor
This Masters by research consists of a rural romance novel called Mungabah, and an accompanying exegesis. The novel is set in remote south western Queensland in the contemporary period and evolves through the life of Kylie, effectively a lost city girl from Brisbane who unsuspectingly inherits a large run-down farm and homestead in the country and who is also betrayed by her boyfriend boss in the city. Love develops between Kylie and a good looking...

The lived experience of nurses who care for family members during acute exacerbation of chronic illness: A phenomenological approach

Loretto T Quinney
In the previous two decades, the incidence of chronic illness has grown extensively across all demographics in all countries of the globe. The increase in chronic illness places significant burdens on stressed and diminishing health resources. In this environment it is not unusual for family members to assume the role of carer and this is particularly true for family members who are nurses. Although the experience of caring for a family member with chronic illness...

(Re) imagining the boundary: A case of contemporary fire and emergency services education and training

Helen Margaret Keen-Dyer
The Australian Fire and Emergency Services (FES) industry environment is becoming increasingly complex, with recent research suggesting this trend is expected to continue. At the heart of this complexity is an increase in the incidence and intricacy of operational activity, advances in technology and practice plus increasing scrutiny by all levels of government and the public FES serves. The changing industry environment has been attributed to a range of factors and importantly here, manifesting in...

Inside and outside: An investigation of social media use by Australian Defence Force partners

Amy Johnson
Those who love and marry serving members are impacted by their military service. Partners experience the effects of deployment and relocation differently to serving members, but still profoundly, with impacts on their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Partners, in their support of the member, play a critical role in military capability. Partners directly impact the availability of the member for deployment and partners who are resilient and cope well with the significant demands of military...

Algorithm and modelling technique for enhanced real-time health monitoring system for freight wagons

Chunsheng Li
A survey of literature and existing technologies indicated that algorithms and systems for on-board monitoring devices for freight wagons are still not well developed. This was found to be primarily due to the difficulty of developing a practical on-board monitoring system due to the lack of power and electrical communications on standard freight wagons. In addition, large wagon fleet sizes make it imperative that any such system be both robust and cheap. Consequently, it was...

Transcultural entrepreneurship: Embracing the “Social” in social innovation & social entrepreneurship

Thomas Bastian Thomsen
This dissertation is novel in methodology, theory, and application of anthropology, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship, to engage higher education in relation to addressing socio-economic development problems. The dissertation chapters present a series of case studies that investigate and apply models of service learning and action research. The findings of this work have been peer-reviewed and are reflected in three peer-reviewed journal articles, and an academic peer-reviewed book chapter. Qualitative methods, reflective of ethnography and...

The country-of-origin effects in the Chinese dairy market

Rongbin Yang
Dairy is one of the most produced and valuable agricultural products in the world. China is a key importer of dairy products. This thesis aims to explore the country-of-origin effects in the Chinese dairy market after the food safety scandal in 2008. Despite the fact that previous marketing studies have discussed the different driving factors for country-of-origin effects and their impact on brand equity of various products in various markets, the research on country-of-origin effects...

Researching and writing an historical fiction of the early–mid Twentieth Century Woolloomooloo community: A creative practice-led narrative inquiry

Alison R. Owens
This thesis is comprised of a novel, ‘Woolloomooloo Bad’, and an exegesis that seeks to investigate the research and development processes involved in completing the novel. The research question posed for this thesis was: how can a creative practiceled, narrative inquiry, drawing on personal stories as well as public and private documents and artefacts, generate a fictional account of lived historical experience? The novel presents the story of a working-class family set in the 1930s...

Developing psychological resources for creative writing through challenging stereotypes in Australian food history: A creative work and exegesis

Charmaine Liza O'Brien
The necessity for innovative responses to sustain our natural environmental, social and cultural wellbeing and economic prosperity is a constant refrain in contemporary society. Creativity is the prerequisite for innovation and creativity is a driving force in the modern economy. creative skills will be key assets for individuals, organisations and communities into the future and creative people will be seen as the source of innovative ideas. Developing creative capabilities in individuals is therefore of vital...

Being a radiographer: A socio-cultural comparative ethnographic study

Cynthia Cowling
This study investigates being a radiographer in diverse environments, through the non-technological, lived experiences of radiography work. It examined the socio-cultural factors impacting that practice, so as to determine the recognition of radiography as a profession with potentially global standards of practice. Previous studies had investigated medico-social and technical factors of but none had taken a global, socio-cultural perspective to researching the work of radiographers. The study was undertaken in seven countries, each with varied...

Professional challenges and support mechanisms for Specialist Breast Care Nurses in regional, rural and remote Queensland

Pamela Alethea Ellem
Specialist Breast Care Nurses (SBCNs) provide essential support and treatment for women experiencing breast cancer and their families (Cruickshank, Kennedy, Lockhart, Dosser & Dallas, 2008; Liebert, Parle, White & Rodger, 2001; Rogers-Clark, 2002; Yates et al., 2007). The broad role of the SBCN is to coordinate care and provide ongoing psychological support to women with breast cancer and their families during diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, follow-up and palliative care (Yates et al., 2007). This study addressed...

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