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The nature of caring by nurses in an intensive care unit (ICU): A focused ethnography

Hanan Subhi Khader Al-Shamaly
As a concept, caring is inextricably intertwined with nursing. There is a plethora of literature devoted to the concept of caring, but it is nebulous and complex. Numerous theoretical and operational perspectives of caring within the context of nursing have emerged over time. The ongoing dialogue and debate about what constitutes caring within the ever-expanding domains of nursing practice are nowhere more evident than in the specialisation of the adult intensive care unit (ICU), where...

Acoustic detection of flying vertebrate pest in fruit orchard: Case study of lorikeets

Suryamani Sharma
Australian fruit growers face huge losses due to the damage sustained from flying vertebrate pests such as birds and flying foxes. Growers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in combating these pests due to the strict stipulations by the Department of Environment and Resource Management requiring all deterrent measures to be non-lethal. Some of the counter measures include canopy netting, tunnel netting, odour repellents, sounds, lights, scare guns, fruit bags and chemicals. These methods involve...

Developing psychological resources for creative writing through challenging stereotypes in Australian food history: A creative work and exegesis

Charmaine Liza O'Brien
The necessity for innovative responses to sustain our natural environmental, social and cultural wellbeing and economic prosperity is a constant refrain in contemporary society. Creativity is the prerequisite for innovation and creativity is a driving force in the modern economy. creative skills will be key assets for individuals, organisations and communities into the future and creative people will be seen as the source of innovative ideas. Developing creative capabilities in individuals is therefore of vital...

Hearing their voice: Exploring the self-reports of adolescents’ experiences of a community-based, active citizenship program, in the context of four identified domains of global competence

Karena Joy Menzie
Citizenship in the era of globalization requires a mindset that transcends national borders; a skill set that can critically assess and colllectively address the issues identified in the Sustainable Development Goals; and values and attitudes that motivate the individual to work with others, irrespective of their culture and background, for the common good. The introduction by the OECD of a PISA global competence assessment in 2018 recognises the need for these knowledges, skills and values...

Experimental investigation of fluid dynamics effects on scale growth and suppression in the Bayer process

Prasanjit Das
Scale formation on the process equipment is a major problem in the mineral industry because it leads to reduced plant efficiency and additional operational cost. Scale formation in the Bayer process equipment is a natural consequence of supersaturated solutions that are generated throughout the process and the costs involved in the de-scaling process may be as much as one-quarter of operational costs of an alumina refinery. The scale formation in the Bayer process mainly occurs...

An exploratory investigation of intercultural encounters experienced by university based international students in an Australian university

Robyn Terese Donovan
A grounded theory study of intercultural encounters experienced by international students was carried out to contribute to an understanding of these events. Intercultural encounters are events which students perceive as having different cultural norms and practices. While there is considerable research regarding students’ experiences of overseas study, there have been relatively limited studies concerning student intercultural encounter experiences in an Australian context. This research used interviews to explore how international students at an Australian university...

Gendered Indigenous health and wellbeing within the Australian health system: A review of the literature

B Fredericks, C Daniels, J Judd, R Bainbridge, K Clapham, M Longbottom, M Adams, D Bessarab, L Collard, C Andersen, D Duthie & R Ball
Traditionally, Indigenous men and women maintained distinct gendered realities. Colonisation and the subsequent introduction of the patriarchal system altered these realities, negatively impacting on Indigenous men’s and women’s health and wellbeing in a cumulative and continuing way. This literature review provides an overview of gendered Indigenous perspectives of health and wellbeing, and discusses some of the intervention strategies in Australia that have attempted to address these issues. In providing a context for understanding gendered Indigenous...

Woorabinda Youth Yarning Up

Bronwyn Fredericks, Carolyn Daniels & Susan Kinnear

The crime novel as trauma fiction: Representing traumatic experience and post-traumatic growth in crime fiction

Leanne Tracey Dodd
This thesis examines writing practices to represent trauma for the benefit of readers and writers in a work of popular genre crime fiction. The research is conducted through an original creative work and a critical exegesis. Ebb and Flow is a crime novel situated in the domestic noir sub-genre, with a fragmented narrative structure that is informed by trauma literature. The unreliable narrator/protagonist’s traumatic experiences of domestic violence are revealed through two point-of-view characters; the...

A grounded theory of food security in Nepal: Surviving market fundamentalism

Naresh N. Rimal
This research addresses lived experience of participants, recounted as story-webs about food security issues, in rural areas of Nepal. Story-web issues are contextualised within changing agricultural practices, aid intervention and systems change, and the future of agriculture. The meta-disciplinary approach integrates Grounded Theory (GT), Ethnography, and Systems Thinking (ST) for gathering, analysing, and presenting the data. Rural development intervention seldom considers antecedent knowledge in decision strategies regarding rural communities. The resulting discontinuities feed confusion regarding...

Role of personality characteristics and dining-out atmospherics in the development of taste complexity attitude

Vipada Charoensuk
Restaurateurs need to understand of how an individual’s personality characteristics impact on their attitude to taste complexity in dining-out atmospherics. Agreeableness and Conscientiousness personality characteristics are most likely to have a strongly developed Taste Complexity Attitude. The meal appearance and textural variety of the food are important for customers.

Mango fruit on tree image collection

Kerry B. Walsh, Alison B. Payne, Phul Subedi & Nicholas Anderson
This collection of images of mango trees with fruit at stone hardening stage under artificial illumination have been used in a series of machine vision exercises, working towards an automated estimated of crop load. The images have been collected from different areas on one farm, from different seasons and from different farms/growing areas. Thus a set of images can be used in calibration of a machine vision approach, leaving independent sets for validation. The image...

A conceptualisation and empirical validation of eco-service quality (ECOPERF) and its impact on behavioural intentions

This research aims to develop an integrated behavioural intention model in an ecotourism context. The focus of this research is to study the dimensions of service quality and antecedents of behavioural intentions in the context of ecolodge accommodations in Australia. The survey questionnaire was designed in Survey Monkey, an invitation e-mail was sent to 4,571 general Australian ecotourists via five different ecolodges’ management, serving as intermediaries to reach the customers. This research project have completed...

Inside and outside: An investigation of social media use by Australian Defence Force partners

Amy Johnson
Those who love and marry serving members are impacted by their military service. Partners experience the effects of deployment and relocation differently to serving members, but still profoundly, with impacts on their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Partners, in their support of the member, play a critical role in military capability. Partners directly impact the availability of the member for deployment and partners who are resilient and cope well with the significant demands of military...

Algorithm and modelling technique for enhanced real-time health monitoring system for freight wagons

Chunsheng Li
A survey of literature and existing technologies indicated that algorithms and systems for on-board monitoring devices for freight wagons are still not well developed. This was found to be primarily due to the difficulty of developing a practical on-board monitoring system due to the lack of power and electrical communications on standard freight wagons. In addition, large wagon fleet sizes make it imperative that any such system be both robust and cheap. Consequently, it was...

Food preferences of captive southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)

Yvette Joanne Fenning
This program of research investigates food preferences of captive wombats when offered a selection of familiar, unfamiliar, natural and unnatural captive wombat diets. These diets reflect both current and future diet options for zoos and wildlife carers Australia wide. A review of the research highlights a lack of knowledge of wombat food preferences and that feeding regimens for captive wombats may be inadequate. This was the first study of food preferences in captive southern hairy-nosed...

The implementation of Lean thinking in reducing waste, streamlining clinical processes, improving clinical access, efficiency and consumer outcomes in Queensland regional, rural and remote mental health services

Brian Mayahle
Mental health has become a high priority for many countries, including Australia, due to the increasing number of mental health consumers presenting for treatment. The increase in service demand is not being matched with availability of resources world-wide. In line with the current health blue print document that emphasises the need for efficiencies, mental health service managers are under pressure to streamline processes so that consumers will continue to receive the same quality of care...

The effects of temperature, sleep restriction, and physical activity on the sleep architecture and cognitive performance of volunteer firefighters during various simulation wildland fireground tours

Michael Anthony Cvirn
The overall aim of this thesis was to investigate the interactions between firefighters’ sleep, ambient temperature, hydration status, and cognitive performance during simulated single and multi-day wildfire suppressions. These exact aims are addressed through four studies: 1. To assess the effect of ambient heat during day-(33-35°C) and night-time (23-25°C) exposures on firefighters’ sleep quantity and quality during a simulated multi-day wildfire suppression compared to thermoneutral temperatures (18-20°C; Study 1 -Chapter 4). 2. To quantify the...

Beyond Boarding: An exploration of post-boarding school expectations, experiences and outcomes for remote Aboriginal students, their families and their communities

Tessa Claire Benveniste
Education delivery and outcomes in remote Australia frequently feature in political, educational and research discourses. In particular, improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, who are largely achieving at lower levels than non-Indigenous, urban students, has been a priority for decades. Recently, boarding schools are being increasingly viewed as a ‘solution’ to the complexities and purported failure of remote education. However, the discourse supporting boarding school models has developed from a limited...

Secondary school teacher perceptions and experiences of planning time use

Stephen J. Gellion
Teachers undertake planning activities at an individual, collegial and whole school level. Existing research into teacher planning has mainly focused on collegial and whole school planning. However, there is limited research into the use of teacher planning time provided to teachers in the Australian secondary school context. This research explored teacher perceptions and experiences of planning time using a sequential mixed method methodology.

An exploration of social workers’ professional identities within health settings in Queensland

Jacqueline McNamara
Social workers make up a significant number of the professionals and are key members of multidisciplinary teams employed within the health sector in Queensland. Shifting government priorities such as increased governance, managerialism, privatisation and marketisation of the health sector in Queensland are consistently shaping health service delivery. These are subsequently reflected in the delivery of social work services in this context. This has prompted an exploration of how social workers develop and maintain their professional...

Researching and writing an historical fiction of the early–mid Twentieth Century Woolloomooloo community: A creative practice-led narrative inquiry

Alison R. Owens
This thesis is comprised of a novel, ‘Woolloomooloo Bad’, and an exegesis that seeks to investigate the research and development processes involved in completing the novel. The research question posed for this thesis was: how can a creative practiceled, narrative inquiry, drawing on personal stories as well as public and private documents and artefacts, generate a fictional account of lived historical experience? The novel presents the story of a working-class family set in the 1930s...

‘For all our mobs’: Understanding the experiences of Indigenous artists in working together internationally for the now and the future of Indigenous cultures, knowledges and arts practice

Bronwyn Fredericks & Carolyn Daniels
This report presents the outcomes of a research project conducted at an artistic collaboration that brought together Indigenous Australian artists based in Central Queensland and Māori artists who travelled from New Zealand. The Artists’ Gathering, titled Returning Cross Culture: Blending our Identities 2015, was a 10-day residential collaboration of artists, held near Yeppoon, Central Queensland. The artists worked individually and collaboratively painting, print making, sculpting, carving and undertaking mixed media and clay work. This research...

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