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Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions in Rural South Australia: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Elsa Dent, Elizabeth Hoon, Jonathan Karnon, Alison Kitson, Joanne Dollard, Jonathan Newbury, Gillian Harvey, Tiffany Gill & Justin Beilby

International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sarcopenia (ICFSR): Screening, Diagnosis and Management

Elsa Dent, John Morley, Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft, Hidenori Arai, Stephen Kritchevsky, Marco Pahor, Brian Clark, Matteo Cesari, J. Ruiz, Cornel C. Sieber, Mylène Aubertin-Leheudre, Debra Waters, Renuka Visvanathan, Francesco Landi, Dennis T. Villareal, Roger Fielding, Changwon Won, Olga Theou, Finbarr Martin, Birong Dong, Jean Woo, Leon Flicker, Luigi Ferrucci, Reshma Merchant, Li Cao … & Bruno Vellas

Older People Who are Frequent Users of Acute Care: A Symptom of Fragmented Care? A Case Series Report on Patients’ Pathways of Care

Joanne Dollard, Gillian Harvey, Elsa Dent, N. Williams, Laura Trotta, Justin Beilby, Elizabeth Hoon, Alison Kitson, C. Seiboth & Jonathan Karnon

Feasibility, acceptability and diagnostic test accuracy of frailty screening instruments in community-dwelling older people within the Australian general practice setting: a study protocol for a cross-sectional study

Rachel Ambagtsheer, Renuka Visvanathan, Matteo Cesari, Solomon Yu, Mandy Archibald, Timothy Schultz, Jonathon Karnon, Alison Kitson & Justin Beilby

Free and dipeptide forms of L-glutamine supplementation attenuate parameters of oxidative stress and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and improve glucose metabolism in insulin resistant Ob/Ob mice

Jaqueline Santos Moreira Leite, Hilton Takahashi, Layanne Cabral Da C De Araujo, José Donato Junior, Ângelo Rafael Carpinelli & Vinicius Fernandes Cruzat

Health Systems of Australia and New Zealand

Diana Hetzel, John Glover & Sarah MacDonald

Landscape biodiversity correlates with respiratory health in Australia

Craig Liddicoat, Peng Bi, John Glover, Michelle Waycott, Andrew J. Lowe & Philip Weinstein

Socioeconomic position and malnutrition among older adults: Results from the FRADEA study

Emiel Hoogendijk, T. Flores Ruano, M. Martínez-Reig, M. López-Utiel, S. Lozoya-Moreno, Elsa Dent & P. Abizanda

Frailty: Turning the Titanic. [Letter to the Editor]

Rachel Ambagtsheer, Justin Beilby & Elsa Dent

Glutamine and Skeletal Muscle

Vinicius Fernandes Cruzat

Signal to Emotion - An Experiment on Player Experience Evaluation with a Consumer-grade EEG Device

Tece Bayrak, Zainab Al Lawati, Craig Sutherland, Marin Abernethy & Yuang Zhu

Reviewing the Evidence: In Pursuit of a Framework for Parkinson Disease Rehabilitation with Games

Tece Bayrak, Marin Abernethy, Zainab Al Lawati, Yuang Zhu & Craig Sutherland

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