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Ni-Vanuatu 'Making Business' through Seasonal Worker Programs

Rochelle Bailey
An objective of both Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) and New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE) is to encourage economic development in the Pacific. This In Brief highlights how a number of ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers in both RSE and SWP have created various and sometimes unexpected businesses and responded to the changing economic environment in Vanuatu. This research reveals seasonal workers have been encouraged to invest businesses that are not necessarily aligned with what...

The design of pictorial assembly instructions

Peter Collin Schumacher
This thesis examines and develops knowledge for the design of effective Pictorial Assembly Instructions (PAls). PAls are an important element of products requiring assembly by the consumer as the success of the product relies on the consumer's ability to interpret and enact the instructions correctly. However there is very little research published about their design, particularly with regard to the creation of effective illustrations. The thesis examines the academic literature in the area of pictorial...

Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient isotope 187Tl

Albert B. F. Lee
A triple shape coexistence manifests in 188Pb via the presence of three characteristic isomers, and the observation of two isomers in 187Tl with microsecond lifetimes and energies comparable to those in 188Pb was the main motivation behind this new study. A heavy-ion fusion evaporation reaction involving a nanosecond-pulsed 154 MeV 32S beam incident on a 159Tb target was used to populate excited states in 187Tl, observed via time-correlated gamma-ray spectroscopy with Gammasphere. Subsequent analysis resulted...

Politics and administration in Soviet Kazakhstan, 1955-1964

J. W. Clearly
This thesis purports to describe the political and administrative system of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic as it was from 1955 to 1964. The first two sections are concerned mainly with central party and governmental institutions - one with the governmental machinery proper, and the second with formally extra bureaucratic institutions. The relationship between these two parts is discussed. The third section puts some flesh on the institutional skeleton. The political elite of the republic...

Signal processing for distributed nodes in smart networks

Wayes Tushar
With increasing environmental concern for energy conservation and mitigating climate change, next generation smart networks are bound to provide improved performance in terms of security, reliability, and energy efficiency. For instance, future smart networks will work in highly complex and dynamic environments and will have distributed nodes that need to interact with each other and may also interact with an energy provider in order to improve their performance. In this context, advanced signal processing tools...

Imagining identity: visions of Malaysia and the interrelationship between state, society and the global

Michael O'Shannassy
The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998 and the political crisis it engendered in Malaysia called into question the framework of governance associated with the long-standing Barisan Nasional (National Front, BN) government. And yet, despite the traumas induced by these twin crises, the fundamental relationships and structures that characterized political and economic relationships in Malaysia were not radically transformed. The underlying puzzle this thesis seeks to address is just how domestic reverberations of "the global" are...

Rational intention, rational action

Joseph Mintoff
Sometimes, the intentions most promoting one's interests might result in the performance of actions not most promoting one's interests. For example, being the sort of person who intends to keep promises might most promote one's interests - since then others would be more inclined to enter into beneficial agreements with one - even though some of the resulting actions of promise-keeping do not most promote one's interests. A plausible view about the nature of rationality...

A study of well-balanced finite volume methods and refinement indicators for the shallow water equations

Sudi Mungkasi
This thesis studies solutions to the shallow water equations analytically and numerically. The study is separated into three parts. The first part is about well-balanced finite volume methods to solve steady and unsteady state problems. A method is said to be well-balanced if it preserves an unperturbed steady state at the discrete level. We implement hydrostatic reconstructions for the well-balanced methods with respect to the steady state of a lake at rest. Four combinations of...

The concept of contradiction in the study of cognitive development

Linda Kathryn Hort
In the psychology of cognitive development contradiction has been studied for two reasons. The first is that contradiction has been hypothesised to play a causal role in cognitive development. The second is that progress in children's understanding of contradiction exemplifies the development of their logical thinking. This thesis examines children's responses to contradiction from both these viewpoints. The thesis is divided into three parts. In Part 1 the hypothesis that ,contradiction plays a causal role...

The ethical foundations of Marxism

Eugene Kamenka
The relationship between Marxism and ethics is often alluded to and rarely explored. The disputes that surround it have produced little precision or clarity concerning the issues involved; so far they have illuminated neither Marxism nor ethics. Marx himself wrote nothing devoted directly to the problems of moral philosophy. Nowhere did he consider carefully the concept of moral obligations or the criteria for distinguishing moral demands from other demands. He did, it is true, emphatically...

Meta-theoretical applications of semiotics to psychotherapy

Ilmar Fred Olbrei
Most semiotic approaches to psychotherapy involve the application of semiotic concepts directly to manifestations of psychological disorder, and constitute an alternative to more traditional approaches. This essay explores the utility of applying semiotics to psychotherapy as a meta-theoretical framework. Psychoanalytic theory is studied first, due to the fact that there already exists a tradition of applying a semiotic reading to Freudian theory within French structuralism. Using a different approach, it is shown here that Freud's...

Time and time travel

Paul Andrew Balnaves
This work is an exploration of the idea of time travel in relation to general theories of time. It is neither a defence nor a repudiation of time travel, but seeks to find ultimate ground for the plausibility of the idea. Consequently it attempts to set up the concept of time travel as securely as possible, and does so by emphasising that travel has ultimately an analogical sense. Having thus established time travel without the...

Explanation : a causally constrained pragmatic account

David-Mitchell Braddon
This thesis argues that explanation consists in giving pragmatically selected and often counterfactual information about causes. It begins by examining pragmatic theories of explanation, and argues that they are right insofar as pragmatics are properly a part of explanation, not just an adjunct to explanation. In the following chapters it is argued that while pragmatics may be necessary for an account of explanation, they are not sufficient. Additional constraints are imposed regarding the need for...

Are proposition-entities the objects of the propositional attitudes?

Dale William Broadribb
In this thesis I examine the proposal that proposition entities are the objects of the propositional attitudes in the sense that they are what we believe, doubt, desire, etc. As a corollary of this, I also examine the proposal that proposition-entities are the objects of such acts of speech as asserting or stating in the sense that they are what we assert or state. So as to present the best side of these proposals, which...

Conquest of the four quarters : traditional accounts of the life of Śaṅkara

Jonathan Bader
Some seven hundred years after Sankara wrote the learned commentaries that established his reputation as one of the foremost interpreters of Vedanta, a series of hagiographies began to emerge which glorified him as an incarnation of Siva. Although they were composed exclusively in Sanskrit, these works eventually secured him a place in popular culture. One text in particular stands out from the rest, the Sankaradigvijaya of Madhava. This work, composed between 1650 and 1800, skilfully...

Methodists and the social conscience in South Australia and New South Wales, 1949-1972

C. Paul Barreira
Along with Protestant Churchmen of other denominations throughout the Western world in the 1960s, many Australian Methodists felt obliged to re-assess the nature and place of the Christian Church in an increasingly affluent, liberal and secular society. From the mid-1940s to the 1960s consistently fewer Methodists could respond affirmatively to the question put shortly after World War Two by the Director of the South Australian Methodist Church's Department of Social Service, the Reverend E.H. Woollacott:...

Studies in thermoluminescence dating in Australia

William Terence Bell
This thesis is presented in two parts: Part I dealing with the theory of the thermoluminescence phenomenon and with the origins and effects of the natural radiation environment; and Part II dealing with three applications of the TL dating method to archaeological sites in Australia. The first chapter describes the theories and mechanisms thought responsible for the thermoluminescence phenomenon. The application of these theories to the principles of age determination using quartz is explained and...

Mercy : the concept and its moral standing

Andrew James Brien
Despite its high moral evaluation in both secular and religious worlds, philosophers have surprisingly paid relatively little attention to mercy. The discussion that has developed has produced an image of mercy that is to say the least, equivocal. Moreover, the contemporary discussion rests upon a number of problems that have a long and venerable philosophical pedigree. Unfortunately, these problems have neither been clearly identified nor the issues they raise clearly set out. Further, mercy has...

The role of heparan sulfate in poxvirus infections

Mayank Khanna
The heparan sulfate (HS) component of heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) has been implicated in the initiation of several viral infections, including vaccinia virus (VACV). A cell infected with VACV releases two different forms of VACV, namely the mature virus (MV) released following the death of infected cells and which infects neighbouring cells, and the enveloped virus (EV) ejected from infected cells for long-range dissemination. The relative role of HS in the infectivity of the different...

Communicating science through entertainment television: How the sitcom The Big Bang Theory influences audience perceptions of science and scientists

Pei-Ying Rashel Li
This study aimed to explore whether entertainment television can increase the public’s engagement with science. The motivation for the study was the 2010 Inspiring Australia report, a national strategic plan to engage the Australian public with science. One of the ‘key principles’ stated in Inspiring Australia was the need to strengthen the media’s role in communicating science, including entertainment television. However, there has been little empirical research into how adults engage with the science content...

Paradise for nothing? : a critique of modal fictionalism

Stuart Brock
Modal fictionalism is the thesis that possible worlds and possible individuals are fictitious entities of some kind or other and that the fictions about such entities are useful in so far as they are an aid to the analysis of our modal idioms. This essay should be seen as an attempt to defend a particular variety of modal fictionalism, a defense that falls into two main parts. The first-comprising chapters two and three-examines the different...

Spatial Deep Networks for Outdoor Scene Classification

Cong Dong
Scene classification has become an increasingly popular topic in computer vision. The techniques for scene classification can be widely used in many other aspects, such as detection, action recognition, and content-based image retrieval. Recently, the stationary property of images has been leveraged in conjunction with convolutional networks to perform classification tasks. In the existing approach, one random patch is extracted from each training image to learn filters for convolutional processes. However, feature learning only from...

A small open economy modelling: A Bayesian DSGE approach

Gan-Ochir Doojav
Examining the business cycle and the monetary transmission mechanism in a small open economy based on the macroeconomic models is vital for successfully implementing forward-looking and counter-cyclical macroeconomic policies. In the context, this thesis focuses on the importance of various modelling implications (i.e., frictions and shocks) in developing empirically viable small open economy dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. The thesis comprises three self-contained chapters on formulating, estimating and evaluating the DSGE models using Bayesian...

The emergence of self through reflection

Petronella Bernardina Maria Campbell
This thesis is structured in the form of an historical investigation of the dialectic between two different ideas of the self- that it is given, and that it is fashioned in a process of self-making. It will be argued that both ways of viewing the self are inadequate, generating problems that can only be overcome by an alternative view of the self, which is presented in the final chapter. At the same time, the dialectic...

The Basicness of Knowing, Where Semantics meets Philosophy: The KNOW prime of Natural Semantic Metalanguage and its philosophical implications

Dominie Sophia Dessaix
The topic of this thesis is the semantic prime KNOW of Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) theory. I take an in-depth look at this NSM prime, proposed to be a fundamental concept found in all the world’s languages, considering both linguistic and broader philosophical issues in relation to the KNOW hypothesis, i.e. the proposal that the concept represented by KNOW is a legitimate NSM prime. After introducing NSM and defending a specific “psychological” interpretation of the...

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