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Data 7 for "Generation of nanoparticles upon mixing ethanol and water; Nanobubbles or Not?"

Muidh Alheshibri & Vincent Craig
Comparison of the concentration of nanoparticles produced upon mixing (1) ethanol and water, (2) mixing degassed ethanol and degassed water, and (3) mixing ethanol and water that had been degassed and then allowed to re-gas.

Network Effect in Geocentre Motion

Umma Jamila Zannat
Geocentre motion is the motion of the centre of mass of the Earth system with respect to the geometric centre of figure of the solid Earth surface because of the continual deformation of the Earth by geophysical processes. This motion is important both in theory and in practice to understand and interpret various mass transport phenomena and their consequences, such as sea level rise, postseismic relaxation, polar ice melting, and glacial isostatic adjustment. Global reference...

The planning of places like Perth

Jeremy Dawkins
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Victorian Alpine Plot Network (ATEX): Plot Microclimate Data, Bogong High Plains, Victoria, Australia, 2004–2013

Ary Hoffman, Dick Williams, Henrick Wahren, James Camac, John Morgan & Warwick Papst
The objective of the Australian Tundra Experiment is to assess the likely response of vegetation and invertebrates to temperature increases attained through passive warming.

The Australian Tundra Experiment follows the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) protocol (Molau & Mølgaard 1996, Jarrad et al. 2009) which focuses on the growth and phenological responses of cold adapted vascular plant species to environmental change, specifically, to an increase in summer (growing season) temperatures. In addition to monitoring vegetation responses,...

Self-representation as performance art in women's art practice : Maya Deren's at land : a singlular performance of self

Janet Anne Meaney
The presentation of the thesis comprises the Studio Practice component (66%), the culmination of which takes the form of an exhibition of 8 large-scale photographic portraits, 20 small photographs of selected performances and an LCD screen showing a compilation video. I will conduct a live performance on the opening day of 22 June 2011 at the School of Art Gallery, Australian National University. The exhibition extends to 3July 2011. The presentation also comprises the Dissertation...

Transnational Intellectual Networks and their Influence on Social Movements in South Korea - A rediscovery of history through grassroots activism in the 1970s and 1980s

Younghye Seo Whitney
Younghye Seo Whitney: Transnational intellectual networks and their influence on social movements in South Korea - A rediscovery of history through grassroots activism in the 1970s and 1980s (Under the Direction of Hyaeweol Choi) What role did grassroots associations in Japan play in South Korea’s pro-democracy movement? The end of the Second World War in 1945 finally liberated the Korean Peninsula from 36 years of Japanese colonial rule. The political vacuum this left resulted in...

Cenozoic macroperforate planktonic foraminifera phylogeny of Aze & others (2011). Relational database for TimeScale Creator Evolutionary Tree. Corrected Version, July 2018

Barry G. Fordham
The TSCEvolTree_Aze&2011_CorrJul2018 database is based upon the phylogeny of Aze & others [1] (the "2011" study/paper/etc.) and comprises two main tables, one for morphospecies, MorphospeciesAze_TableS3, the other for lineages, BiospeciesAze_aL. The morphospecies table [following 1, Appendix S1, Table S3] compiles stratigraphic ranges and indications of morphology, ecology, and geography from stated sources, as well as stratigraphic analyses made using the Neptune database. The main focus of the morphospecies table for this transfer to TimeScale Creator...

Joint response to the Deloitte Review of the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Kirrily Jordan, Thalia Anthony, Tamara Walsh & Francis Markham
This statement outlines concerns with the 2018 Deloitte Access Economics review of the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC). The statement is endorsed by 33 academic and professional experts in the policy areas examined by RCIADIC, including policy responses to Aboriginal deaths in custody. It suggests that the scope and methodology of the Deloitte review mean that it misrepresents governments’ responses to RCIADIC, and has the potential...

Advocacy and resistance : the question of a post-war Commonwealth government role in community facilities, town planning and regional planning, 1939-52

Michael Joseph Howard
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Upland Health Swamps Plot Network: Dharawal National Park, Sydney Basin, NSW, Australia, 1983-2018

Keith David
This dataset contains spatial information for plots established in the Dharawal National Park. Sampling of soil is stratified along the soil moisture gradient and across the range of structural variability in the vegetation. Thus three categories of soil moisture and three categories of vegetation structure (based on the height and form of shrubs) are sampled in a factorial design at 60 sites in upland swamps scattered throughout the study area (Keith and Myerscough 1993). Each...

Victorian Alpine Plot Network (Alpine Long Term Monitoring - Community Changes): Vegetation Data, South-east Highlands, Australia, 2012–2013

Ary Hoffman
This Victorian Alpine Plot Network vegetation data package contains vegetation data collected between 2012 and 2013 at a sub-set of the 481 long term monitoring plots which have been established in Australian Alps and in Tasmania. A synopsis of related data packages which have been collected as part of the Victorian Alpine Plot Network’s full program is provided at https://doi.org/10.25911/5c11c3d283b0e

Osmotic coefficients and activity coefficients of electrolytes in non-aqueous solvents

Virginia Mazzini & Vincent Craig
This is a collection of the published osmotic coefficients and/or activity coefficients data on non-aqueous electrolytes (mostly 1:1 electrolytes) at 298.15 K (data at additional temperatures is included if present in the original publication).

Development of high-temperature sensible thermal energy storage systems for advanced concentrating solar power generation

Gowtham Mohan
Solar energy is increasingly considered as one of the most favourable alternative sources of energy to conventional fossil fuels to mitigate carbon emissions. Despite the advantages, the intermittent availability of the solar resource causes a gap between demand and supply, and solar power plants cannot meet energy demands at night without energy storage. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants have the distinctive feature that thermal energy storage (TES) is relatively easy to integrate to support energy...

Defining the Indefinable: Descriptors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Cultures and their Links to Health and Wellbeing

Minette Salmon, Kate Doery, Phyll Dance, Jan Chapman, Ruth Gilbert, Rob Williams & Raymond Lovett
This report was funded by the Lowitja Institute and is part of the development of Mayi Kuwayu: The National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing; a national longitudinal study exploring the relationship between Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander wellbeing and culture. This review was conducted to explore what cultural factors are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and gain an understanding of how these factors relate to health and wellbeing. We examined...

Reflections, Analysis, and Significance for Human Ecology of Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home

Robin Van Tine
Pope Francis’s significant and timely environmental encyclical is reviewed, analyzed, and reflected upon from a human ecology perspective. The analysis includes comparison with various ecological, philosophical, sociological, ethical, theological, and economic schools of thought. His powerful and influential prose and poetry are sampled and savored with respect to their potential impact on solutions for our current grave existential global environmental crisis. His call for an ecological spiritual awakening is interpreted from both religious and secular...

Governance of listed state-owned enterprises in China : the rise of a new state-led model?

Jian Rong Jenny Fu
China introduced major reforms to its decade-old Company Law and Securities Law in October 2005. The aim of this thesis is to (re)interpret China's post-2005 legal and regulatory reforms concerning governance of listed SOEs and explore whether these reforms have given rise to a new model of corporate governance. The developments are examined through the lens of state capitalism and institutional change. In doing so, the thesis draws upon three strands of literature, namely, comparative...

Upland Health Swamps Plot Network

David Keith
The Uplands Health Swamp Plot Newtork comprises 3 sites, 2 in the Sydney Basin, New South Wales and 1 in the Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.

Jervis Bay Booderee National Park Plot Network: Vegetation Survey Data, Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay Territory, 2004-2017

David Lindenmayer
This vegetation survey data package comprises standardised vegetation condition measurements conducted in 2004 and then repeated in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, and 2017 using vegetation structure plots (1 m x 1 m, 20 m x 20 m) nested within 1 ha sites. W A synopsis of related data packages which have been collected as part of the Jervis Bay Plot Network’s full program is provided at https://doi.org/10.25911/5c3c070a5ee94.

Preparation of large cold atomic ensembles and applications in efficient light-matter interfacing

Pierre Vernaz-Gris
This cotutelle PhD thesis revolves around quantum optics experiments which involve large atomic ensembles. The study of light-matter interaction and its enhancement are crucial steps in the development and progress of quantum information generation, storage and processing protocols. The work presented here focuses on the evolution of large atomic ensemble preparation techniques, on the development and experimental investigation of stopped and stationary light protocols. Laser-cooled atomic ensembles in both experimental realisations have been brought to...

RR Lyrae stars in the Milky Way stellar halo

Shaila Akhter
A current important research topic in modern Astrophysics is to understand the formation process of galaxies like the Milky Way. The Milky Way Stellar Halo preserves the most useful information about the Galaxy evolution. Despite a number of detailed studies over many years, the shape and extent of the Galactic Halo is still debated and knowledge about it is incomplete. The existence of the halo stellar streams provides important clues to the hierarchical formation of...

Pacific Islanders Abroad: Perspectives on Governance, Diaspora, and Inter-Ethnic Relations

Bronwen Douglas
A one-day Pacific Islanders Abroad Workshop was held in the Coombs Building tea room at the Australian National University on 16 October 1999, funded by the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project with assistance from the ANU's Graduate Program in Anthropology. The workshop was originally conceived informally within the Fiji Students' Association and was a cooperative undertaking, convened by Katerina Teaiwa and Selai Korovusere and organised by the SSGM Project in conjunction with a...

Marriage and Commercialisation in Urban China: Reconfigured Ritual and Evolving Norms

Zoe Hatten
This thesis explores the changing meaning and practice of marriage in urban China. It examines the evolution of the social norms that accompany marriage, particularly as they are influenced by commercialisation and the emergence of the wedding industry. In doing so, I focus on the roles of state, market and society in recreating these norms, such as marriage age, ideals of masculinity and femininity, and class-inflected idealisations of the future. I conducted fieldwork in Shanghai...

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