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Protective data security in the Victorian public sector

Alice Petrie

Measuring Queensland’s digital divide - the Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017: Queensland

Jean Burgess, Michael Dezuanni, Julian Thomas, Chris Wilson, Amber Marshall, Jo Barraket, Scott Ewing & Trent Macdonald

50 Lives 50 Homes: a housing first response to homelessness - first evaluation report

Lisa Wood, Shannen Vallesi, Darja Kragt, Paul Flatau, Nicholas Wood, Angela Gazey & Leanne Lester

Synergy automotive repairs program: process evaluation report

Monica Thielking, J.E. Pfeifer, K. Nolan & C. Boyce
Executive Summary: The Synergy Automotive Repairs Program (Synergy Program) is a diversionary social enterprise aimed at positively impacting the lives of young people involved in motor vehicle offending (e.g. theft, vandalism, hooning). The program was developed in order to capitalize on the interest in cars held by these young offenders as a means of developing pathways to sustainable and on-going meaningful employment in a field that matches their interests. It is suggested that, among other...

Smart home control: Exploring the potential for off-the-shelf enabling technologies in energy vulnerable and other households

Larissa Nicholls, Yolande Strengers & Sergio Tirado
Enabling or ‘set-and-forget’ technologies, such as smart home control devices, are increasingly being advocated by the energy industry, policy makers and researchers as a way to complement and improve residential demand response. While Australia has pioneered trials of enabling technologies, less attention has been paid to ‘off-the-shelf’ devices, such as smart lights, smart plugs/ switches and home automation products. As increasing attention and expectation is placed on these technologies to enable consumers to navigate the...

The Melbourne Children’s Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Project. Final Report: A Framework for Action

Vikki Leone, Louise Modica & Sue West
This Final Report is one of four publications resulting from The Melbourne Children’s Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Project (link is external). The Melbourne Children’s Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Framework, and the findings and recommendations in the Final Report are based on an analysis of the Discussion Paper, Environmental Scan and Consultation Report. This data was supplemented and informed by internal and external review throughout the Project. The Framework is applied to selected campus...

Measuring Australia's Digital Divide: The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017

Julian Thomas, Chris Wilson, Jo Barraket, Julie Tucker, Ellie Rennie, Scott Ewing & Trent MacDonald
The ADII has been created to measure the level of digital inclusion across the Australian population and to monitor this level over time. Using data collected by Roy Morgan Research, the ADII has been developed through a collaborative partnership between RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology, and Telstra. The ADII was first published in 2016, providing the most comprehensive picture of Australia’s online participation to date. The ADII measures three vital dimensions of digital inclusion:...

Detroit: what lessons for Victoria from a ‘post-industrial’ city?

Tom Barnes
Victoria’s manufacturing sector has been in decline for several years. A range of workplace closures – not least the announcement by Australia’s last remaining carmakers that local motor vehicle manufacturing would be wound-down by 2016-17 – have had a significant impact on communities. Job losses threaten to undermine households and community cohesion. How affected cities and regions respond to these challenges is extremely important, including the collaborative efforts of government, business and community organisations. In...

Transition to where? Thinking through transitional policies for Victoria’s automotive manufacturing industry

Tom Barnes
The transition confronting workers, businesses and communities that have historically relied on Victoria’s automotive industry is highly significant. The decision by Australia’s three remaining carmakers - Ford Australia, General Motors Holden (GMH) and Toyota Australia - to wind down local car manufacturing operations will have a major impact on closure-affected regions, especially in Melbourne and Geelong.

The 2006 Victorian State Election

Claire MacDonald, Greg Gardiner & Brian Costar
This paper examines the Victorian election campaign and the result, describing who won and why. It also includes a detailed explanation of voting for the new-look Legislative Council, and voting figures for each Assembly District and Council Region.

Accelerating climate change

Greg Gardiner
This overview paper on global climate change provides recent findings of research conducted by climate scientists world-wide, including key findings presented from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 Fourth Assessment, and the subsequent work of climate scientists on carbon emissions, global surface temperatures and sea-level rise. An overview of impacts on Australia and Victoria is included.

Climate change update 2009

Adam Delacorn & Greg Gardiner
This paper provides an overview of recent research conducted by climate scientists world-wide. Key data is presented on carbon dioxide emissions, global surface temperatures and sea level rise, with a brief guide to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

An introduction to parliamentary privilege

Greg Gardiner & Rachel Macreadie
This paper examines the law and practice of parliamentary privilege both in Australia and in other jurisdictions.

The 2010 Victorian State Election

Bella Lesman, Rachel Macreadie & Greg Gardiner
An analysis of the Victorian state election which took place on 27 November 2010. This paper provides an overview of the election campaign, major policies, opinion polls data, the outcome of the election in both houses, and voter turnout. It also includes voting figures for each Assembly District and Council Region.

Public opinion polls

Rachel Macreadie
This paper examines public opinion polling in Australia and in other jurisdictions, and functions as a guide to interpreting polling results.

Unconventional gas: coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas

Catriona Ross & Paige Darby
This Research Paper provides an introduction and overview of issues relevant to the development of unconventional gas – coal seam, shale and tight gas – in the Australian and specifically Victorian context.

2013 Victorian redistribution: analysis of new electoral boundaries

Antony Green
This publication assesses the political impact of the new Victorian electoral boundaries, proclaimed on 17 October 2013. The new boundaries will be used for the first time at the 2014 state election.

The 2014 Victorian State Election

Bella Lesman, Rachel Macreadie, Catriona Ross & Paige Darby
This paper examines the 2014 Victorian state election, providing description and analysis of the results in three main sections. Part A of the paper provides some context to the outcome of the election by examining the redistribution of Victoria’s state electoral boundaries, and key issues during the life of the 57th Parliament. Part B provides an overview of the election campaign, key policies, news coverage and the polling data. Part C provides statistical tables of...

Children and young people in statutory out-of-home care: health needs and health care in the 21st century

Susan M. Webster
This report provides a retrospective analysis of past Victorian government responses to the health needs of children in statutory Out-of-Home Care.


Caitlin Grover
Electronic petitions (e-petitions) have been introduced in Australian legislatures and internationally to improve public engagement with the political process and to make democracy more accessible, participatory and responsive. In Victoria, both houses of Parliament accept only paper petitions in accordance with relevant standing orders, however, several parliamentary committee inquiries have recommended the introduction of e-petitions. On 8 June 2016, the Legislative Council supported a motion by the Hon. Fiona Patten MLC to introduce e-petitions to...

Uber and ridesharing

Igor Dosen & Helen Rosolen
This research paper offers a jurisdictional comparison of legislation affecting Uber and other TNCs, within Australia and at an international level.

Independence of Parliament

Jon Breukel, Igor Dosen, Caitlin Grover, Bella Lesman, Carolyn Macvean & Helen Rosolen
This paper provides some background to the importance of the separation of the legislature, executive and judiciary, and examines how modern parliaments in the Westminster system, including the Victorian Parliament, are faring in their attempt at preserving and maintaining a degree of independence from the executive.

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