870 Works

Findings from Wave 1 qualitative focus groups with J2SI Phase 2 Sacred Heart Mission staff from the Journey to Social Inclusion Phase 2 Randomised Controlled Trial

Monica Thielking, Louise La Sala, Kathryn Taylor, Jessica Mackelprang & Paul Flatau
This report is expected to be published in August 2018

The impact of the home care reforms on the older person, the aged care workforce and the wider health system

Mikaela Jorgensen & Rebecca Haddock
The Australian aged care system is in the midst of an overhaul. A ten-year reform plan released in 2012 aims to create a sustainable, consumer-driven and market-based aged care system. Many of the policy changes have focused on packaged home care services, which provide support for older people who are eligible for residential aged care to remain in their own homes.This Issues Brief synthesises government and non-government policy and research documents that have examined the...

Homelessness in Western Australia: a review of the research and statistical evidence

Lisette Kaleveld, Ami Seivwright, Emily Box, Zoe Callis & Paul Flatau

Integrated information networks to support end-of-life care in general practice

Claire Johnson, Geoffrey Mitchell, Angus Cook, Jinfeng Ding & Laura Deckx

Measuring Australia's digital divide: the Australian digital inclusion index 2018

Julian Thomas, Jo Barraket, Chris Wilson, Kay Cook, Yee Man Louie, Indigo Holcombe-James, Scott Ewing & Trent MacDonald
Plese note - This resource is expected to be published by 29 August 2018.

Public perspectives on human cloning

The Wellcome Trust
Public Perspectives on Human Cloning presents the results of a public consultation exercise, commissioned by the Wellcome Trust in the spring of 1998, on human cloning and the use of cloning technology in medical research. The aim of the research was to provide input from members of the public who do not usually have a voice in such issues (the ‘uninvolved public’) to the Human Genetics Advisory Commission (HGAC)/Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s (HFEA) joint...

Centre for Design Innovation: biennial report 2018

Kurt Seemann & Ryan Malcolm
This new edition encompasses a wide selection of our research outcomes and a detailed overview of our core programs: Architecture and Habitat, User Experience Design for Services, Future-Self and Design Living Lab, Smart Equipment Engineering and Wearable Technology Design and Advanced Product Design and Development.The CDI has grown significantly over the last two years, a product of our sustained success in conducting serious deep research that creates innovative outcomes in a range of different design...

Centre for Design Innovation: inaugural report 2016

Kurt Seemann & Annika Sutter
This report features a selection of the Centre for Design Innovation's research projects and a detailed overview of the core programs: Smart Wearables Technology and Design, Furture Self and Design Living Lab, Project Geldom, and Humanitarian Habitat and Design.Our serious deep research has innovative and impactful outcomes because we understand the intentions of end-users, the outcome goals at play, and the contextual factors that influence uptake and adaption.We look forward to continuing to improve the human experience of...

The impacts of eHealth upon hospital practice: synthesis of the current literature

Rebekah Eden, Andrew Burton-Jones, Ian Scott, Andrew Staib & Clair Sullivan
To increase value from health-care expenditures, governments worldwide are increasingly adopting (or planning to adopt) eHealth technologies (e.g. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE), ePrescribing, and Computerised Decision Support Systems (CDSS)). The US government devoted $34 billion to this effort, and as a result, over 75% of US hospitals have now implemented EMRs. Alternatively, the UK National Health Service suspended their digitization efforts in 2011 after spending approximately £12 billion, but in...

CSIRO and secondary industry

CSIRO Secondary Industry Committee

Assessing the quality and comprehensiveness of child protection practice frameworks

Samantha Finan, Leah Bromfield, Fiona Arney & Tim Moore

Chronic homelessness in Melbourne: the experiences of Journey to Social Inclusion Mark II study participants

Darja Miscenko, Shannen Vallesi, Lisa Wood, Monica Thielking, Kathryn Taylor, Jessica Mackelprang & Paul Flatau

Chronic homelessness in Melbourne: first-year outcomes of the journey to social inclusion phase two study

Paul Flatau, Ami Seivwright, Zoe Callis, Monica Thielking, Jessica Mackelprang, Kathryn Taylor & Lousie La Sala

Treaties and self-determination: case studies from international jurisdictions

Alice Petrie

Validating mobile phone generated bicycle route data in support of active transportation

Scott Lieske, Simone Zarpelon Leao, Lindsey Conrow & Chris Pettit

Map mashups revisited: employing discursive planning tools for Perth's urban future

Carey Curtis, Jan Scheurer & Sam McLeod

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