691 Works

Coworking and an outer-urban community: what can we learn from a grassroots community coworking hub?

Emsie Arnoldi, Rachelle Bosua, Vanessa Cooper, Cathy Greenfield & Huck-Ying Ch’Ng

Digital inclusion and mobile media in remote Sarawak

Christine Horn, Sandy Gifford, Ellie Rennie, Raine Melissa Riman & Gregory Wee Lik Hoo

Information and research for policy and practice: survey of producing organisations data

Amanda Lawrence, Julian Thomas, John W. Houghton & Paul Weldon

Housing affordability in Victoria

Katrina Raynor, Caley Otter & Igor Dosen

Automated vehicles

Igor Dosen, Marianne Aroozoo & Michael Graham

Map for impact: the Victorian social enterprise mapping project 2017

Erin Castellas, Jo Barraket, Kiros Hiruy & Roksolana Suchowerska

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017

Caley Otter

The 2017 Northcote by-election

Bella Lesman

Promoting sexual health amongst resettled youth with refugee backgrounds

Celia McMichael, Sandy Gifford, Meredith Temple-Smith, Stephen McNally & Steven Francis

Refugee resettlement in regional and rural Victoria: Impacts and policy issues

Brooke McDonald, Sandy Gifford, Kim Webster, John Wiseman & Sue Casey

Removing seriously ill asylum seekers from Australia

Robyn Sampson, Ignacio Correa-Velez & Grant Mitchell

Communicating online: an evaluation of the Horticulture Industry Network website

Lisa M. Given, Megan Hill & Philip Paschke

Independent review of the Performance Improvement Framework

School Of Government (VUW)

Protective data security in the Victorian public sector

Alice Petrie

Measuring Queensland’s digital divide - the Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017: Queensland

Jean Burgess, Michael Dezuanni, Julian Thomas, Chris Wilson, Amber Marshall, Jo Barraket, Scott Ewing & Trent Macdonald

50 Lives 50 Homes: a housing first response to homelessness - first evaluation report

Lisa Wood, Shannen Vallesi, Darja Kragt, Paul Flatau, Nicholas Wood, Angela Gazey & Leanne Lester

Synergy automotive repairs program: process evaluation report

Monica Thielking, J.E. Pfeifer, K. Nolan & C. Boyce
Executive Summary: The Synergy Automotive Repairs Program (Synergy Program) is a diversionary social enterprise aimed at positively impacting the lives of young people involved in motor vehicle offending (e.g. theft, vandalism, hooning). The program was developed in order to capitalize on the interest in cars held by these young offenders as a means of developing pathways to sustainable and on-going meaningful employment in a field that matches their interests. It is suggested that, among other...

Smart home control: Exploring the potential for off-the-shelf enabling technologies in energy vulnerable and other households

Larissa Nicholls, Yolande Strengers & Sergio Tirado
Enabling or ‘set-and-forget’ technologies, such as smart home control devices, are increasingly being advocated by the energy industry, policy makers and researchers as a way to complement and improve residential demand response. While Australia has pioneered trials of enabling technologies, less attention has been paid to ‘off-the-shelf’ devices, such as smart lights, smart plugs/ switches and home automation products. As increasing attention and expectation is placed on these technologies to enable consumers to navigate the...

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