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Healthy social connections: a multi-disciplinary exploration

Jane Farmer, Natalie Jovanovski, Tracy De Cotta, Ebony Gaylor, Arezou Soltani Panah, Holley Jones & Joanna Farmer

Sustained home visiting for vulnerable families and children: a review of effective processes and strategies

Tim Moore, Myfanwy McDonald & Sujitha Sanjeevan
Parenting young children has become a more complex and stressful business, especially for those families in our community with the least resources.

Curing and cutting chaff

Department Of Environment And Primary Industries
Chaff is hay cut into small pieces for feeding to livestock. It is a good fodder, and at its best is cleanly and evenly cut, free of dust, of good colour and with a fresh aroma. Other materials are sometimes described as chaff, such as: The husks of grain separated by threshing or winnowing, often...

Placements and small cap firms - an analysis of changes to ASX Listing Rules

Mark Humphery-Jenner & Jo-Ann Suchard
The ASX has relaxed one of its Listing Rules, allowing small cap companies to increase the amount of share capital they can issue at a discount. The Centre for International Finance and Regulation funded a study to identify possible implications for company control and shareholder value.

Raspberries: management of autumn fruiting cultivars

Department Of Environment And Primary Industries
The raspberry plant possesses the potential to produce fruit on primocane tips in autumn, in addition to the main crop which is borne on floricanes in spring. This habit is usually described as primocane-fruiting (PF). PF cultivars are grown as a perennial crop with annual canes - that is, canes...

Low cost sensor network for indoor air quality monitoring in residential houses: Lab and indoor tests of two PM sensors

Xiaoting Liu, Mandana Mazaheri & Lidia Morawska
Purpose / Context – The purpose of our work is to investigate: a) the sensor responses of the two different low-cost PM sensors to concrete dust and indoor environment and activities; b) the evalua-tion of the measuring performance of two low-cost PM sensors and their potential application in in-...

Measuring excellence in screen production research

Craig Batty, Kath Dooley, Bettina Frankham, Susan Kerrigan & Margaret McVeigh
This document describes how the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association (ASPERA) recognises, and therefore measures, research quality in screen production. The aim is to provide a set of guidelines and principles that can assist those who undertake and evaluate creative practice research in screen production to determine various levels of ‘excellence’. While advisory, not prescriptive, the document acknowledges that universities are increasingly focussed on ‘quality’ research, and that the discipline of screen production...

Involving fathers in community child health services and asthma: an update

Richard Fletcher
Men in antenatal classes give three common reasons why they intend to father differently than they were fathered: community expectations, partner pressure, and their own wish for connection with their child.

Literacy in early childhood

Centre For Community Child Health
Most children naturally develop verbal language skills by hearing others speak and by observing the communication process.

Thermal environment and thermal comfort in a passive residential building in the severe cold area of China

Yuchen Ji & Zhaojun Wang
Purpose / Context - The outdoor climate in Harbin is more severely colder than German. Therefore, it is important to study indoor thermal environment and human thermal comfort in Harbin passive buildings by applying Germany technology. However, few studies were reported on this topic. Methodology...

Asthma and cough

Colin Feekery & Anthony Olinsky
An overview of asthma and asthma medications as well as a management plan for acute asthma attacks. The second article looks at coughs, their purpose and when they might require further investigation.

Lower income barriers to low carbon living: summary of focus group and survey findings

Edgar Liu & Bruce Judd
The research reported in this summary of findings identifies the financial and non-financial barriers that prevent lower income households from reducing their carbon consumption.This research is designed as a follow-up to the data mining exercise (CRC-LCL RP3001) conducted by Burke and Ralston. In their report, Burke and Ralston (2015) identified rising fuel costs as a major factor in lower income household’s adoption of adaptive behavours to reducing their carbon consumption. They found that “low income...

Australian Prudential Regulation before and after the Global Financial Crisis

Peter Docherty, Ron Bird, Tomo Henckel & Gordon Menzies
This paper reviews the nature of Australian bank prudential regulation before and after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). It begins by providing a detailed conceptual framework for understanding the functions of banks and deposit-takers, the theory of what can go wrong with the operation of these institutions, and the logic of prudential regulation. It then traces developments in Australian prudential regulation from the introduction of the formal capital-based framework in the 1980s to the implementation...

Smart home control: Exploring the potential for off-the-shelf enabling technologies in energy vulnerable and other households

Larissa Nicholls, Yolande Strengers & Sergio Tirado
Enabling or ‘set-and-forget’ technologies, such as smart home control devices, are increasingly being advocated by the energy industry, policy makers and researchers as a way to complement and improve residential demand response. While Australia has pioneered trials of enabling technologies, less attention has been paid to ‘off-the-shelf’ devices, such as smart lights, smart plugs/ switches and home automation products. As increasing attention and expectation is placed on these technologies to enable consumers to navigate the...

Pursuing design excellence in a global CBD

Richard Hu, Robert Freestone & Gethin Davison
This study injects urban design into global city discourse which frequently brushes over the micro-production of the built environment. Yet at this scale, the adaptation of design strategies and controls as a neoliberalist policy tools to shape a global city becomes apparent. The study focuses on the Sydney experience. It analyses the urban design elements in two key strategic plans for the City of Sydney – the CBD of global Sydney – to explore thematic...

A financial CGE model of the Australian economy

Peter B. Dixon, James A. Giesecke & Maureen T. Rimmer
This paper develops a dynamic CGE model with financial sector detail. We develop the financial CGE model by building on a multi-sectoral dynamic model of the real side of the Australian economy, VU-Nat (Victoria University National) and developing further a theory of the financial side of the economy described in Dixon et al. (2014).

Overweight and obesity in childhood

Centre For Community Child Health
Overweight/obesity during childhood is a major public health issue with more than 200,000 Australian children between 2-18 years now obese (Booth et al, 2003).

Anticipatory governance: how well is New Zealand safeguarding the future?

Jonathan Boston
This article contemplates the fundamental components of anticipatory governance - anticipating tomorrow’s problems, protecting the long-term public interest, and endeavouring to ‘future-proof’ the state - as a critical ingredient of good governance.

An introduction to over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the criminal justice system

Monica La Macchia
A discussion of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incarceration rates and subsequent policy responses must acknowledge and understand the history of disadvantage that surrounds the issue.

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