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The X-ray Crystal Structure of Full-length Human Plasminogen

RHP Law, Tom Caradoc-Davies, Nathan Cowieson, Anita Horvath, Adam Quek, Joanna Amarante Encarnacao, David Steer, Angus Cowan, Qingwei Zhan, Bernadine Lu, Robert Pike, I Smith, Paul Coughlin & JC Whisstock

X-ray crystal structure of the streptococcal specific phage lysin PlyC

Sheena McGowan, Ashley Buckley & James Whisstock

Structural basis for the inhibition of the essential Plasmodium falciparum M1 neutral aminopeptidase

Ashley Buckle, Chris Porter, James Whisstock & Sheena McGowan

A common fold mediates vertebrate defense and bacterial attack

Ashley Buckle, Michelle Dunstone, Ruby Law & James Whisstock

The structural basis for membrane binding and pore formation by lymphocyte perforin

Ruby Law, Natalya Lukoyanova, Ilia Voskoboinik, Tom Caradoc-Davies, Katherine Baran, Michelle Dunstone, Michael D?Angelo, Fasseli Coulibaly, Sandra Verschoor, Kylie Browne, Annette Ciccone, Michael Kuiper, Phillip Bird, Joseph Trapani, Helen Saibil & James Whisstock

The X-ray crystal structure of Escherichia coli succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase; structural insights into NADP+ / enzyme interactions

CG Langendorf, TLG Key, G Fenalti, WT Kan, AM Buckle, T Caradoc-Davies, KL Tuck, RHP Law & JC Whisstock

Synthesis of new (-)-Bestatin-based inhibitor libraries reveals a novel binding mode in the S1 pocket of the essential malaria M1 metalloaminopeptidase.

Geetha Velmourougane, Michael Harbut, Seema Dalal, Sheena McGowan, Christine Oellig, James Whisstock, Michael Klemba & Doron Greenbaum

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