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Summary Bulletin: Regulatory Requirements for Controlling Water Temperature in Bathrooms

P Carnemolla & CE Bridge
This Summary Bulletin relates to the safe provision of heated water in the people’s bathrooms for washing and bathing through the installation of temperature limiting devices. A number of regulations and requirements are in place around the storage and delivery of heated water in a residential setting because of two public health concerns: the risk of scald burns in water delivered too hot and the risk of microbial presence (particularly legionella) in heated water stored...

OCHRE Evaluation Synthesis Report

I Katz, J Idle, S Bates, W Jopson & M Barnes

Pre-feasibility assessment of managed aquifer recharge in the Botany aquifer

W.A. Timms, R.I. Aceworth, N. Merrick & A.M. Badenhop
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2006/33

My Choice Matters Evaluation - Stage 4 and Final Report

A Griffiths, D Nethery, S Robinson, S Bates, E Kidd & R Kayess
The Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney was commissioned to conduct a formative evaluation, whereby the My Choice Matters (MCM) processes and outcomes are evaluated as the program is implemented, with feedback provided to stakeholders to allow them to modify program elements as necessary. The overall objectives of the evaluation were to explore: • How MCM increases people’s skills and knowledge • How those skills and knowledge have led to people taking action, and...

Education, Training and Employment for Prisoners with Cognitive Disabilities: A Case Study

LM Dowse, S Rowe, J McGillivray & D Newton
This report, compiled as part of the ‘A Future Beyond the Wall’ ARC Linkage Project, presents findings from research conducted in 2016 on the specialist education, training and employment programs provided at the Additional Support Units (ASUs), which are administered by Corrective Services New South Wales. It describes the organisational and operational context of the ASUs and identifies key principles and challenges associated with the ASUs practice model.

Christchurch outfall - 12 months data collection and modelling

B.M. Miller, W.C. Glamore & R.M. Hudson
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2004/14

Analysis of shoreline variability and erosion/accretion trends: June - October 2008 report 9 Palm Beach coastal imaging system

M.J. Blacka, D.J. Anderson & L. Mallen Lopez
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2008/32

Detailed concept design of Yamba-Iluka ebb tide release

W.C. Glamore, D.S. Rayner & B.M. Miller
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2008/28

My Darling Patricia interviewed by Bryoni Trezise

Bryoni Trezise, Clare Britton & Halcyon Macleod
Bryoni Trezise speaks with Clare Britton and Halcyon Macleod of "My Darling Patricia" about their work.

Numerical analysis of one dimensional soil water systems. April 1992.

K. K. Watson, M. J. Jones, A. A. Curtis & V. A. Sardana

Frequency of floods in city of Liverpool. July 1975.

C. H. Munro, F. C. Bell & C. H. Munro

New Minimum Income for Healthy Living Budget Standards for Low-Paid and Unemployed Australians

PG Saunders & M Bedford
The project was funded by the Australian Research Council under Linkage Project grant LP120200481, with additional cash and in-kind support provided by Catholic Social Services, Australia; United Voice (National Office); and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS). A budget standard indicates how much income a particular family living in a particular place at a particular time needs to achieve a particular standard of living. It is derived by specifying every item that is needed...

Gove Northern Territory harbour feasibilty studies. March 1968.

P. B. Stone, D. N. Foster & R. C. Nelson

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