448 Works

Ocean disposal of ash. January 1963.

D. N. Foster & D. M. Stone

A Study of parameter optimisation for a rainfall-runoff model. February 1973.

D. H. Pilgrim & P. R. Johnston

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2018: HIV and STIs in Australia

L Mao, M Holt, C Newman & C Treloar

Analysis of pipe tests. August 1989.

T. R. Fietz & K. B. Higgs

Perth Gay Community Periodic Survey: September/October 1998

Paul Van De Ven, Garrett Prestage, Susan Kippax, Judy French, Lez Derrin & Mark Bebbington

Berowra Creek: a hydrodynamic investigation. June 1998.

D. A. Luketina, D. Piper & D. C. Van Senden

Evaluation of the Better Places Stronger Communities Project: Final Report

H Blunden, EY Liu & K valentine

My Choice Matters Evaluation - Stage 4 and Final Report

A Griffiths, D Nethery, S Robinson, S Bates, E Kidd & R Kayess

Expert opinion: stability of people, vehicles and buildings in flood water

G. P. Smith

Asian Gay Men in Sydney: December 1999 - January 2000

Garrett Prestage, Paul Van De Ven, Ken Wong, Mohamad Mahat & Tadgh McMahon

Sewage treatment in high rate oxidation ponds under Australian conditions. February 1966

J. B. Clampett & M. G. McGarry

The Travel Companion: your guide to working with others for social outcomes

A Marjolin, A Powell & K Muir

Chemical gauging of streamflow. December 1969.

F. C. Bell

Tidal hydraulics of Botany Bay. March 1980.

K. Higgs, D. N. Foster, P. D. Treloar, B. S. Jenkins & N. V. Lawson

OCHRE Stage 1 Evaluation: Campbelltown Opportunity Hub Report

I Katz, J Idle, S Bates, W Jopson & M Barnes

Annual report of trends in behaviour 2016: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia

L Mao, C Treloar, P Adam & J De Wit

South East Queensland Gay Community Periodic Survey: June 1998

Paul Van De Ven, Garrett Prestage, Susan Kippax, Time Benzie & Chris Clementson

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Tasmania 2016

T Lea, L Mao, F Howes, M Veitch, S Wagner, G Prestage, I Zablotska-Manos & M Holt

Testing of orifice sizes for stormwater detention systems

S.E. Pells & B.M. Miller

A Future Beyond the Wall: Improving Post-release Employment Outcomes for People Leaving Prison Final Report

E Baldry, D Bright, J Cale, A Day, L Dowse, M Giles, L Hardcastle, J Graffam, J McGillivray, D Newton, SD Rowe & J Wodak

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