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Australia’s Aged Care Charities in 2015

N Cortis, A Powell & I Ramia
Australia’s aged care industry supports over 1.3 million older people, and is growing rapidly. Within the industry, charities are significant participants, contributing to the wellbeing, health and independence of older people and their families. This report provides in-depth analysis of Australia’s 1465 ‘aged care charities’, defined as charities which were registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) in 2015 and which reported aged care activities as their main activity. It profiles their charitable...

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Canberra 2006

Iryna Zablotska, Garrett Prestage, Shanley Chong, Kevin Schamburg, David Mills, Tony Blattman & Susan Kippax

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Melbourne 2005

Peter Hull, Garrett Prestage, Patrick Rawstorne, Susan Kippax, Gregory Horn, Mike Kennedy, Guy Hussey & Colin Batrouney

Gay Community Periodic Surveys: National Report 2010

Martin Holt, Limin Mao, Garrett Prestage, Iryna Zablotska & John De Wit

An investigation of the potential ecological impacts of freshwater extraction from the Richmond River tidal pool

W. L. Peirson, K. Bishop, M. J. Chadwick & R. Nittim
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 99/51

‘Comfortable in my own skin’: Stigma, mental health and wellbeing among married men who have sex with men

MN Hopwood, C Treloar & J de Wit
This study aimed to explore the experience of married men who have sex with men (MMSM) in managing their sexual identity in everyday life and their experience of stigma, depression and anxiety. In-depth, semi-structured telephone interviews with 16 MMSM from Queensland, NewSouth Wales (NSW), Victoria and Tasmania were conducted between September 2015 and October 2016. Interviews were audio-recorded and data were thematically analysed.

OCHRE Stage 1 Evaluation: Gumbaynggirr Nest Report

I Katz, J Idle, S Bates, W Jopson & M Barnes

Anna Bay drainage study - reducing acid water impacts via water control structures and tidal restoration

W.C. Glamore & C.D. Wasko
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2009/12

Yamba Hill groundwater level monitoring - interim report

W.A. Timms, S.E. Pells & I. Cunningham
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2005/34

Moving data around: integrated research workflows for curating and publishing research

M Frances, S McEachern, D Bangert, C van Ham, J McDougall & L Betbeder-Matibet
The presentation draws on a use case from political science to demonstrate integrated scholarly processes for curating and publishing data. Curation activities are distributed across institutional and national repositories, archives, registries and websites. In workflows which prioritise existing research practice and disciplinary standards, researchers provide structured metadata to the Australian Data Archive (ADA) using a template based on the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI). These metadata are mapped to RDF and RIF-CS standards and sent to...

OCHRE Local Decision Making Accords: Three Rivers Regional Assembly

I Katz, J Idle & W Jopson
NSW Aboriginal Affairs commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), UNSW Sydney, to evaluate the Three Rivers Regional Assembly (TRRA) Accord negotiation operating as part of OCHRE – Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment – the community-focussed plan for Aboriginal Peoples in NSW. The key aim of the TRRA Local Decision Making evaluation was to assess whether the Accords negotiations were implemented as intended and what can be done to improve outcomes from similar negotiations in...

Asian Gay Men in Sydney: December 1999 - January 2000

Garrett Prestage, Paul Van De Ven, Ken Wong, Mohamad Mahat & Tadgh McMahon

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Melbourne 2012

Evelyn Lee, Limin Mao, Tex McKenzie, Colin Batrouney, Michael West, Garrett Prestage, Iryna Zablotska, John De Wit & Martin Holt

General runoff routing model computer programs and user guide.

Michael J. Boyd, Bryson C. Bates, David H. Pilgrim & Ian Cordery

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