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Intrapersonal correlates of motivational climate perceptions in sport and physical activity

Richard Keegan
The purpose of this study was to systematically review and appraise the achievement goal literature (1990–2014) with a view to identifying the intra-individual correlates of motivational climate perceptions, and to identify research gaps and avenues in need for further development. Four databases were searched, leading to 104 published studies being sampled (121 independent samples) that met inclusion criteria. Correlates were grouped into 17 categories and qualitative analysis focussed on identifying the associations predicted by achievement...

The Biomass Smoke Validated Events Database

Ivan Charles Hanigan
The Biomass Smoke Validated Events Database is an open and extensible data collection recording historical spikes in air pollution and validation of whether they were caused by biomass smoke (e.g. from burning vegetation or forest fires). This collection contains validated events of extreme biomass smoke pollution across several major urban centres and smaller regional towns in the Australian States of New South Wales, Western Australia, and Tasmania that are intermittently affected by extreme episodes of...

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  • 2016
  • 2017

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