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Working it out: new mothers' experiences of learning to breasfeed

Danielle Gleeson
"The aim of this study was to explore new mothers' experiences of receiving breastfeeding support from midwives. The study's objectives were to identify, describe and explain the role of the midwife in supporting new mothers to breastfeed, the factors that influenced new mothers' experiences of receiving breastfeeding support from midwives and the impact of midwifery practices on new mothers' experiences of receiving breastfeeding support."

Open Access community child health services: A three-phase evaluation

Lauren Kearney
Despite significant evidence of the importance of the early years of life, to date limited research has evaluated how health services best support and assist families during this crucial time. One important service through which infant and children's health are promoted and monitored in Australia are the government-based community child health nursing services (CCHNS). Traditionally, child health surveillance and health promotion are provided through CCHNS via individual appointment-based clinics. In recent years, resource allocation and...

Indigenous female educational leaders in Northern Territory remote community schools: Issues in negotiating school community partnerships

Martha Kamara
Over the years in the Northern Territory, there has been a growing interest among educators and Indigenous people in remote communities to improve community school leadership and school community partnerships as a means of improving Indigenous school outcomes. This study has investigated and recorded the stories of five Indigenous female school principals in the Top End of the Northern Territory on their leadership approaches in negotiating school community partnerships in their respective communities. The female...

The Dynamics of Shame in the Eden Narrative

John Anderson

‘Crying for home: Who really cares?’ A critical analysis of care giving in the context of Victorian residential care

Paul Chalkley
Residential care provides for approximately 500 children and young people in Victoria each year, yet the dynamics of providing care within this system have received little scholarly attention, at least in part because it forms a much smaller part of the system than home-based care – in 2014 there were 5,900 children and young people in foster care and kinship care in Victoria. It has long been recognised that, despite being highly traumatised and vulnerable,...

The benefits of believing you can change: implicit malleability theories moderate the relationship between low self-esteem and negative outcomes

James Conigrave
There are at least two ways to combat the negative effects of low self-esteem: directly improve people’s self-esteem, or to decouple the link between low self-esteem and negative outcomes (Hayes & Ciarrochi, 2015). Incremental theories are implicit beliefs that people’s attributes are malleable. In this thesis I argue that subscription to these beliefs may help combat the negative effects of low self-esteem. Incremental theories make individuals less likely to make trait attributions as a result...

Exploring Teachers’ Phenomenological Experiences of a Principal’s Change Initiative

Anne-Marie Black
Educational change has traditionally been viewed as an objective and rational process. From this perspective, school leaders have been dependent on solving the infuriatingly elusive effective change process puzzle by trying to “finetune the plan to ensure it incorporated every essential piece of the jigsaw” (Branson, 2010, p. 18). Despite educators seeking to explain events and control processes for change for many decades, effective educational change remains an elusive outcome. By striving to objectify the...

Reconceptualising spirituality: The development and testing of a four-dimension taxonomy of spiritual beliefs

Richard Harmer
"Aim: Existing research examining spirituality in a range of contexts is inconclusive due to:(1) a confounding of spirituality and religiosity constructs; (2) a lack of clarity pertaining to how the construct of spirituality relates to other 'like' constructs; (3) the omission of spirituality as a variable of interest in much individual difference research; and (4) a lack of clarity in how the construct is being operationalised. This dissertation set out to address these four limitations...

The understanding of early childhood development that Alberta kindergarten teachers bring to their work when administering the early development instrument (EDI)

Jennifer Weber
Recent research into the abilities of children beginning school is powerfully influencing government policy and the provision of early childhood education in Canada. The Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping project, undertaken by the Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is one such body of research. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is designed to gather information about developmental outcomes of children’s prior-to-school experiences at the time of starting kindergarten (the first year...

Reimagining the Catholic school: An exploration of principals' responses to changing contexts of the contemporary Catholic school

Graeme Mellor
"The focus of this research project was the changing perception amongst practising Catholic school principals of the nature and purpose of the contemporary Catholic school. This examination was set within the changing social, ecclesial and educational contexts within which the Catholic school has operated in the decades following the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). The research which was conducted amongst principals in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia, was focused by two research questions. These were:How do...

Pentecostal spirit baptism: An analysis of meaning and function

David Perry
"This thesis engages with the Pentecostal experience of Spirit baptism and seeks to contribute to the discussion through the application of a new methodology. The premise is that the experience itself is meaningful and important to the Pentecostal community, but the meaning inherent in the experience has not always been adequately understood. To address this, this thesis utilizes the functions of meaning, a set of categories proposed by Bernard Lonergan, as a framework to explicate...

Exploring Health Education Delivered to Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Admitted to a Shanghai Hospital

Xian-Liang Liu
Introduction Patients with both acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are the focus of this thesis. Together these conditions represent a substantial burden of illness within Western and now Eastern countries. Patients presenting with multiple conditions are frequently encountered within clinical practice, with often poorer clinical outcomes than those with a single condition. The challenge of delivering health education is substantial when patients experience two or more health conditions. Within China,...

Problem solving, thinking and group work in mathematics: Developing an effective pedagogy

Gary Thomas
"Schools and school leaders are experiencing a growing pressure to consistently deliver high quality education. Religious Education Coordinators (RECs) aim to encourage and support religion teachers within the school context to deliver this goal. As a means of achieving improved quality, the importance of continuous teacher learning and the influence of teaching on student outcomes has become increasingly apparent. An investment in the ongoing professional learning of religious educators is gaining prominence as a necessary...

ADHD, a social construct: the experiences of families who have a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Koula Neophytou
The diagnosis of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has increased over the last few years in Australia. ADHD is currently understood largely through a medical perspective, and in that context, the treatment recommended is stimulant medication. ADHD is a mental health label given to children who exhibit challenging behaviour. These children are diagnosed according to the categories stated in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) - IV. To date, there is no medical test...

The role of a career counsellor in enhancing the career development process of secondary school students

Greg Vanin
"This study originated from commentary on career counselling, which highlighted concerns over the implementation and delivery of career advice given by career counsellors within secondary schools. The introduction of career development frameworks and standards was meant to address the concerns raised and provide clarity and consistency in service delivery by career counsellors. However commentary on career counselling after the introduction of the frameworks and standards indicated that career development services in secondary schools fell short...

Monitoring athlete preparedness in professional Australian football: Load, self-report measures and performance

Tania Gallo
"Monitoring athlete preparedness, including quantifying training and competition load and determining fatigue/training status, is used to complement training and recovery prescription in professional sport (Kenttä & Hassmén, 2002). The overall objective of this research was to investigate contemporary athlete monitoring practices in professional Australian football (AF). The aim of study 1 was to identify the relationship between external training load and session rating of perceived exertion (s-RPE) training load and the impact that playing experience,...

Exploring student and teacher interactions for critical thinking in face to face and online environments in an EFL course in Taiwan

Yi-Ching Chiu
"Current literature indicates a lack of exploration of factors relating to Taiwanese students' critical thinking in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The research study was a case study based on the social constructivist framework. The aim of this study was to explore how teacher and students interactions online impacted critical thinking by addressing the social norm in Confucius Heritage Culture (CHC). The characteristics of the social norm of CHC do not...

Effects of creatine availability on skeletal muscle metabolism

Kristyen Tomcik
Nutritional strategies which increase energy substrate availability enhance exercise capacity and affect cell signalling and muscle morphology. The co-ingestion of carbohydrate with creatine has been shown to enhance both intramuscular creatine as well as glycogen storage, with the former being thoroughly investigated with respect to resistance-based exercise. Despite evidence of synergy, the direct performance benefits of this co-supplementation strategy on endurance-based exercise and its metabolic effect(s) on cellular signalling remained to be investigated. The work...

Organizational, professional and personal roles in an era of change: The case of the Catholic clergy

Georja Power
"The effects of transformations in the cultural context on the structures of the Catholic organization and consequently on the identity and role of priests is explored in this research. The way these transformations affect clergy relationships with the church, diocesan authorities and parishioners, and ultimately the psychological wellbeing of priests, are investigated in the light of recent research and literature. Quantitative and qualitative data from the Catholic Church Life Surveys (CCLS) of 1996 and 2001...

Building capacity for leading learning in low socio-economic status Catholic secondary schools

Michael Blowes
"The purpose of the research was to explore how leaders and teachers of low socio-economic status (SES) Catholic secondary schools engaged with a system led reform to build capacity for leadership to improve learning in their school communities. The research was informed by the school and system improvement literature which noted the limited success of large-scale reforms in secondary schools and identified the need to understand how leaders can better build capacity for improvement. The...

How young Catholics come to faith: Why they continue to practics their faith and how they understand their identity as Catholics

Diana McKinley
"The purpose of this study was to investigate how young Catholics came to faith and why they continued to practise their Catholic faith, despite falling Mass attendance generally. The study used a qualitative methodology to examine the faith development of twenty-three young Catholic adults aged twenty-one to forty years from six dioceses in Australia. The research found there were seven main factors that influenced the faith development of these young Catholics; a. faith based family,b....

Catholicism, history and culture: A Dawsonian synthesis

Michael Lynch
At present the Church is confronted by two major problems, specifically, its marginalization within Western society, and the difficulty of transmitting the faith to the young. This confusion has had a particularly severe impact on Catholics within English-speaking countries such as Australia, where a dominant secularized Protestant culture has repudiated its Catholic roots. Catholics have had limited opportunities to appreciate the depth and richness of their heritage or to understand the forms and substance of...

When Heaven and Earth Embrace: How Do We Engage Spiritually in an Emerging Universe?

Mary Tinney
In this thesis I am proposing that we can engage spiritually in an emerging Universe if we have a vision of the embrace of Heaven and Earth that is informed by contemporary science, if we underpin that with an ecotheology that recognises Heaven and Earth as interconnected while respecting their differences, and if we have an ecospiritual praxis that is open, attentive to and aware of divine presence in all that is. I am convinced...

The sweetest little buggers: Exploitation to autonomy in representations of the Botswana San

Roie Thomas
"This study draws on postcolonial and post-tourism theories to explore tourism representations of the San (commonly known outside Africa as Bushmen); predominantly those who traditionally occupied the Central Kalahari region of Botswana. This thesis deploys images, articles and captions from tourist publications, tourist ’blogs, an academic documentary, the film The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980), literary texts such as selected works of Laurens van der Post, and Alexander McCall Smith’s (1998 –) No.1 Ladies’ Detective...

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