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The Catholic Education Office (CEO) as a learning organization and its perceived impact on standards

Mark Turkington
"The Catholic Education Office (CEO) Sydney is a large non-government education authority which administers the systemic, Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia. The system consists of 148 primary and secondary schools with an enrolment of some 62,000 students. The major research question was: What characteristics of a learning organization can be identified in the Catholic Education Office (CEO) Sydney and are these perceived to raise standards in systemic schools of the Archdiocese of...

An investigation into the use of water immersion upon the outcomes and experience of giving birth

Annie Sprague
The use of deep-water immersion during labour and birth is commonplace in many countries including Australia, yet there has been little contemporary Australian data from which to form policies regarding its use during childbirth, or which have included women's experiences using water immersion. The literature reviewed for this study was positive with regard to the effect of water immersion during childbirth and was associated with decreased rates of perineal trauma, low episiotomy rates, low rates...

A transnational approach to educational leadership capacity building: a case study of the Masters of Education programme at Notre Dame Institute of Education, Karachi, Pakistan

Sukaina Rizvi
"The expansion of educational opportunities internationally provides major prospects for developing countries to reform their education systems. The rise of new forms of transnational education, (the provision of education to learners in a country different from that of the provider) and the expansion of capacity building opportunities have helped developing nations to increase domestic access to international education and to enhance the quality of their local education systems through increasing the variety and relevance of...

The lived experience of older adults participating in a social support network group

Regina McDonald
"Introduction: This thesis explored the experiences of older people participating in social support groups using a mixed method design of qualitative and quantitative paradigms with the qualitative design taking the primary data collection role. Social support commonly refers to the availability, or actual provision of relationships, information and assistance. Instrumental support constitutes a range of services that may include domestic services, shopping, and transport. Alternatively, expressive support assists in maintaining a level of independent functioning...

From the Sacred Heart to the heart of the sacred: The spiritual journey of Australian Catholics since the Second Vatican Council

Paul Cashen
"This study was undertaken to investigate and to propose a solution to the pastoral dilemma that faced the Catholic Church in Australia the 1990's. The pastoral dilemma contrasted two opposing pastoral responses to the significant changes in Catholic life since the Second Vatican Council. One response reacted to the changes by interpreting them as 'crises of faith'. This response determined that the decline in mass attendance, the fewer vocations to the priesthood and religious life...

The work of infant and toddler specialists in university-based early childhood teacher education in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand

Katherine Bussey
Infants and toddlers are the fastest-growing group of children enrolled in early childhood education around the world. This thesis describes the work of infant and toddler specialist teacher educators in university-based early childhood teacher education in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. This thesis explores issues related to status, professionalisation, and the education of teachers, who work with infants and toddlers, and reflects the growing awareness of the importance of infant and toddler curriculum in teacher...

Human rights education: Exploring the experiences of participants in a human rights education program in a Melbourne secondary college

Kerry Ang
This research project is a case study of a unique, week-long interdisciplinary human rights education programme known as the Human Rights Convention for Year 8 students at a Melbourne secondary college. The project aims to explore, describe and thereby understand the Human Rights Convention, and through this understanding, draw insights into the programme's worth to the school community. The methodology utilised both qualitative and quantitative data within a case study approach. Data was gathered from...

The chameleon principal: A reconceptualisation of the notion of leadership as seen within the context of a rural school and its community

Angela Kelly
This narrative autoethnography tells the story of a small rural community over a ten year period through the ethnographic eye. It is told within the context of a primary rural school and the community that supports it. It reflects the aspirations, the pain and the dreams of the community. Within the telling of stories, lies the question of what a leader needs to 'be' for the people (the concept of educational leadership). This 'being' for...

Quantifying the functional role of discrete movement variability: Links to adaptation and learning

Paul Taylor
Introduction: Movement variability can be defined as the variance in human movement from one trial or cycle to the next, often when attempting to maintain dynamic equilibrium (in the case of continuous skills) or achieve consistent movement outcome (for discrete skills). Some theoretical perspectives of motor control consider movement variability to be deleterious. However, the dynamical systems perspective proposes beneficial and functional roles for movement variability. Within this view variability has developed as an independent...

Physical activity, aerobic fitness, body composition and asthma severity in children and adolescents

Liam Welsh
"The investigations described in this thesis were conducted in order to increase the understanding of the relationships between physical activity, aerobic fitness, body composition, asthma, and asthma severity in children and adolescents. This was largely achieved by examining the aforementioned factors in a sizeable population of Melbourne school children and adolescents. However, during the course of the school-based testing, it became apparent that the severe asthmatic category was under-represented, typical of the current literature.Thus, effort...

A christological interpretation of "The Golden String" of Bede Griffiths' spiritual journey

Beatrice Green
"This thesis explores the Christological focus of the 'the Golden String,' the defining image of Bede Griffiths' spiritual journey while taking into account other images employed in relation to God, the self, and creation itself. Our exploratory narrative schema sets this metaphor in the wider history of Griffiths' development and places it into the context of his theological articulation of the contemplative vocation and related issues. A key interest is the movement of humankind to...

Relationships between AFL player off-field activity, player characteristics, the club environment, and on-field engagement

Matthew Pink
"With the increasing professionalisation of the Australian Football League (AFL), greater demands are being placed upon AFL players with respect to their technical, tactical, and physiological training, in addition to increased requirements to promote their club’s brand via community appearances. Modern AFL players have an additional challenge as their careers will be typically limited to, at best, a decade or slightly more at the elite level. This means that they are also encouraged to develop...

Authorship and authority in the novels of Alasdair Gray

Claire Blomeley
Alasdair Gray’s novels highlight the construction of the author to frame a discussion around authority and the political implications of destabilising and reconstructing power structures. In this thesis I engage with both the postmodern and political nature of Gray’s work, using a metafictional approach that accommodates these two often conflicting aspects of Gray’s novels. This metafictional discussion will centre on the author and how Gray, in his novels, exposes and manipulates the authority held by...

Management of curriculum change: An analysis of religious education coordinator's perspectives on the management of a particular curriculum change in Catholic secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne

Michael Buchanan
This thesis aimed to study the perspectives of religious education coordinators' in secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne regarding their management of a particular curriculum change in religious education. The change in question involved a 'top down' (Morris, 1995) change to a 'text-based curriculum' (Pell, 2001) directed by the Archbishop of Melbourne, who is responsible for religious education in Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese. Situated within a qualitative paradigm this research utilised grounded theory...

Improving Analogical Reasoning Skills in Adolescence Through Figurative Music Lyric Exposure: Towards better decision-making skills

Shannon Clark
Adolescents are known through both anecdotal and empirical research to be poor descision-makers; especially when risk is involved. Numerous factors are highlighted as influential to descision-making in adolescence; however, no complete understanding has been offered despite the endeavour. Understanding is suggested to be key to decision-making, and analogical reasoning is key to understanding. In addition, figurative-language comprehension skills are reported to be practically identical in their neurological mapping as analogical reasoning skills. Furthermore, lyrical music...

Starting further back: An analysis of Karl Rahner’s mystagogical approach applied to the new evangelisation in an Australian setting

Anthony Mellor
"The New Evangelisation is the name given to a renewed impulse of evangelisation for today’s world. The situation of religious institutional diminishment in many Western countries requires a more nuanced approach to the proclamation of Christian faith. This new context demands new methods of re-proposing the Good News in the modern age. A mystagogical approach looks towards modes of evangelisation which engage the religious imagination and draw out personal experiences of transcendence and religious sensibility....

Impact of warm-up intensity on simulated team-sport running performance

Grant Rowe
Ideally, warm-ups optimise performance; however, most warm-ups are prescribed based on trial and error rather than applying an evidence-based approach (Fradkin, Zazryn, & Smoliga, 2010). The most appropriate warm-up strategy for optimal team-sport performance remains elusive. While the impact of warm-up intensity on repeated-sprint performance has been examined (Yaicharoen, Wallman, Bishop, & Morton, 2012), sprinting only constitutes a fraction of the total activity that occurs during a match. Optimising submaximal efforts (e.g. jogging, running) between...

Riding the wave: An exploration of principals’ experiences leading their schools through and beyond critical incidents

Barbara Myors
"When a critical incident engulfs a school community, principals have key management roles in the incident and aftermath, as well as responsibility for successful outcomes, particularly for the wellbeing of staff, students and parents. Principals are also the conduit for communication and liaison with outside agencies, while ensuring the school still functions as an educational institution. In the past three decades in particular, researchers have considered the incidences of violence and environmental disasters in school...

Pentecostal spirit baptism: An analysis of meaning and function

David Perry
"This thesis engages with the Pentecostal experience of Spirit baptism and seeks to contribute to the discussion through the application of a new methodology. The premise is that the experience itself is meaningful and important to the Pentecostal community, but the meaning inherent in the experience has not always been adequately understood. To address this, this thesis utilizes the functions of meaning, a set of categories proposed by Bernard Lonergan, as a framework to explicate...

Organizational, professional and personal roles in an era of change: The case of the Catholic clergy

Georja Power
"The effects of transformations in the cultural context on the structures of the Catholic organization and consequently on the identity and role of priests is explored in this research. The way these transformations affect clergy relationships with the church, diocesan authorities and parishioners, and ultimately the psychological wellbeing of priests, are investigated in the light of recent research and literature. Quantitative and qualitative data from the Catholic Church Life Surveys (CCLS) of 1996 and 2001...

Human and animal individuality

Simon Coghlan
Discussions of various connections between human beings and nonhuman animals in moral philosophy, for example in 'animal ethics', are dominated by a certain philosophical approach. This standard approach is characterized by philosophical assumptions about the nature of reason and argument on questions of morality and value. Assumptions like these tend to assimilate good thinking about value to a narrow interpretation of 'reason' which stresses rational argument and justification. This interpretation of what discussions about the...

Using a Randomised Controlled Trial to Test the Effectiveness of a Family-Oriented, Theoretically Based, Diabetes Self-Management Education Program to Improve Glycaemia, Self-Management and Self-Efficacy of Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Living in Rural Thailand

Nutchanath Wichit
Introduction Diabetes is increasing in prevalence throughout the world. This increase is also of concern to upper-middle-income countries such as Thailand. Diabetes mellitus develops gradually and is often undetected in the early stages, leading to long-term damage of several organs in the body with related complications. Diabetes self-management education (DSME) has been found to improve knowledge, self-care behaviours, glycaemic control, and quality of life for Thai individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Thailand is...

The role of a career counsellor in enhancing the career development process of secondary school students

Greg Vanin
"This study originated from commentary on career counselling, which highlighted concerns over the implementation and delivery of career advice given by career counsellors within secondary schools. The introduction of career development frameworks and standards was meant to address the concerns raised and provide clarity and consistency in service delivery by career counsellors. However commentary on career counselling after the introduction of the frameworks and standards indicated that career development services in secondary schools fell short...

Developing a measure of cognitive deconstruction

Zoe Nicholes
"The aim of this thesis was to develop a reliable and valid measure of cognitive deconstruction, a defensive state marked by a person's attempted refusal to engage in meaningful thought and undertake integrative, interpretive mental acts (Baumeister, 1990a). Cognitive deconstruction has been described to occur for some people following the experience of social exclusion. Cognitive deconstruction limits meaningful thought, and subsequently allows a person to escape from aversive self awareness and emotional distress that may...

The ministerial and congregational singing of chant: A study of practices and preceptions in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Paul Taylor
This dissertation investigates the singing of chant by priests and people during Sunday Mass and the Church's liturgical year, in addition to the perceptions held by pastoral ministers concerning the use of chant in the post-Conciliar liturgy in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. The dissertation was a response to a call for field studies of liturgical music in Catholic parishes in order to supplement the historical and musicological studies that have dominated liturgical music scholarship...

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