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They just want me to be happy: A study of how year 10 students in Queensland choose subject pathways for their senior secondary studies

Therese Nolan
"The impetus for this study was a concern for student selection of appropriate subject pathways for senior secondary studies. Data indicating that large numbers of students chose not to continue with training and education after leaving secondary education led to this research study. In Queensland, approximately 72 per cent of secondary students take an academic subject pathway for their senior secondary studies although only approximately 36 per cent attend a tertiary institution upon graduation (Department...

Teachers, clergy and Catholic schools: A study of perceptions of the religious dimension of the mission of Catholic schools and relationships between teachers and clergy in the Lismore Diocese

Wayne Tinsey
The Catholic Diocese of Lismore is situated in the north-east coastal area of New South Wales, Australia. Catholic education in this diocese is based on the premise that school and parish work together in partnership for the personal and spiritual development of students. This premise relies on the assumption that teachers and clergy share a common view of the mission of Catholic schools. However, some recent studies highlight a lack of shared vision and indicate...

Spiritual ecological consciousness towards ecological conversion: Experiental stories of senior secondary students and an autoethnography of the researcher

Margaret Bannan-Watts
Pope John Paul II called the Catholic people of the world to an ecological conversion in response to scientific information that the Earth is experiencing a global environmental crisis. To help people to come to an ecological conversion he asked teachers to develop concrete programs and initiatives in order to sensitize young people to the needs of the Earth. This thesis explores one educational pathway to ecological conversion. The thesis begins by presenting the environmental...

An exploration of how some staff members perceive Catholic school renewal in some primary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Rockhamption

Simon Watkins
For the last forty years, since the end of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has been committed to renewal. In Queensland, Catholic schools have responded to this commitment by undertaking cyclical renewal processes since the early 1980s. The focus of this research was the process of Catholic School Renewal in the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. The review of the literature focused on literature relating to school effectiveness and school improvement internationally...

Platonic prophecy and the possibility of philosophy

Stuart Weierter
In this thesis I explore the question of the possibility of philosophy. Initially I frame this question in response to Aristophanes' portrayal of Socrates in his Clouds. According to Aristophanes, Socrates' philosophical way of life is comedic, in so far as he is unable to distinguish the serious from the trivial. It is also dangerous, because in placing the serious and the trivial on the same foundation, Socrates liberates what was bound by way of...

Beyond collaboration: Trans-cultural journeys in the Kimberley

Robert Hoskin
My research/inquiry concerns trans-cultural journeys made with people from Mowanjum, an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley. These journeys provided an opportunity for me and other non-Aboriginal participants to experience land and culture in a unique way. I began with the question what is the nature and meaning of trans-cultural collaboration involving Aboriginal land. I found the concept of collaboration limiting as I and others were challenged by an Aboriginal ontology and world view. My thesis...

The value of transition support programs for newly registered nurses and the hospitals offering the programs in New South Wales

Jennifer Evans
"The research reported in this thesis explored the perceived value of transition support programs for newly registered nurses in New South Wales and the health care facilities offering such programs. Although transition support programs have been designed and implemented in various forms since the transfer of nurse education to the tertiary sector, there remains little evaluative evidence of the value of such programs. Two groups of registered nurses formed the participants in this study. The...

Advocacy leadership in early childhood: Educators' perspectives

Laurien Beane
"""This research examines possibilities for advocacy leadership in Australian Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) settings regulated by current ECEC policy (Council of Australian Governments [COAG], 2009a). Advocacy leadership has been defined by Blank (1997) as leading with long- term planning and vision which can be utilised to reform public regulations and policy. Building upon Blank’s (1997) construction of advocacy leadership, this research considers ways to open possibilities for advocacy leadership in the Australian ECEC...

A christological interpretation of "The Golden String" of Bede Griffiths' spiritual journey

Beatrice Green
"This thesis explores the Christological focus of the 'the Golden String,' the defining image of Bede Griffiths' spiritual journey while taking into account other images employed in relation to God, the self, and creation itself. Our exploratory narrative schema sets this metaphor in the wider history of Griffiths' development and places it into the context of his theological articulation of the contemplative vocation and related issues. A key interest is the movement of humankind to...

Myocardial mechanics in metabolic syndrome and aging populations

Edward Crendal
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death worldwide. The clustering of metabolic risk factors, defined as metabolic syndrome (MetS), and aging are two separate factors that significantly increase the risk of CVD. Both aging and MetS influence CVD by impairing heart tissue (myocardial) function. However, the exact understanding of mechanisms and evolution of these impairments are incomplete in MetS and aging populations. One of the most accessible and utilised techniques for assessing...

Catholic schools seeking authenticity in a secular and pluralist society

Fulvio Frijo
This thesis reports on a case study of three Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. It also provides an exploration of the contemporary Catholic school as it seeks to participate in the educational mission of the Church. Catholic schools are no longer institutions for the converted. Today their purposes are challenged by a contemporary demographic which finds little formal relationship with the institutional Church. Yet these schools still hold a strong enough attraction...

The Sensus Fidelium and canon law: An exploration

Anthony Ekpo
More than fifty years ago Pope John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council to which about 2,500 bishops were invited from all over the world. It was at this Council, and in its reception over the years, that the sensus fidelium was re-discovered as an ecclesial reality and a theological insight that has characterized the Church since its inception. The central question of this study is how the sensus fidelium is expressed and received in...

Adverse events following intensive care discharge: The contribution of system, clinician and patient factors

Malcolm Elliott
An adverse medical event is any unintended injury or complication that arises from health care management rather than the patient’s underlying disease, and results in disability, death or a prolonged hospital stay. Unfortunately, these events occur frequently across the care continuum including in patients recently discharged from Intensive Care Units (ICU). Currently there is limited understanding of adverse events in hospitalised post-ICU patients. Given the significant costs, consequences and preventability of these events, greater understanding...

Narcissism: Investigation of an assessment tool and understanding its contribution to eating disorder treatment using a self psychology perspective

Helen Bailey
The framework of self psychology suggests that narcissism can play a significant role in the pervasive treatment resistance in eating disorders (EDs). The primary focus of this research program is to examine the differential roles of grandiose narcissism and vulnerable narcissism in treatment resistance in a clinical population of individuals with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. This research explored the factor structure of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), assessed grandiose narcissism and vulnerable narcissism among...

The experience of university academic staff in their use of information communications technology

Gordon Howell
This research explores issues encountered by academic staff in their adoption of technology within the teaching and learning environment. The context of this research is set within a global environment; where technology is seen as both underpinning and enabling the current period of rapid change. Both the literature and University documents purport that the use of technology is instrumental in the delivery of positive economic, educational and social change. The researcher identified a dissonance between...

A transnational approach to educational leadership capacity building: a case study of the Masters of Education programme at Notre Dame Institute of Education, Karachi, Pakistan

Sukaina Rizvi
"The expansion of educational opportunities internationally provides major prospects for developing countries to reform their education systems. The rise of new forms of transnational education, (the provision of education to learners in a country different from that of the provider) and the expansion of capacity building opportunities have helped developing nations to increase domestic access to international education and to enhance the quality of their local education systems through increasing the variety and relevance of...

Christian parent controlled schools in Australia - A study of the relationship between functional values and prevailing practices

Charles Justins
Christian Parent Controlled (CPC) Schools, which commenced in the 1960s, are a relatively small, but growing component of the non-government schooling sector in Australia. In 2001, they enrolled over 22 000 students in 85 schools. Very little research has been conducted on the values and practices of CPC schools and while these schools frequently assert that they promote explicitly Christian values, their foundational values have not previously been identified or recorded. This research identifies the...

Stories of buoyancy and despondency: Five beginning teachers' experiences in their first year in the teaching profession

Meagan McKenzie
This case study research explores the experiences of five beginning teachers within four Catholic secondary schools in Australia. The research employs a qualitative approach framed within an interpretative paradigm, drawing on perspectives of symbolic interaction to interpret interview and journal data. These perspectives are used, in conjunction with a conceptual framework derived from the relevant literature, to interpret the experiences of five new teachers against the relevant data. The literature typically investigates the stages of...

Remainders of the day: The collapse of Angus & Robertson and the culture of bookselling in Australia

Carly Been
Bookselling in Australia has altered irreversibly since the collapse of REDgroup Retail, owner of the Angus & Robertson and Borders brands. A popular but misleading explanation in the media for the REDgroup collapse was the emergence of eBooks and other competitive technologies. While the essential cause of the business failure was debt, the supermarket philosophy of the management team produced a corporate model of bookselling destined to fail as they lost sight of books as...

The Church first called Christian: The Melkite Church of Antioch

Elizabeth Reeves
The Catholic Church is made up of many church communities of different rites, with the main classifications being the Roman rites and the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church. With the influx of migrants especially since the Second World War there has been growth in Australia, in the number of Catholics belonging to the many Eastern rites including Byzantine Catholics, Coptic Catholics and Chaldean Catholics. The Second Vatican Council documents encouraged members of the Catholic...

Legitimacy, authority and transition in the public office of the ministry in the Lutheran Church of Australia -- 2 vols

David Grulke
"Clergy exist in a state of uncertainty within the Australian landscape. This landscape is in a process of change as the rationalism and empiricism of the Enlightenment, embedded within modernity, is being dismantled and replaced by a new social paradigm. This paradigm affects the practical realities of modern ecclesiology, and demands a re-examination of the fundamental processes in which theology is practiced. This dissertation explores the issue of leadership, seen through the Public Office of...

The Jordanian Corporate Governance Code: A study of institutional investors' perception of the reliability of the audit report and the audit expectation gap

Mohammad Shbeilat
"This thesis examines, from the perspective of Jordanian financial analysts, the impact of selected components of the Jordanian Corporate Governance Code (JCGC) on the reliability of audit reports and the extent to which the JCGC contributes in narrowing the audit expectations gap. Thus this study focuses on those elements of the JCGC that relate to auditing and seeks to fill a gap in the existing literature regarding the determinants of changes in the audit expectation...

Exploration of differences in vertical jump performance between typically developing children and those identified with DCD: A kinematic and kinetic analysis

Morgan Williams
"This study compared the motor performance of children identified with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) with those of a matched group categorised as typically developing (TD). Based on the existing literature, vertical jumping was the task selected as it is a fundamental movement skill (Gallahue & Ozmun, 2002), and a single optimal coordination pattern has been shown to exist (e.g., Bobbert & van Ingen Schenau, 1998).Within the conceptual framework developed for this enquiry, jump height, the...

From life, to page, to stage: Exploring theatrical artistry, community and storytelling with Margery and Michael Forde

Brent Downes
This research is a qualitative and ethnographic case study of the works, practices, processes and philosophies of two contemporary Queensland playwrights, Margery and Michael Forde. Over the last decade the Fordes have pursued a particular niche in the scope of contemporary writing and performance trends in Queensland's contemporary theatre privileging a continued and explicit use of real, 'community' stories as the aesthetic material of their plays. Through an agency of oral histories, testimonies and other...

An exploration of the impact of principal leadership behaviour on school culture

Nicholas Numkanisorn
Thailand is entering into a new phase of educational administration under the new National Education Act of 1999 which requires all educational institutions to have internal and external quality assurance in order to ensure improvement of educational quality and standards at all levels (Section 47). This means that all educational institutions, especially in the private sector, have to undergo many changes, including changes in administration, teaching and learning processes, methods of evaluation and professional development...

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