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Contextualisation of the Gospel: Towards an evangelical approach in the light of Scripture and the church Fathers

Andrew Prince
This work is an attempt to extend and strengthen missiological method from an evangelical perspective in the area of contextualisation. My thesis is that a missiological methodology that is governed by Scripture, while also drawing from the church Fathers, the social sciences and practical theology, is not only consistent with the nature of evangelicalism but also consistent with the nature of missiology itself. The critical observation that the contextualisation debate has been predominantly driven by...

The construction of gender identity in India through television advertisements: A semiotic analysis

Deodrin Correa
"This study investigates how television advertisements in India construct gender identity. Advertisements that appeared during popular Indian television serials were obtained from a local video rental outlet and recorded on a weekly basis for a period of six months. A representative sample was then screened and used for analysis. As sign systems are involved in the construction of meaning (Chandler, 2001) - and advertising makes use of signs to convey its message (Bezuidenhout, 1998), this...

The feminine sublime in violent contemporary American fiction

Emily Carr
"Barbara Freeman’s feminine sublime theory was radical upon its publication in The Feminine Sublime: Gender and Excess in Women’s Fiction (1995). Challenging centuries of male-dominated and male-focussed sublime theory, her crafting of the feminine sublime established a unique sublime experience that was based upon female perspective and participation. Contrasting from the dominating, male-authored masculine sublime, which prescribes that the male subject of the sublime neutralises the excessive other that they encounter as part of the...

A study of the effects of an intervention program incorporating aspects of social constructivist and essentialist models of pedagogy on educational experiences of boys in preliminary year English classes at a senior college

Anna Hill
The study evolved from a professional interest in the difficulties faced by boys in an academically challenging school context. Existing research evidence suggests that there is a link between performance at school and specific pedagogical styles used within the teaching environment. This study builds on this evidence-base with the implementation of an intervention program incorporating aspects of Social Constructivist and Essentialist models of pedagogy. The study was designed to monitor this implementation. Students' academic performance,...

Righting women's writing: A re-examination of the journey toward literary success by late eighteenth-century and early nineteenth century women writers

Roslyn Stanford
This thesis studies the progressive nature of women's writing and the various factors that helped and hindered the successful publication of women's written works in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The thesis interrogates culturally encoded definitions of the term 'success' in relation to the status of these women writers. In a time when success meant, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'attainment of wealth or position', women could never achieve a level of...

A number sense approach to written calculation: Exploring the effects in the middle years of schooling

Rick Owens
"The purpose of this research was to investigate some of the effects on teachers and students of positioning written calculation within a commitment to building students’ number sense. The focus on number sense took shape initially through explicit teaching of a strategies approach to mental computation, followed by an exploration of approaches to written calculation which made use of effective mental computation strategies. The impetus for this research came from the following observations of many...

A Contextual Ecclesiology of Dialogue: the Self-Identity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Postmodern Context of Mission

Pierre Chineegadoo
The objective of this ecclesiological research is to explore the extent to which the SDA church’s self-understanding as the remnant church is being transformed in the context of postmodern mission. The SDA church has described itself as the remnant church, based on its interpretation of apocalyptic Bible prophecies including the books of Daniel and Revelation. In the past 50 years, this interpretation has been the subject of various studies within the Seventh-day Adventist Church and...

Economic implications of the Deuteronomistic reform and the elimination of the Goddess Asherah

Lucienne Breingan
This thesis explores the economic rationale behind the Deuteronomistic reforms of centralisation and aniconism, as demonstrated through the biblical texts and extra-biblical material. The aniconistic centralised Temple complex promoted by Dtr was a repository of wealth, power, and influence, which was threatened by the iconographic system of shrines and temples spread throughout the Judahite and Israelite areas. This is evidenced through the economic underpinnings of the society which have contributed to these 'reforms', such as...

Sisters of St Joseph: The Tasmanian experience: The foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Tasmania 1887-1937

Josephine Brady
This thesis reports on and analyses the first fifty years, 1887-1937, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's ministry in Tasmania. The design of the study is qualitative in nature, employing ethnographic techniques with a thematic approach to the narrative. Through a multifaceted approach the main figures of the Josephite story of the first fifty years are examined. The thesis attempts to redress the imbalance of the representation of women in Australian history and the Catholic...

Balm for the Wound? Narratives and Spiritual Practice from L'Arche

Catherine Anderson
Building on previous research on people living with an intellectual disability, this study mainly focuses on practices employed in L’Arche communities. In particular, it investigates the manner in which the community provides a ‘balm’ for the metaphorical ‘wound’ experienced by persons living with intellectual disability. The study employs a practical-narrative theological methodology in which pastoral theology, pastoral care and spirituality are considered central components. Together with this, Lee’s appropriation of Aristotle’s three ways of knowing...

Survival stripped bare: an ethnography of street sex workers in Dandenong

Ben Durant
"This thesis is an ethnographic exploration of the micro world of the street sex market in Dandenong Australia. Using participant observation and semi structured interviews it explores the culture of the markets and network of people who sells sex in it, and considers how this knowledge may contribute to a more effective response from the youth and community sector. This study contributes to the existing body of research on street sex work through its exploration...

The journey from new graduate to proficient nurse in the Intensive Care Unit: A descriptive phenomenological study

Farida Saghafi
The rationale for study was the increased need for critical care services, the shortage of experienced critical care nurses, and the unidentified factors affecting nurse retention after completion of New Graduate/Transition to Practice Program in the critical care area. New graduate nurses were provided with an opportunity to share their experiences as they developed and achieved levels of proficiency over time in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Although most new graduate nurses in New South Wales...

The senior secondary school live-in retreat: A study of the views of a sample of teachers from one metropolitan Catholic diocese about the purpose and practices of retreats

Rachele Tullio
"Senior school live-in retreats, which could be described as intensive personal/spiritual development seminars, are a distinctive feature of the religious programs of Australian Catholic secondary schools. While research on the views of young people has confirmed the popularity of retreats with students (Flynn, 1993; Maroney, 2008), there has been no systematic study of how teachers understood the nature, purposes and conduct of retreats, and of what they regarded as 'successful' retreat work. This thesis reports...

How the Principals of New Zealand Catholic Secondary Schools Understand and Implement Special Character

Siân Owen
The purpose of this study is to explore how Catholic education authorities guarantee the Special Character of New Zealand Catholic schools. Since principals hold primary responsibilities in demonstrating evidence of Special Character of the Catholic school, this study particularly explores how secondary school principals fulfil this responsibility. New Zealand Catholic schools are State integrated schools under the 1975 Private Schools Conditional Integration Act (PSCIA). This Act enabled private schools to be fully government funded, while...

The affordances of online multiplayer games for the social interactions of middle-primary-school-aged students with ASD

Bessie Stone
This descriptive ethnographic case study investigates the potentials and constraints of online multiplayer games for the social interactions of students with an autism spectrum disorder. Minecraft® was selected as the online multiplayer game platform of focus within the research context, given its popularity among primary-school students. The study also describes the multimodal forms of social communication that students with an autism spectrum disorder used as they engaged with online multiplayer games. It investigates students, parent,...

The Work of Infant and Toddler Specialists in University-based Early Childhood Teacher Education in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand

Katherine Bussey
This doctoral thesis is a qualitative case study of the work of six university-based infant and toddler teacher educators in Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand. Research literature is presented to locate the study within early childhood teacher education as a cultural phenomenon in its institutionalised form. This thesis explores issues related to status, professionalisation, and the education of teachers, who work with infants and toddlers, and reflects the growing awareness of the importance of infant...

John Chrysostom On Almsgiving and the Therapy of the Soul

Junghun Bae
In recent years, a significant scholarly focus has been on John Chrysostom’s appropriation of ancient psychagogy, demonstrating that he was a skilled Christian physician of the soul who sought to promote the somatic and psychological health of his congregation by proposing preaching and various ascetic disciplines as medical treatments. In theses studies, however, relatively little attention has been devoted to his use of philosophical therapy in relation to almsgiving. To address this, my project aims...

(Mis)powered practice: A critical investigation of nurses' manual handling experiences in Australia

Kate Kay
"Inherent in the nursing role are manual handling activities required for the provision of patient care. The physical demands upon nurses have resulted in high rates of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) within the profession. Despite the development of programs intended to reduce MSDs, sustainable solutions have remained elusive. Nurses continue to be disproportionately represented in the statistics for injuries arising from manual handling. Over 95% of nurses are likely to incur at least one MSD during...

Effects of different loading intensities on skeletal adaptation to exercise in prepubertal girls

Peter Wiebe
This study involved a 28-week school-based exercise trial of single-leg drop-landing exercise with 42 girls (Tanner stage 1; 6-10 yr old) randomly assigned to control (C), low-drop (LD) or high-drop(HD) exercise groups. The latter two groups performed single-leg drop-landings (3 sessions.wk-1 and 50 landings.session-1) from 14cm and 28cm, respectively using the non-dominant leg. Single-leg peak ground-reaction impact forces (PGRIF) in a sub-sample ranged between 2.5 - 4.4 x body-weight (BW). No differences (p>0.05) among groups...

Organizational, professional and personal roles in an era of change: The case of the Catholic clergy

Georja Power
"The effects of transformations in the cultural context on the structures of the Catholic organization and consequently on the identity and role of priests is explored in this research. The way these transformations affect clergy relationships with the church, diocesan authorities and parishioners, and ultimately the psychological wellbeing of priests, are investigated in the light of recent research and literature. Quantitative and qualitative data from the Catholic Church Life Surveys (CCLS) of 1996 and 2001...

An exploration of the use of Web 2.0 to enhance teaching and learning in an Australian Catholic secondary school

Kevin Sharkey
"The rapid development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) over recent years presents educators with significant challenges. There are many options emerging to enhance the process of teaching and learning, particularly through the use of Web 2.0 Internet sites. These have become part of the lifestyles of today's students yet schools are struggling to come to terms with the effective use of these emerging technologies. Although Web 2.0 offers significant potential to enhance learning this...

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and his understanding of exegesis in his Risale-i-Nur

Hakan Çoruh
"Modernist exegesis emerged under the influence of Western science in various parts of Muslim lands such as India and Egypt in the mid-nineteenth century. Key figures of this modernist exegesis include Sayyid Ahmad Khan (d. 1898) and Muhammad ʿAbduh (d. 1905). A number of influential Muslim scholars also appeared in many parts of the Muslim world in the modern period. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1877-1960) was a Muslim thinker and great scholar from Turkey in the...

An exploration of the relationship between teacher leadership and the principalship in nurturing student learning

John Madden
The concept of instructional leadership has become a growing interest in the discourse on school leadership. Effective schools studies in the 1970s and early 1980s found that principals who were strong instructional leaders significantly influenced school performance. While this thesis predominately focuses on the relationship between principal, school curriculum officer (hence forth as SCO) and teacher, it focuses heavily on the role of the principalship in fostering the growing emphasis on multiple leadership approaches throughout...

An exploration of end-of-life care in the intensive care unit: A systematic review of qualitative studies investigating the experiences and perceptions of the patient's family

Alysia Coventry
Background and aim: In the absence of rigorous evidence-based clinical guidelines, end-of-life care (EOLC) practices in the ICU vary considerably. Ideally, EOLC should be appropriately planned, implemented and informed by robust evidence; however the ICU is a setting where a patient’s health can deteriorate rapidly. Consequently, families (including family members, relatives and carers) are particularly vulnerable, and may experience shock, uncertainty and powerlessness in this technical and unfamiliar environment during EOLC. Families are optimally positioned...

Girard's mimetic theory and the image of God in man: A preliminary theological perspecitve of human mimesis

Peter Stork
This study seeks to establish a link between Girard's mimetic anthropology and the Biblical notion that man is created in the image and likeness of God. While Girard developed deliberately an anthropology without reference to theology, this study - in an attempt to show that human mimesis makes also sense theologically - has taken creation theology as its starting point. By reviewing three Girardian authors, Alison, Bailie and Schwager, the thesis that mimesis belongs to...

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