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Memorization and improvisation: A comparison of two strategies in the oral acquisition of english as a second language

Wen-Chung Liu
"The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of two teaching strategies, memorization and improvisation, on ESL (English as a second language) students' oral proficiency and how they perceived the strategies and the activities used in the classroom. Participants were 16-year-old nursing students in a Taiwan medical college. They had learned English for at least three and a half years before joining the study, but most of their previous learning was focused on...

Transition to end-of-life in the aged care setting: Identifying the changes

Ruth Hohn
The purpose of this research study was to identify the perceptions of aged care health care personnel (ACHCP) working in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) of the changes that indicate a resident has entered the end-of-life (EOL) phase. This is a challenging time for ACHCP because the changes in the resident's condition are frequently subtle and sometimes difficult to identify due to their slow deterioration, often over many months. In order for the best EOL...

The Church first called Christian: The Melkite Church of Antioch

Elizabeth Reeves
The Catholic Church is made up of many church communities of different rites, with the main classifications being the Roman rites and the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church. With the influx of migrants especially since the Second World War there has been growth in Australia, in the number of Catholics belonging to the many Eastern rites including Byzantine Catholics, Coptic Catholics and Chaldean Catholics. The Second Vatican Council documents encouraged members of the Catholic...

An exploration of how nurses construct their leadership role during the provision of health care

Yvonne Osborne
"This research explores how registered nurses constructed their leadership role during the provision of health care services in acute care, adult hospitals in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As health care organizations change to meet the demands of the twenty first century, nurses in Australia are coming to realize there is a dissonance between what they perceive to be the relevance of their work and the perception of the relevance of nurses' work by others in the...

A story of early years educators’ experiences of technology and literacy in early years learning environments

Karen McLean
"This study sought to explore the relationship between literacy and technology in the early years of education. The purpose of the study was to gain insight into the nexus between literacy centred practice and technology in the practice of early years educators. The study was framed by the question, ""What are early years educators'. experiences of the relationship between technology and literacy in early years learning environments?"" In particular the study focused on the knowledge,...

M. Fethullah Gülen’s understanding of Sunnah

Mustafa Erdil
"The aim and objective of this study is to highlight the importance of and the status of hadith in Islam, as well as its relevance and reference to sunnah, the Prophetic tradition and all that this integral source of reference holds in Islam. Furthermore, hadith, in its nature, origin and historical development with its close relationship with the concept of memorisation and later recollection came about after the time of Prophet Muhammad. This study will...

Indicators of satisfaction and success for a paediatric outreach nursing service in metropolitan Sydney, NSW

Patricia Boss
The purpose of this study was to determine the indicators of customer satisfaction and service success of a newly established paediatric outreach nursing service. Referring agents and care recipients were both consumers of the paediatric outreach nursing service. Both groups of consumers were surveyed to determine their satisfaction with the service delivery. Two satisfaction survey tools were developed to measure customer satisfaction. The tools were piloted and refined prior to distributing them. Both tools had...

The sound of many voices: Investigating how principals view and influence massed singing in secondary boys' schools

Daryl Barclay
This research focused on how three principals in Melbourne boys-only schools view and influence the place of massed singing within their respective school cultures. The views of the principals themselves and their own capacity for self-reflection were critical to the thesis. The study was underpinned by three theoretical propositions: principals, although not usually involved in the teaching of massed singing, nevertheless exert an influence on it; massed singing has a unique power to enhance the...

Never on a Sunday: A study of Sunday observance and Sunday public musical entertainment in theatres in Melbourne, 1890-1895

Laurence Moore
Those who experienced Melbourne Sundays prior to the 1960s will recall a city remarkably devoid of commercial activity and public entertainment. The genesis of this situation lay in legislation in force during the 19th century. This was informed by the British protestant heritage reaching back to the 17th century and strongly supported by the puritanical stance of influential Melbournians. Yet for a brief time between 1892 and 1896 vast numbers of Melbourne's citizens enjoyed entertainments...

The construction of gender identity in India through television advertisements: A semiotic analysis

Deodrin Correa
"This study investigates how television advertisements in India construct gender identity. Advertisements that appeared during popular Indian television serials were obtained from a local video rental outlet and recorded on a weekly basis for a period of six months. A representative sample was then screened and used for analysis. As sign systems are involved in the construction of meaning (Chandler, 2001) - and advertising makes use of signs to convey its message (Bezuidenhout, 1998), this...

Age differences in verbal short-term memory and the process of redintegration

Amanda Scicluna
There are long-standing but ongoing debates in the literature about the composition of memory and the causes of short-term forgetting. Some researchers believe human memory is a dual system that comprises separate stores for verbal short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM), best exemplified by Baddeley and Hitch’s (1974) Working Memory Model. Dual memory researchers also believe that information stored in verbal STM decays over time if it is not refreshed through engaging in some...

Parent expectations of Catholic secondary education: A study over time in one particular school

William Griffiths
This thesis explores the expectations that parents had of a particular Catholic secondary school for boys during the first half of the 1990s. By exploring in some detail the expectations of one group of parents whose children attended one particular Catholic secondary school in suburban Adelaide (South Australia), the research illuminates the larger issue of the changing nature of parent expectations of Catholic secondary schooling, and how these expectations were being shaped in the last...

Chemical intent: Imagining the drug using client and the human service worker in harm minimisation policy

Lea Campbell
This thesis is based on an Australian Research Council funded research grant. Fifty-one qualitative interviews were conducted with human service workers to gain an understanding of their interpretations of their clients' 'drug problems' and of their own role, the service system and wider policies. Although harm minimisation has been Australia's official drug policy since 1985, little is known about how harm minimisation is 'enacted' in the helping culture. To date human service workers have not...

Sex differences in mate preferences: An in-depth exploration of evolutionary and social-economic theories

Evita March
Extensive research has documented the sex differences that exist in men’s and women’s mate preferences. Specifically, men desire the physical attractiveness of a potential mate more than women do, and women desire the status and resources of a potential mate more than men do. These sex differences in mate preferences are often attributed to evolutionary and/or social-economic origins. However, to date, research has only examined the different factors of social-economic theory independently without acknowledging the...

The effect of the emerging paradigm of diversity on the church and its leadership

Andrew Peters
Aims and Problems: Between the 1950s and 1990s, a paradigm-change occurred at foundational levels that has had global effect. In this research, I address a number of problems, related to leadership in the church, which have arisen out of this paradigm-change. The first problem relates to the validity of clerical leadership in the new paradigm. The immense effect of the current paradigm-change upon the church led some leadership gurus to propose a change in the...

An ethnographic study of the work environment of an aid organisation

Pauline Abboud
The working environment of an aid organisation generally has fewer benefits than in the commercial sector, so why do well trained and presumably well qualified people work for an aid organisation rather than a corporation which could provide them with better remunerations and a more comfortable work environment? What is it about the work environment of an aid organisation that attracts them? The focus of this study was to answer these questions. This involved examining...

Biceps femoris long head architecture: The association with hamstring injury and response to training

Ryan Timmins
Hamstring strain injuries (HSIs) are the most common injury in many running based sports, and following the initial insult the risk of recurrence remains high. In order to reduce the risk of a hamstring strain re-injury, developing a greater understanding of the maladaptations associated with a previous insult is important. Despite continual research over the past decade, recurrence rates have not declined suggesting the aetiology of re-injury is still not well understood. Whilst non-modifiable risk...

A defence of public reason: A Kantian reading of Rawls’s Ideal Theory

Ozgur Yalcin
"The thesis defends Rawls’s idea of public reason as a purely normative basis of critical political judgment against its various criticisms by democratic theories of justice from normative deliberative democracy to radical democracy. The thesis focuses on the basic criticism of Rawls’s idea of public reason as a legitimating basis of a conservative political doctrine that serves to perpetuate injustice and relations of domination. Criticisms of Rawls’s idea of public reason are developed on the...

The origin and development of the doctrine of the communion of saints

Nithyananda Nathan
"The priority of this study is to unearth the true meaning and goal of communion of saints. It is the last addition to the Apostles' Creed at the close of the eighth century as an extension to the Creed's Article (IX): the holy Catholic Church. But as regulae fidei the doctrine of communion of saints continues to be ambivalent for many believers. It would seem paradoxical for a Church which gathers its community in saintly...

The Butterfly Model of Careers Planning and Chance, its existence and the utility of intervention, in the career education of secondary to post-secondary students.

Anthony Borg
This research project aims to explore the perceived experience of planning and chance in the career experience of secondary students as they graduate from school and move in to post school pathways and the utility of chance related intervention in high school career education. To acknowledge a relationship between chance and planning in career paths will involve a shift from traditional career counselling, which for much of the past hundred years had been fairly linear,...

Exploring student and teacher interactions for critical thinking in face to face and online environments in an EFL course in Taiwan

Yi-Ching Chiu
"Current literature indicates a lack of exploration of factors relating to Taiwanese students' critical thinking in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The research study was a case study based on the social constructivist framework. The aim of this study was to explore how teacher and students interactions online impacted critical thinking by addressing the social norm in Confucius Heritage Culture (CHC). The characteristics of the social norm of CHC do not...

Making the Edmund Rice ethos a reality: A case study in the perceptions of principals in Christian Brothers' schools in Queensland

Kerrie Tuite
This research concerns how lay principals are negotiating the nurturing of authentic Edmund Rice education in their schools within a period of organisational change in the 21st century. The context of this research is Queensland Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition, once more commonly known as Christian Brothers' schools. These schools claim to carry on the educational charism of Edmund Rice (1762-1844), Founder of the Christian Brothers, who began schools in Ireland to provide...

Young indigenous students' experiences in mathematics: An exploration in pattern generalisation

Jodie Miller
"There is limited research that focuses on young Australian Indigenous students learning specific mathematical concepts (Meaney, McMurchy-Pilkington, & Trinick, 2012). To date, there has been no study conducted within an Australian context that considers how young Australian Indigenous students engage in mathematical generalisation of growing patterns. Mathematical growing patterns are a sequence of shapes or numbers characterised by the relationship between elements, which can increase or decrease by a constant difference (linear growing pattern). Additionally,...

To lead, or not to lead: That is the question. An exploration of understandings of leadership in the context of the deputy principal in the Lutheran secondary school

Merryn Ruwoldt
Twenty first century Lutheran secondary schools operate in a complex and demanding social, historical and theological environment. Leadership needs to be conceptualized in a manner which is appropriate for a fluid, dynamic learning community. Contemporary thinking about school leadership explores concepts such as teacher leadership, shared and distributed leadership. Successful school leadership is also perceived to impact positively on student educational outcomes. The leadership of the deputy principal in many school sectors has traditionally been...

Spiritual ecological consciousness towards ecological conversion: Experiental stories of senior secondary students and an autoethnography of the researcher

Margaret Bannan-Watts
Pope John Paul II called the Catholic people of the world to an ecological conversion in response to scientific information that the Earth is experiencing a global environmental crisis. To help people to come to an ecological conversion he asked teachers to develop concrete programs and initiatives in order to sensitize young people to the needs of the Earth. This thesis explores one educational pathway to ecological conversion. The thesis begins by presenting the environmental...

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