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Experiences of Tongan immigrant students in Australian Catholic schools and influences on their engagement in learning

Kalolaine Sikimeti
"Drawing on my observation and understanding over a fifteen year period of the constant difficulties experienced by young Tongan immigrants in engaging with their learning in local Australian Catholic schools, this study responds to their needs. The study explored and recorded the stories of the experiences of four Year 9 Tongan immigrant students in two Australian secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney, and identified the issues influencing their engagement in learning. The study utilised...

How understanding the Aboriginal Kinship system can inform better policy and practice: Social work research with the Larrakia nad Warumungu Peoples of Northern Territory

Karen King
This qualitative inquiry explored the kinship system of both the Larrakia and Warumunga peoples of the Northern territory with the aim of informing social work theory and practice in Australia. It also aimed to return information to the knowledge holders for the purposes of strengthening Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing.

Integrating project-based learning in an English language tourism classroom in a Thai university

Jantima Simpson
"This empirical study provided an in-depth examination of Thai students' English language proficiency, their learning skills and their self-confidence during the application of project-based learning (PBL) in an EFL learning context. The study examined whether PBL could enhance Thai university students' English language proficiency, their learning skills and self- confidence. The method of teaching and learning English language through PBL was a contrast to the current teaching of English in Thailand where it is treated...

Mary's relationship to the Holy Spirit: A focus for the union of East and West

Birute Arendarcikas
The figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a cherished element in all of the apostolic churches, East and West. Each of the various traditions has unique ways of understanding and expressing this foundational ecclesial element. This study attempts to contribute to a deeper understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary both as Mother of God and Mother of all Christians in the light of the theologies of four theologians representative of the Orthodox Christian East...

They did what they were asked to do: An historical analysis of the contribution of two women's religious institutes within the educational and social development of the city of Ballarat, with particular reference to the period 1950-1980

Heather O'Connor
This thesis covers the period 1950-1980, chosen for the significance of two major events which affected the apostolic lives of the women religious under study: the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), and the progressive introduction of state aid to Catholic schools, culminating in the policies of the Whitlam government (1972-1975) which entrenched bipartisan political commitment to funding non-government schools. It also represents the period during which governments of all persuasions became more involved in the operations...

Shout to the Lord: Music and change at Hillsong, 1996-2007

Tanya Riches
The Christian pop-rock music of Hillsong is an iconic Australian phenomenon. According to Michael Hawn, ""The music of Hillsong is undoubtedly the best-known church music export from Australia to the world"". This study focuses on the years between 1996 and 2007, a time when Hillsong bands received a staggering amount of industry accolades and awards, and the church expanded from Sydney's Hills District into the city, and internationally to London, Paris, Berlin, Kiev and Moscow....

Drugs and having babies: An exploration of how a specialist clinic meets the needs of chemically dependent women

Michelle Morris
"This study sought to evaluate the care provided to chemically dependent pregnant women by a specialist clinic, the Transitions Clinic of the Mercy Hospital for Women, a major Victorian metropolitan women‘s hospital. A critical ethnographic approach informed by critical, feminist and postmodern perspectives, namely Habermas, Foucault and feminist interpretations of Foucault, was employed. During the process of data analysis I was also drawn to the existential theorists, Frankl and Yalom. Twenty women were interviewed three...

A case study of the exploration of authentic leadership and learning in four Catholic primary schools

Kathryn O'Brien
Schools and school systems across the world are seeking ways of improving student achievement, in response to growing public recognition of the importance of education for individual success and societal progress. School leaders are being challenged to maintain focus on authentic learning in schools while under government pressure for accountability measures linked to student achievement in test scores. In Australia, the introduction of the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy and the uncertainty of...

Identifying the indicators of individual readiness for positive life change amongst defenders within a remand setting 2vols

Stephen Barlow
Over 60 years ago Mr L. Nott, the Comptroller-General of New South Wales prisons, observed that prisoners do not change because the state wants them to change, but because they are not ready to change. He emphasised that what happens in the internal world of the prisoner affects their ability to change more than anything the correctional system can do. This thesis looks to the internal world of a small group of remand prisoners (called...

Teaching pronunciation of English using computer assisted learning software: An action research study in an Institute of Technology in Taiwan

Su Tseng Lee
This research investigated how the characteristics of two Computer Assisted Langauge Learning (CALL) programs assisted Taiwanese students learning English pronunciation, how the different types of feedback in the program helped them to learn English pronunciation effectively, and how teachers may effectively integrate such computer software into their teaching. The purpose of the study was to define directions for pedagogy and research in CALL in Taiwan, drawing on the perceptions of Taiwanese college students and their...

A comparison of the Stanford model chronic disease self management program with pulmonary rehabilitation on health outcomes for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne

Maria Murphy
Previous researchers have identified that participation in a pulmonary rehabilitation program improves health outcomes yet, continuation in a weekly maintenance program yielded mixed results. Self-management programs have had reported use in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A meta analysis has identified that no self-management program had evaluated the effect of this type of intervention on the functional status of the participant with COPD. Reduced functional status is well reported as an indicator of disease progression...

Mission through journalism: Elizabeth Hayes and the Annals of Our Lady of the Angels

Pauline Shaw
"Nineteenth-century periodical literature, recognised today as a distinctive and significant feature of Victorian public communication, is voluminous. Yet in order to argue that the editor-publisher Elizabeth Hayes made a significant contribution to evangelising journalism, this thesis finds it imperative to situate her work within the enormous outpourings of the Victorian periodical press. For a Victorian woman to succeed in journalism was impressive and this investigation argues that Hayes capably led an international journal of religious...

Principals' understandings of aspects of the law impacting on the administration of Catholic schools: Aome implications for leadership

Paul McCann
This study explored the interface between the leadership of Catholic schools and the legal framework of the social/cultural context of Australian Society. Specifically, the study investigated the legal issues impacting on Catholic schools, principals' understandings of these legal issues and the sources used in gaining these understandings. The congruency between these understandings and the current interpretations of areas of the law were also examined, along with the influence legal issues have on principals; in particular,...

A Pentecostal study of Daniel's Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13)

Elizabeth Guntrip
Aim.C. Peter Wagner is a well-known missiologist. In the late twentieth century Wagner became interested in the means by which the devil, as the enemy of God, obstructs the spread of the Gospel. Based on his reading of Daniel 10:13 [20-21], a passage referring to the prince of Persia, he concluded that the earth is ruled by Satan's angels, whom he terms 'territorial spirits.' The same chapter mentions other supernatural beings, Michael, one of the...

A religious, ethical and philosophical study of the human person in the context of biomedical practices

Douglas Milne
From the book of Genesis the human person is presented as divine image-bearer, a Godlike status that is further explained in terms of the dual constitution of matter and spirit. Natural Law provides a person-centred ethic that draws on a number of human goods that emanate naturally from the human person and lead in practice to human flourishing. This theory empowers towards making ethical decisions in the interest of human persons. Aristotle explained the human...

Thomas Merton and the Towers of Babel

Colleen O'Sullivan
This thesis will examine intensively 'The Tower of Babel: A Morality' a significant work of Thomas Merton, a major spiritual writer of the 20th Century, entitled. In order to explore this play three other works which impacted significantly on the development of the drama will also be examined. These three works are: A poem also called 'Tower of Babel'; a second poem entitled 'A Responsory' and a musical work titled 'The Tower of Babel: An...

Exercise type, musculoskeletal health and injury risk factors in adolescent middle-distance runners

David Greene
Adolescent growth provides a unique opportunity for the growing body to adapt to external stimuli. A positive association between site-specific mechanical loading and increases in regional bone mineral content (BMC) during adolescence is established. Mechanical loads associated with middle-distance running expose the skeleton to a combination of compressive ground reaction forces and muscular contraction. Previous studies concerning musculoskeletal health in active adolescents are largely limited to planar, two-dimensional measures of bone mineral status, using Dual...

A study of factors affecting participation and performance of police officers undertaking the Queensland Police Service's management development program by distance education

Barbara Jack
Management education for police officers has played a significant role in the desired transformation of police services around the world from vocational to professional status. This thesis reports research that employed qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to investigate the factors affecting participation and performance of Queensland Police Service officers who undertook the Management Development Program by distance education mode.

Making "magic": An exploration of the relationship between teacher leadership and boys' academic motivation in the year 8 classroom at a Catholic school

Neil McGoran
This research explored the understandings and perceptions of teacher leadership in the Year 8 classroom, as expressed by teachers and students at a Catholic school, and the relationship between this leadership and boys' academic motivation. The researcher assumed that the classroom is an organisation (Cheng, 1994) where all teachers, perhaps even unknowingly (Crowther, 1996), exercise leadership and, furthermore, that this leadership results in positively influencing boys' willingness to learn. The research was targeted at Year...

The effects of graphic organizers on Taiwanese tertiary students' EFL reading comprehension and attitudes towards reading in English

Chiu-Ling Chiang
The present study was a one sample pre- and post-session, quasi experimental design, conducted during an intensive English course in 2003 in Taiwan. Participants were fifty tertiary level freshmen from a medical college in Southern Taiwan. In order to understand the effects of graphic organizers on participants' EFL, reading comprehension and attitudes towards reading in English, quantitative and qualitative data were gathered. Research has shown that the graphic organizer is effective in facilitating reading comprehension...

Coping with cancer: The adolescent experience

Tracy Till
Adolescence is the period of physical and emotional development from childhood to adulthood. As an adolescent develops they struggle with many issues including developing independence from their parents, embracing peer culture, an increase in the importance of body image and the development of sexual, vocational, and moral identity. The diagnosis and treatment for cancer can interfere with the adolescent meeting these goals, and subsequently cause the experience of adolescence to be more difficult. The aim...

Investigating the meaning and function of prayer for children in selected primary schools in Melbourne, Australia

Vivienne Mountain
"Prayer is a central element of all religions (Coleman, 1999; Engebretson, 1999). Alongside the sense of the theological importance of prayer there has been increased recognition of the psychological function and personal benefit of prayer for adults (Pargament, 1997). This thesis reports on research that investigated the theological and psychological perceptions of prayer held by children, shown through their understanding of the meaning and function of prayer. This thesis contributes to the research field of...

Leadership in a Lutheran school: An exploration of principal and school pastor worldviews and their potential impact on the transformation of the school learning community

Ken Bartel
This ethnomethodological study focuses on the worldviews of Lutheran school principals and pastors. Essentially, these leaders in a Lutheran school provide direction and vision for the school learning community. The degree to which their worldviews coalesce will naturally result in positive or negative influences on the whole school community. These leaders within the Lutheran school can be seen as a hub for all kinds of learning experiences and interaction in the context of vital Christian...

The affective component in effective education

Maura Sellars
This study investigated eight and nine year old children's capabilities to develop skills in the intrapersonal intelligence domain as defined by Howard Gardner. A group of twenty-seven, seven to nine year olds were introduced to a program specifically designed to foster their self-knowledge as learners and their self-management skills in the English learning environment. The students were introduced to activities that would help them to identify their own relative strengths and limitations and use this...

The relationship between manager's use of power and employees' work variables in nationalised commercial banks in Bangladesh

Nadim Jahangir
"This thesis investigates managers' use of power and its relationship to employees' organisational commitment and job satisfaction and any other potential factors influencing the relationship in Nationalised Commercial Banks (NCBs) in Bangladesh. Earlier research focused only on employees' perceptions of managers' use of power in NCBs, and findings indicated a positive relationship between managers' use of power and employees' perceptions. The present research differs from the previous studies by linking managers' use of power with...

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