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Implementing mandated curriculum reform: Sources of support for teacher-meaning making

Janeen Lamb
The impetus for this study was a pragmatic concern for the implementation of the Mathematics Year 1-10 Syllabus (Queensland Studies Authority, 2004) at Hillside Primary School (pseudonym). The researcher's involvement with this school was as the Support Teacher: Learning Difficulties 2002-2004. During this time the researcher assisted teachers by working with students who had difficulty acquiring the necessary mathematical skills which enabled them to keep pace with their peers, and actively participate in their environment....

Shout to the Lord: Music and change at Hillsong, 1996-2007

Tanya Riches
The Christian pop-rock music of Hillsong is an iconic Australian phenomenon. According to Michael Hawn, ""The music of Hillsong is undoubtedly the best-known church music export from Australia to the world"". This study focuses on the years between 1996 and 2007, a time when Hillsong bands received a staggering amount of industry accolades and awards, and the church expanded from Sydney's Hills District into the city, and internationally to London, Paris, Berlin, Kiev and Moscow....

The spirituality of pilgrims: A study of an Australian experience of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Neil Harrigan
"This research investigation into the spirituality of pilgrims arises from the intense mobility that characterizes contemporary society and from the new emphasis that is now being placed on pilgrimage. In the face of these trends the Holy See's Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People has called for appropriate pastoral responses based on ""a clear theological foundation and praxis"" whereby pilgrimage can be ""transformed into an experience of deep and mature faith."" The specific contribution...

An exploratory descriptive study of mission integration and sustainability in a not-for-profit Australian Catholic hospital

Monica Whelan
Literature indicates that the issues of mission, and mission integration and sustainability, are of importance in organisations, including Catholic hospitals. However, there is minimal research to inform and guide mission integration in organisations. The aim of the study was to identify aspects of mission integration in a not-for-profit Australian Catholic hospital from employees' perspectives. The research questions addressed: (1) the knowledge and experience of mission integration by current employees, (2) the issues, problems, barriers, and...

From data-informed to data-led?: School leadership within the context of external testing

Philip Pettit
"Schools now have access to an enormous range of data that can be used to improve student achievement. These data can include classroom-based assessment information together with individually tailored results from literacy and numeracy testing programs and from other sources. Also, there is an expectation at system and national policy levels that data on student achievement are collected for the purposes of program accountability and for improving student learning. However, there is evidence that schools...

The mission of the Catholic school and role of the principal in a changing Catholic landscape

Pat Coughlan
"This research explores the mission of the Catholic school and the role of the principal in a changing Catholic landscape. The context of this research is set within a Catholic landscape of radical change. Declining allegiance to institutional Church and disintegration of parishes as a focal point for sacramental and community life are indicative of paradigmatic shifts in understandings of Catholic life. In spite of these changes, Australian Catholic schools continue to enjoy widespread popularity...

Identifying the indicators of individual readiness for positive life change amongst defenders within a remand setting 2vols

Stephen Barlow
Over 60 years ago Mr L. Nott, the Comptroller-General of New South Wales prisons, observed that prisoners do not change because the state wants them to change, but because they are not ready to change. He emphasised that what happens in the internal world of the prisoner affects their ability to change more than anything the correctional system can do. This thesis looks to the internal world of a small group of remand prisoners (called...

The distribution, growth, reproduction and population genetics of a mangrove species, Rhizophora stylosa Griff, near its southern limits in New South Wales, Australia

Nicholas Wilson
Rhizophora stylosa is a common and widespread mangrove species on tropical coasts in the Indo-West Pacific and very common and widespread in northern Australia. This aim of this study was to investigate R. stylosa's distribution, growth, reproduction and population genetics over the last 300 kms of its range at its southern limits in northern New South Wales on the Australian east coast. Rhizophora stylosa was found to be more widespread between and within estuaries in...

Reconceptualising spirituality: The development and testing of a four-dimension taxonomy of spiritual beliefs

Richard Harmer
"Aim: Existing research examining spirituality in a range of contexts is inconclusive due to:(1) a confounding of spirituality and religiosity constructs; (2) a lack of clarity pertaining to how the construct of spirituality relates to other 'like' constructs; (3) the omission of spirituality as a variable of interest in much individual difference research; and (4) a lack of clarity in how the construct is being operationalised. This dissertation set out to address these four limitations...

Never on a Sunday: A study of Sunday observance and Sunday public musical entertainment in theatres in Melbourne, 1890-1895

Laurence Moore
Those who experienced Melbourne Sundays prior to the 1960s will recall a city remarkably devoid of commercial activity and public entertainment. The genesis of this situation lay in legislation in force during the 19th century. This was informed by the British protestant heritage reaching back to the 17th century and strongly supported by the puritanical stance of influential Melbournians. Yet for a brief time between 1892 and 1896 vast numbers of Melbourne's citizens enjoyed entertainments...

Visual art, the artist and worship in the reformed tradition: A theological study

Geraldine v
The Reformed tradition, following Zwingli and especially Calvin, excluded images from the churches. Calvin rejected the sacred images of his day as idolatrous on the grounds that they were treated as making God present, that the necessary distinction between God and God’s material creation was not maintained, and because an image, which rightly was to be mimetic of visible reality, could not truthfully depict God. Calvin approved the Renaissance notion of visual art as mimetic...

The affective component in effective education

Maura Sellars
This study investigated eight and nine year old children's capabilities to develop skills in the intrapersonal intelligence domain as defined by Howard Gardner. A group of twenty-seven, seven to nine year olds were introduced to a program specifically designed to foster their self-knowledge as learners and their self-management skills in the English learning environment. The students were introduced to activities that would help them to identify their own relative strengths and limitations and use this...

The use of Scripture in the teaching of religious education in Victorian Catholic secondary schools

Michael Grace
This thesis examines the use of scripture by religious education teachers with their students in Victorian Catholic secondary schools in late 1999. The aims of the research were: to present a picture of the incorporation of scripture into the religious education program of Victorian Catholic secondary schools in 1999, and in particular the incorporation of the historical-critical method of modern biblical scholarship (focus will also be placed on the purpose for which scripture is used,...

The experiences of parents and nurses of hospitalised infants requiring oxygen therapy for severe bronchiolitis: A phenomenological study

Alison Peeler
Objectives: Annually, bronchiolitis is a major cause of children's hospital admissions. Children suffering from respiratory distress are provided supplemental oxygen therapy via a headbox. Whilst effective in treating the child physically, the headbox can be very restrictive and limits parental access to their child. This form of oxygen therapy can have a detrimental effect on parental bonding, their relationship with their child, and the parents' ability to fulfil their parenting role. The aim of this...

In good faith: A historical study of the provision of religious education for Catholic children not in Catholic schools in New South Wales: The CCD Movement 1880-2000

Ann Whenman
"This thesis provides a coherent documented history of the provision of religious education to Catholic children who did not attend Catholic schools in New South Wales from 1880 to 2000. The CCD movement is the title generally assigned to a variety of approaches associated with this activity. The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is an association of clergy and lay faithful, within the Catholic tradition, established in the 16th century, devoted to the work of...

Teachers as learners: Professional learning in the lives of teachers

Sandra Cameron
This interpretative study explored the professional learning practices of teachers in a range of Queensland State schools. While teacher learning is regarded as cornerstone of school reform, our knowledge of the role professional learning plays in changing teacher practice is scant. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to listen to the voices of practitioners in order to better understand the situated worlds of teacher-learners and how to support them and their learning in this...

Moanan-Tongan fatongia and deontic in Greco-Rome: Fiefia, happiness, of tauelangi, climatic euphoria, and 'alaha kakala, permeating frangrance - Malie! Bravo!

Siosiua Lafitani
This dissertation discusses some logical premises or propositions of two themes with their conclusion regarding the traditional Moanan-Tongan fatongia, obligation, and its relation to ancient Greco-Roman deontic, obligation. The premise of the first theme considers fatongia as a worldview, philosophia or weltanschauung, which is embedded in human fundamental values and behaviors like justice, dykaisyn or faitotonu, and democracy, demoskratos or pule'aetokolahi. With the premise of the second theme, it considers fatongia with its specific aim,...

The enduring effects of job demands on the mental health of police officers

Katrina Lawson
Occupational stress research has consistently documented significant relationships between work characteristics and employee mental health, with the components of the Demand-Control-Support (DCS) model of occupational stress (i.e., job demand, job control and social support) being widely used to capture work characteristics (Karasek & Theorell, 1990). The work characteristics of the DCS model appear to be key determinants of employee health outcomes for individuals in a diverse range of occupations (de Lange, Taris, Kompier, Houtman, &...

Perceptions of the transmission of the Edmund Rice Charism: Changing leadership from religious to lay in Christian Brothers' schools

Andrew Watson
This study was an investigation of the leadership required for the transmission of the charism of Edmund Rice in a time of transition from religious to lay leadership in Christian Brothers' Schools. Historically the Christian Brothers have had a significant impact on the development of Catholic education in this country through the development of a large network of Christian Brothers' schools. However the rapidity and depth of changes over the past two decades have threatened...

Images of salvation: A study in theology, poetry and rhetoric

Gregory Smith
Humankind yearns for reconciliation, fulfilment and salvation, and the human heart has always sought deliverance from negative forces. In particular, this yearning for salvation is most apparent when poets envisage such yearning in living situations and in recognisable life circumstances. Reading them shows how the quest for salvation is being achieved in daily steps that incarnate movements of hope and a contesting of despair. This dissertation captures some significant images of salvation expressed in selected...

Indigenous women's career development: Voices that challenge educational leadership

Nerida White
"This research focuses on deepening our understanding about Indigenous women’s participation in contemporary Australian society by exploring their experiences in employment, careers, education and leadership. Since the purpose of this study is to explore how university education Indigenous women understand and make sense of it of their career journeys, the epistemological framework of the research is constructionism using an interpretivist approach. The particular interprevetivist perspective used is symbolic interactionism, but the research has also been...


Frances Hanrahan
"As a result of two years working with the pre-service primary teachers in a College in Fiji I became aware of the difficulty many of the students were having understanding the primary school mathematics they would be required to teach. During that time I had attempted to help them overcome the difficulties by using different teaching approaches and activities but was far from satisfied with my efforts. Hence I decided to make a concerted effort...

Steel magnolias' healing journeys: Rural women speak of transforming their lives after the experience of childhood sexual assault

Kandie Allen-Kelly
This thesis examines the construction of healing from childhood sexual assault from the perspective of adult women who had been sexually abused in their childhood years. The purpose of the study is to provide a space to hear the stories of rural women, and a forum to allow those stories to be shared with a wider audience. Its focus is on the women's accounts of how their lives have been shaped by those experiences, what...

The 'Limit" experience of senior high school students: A study across four Catholic high schools

Paul Terence McQuillan
The purpose of the research reported in this thesis is to investigate the occurrence and recognition of “limit experience” among some Catholic High School students in their final year at selected secondary colleges in Brisbane. “Limit” experience was defined as "an experience that reveals a reality of life beyond the self, beyond the here and now". It may be recognition of our own fragility and vulnerability as much as a joyous awareness of a reality...

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