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Spiritual ecological consciousness towards ecological conversion: Experiental stories of senior secondary students and an autoethnography of the researcher

Margaret Bannan-Watts
Pope John Paul II called the Catholic people of the world to an ecological conversion in response to scientific information that the Earth is experiencing a global environmental crisis. To help people to come to an ecological conversion he asked teachers to develop concrete programs and initiatives in order to sensitize young people to the needs of the Earth. This thesis explores one educational pathway to ecological conversion. The thesis begins by presenting the environmental...

Judge Willis in Port Phillip: 1841-1843

Christopher Brien
"Aims: This thesis aims to identify why John Walpole Willis, the first resident judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the district of Port Phillip (now Melbourne), was removed from office in 1843. Willis subsequently appealed to the Privy Council. In 1846 the Privy Council upheld the appeal on the grounds that he should have been given an opportunity to respond to the complaints. Yet in spite of this, Willis was removed...

An Exploration of Three New South Wales Nurse Practitioner Services in 2008

S Jane Allnutt
Background To control increasing health costs, the Australian government initiated a range of health care reforms in the late 1990s. In 2000, the development of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) Service in New South Wales (NSW) was one strategy implemented to improve health care delivery. Supported by legislation, NPs extended their role beyond other nursing roles. The number of NPs in NSW doubled between 2004 and 2007, and NP Services flourished. With little published evidence, research...

The Sensus Fidelium and canon law: An exploration

Anthony Ekpo
More than fifty years ago Pope John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council to which about 2,500 bishops were invited from all over the world. It was at this Council, and in its reception over the years, that the sensus fidelium was re-discovered as an ecclesial reality and a theological insight that has characterized the Church since its inception. The central question of this study is how the sensus fidelium is expressed and received in...

On the grounds of a transcendental intellect for a philosophy of leadership

Thomas Lysaght
Aim: This thesis sets out to cover the matter of leadership as it is informed by science, art, and philosophy. The research involved entails a corresponding consideration of the sensibility and intelligibility, morality and ethics of leadership along with accounts of their relationship to the notion of the mature human intellect as well as to that of the idea of a university. Scope: The work proposes that the transcendental intellect is the ground for notions...

An exploration of factors that influence end of career nurses' decision making regarding their workforce participation

Catriona Booker
"As healthcare faces a critical shortage of qualified nursing staff, the ageing nursing workforce is further challenged as the 'Baby Boomer' generation approaches retirement age by 2010. While current retention strategies are focused on recruitment, little is known about the reasons for the end of career nurses' (EOCNs') premature retirement or their resilience to remain in the profession. For the purpose of this thesis, the term EOCN is defined as registered nurses aged from 45...

The origins of the convent high school in Europe and its implantation and evolution in the Antipodes – St. Rita’s College, Brisbane, as a case study (1926-2008)

Anna Barbaro
This thesis investigates the origins of convent high school education in Australia. In particular it presents a case study of St Rita’s College at Clayfield, Queensland, a Catholic girls’ secondary college that has evolved within the long history of women’s education. St Rita’s College was established by the Presentation Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1926. The background study in Part II (chapters two to four) is an essential element of the thesis as...

The life and writings of St Therese of Lisieux: Contributions to contemporary understandings of the relationship between Faith and Sin

Margaret Quane
"This dissertation is a result of my being challenged by a phrase that is used by the most recently named Doctor of the Church, St Therese of Lisieux: 'sin against faith ... through the abuse of grace'. What did that phrase mean for Therese and does it have meaning and application for today? Given Therese's publicly acclaimed spiritual transformation, the initial aim was to examine Therese's religious experiences relating to faith and sin and to...

2011 NCLS Attender Data Survey Types AP and AC

Ruth Powell, Miriam Pepper & Sam Sterland
he National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a project of NCLS Research. The primary aim of the NCLS is to provide information to Christian congregations and parishes about the health or vitality of their local church. However, it also covers a range of other research areas. The NCLS has collected data from several thousand congregations/parishes, hundreds of thousands of church attenders and thousands of local church leaders from approximately 20 Christian denominations across Australia every...

An evaluation of school responses to the introduction of the Queensland 1999 Health and Physical Education (HPE) syllabus and policy documents in three Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) primary schools

Timothy Lynch
Within Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) the 1999 HPE syllabus was implemented between 1999 and 2001. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the implementation of the 1999 Queensland HPE syllabus in three BCE primary schools of varying enrolment numbers. The research problem is:.How developed is the implementation of the new HPE syllabus in BCE schools?. The data collection was guided by the following research questions:- How are teachers in these BCE schools implementing the...

Catholic secondary school principals as faith leaders: A study of the dioceses of Lismore

Caroline Thompson
"Faith leadership as a critical dimension of the role of the Catholic secondary school principal within the Diocese of Lismore is the focus of this study. Set in the context of constant change; ecclesial, social, cultural and educational, this research seeks a more informed and sophisticated understanding of the phenomenon of faith leadership. This topic is problematic within the Diocese of Lismore, with the perception that there is little support for principals in policy or...

Waiting: A critical experience

Amber Van Dreven
This study explores the experiences of relatives waiting. Often relatives wait for considerably long periods, especially in critical care areas, whilst their loved one, whose health status is unknown, receives care. To explore these experiences and to understand the symbolic meaning behind the participants' stories, a grounded theory approach was utilised which is firmly rooted in the sociological theory of symbolic interactionism. A qualitative approach was employed in order to yield a rich description of...

The knowledge-practice gap: Evidence-based practice for acute stroke care in Ghana

Leonard Baatiema
A critical global health concern in the last few decades is the widened gap between what we recognized scientifically as best practice interventions and what patients actually receive in clinical settings. Despite the fact that the past two decades has witnessed a preponderance of new and more effective interventions for acute stroke care globally, uptake of such interventions is inadequate and remains largely inaccessible to stroke patients. To be specific, uptake rates in low-middle income...

Prospective memory and social cognition in people with chronic heart failure

Tina Habota
People affected by chronic heart failure (CHF) suffer from diffuse brain pathology and are consequently at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment. The aim of this thesis was to examine two areas of cognition in people with CHF, namely prospective memory (PM) and social cognition. This aim was addressed in a series of three experiments. PM and social cognition have not previously been assessed in the CHF population; however, because both of these cognitive...

An investigation into the equity and efficiency of Australia's higher education system

Sarah Wright
"This thesis examines the impact of changes in higher education policy in Australia on equity for students and efficiency in resource allocation. This involves measuring the impact of the 2005 budgetary changes in the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) on the Private Rate of Return (PRR) and Social Rate of Return (SRR) to higher education for both males and females across different occupations and for different qualifications. This thesis examines the proposition that the movement...

Teacher leadership in South-East Queensland Anglican schools

Mark Sly
This research study explores the issue of teacher leadership in South-East Queensland Anglican schools. An initial exploration of the context of Anglican education in South-East Queensland confirmed that both nationally and within the Anglican system, hierarchical understandings of school leadership were being challenged amidst a growing expectation of teacher leadership. However, despite this expectation of teacher leadership, there was little in respect to formal policy and resource support for teacher leadership within South-East Queensland Anglican...

The institutionalisation of charism in a faith-based school

Margaret Lee
"The research problem underpinning this study concerns the congruence between Dominican charism and how it is experienced by students, teachers and parents at San Sisto College. The purpose of the research is to explore how students, teachers and parents experience Dominican charism. Three specific research questions focus the conduct of this study: What do students, teachers and parents understand Dominican charism to be? How do students, teachers and parents experience Dominican charism at San Sisto...

Reading councils backwards: Challenging teleological perspectives of Constantinople’s ecclesiastical development from 381 to 451

Justin Pigott
"The period from the First Council of Constantinople (381) to the Council of Chalcedon (451) is considered to be a formative one in the development of Constantinople’s self-identity and confidence as an ecclesiastical authority. Traditional representations of Constantinople during this era portray a see that was experiencing meteoric growth in episcopal authority and was increasingly attempting to assert supremacy over the churches of the east as well as challenge Rome’s authority in the west. However,...

Russian orthodox music in Australia: The translation of a tradition

Galina Maximova
For over 50 years the presence of Russian people has been significant in Australia and the Russian Orthodox Church has been established in 24 centers in all states and territories. The richness of the musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church is well known; it has a tradition extending over many centuries and one which embraces an enormous repertoire of various styles of chant together with a vast repertoire of polyphonic music, much of it...

A study of learning environment in the extended practicum of a pre-service teacher education course at a Catholic University

Joy Kennedy
"This thesis reports research which employed quantitative data collection methods to investigate pre-service teacher perceptions of extended practicum learning environments of pre-service teachers at a Catholic university and their self-efficacy for future teaching. By drawing on learning environment research, practicum in teacher education literature, student teacher practicum evaluation data and stakeholder perceptions of dimensions of the ACU extended practicum learning environment, an instrument, a 72-item questionnaire, the Extended Practicum Learning Environment Inventory (EPLEI) was developed...

Colossians, cosmology and Christ: A study into Colossians 1:15-17 with insights from Plato's Timaeus, Philo of Alexandria and middle Platonism

Matthew Burow
Colossians 1:15-20 has often been noted for its distinctive use of language and theological nuance, in particular, its ‘cosmic’ Christology. Pauline and Colossians research have identified Plato’s Timaeus, Middle Platonism and Philo of Alexandria as potentially offering beneficial insight into this Colossian ‘hymn’ and for the letter as a whole. Unfortunately, to date, these identifications have lacked a thorough treatment and have seldom been more than assertions or short, incidental statements that are part of...

Key factors that engaged year 5/6 students in a religious education curriculum

Adrian Lacey
"The aim of this case study was to identify factors that influenced the engagement of year five and six students (aged 10-12) in a religious education (RE) curriculum. The disengagement of year five and six students was reflected in the results of an RE survey (Catholic Education Office, 2006). Whilst students regarded RE as important and wished to do academically well, they did not find RE lessons to be particularly interesting, challenging or enjoyable. This...

Leadership characteristics of successful Catholic parish primary school partnerships

Michael G. Harris
"This research sought to explore whether leadership benefits result when Catholic parish primary schools work in partnership. The research sought to explore potential leadership benefits for principals involved in a Catholic parish primary school partnership. The benefits were explored in terms of support for the principals and any resultant impact on their effectiveness. The role of the principal has changed vastly over the past twenty years (Earley & Weindling, 2004) and expectations of principals are...

Developing a measure of cognitive deconstruction

Zoe Nicholes
"The aim of this thesis was to develop a reliable and valid measure of cognitive deconstruction, a defensive state marked by a person's attempted refusal to engage in meaningful thought and undertake integrative, interpretive mental acts (Baumeister, 1990a). Cognitive deconstruction has been described to occur for some people following the experience of social exclusion. Cognitive deconstruction limits meaningful thought, and subsequently allows a person to escape from aversive self awareness and emotional distress that may...

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