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Sisters of St Joseph: The Tasmanian experience: The foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Tasmania 1887-1937

Josephine Brady
This thesis reports on and analyses the first fifty years, 1887-1937, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's ministry in Tasmania. The design of the study is qualitative in nature, employing ethnographic techniques with a thematic approach to the narrative. Through a multifaceted approach the main figures of the Josephite story of the first fifty years are examined. The thesis attempts to redress the imbalance of the representation of women in Australian history and the Catholic...

A practical theology of mental health: A critical conversation between theology, psychology, pastoral care and the voice of the witness

Pauline Pierce
What exactly do we mean by mental illness? Is it an organic disease? Or are its causes psychological and requiring therapy or counselling with, at times, medication to alleviate any accompanying organic symptoms? Or could one even consider that, in some instances, it is neither of these and is best described as a 'spiritual dis-ease'? If there is evidence that this is the case, then its causes [and remedies] must be sought elsewhere. In other...

A transnational approach to educational leadership capacity building: a case study of the Masters of Education programme at Notre Dame Institute of Education, Karachi, Pakistan

Sukaina Rizvi
"The expansion of educational opportunities internationally provides major prospects for developing countries to reform their education systems. The rise of new forms of transnational education, (the provision of education to learners in a country different from that of the provider) and the expansion of capacity building opportunities have helped developing nations to increase domestic access to international education and to enhance the quality of their local education systems through increasing the variety and relevance of...

Outdoor play decision-making by families, schools, and local government for children with disabilities

Julia Sterman
Introduction: Play is a right for all children and an essential childhood occupation. Yet, children with disabilities experience exclusion from outdoor play participation. How children’ skills interact with the environment in which they live, notably their family, school, and community, shapes their play choice. Aim: The aim of this study was to understand outdoor play decision-making at family, school, and local government levels for primary school-age children with disabilities. Method: A multiple-perspective case study allowed...

Daily living transactions: Understanding how children and carers work together to complete daily living tasks and routines when the child has cerebral palsy.

Robyn Heesh
Objective: This research explored how children with cerebral palsy (CP) functioning at Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels IV and V work together with their carers to complete daily routines. It aimed to investigate the activities and skills that are important and may inform goal setting and intervention planning for children and carers. Design: An explanatory sequential mixed methods study. Method: Non-ambulant children (GMFCS IV and V) aged 5-18 years and their carers were...

Musculoskeletal kinetic models to predict injury and performance in adolescent female athletes

Mark Moresi
"Background: High level adolescent female athletes in high-impact sports may be at an increased injury risk due to increased training demands coupled with pubertal growth. Participation longevity in active females requires innovative, holistic research to advance the understanding of injury prevention via longitudinal training response monitoring. Measures of musculoskeletal stiffness (MSS), which model the lower limb as a spring, may provide valuable insight on this issue. MSS has been linked to both performance and injury...

Pentecostal spirit baptism: An analysis of meaning and function

David Perry
"This thesis engages with the Pentecostal experience of Spirit baptism and seeks to contribute to the discussion through the application of a new methodology. The premise is that the experience itself is meaningful and important to the Pentecostal community, but the meaning inherent in the experience has not always been adequately understood. To address this, this thesis utilizes the functions of meaning, a set of categories proposed by Bernard Lonergan, as a framework to explicate...

The lives of Saint Dominic in medieval french and their relation to the latin sources

Denis Cochrane
"Although much work has been done on the Latin version of James of Voragine’s Legenda aurea (written in the 1260s), a Latin legendary of saints’ lives set out in the order of the Catholic Church’s liturgical calendar, not much has been done on the medieval French translations, and little on that of the life of Saint Dominic. Nothing has been done on the medieval French translations of Jeans de Mailly’s Abbreviatio in gestis sanctorum written...

Keeping them in mind: A reflexive study that considers the practice of social research with children in Australia

Timothy Moore
This qualitative study provided a group of experienced researchers the opportunity to reflect on their practice and the practice of research with children in Australia: to consider how they understand children and childhood; and how their research is underpinned and influenced by the assumptions they hold. It asked researchers to consider how factors in the research environment (i.e. funding bodies, ethics committees, the broader academic field) influenced their research practice: the tensions that they have...

Exploring the breast care nurse role in supporting women with breast cancer

Tracey Ahern
Breast cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide and the incidence is increasing. Due to advances in diagnosis and treatment, the number of women surviving breast cancer is also increasing. Those living with and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis need access to a wide variety of information and support which may vary depending on their circumstances. Breast care nurses (BCNs) are well recognised by Australian breast cancer patients for the information and support they...

An evaluation of an integrated health management program for workers in hospital setting

Toni Ryan
The aims of this study were to evaluate the 1) processes and 2) outcomes of a workplace health management program that attempted to integrate best practice principles of both workplace health promotion and injury management into the existing health management infrastructure of a major metropolitan hospital to improve the health management practices of hospital workers. An escalation in workplace injuries and a surfeit of injured workers who lacked the functional capacity to return to work...

Enlightening Science: Addressing the Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Aspects of Science Learning

Munirah Shaik Kadir
Physical science (or physics) is known to be one of the least popular school curriculum domains, mainly because of its complexity. When students encounter seemingly insurmountable difficulties when learning something, they lose the motivation to continue. It has been suggested that both the cognitive (e.g., students’ conceptual understanding and achievement) and non-cognitive (e.g., psychological aspects such as academic self-concept and motivation) factors of learning are essential for helping students achieve their optimal best in a...

Hot executive function in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Shahin Rahimi-Golkhandan
"Deficits of cool executive function (EF) have been shown in children with motor problems (or Developmental Coordination Disorder—DCD), with implications for the planning of goal-directed action. However, there is little if any work on the possible link between DCD and hot EF. Given that hot EF predicts important developmental outcomes and underlie age-appropriate cognitive and social functioning, it was the broad aim of my thesis to investigate hot EF in DCD using state-of-the-art measures designed...

Supported playgroups in schools and parent perspectives on children’s play

Pamela Lambert
"This research thesis examines the establishment of Supported Playgroups in Schools (SPinS). The aim of the project was to examine SPinS as an under-researched area of early childhood education, involving parents, children and schools promoting children’s access to play. Children’s access to play is important because play in the early years is known to increase children’s later learning outcomes (Roberts, 2010). A sociocultural approach to this study was used to understand ways in which parents...

An exploration of the relationship between teacher leadership and the principalship in nurturing student learning

John Madden
The concept of instructional leadership has become a growing interest in the discourse on school leadership. Effective schools studies in the 1970s and early 1980s found that principals who were strong instructional leaders significantly influenced school performance. While this thesis predominately focuses on the relationship between principal, school curriculum officer (hence forth as SCO) and teacher, it focuses heavily on the role of the principalship in fostering the growing emphasis on multiple leadership approaches throughout...

Implementing mandated curriculum reform: Sources of support for teacher-meaning making

Janeen Lamb
The impetus for this study was a pragmatic concern for the implementation of the Mathematics Year 1-10 Syllabus (Queensland Studies Authority, 2004) at Hillside Primary School (pseudonym). The researcher's involvement with this school was as the Support Teacher: Learning Difficulties 2002-2004. During this time the researcher assisted teachers by working with students who had difficulty acquiring the necessary mathematical skills which enabled them to keep pace with their peers, and actively participate in their environment....

Judge Willis in Port Phillip: 1841-1843

Christopher Brien
"Aims: This thesis aims to identify why John Walpole Willis, the first resident judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the district of Port Phillip (now Melbourne), was removed from office in 1843. Willis subsequently appealed to the Privy Council. In 1846 the Privy Council upheld the appeal on the grounds that he should have been given an opportunity to respond to the complaints. Yet in spite of this, Willis was removed...

Separated at birth: Adoption practices in relation to single women confined at the Royal Women's Hospital 1945-1975

Christin Quirk
From November 2010, the Australian Government's Senate Inquiry into former forced adoption policies and practices investigated almost four hundred submissions that included claims that past adoption practices were unethical, illegal and used undue influence to coerce never married mothers to relinquish their children. During the period 1945-1975 the demand for adoptable babies for infertile couples in Australia was at its peak, with over 45,000 adoptions legalised in Victoria alone. At this time, often referred to...

Developing identity as a light-skinned Aboriginal person with little or no community and/or kinship ties

Bindi Bennett
Due to Australia's colonisation history, Aboriginal people now have a complex process of both claiming and building a cultural identity, especially if they have light skin. There has been little research into how light-skinned urban Aboriginal people who lack community and/or kinship ties formulate and build their Aboriginal identity. This is an important area to research for the sustainability of the Aboriginal culture and for light-skinned Aboriginal people for now and the future.

A translation of the Quaestio Disputata De Spiritualibus Creaturis of St Thomas Aquinas, with accompanying notes

Colin Goodwin
Scope of the work - This research project involves two components. The first is a translation from Latin into English of St Thomas Aquinas's Quaestio disputata de spiritualibus creaturis. This is an important, though largely neglected, work of St Thomas dating from 1267- 68, dealing with a range of issues relating to the two categories of created spirits recognised by Thomas, viz. angels and human souls. The perspective of the Angelic Doctor is principally, though...

Healthcare associated infection surveillance: Examining influences on reliable and valid data collection and analysis

Brett Mitchell
"Healthcare settings are dangerous places. Individuals who receive healthcare may be subject to unintended harm as a consequence. One potential adverse event is a ‘healthcare associated infection’. This contemporary term refers to any infection which is acquired in healthcare facilities or any infection that occurs as a result of healthcare interventions. This thesis is concerned with the topic of healthcare associated infections. The effects of healthcare associated infections are felt not only by individual patients...

Human rights education: Exploring the experiences of participants in a human rights education program in a Melbourne secondary college

Kerry Ang
This research project is a case study of a unique, week-long interdisciplinary human rights education programme known as the Human Rights Convention for Year 8 students at a Melbourne secondary college. The project aims to explore, describe and thereby understand the Human Rights Convention, and through this understanding, draw insights into the programme's worth to the school community. The methodology utilised both qualitative and quantitative data within a case study approach. Data was gathered from...

The feminine sublime in violent contemporary American fiction

Emily Carr
"Barbara Freeman’s feminine sublime theory was radical upon its publication in The Feminine Sublime: Gender and Excess in Women’s Fiction (1995). Challenging centuries of male-dominated and male-focussed sublime theory, her crafting of the feminine sublime established a unique sublime experience that was based upon female perspective and participation. Contrasting from the dominating, male-authored masculine sublime, which prescribes that the male subject of the sublime neutralises the excessive other that they encounter as part of the...

Attentiveness to vulnerability: A dialogue between Emmanuel Levinas, Jean Porter, and the virtue of solidarity

Daniel Fleming
This thesis is an attempt to develop a dialogue between the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, Jean Porter's Thomistic theory of the natural law, and the virtue of solidarity as expressed in Catholic Social Teaching. Further, it seeks to explore the implications that such a dialogue would have for our understanding of moral reasoning. It is framed by the following hypothesis: It is possible to develop a set of robust links between the understanding of the...

Reading councils backwards: Challenging teleological perspectives of Constantinople’s ecclesiastical development from 381 to 451

Justin Pigott
"The period from the First Council of Constantinople (381) to the Council of Chalcedon (451) is considered to be a formative one in the development of Constantinople’s self-identity and confidence as an ecclesiastical authority. Traditional representations of Constantinople during this era portray a see that was experiencing meteoric growth in episcopal authority and was increasingly attempting to assert supremacy over the churches of the east as well as challenge Rome’s authority in the west. However,...

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