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Harry Potter and the quest for values: How the boy wizard can assist young people in making choices

Anthony Lennard
The Harry Potter series has been a phenomenal publishing success for their author J. K. Rowling. This thesis argues for the use of these books as a worthwhile teaching asset, especially in the promotion of values in our schools. It particularly focuses on the use of these books for Values Education in the curriculum area of Religious Education. While the world continues to change and evolve there are some aspects of our societies that remain...

An exploration of the role and experiences of the postnatal domiciliary midwife in Victoria, Australia

Karen Heyward
"This study aimed to explore the current professional lives, roles and experiences of homecare midwives providing postnatal domiciliary care. The changing environment of maternity care in Australia, with limited resources, has resulted in a continual decrease in postnatal hospital length of stay. Early discharge has resulted in an increased number of clients requiring home visits and domiciliary midwives are attending to mothers and babies who are experiencing increased acuity. A literature review revealed there is...

The feminine sublime in violent contemporary American fiction

Emily Carr
"Barbara Freeman’s feminine sublime theory was radical upon its publication in The Feminine Sublime: Gender and Excess in Women’s Fiction (1995). Challenging centuries of male-dominated and male-focussed sublime theory, her crafting of the feminine sublime established a unique sublime experience that was based upon female perspective and participation. Contrasting from the dominating, male-authored masculine sublime, which prescribes that the male subject of the sublime neutralises the excessive other that they encounter as part of the...

Perspectives of training, coaching, formation and access for church planting in Australia

Colin Stoodley
"The researcher for this study has a long standing interest and involvement in Church planting in Australia. This includes being a Church planting leader, training Church planters as well as being a Church planting coach. His involvement raised questions about the most appropriate methods to prepare and support a Church planter that, in turn, has led to this thesis. The aim of this inquiry was to investigate Church planters’ experiences of training, coaching, formation and...

Fear under their feet: An icon of heroes, regional perspectives

Noela Fox
Aims: This thesis is centred in the question of the Australian image of the heroic. The European settlement in a land geographically alien to, and distanced from, those lands which had been left, and the convict beginnings of the Australian society would have had an impact on the Colonials, their view of themselves, and their relationships between each other and the land. The often violent nature of the contact between the new arrivals and the...

'An especially delicate task': The place of students who are not Catholics in catholic schools in Australia

Michael Chambers
This study investigates the place of students who are not Catholics in Catholic schools in Australia and, in particular, in Queensland. It does so primarily through a re-­‐examination of history and through an analysis of relevant educational, ecclesial and theoretical documents. It begins with the origins – both mythological and historical -­‐ of Catholic schools in Australia and traces the place of non-­‐Catholic students in Catholic schools through the lens of the Second Vatican Council,...

Exploring ecumenical charism of an Anglican and Uniting Church college through members' understandings of its ethos, culture, climate and leadership

Trevor Collie
The context of this research is an ecumenical college created by both the Anglican Church and the Uniting Church in Queensland, Australia. The advent of the modern ecumenical movement of the Christian Church has introduced initiatives from churches to demonstrate fuller unity by cooperating in ministry and mission through the establishment of ecumenical agencies such as ecumenical schools. The purpose of this thesis is to explore how members of one particular school understand and experience...

The Butterfly Model of Careers Planning and Chance, its existence and the utility of intervention, in the career education of secondary to post-secondary students.

Anthony Borg
This research project aims to explore the perceived experience of planning and chance in the career experience of secondary students as they graduate from school and move in to post school pathways and the utility of chance related intervention in high school career education. To acknowledge a relationship between chance and planning in career paths will involve a shift from traditional career counselling, which for much of the past hundred years had been fairly linear,...

Risk assessment in cardiac events (RACE) for women

Elizabeth Scruth
Women have different primary risk factors for heart disease compared to men, and the risk of heart disease among women has been seriously underestimated. The difference in primary risk factors may have contributed to the higher levels of myocardial dysfunction in women presenting with myocardial infarction (MI) compared to men. The degree of primary cardiovascular risk factors can affect the outcomes following a major cardiac event, and accurate assessment of secondary risk is warranted. Assessing...

The relationship between physical activity and educational outcomes in adolescents

Katherine Owen
"Introduction: Physical activity could promote students’ school engagement (i.e., level of active participation in school activities, positive reactions to school, and investment in school) and academic performance. Studies have found that single bouts of physical activity and regular physical activity promote educational outcomes, including school engagement and academic performance. However, as these studies have not objectively measured single bouts of physical activity or regular physical activity across multiple time points, there is uncertainty as to...

Efficacy of whole-body vibration on exercise tolerance and functional performance on the lower limbs of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Trentham Furness
Aims: The general aim of this research is to advance knowledge of effects of whole-body vibration on exercise tolerance and functional performance of the lower limbs of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a community setting. Achieving the general aim of this research would determine efficacy of a whole-body vibration intervention to: (1) avoid exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that add to physical inactivity and, (2) improve performance of activities of daily living...

Liturgical poetry in the Middle Byzantine period: Hymns attributed to Germanos I, Patriarch of Constantinople (715-730)

Kosta Simic
The present thesis explores aspects of the liturgical hymns transmitted under the name of Germanos, a figure frequently identified with Germanos I, patriarch of Constantinople (715- 730). The corpus of hymns associated with this name includes about 65 kanons (nine-ode hymns) and 52 stichera (monostrophic stanzas), mostly composed during the Middle Byzantine period. By focusing on this large body of texts, the purpose of my research is to contribute to the study of Byzantine hymnography,...

In good faith: A historical study of the provision of religious education for Catholic children not in Catholic schools in New South Wales: The CCD Movement 1880-2000

Ann Whenman
"This thesis provides a coherent documented history of the provision of religious education to Catholic children who did not attend Catholic schools in New South Wales from 1880 to 2000. The CCD movement is the title generally assigned to a variety of approaches associated with this activity. The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is an association of clergy and lay faithful, within the Catholic tradition, established in the 16th century, devoted to the work of...

Impact of warm-up intensity on simulated team-sport running performance

Grant Rowe
Ideally, warm-ups optimise performance; however, most warm-ups are prescribed based on trial and error rather than applying an evidence-based approach (Fradkin, Zazryn, & Smoliga, 2010). The most appropriate warm-up strategy for optimal team-sport performance remains elusive. While the impact of warm-up intensity on repeated-sprint performance has been examined (Yaicharoen, Wallman, Bishop, & Morton, 2012), sprinting only constitutes a fraction of the total activity that occurs during a match. Optimising submaximal efforts (e.g. jogging, running) between...

How regulatory responses to negative emotion are related to adolescent mental health: A longitudinal investigation

Loch Forsyth
This thesis investigates the multidimensional construct of emotion regulation (ER) and its relationship with adolescent mental health. It used the Process Model as a theoretical framework to understand the stage of regulation being measured. The focus was on how adolescents regulate their negative emotions with flexibility and acceptance and how such behaviour is related to their mental health. This thesis consists of introductory chapters that cover the theoretical foundations and models of ER utilised in...

Organizational, professional and personal roles in an era of change: The case of the Catholic clergy

Georja Power
"The effects of transformations in the cultural context on the structures of the Catholic organization and consequently on the identity and role of priests is explored in this research. The way these transformations affect clergy relationships with the church, diocesan authorities and parishioners, and ultimately the psychological wellbeing of priests, are investigated in the light of recent research and literature. Quantitative and qualitative data from the Catholic Church Life Surveys (CCLS) of 1996 and 2001...

A study of the Mater Children's Hospital tile project

Kathleen Sutton
This thesis examined the relationship between children's visual art and hospital contexts. It specifically focused on children's art in the Tile Project within the Mater Children's Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This ethnographic study consisted of interviews with the creators of the Tile Project as well as interviews and a survey with parents, staff, and children within the Mater Children's Hospital. The interviews were informed by a review of literature in the areas of art in...

An exploration of the perceptions and experiences of leadership by teachers and their opportunities for leadership development

Patricia O'Brien
"Leadership in schools is equated principally with those who hold formal or designated positions of leadership. However, the general leadership literature asserts that leadership in the post-corporate world of the organisation is not solely position-based, nor does it belong to any one person. Rather, leadership is shared and collaborative, is distributive and multi-dimensional, and is open to all members of an organisation. This study explored the perceptions and experiences of leadership by teachers and their...

Catholic schools seeking authenticity in a secular and pluralist society

Fulvio Frijo
This thesis reports on a case study of three Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. It also provides an exploration of the contemporary Catholic school as it seeks to participate in the educational mission of the Church. Catholic schools are no longer institutions for the converted. Today their purposes are challenged by a contemporary demographic which finds little formal relationship with the institutional Church. Yet these schools still hold a strong enough attraction...

Naïve and yet knowing: Young learners portray beliefs about mathematics and learning

Andrea McDonough
"This is a report of an investigation of children's beliefs about the nature of mathematics, the nature of learning and helping factors for learning mathematics. The study aimed to investigate whether beliefs held by eight learners of eight to nine years of age could be articulated and portrayed. It aimed also to develop procedures to facilitate this process, to portray children's beliefs from their responses to the research procedures, to provide insights into possible complexities...

Paradoxes, parallels and pedagogy: A case study of Ignatian pedagogy and of teachers' perceptions of its implementation in Australian Jesuit schools

Christopher Hayes
"In 1986 the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) produced a document titled The Characteristics of Jesuit Education. This document was an attempt to define the distinctive nature of Jesuit Education. Seven years later, Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach (1993) was written by the same body in response to the following questions: How can the principles and orientation of The Characteristics be made more useable for teachers? How can Ignatian values be...

Investigating aboriginal perceptions of literacy needs: Elucidating innovative approaches to engage aboriginal youth and adults in literacy learning

Anne Ndaba
"Poor literacy skills are seen as a major contributor to poverty and disadvantage (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation [UNESCO], 2011), and to the social and health problems faced by many Aboriginal people today (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW], 2013; Boughton, 2009; Dockery, 2013; Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision [SCRGSP], 2011). Literacy education is therefore a social justice issue that needs to be addressed in order to improve...

Johannine Sabbath conflict as juridical controversy: An exegetical study of John 5 and 9:1-10:21

Martin Asiedu-Peprah
The study examines the two Sabbath conflict narratives in the Fourth Gospel (In 5 and 9: 1-10:21) from a narrative-critical perspective. It seeks to determine the precise nature of the Johannine juridical metaphor as reflected in these narratives, the specific purpose of its use as a distinctive narrative genre in the text under study, as well as the plausible social function it would have played within the Johannine Sitz im Leben. The scope of the...

My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? The setting and Rhetoric of Mark's Gospel

Brian Incigneri
This study proposes that the design of Mark's Gospel is best appreciated by recognising the particular political, social and religious situation that gave rise it, and by taking into account the concerns, experiences and emotions of both the author and the intended readers. It is argued that proposals for an Eastern provenance lack evidence and plausibility, and that the Gospel was written in Rome. The time of writing is identified as the latter months of...

The understanding of early childhood development that Alberta kindergarten teachers bring to their work when administering the early development instrument (EDI)

Jennifer Weber
Recent research into the abilities of children beginning school is powerfully influencing government policy and the provision of early childhood education in Canada. The Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping project, undertaken by the Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is one such body of research. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is designed to gather information about developmental outcomes of children’s prior-to-school experiences at the time of starting kindergarten (the first year...

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