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An exploration of the dimensions of children’s lived experience of spirituality on “The Walk”

Kristen Hobby
Over the past three decades, the term “spirituality” has been included in the Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki (Te Whariki, 2017), the Australian Government’s Belonging, Being and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework, 2009), and the Welsh Foundation Phase Framework (Early Years Team Department for Educations and Skills, 2015). Despite the use of the term in these countries’ early childhood curriculum documents, little to no...

More than Open Data mandates: a staged model for achieving Open Access to scientific data

Vera Lipton
Public science is critical to the economy and to society. However, much of the beneficial impact of scientific research only occurs when scientific knowledge is disseminated broadly and is used by others. This thesis examines the emerging policy, law, and practice of facilitating open access to scientific research data. One particular focus is to examine the open data policies recently introduced by research funders and publishers, and the potential in these for driving the practice...

Exploring Health Education Delivered to Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Admitted to a Shanghai Hospital

Xian-Liang Liu
Introduction Patients with both acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are the focus of this thesis. Together these conditions represent a substantial burden of illness within Western and now Eastern countries. Patients presenting with multiple conditions are frequently encountered within clinical practice, with often poorer clinical outcomes than those with a single condition. The challenge of delivering health education is substantial when patients experience two or more health conditions. Within China,...

‘Crying for home: Who really cares?’ A critical analysis of care giving in the context of Victorian residential care

Paul Chalkley
Residential care provides for approximately 500 children and young people in Victoria each year, yet the dynamics of providing care within this system have received little scholarly attention, at least in part because it forms a much smaller part of the system than home-based care – in 2014 there were 5,900 children and young people in foster care and kinship care in Victoria. It has long been recognised that, despite being highly traumatised and vulnerable,...

Exploring Teachers’ Phenomenological Experiences of a Principal’s Change Initiative

Anne-Marie Black
Educational change has traditionally been viewed as an objective and rational process. From this perspective, school leaders have been dependent on solving the infuriatingly elusive effective change process puzzle by trying to “finetune the plan to ensure it incorporated every essential piece of the jigsaw” (Branson, 2010, p. 18). Despite educators seeking to explain events and control processes for change for many decades, effective educational change remains an elusive outcome. By striving to objectify the...

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