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A number sense approach to written calculation: Exploring the effects in the middle years of schooling

Rick Owens
"The purpose of this research was to investigate some of the effects on teachers and students of positioning written calculation within a commitment to building students’ number sense. The focus on number sense took shape initially through explicit teaching of a strategies approach to mental computation, followed by an exploration of approaches to written calculation which made use of effective mental computation strategies. The impetus for this research came from the following observations of many...

The history of Bantu education: 1948-1994

Ivan Wills
"This thesis is a critical analysis of the history of Bantu education under apartheid. Bantu Education was implemented by the South African apartheid government as part of its general policy of separation and stratification of the races in society. This research, using historicalcomparative methodology, examines the role of ideology in education and the state, the shifts in ideology and representations of schooling – designed to train and fit Africans for their role in the evolving...

Frequency of in season strength and power training for rugby league

Haydn Masters
The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of different in-season strength and power training frequencies to strength and power performance over the course of a 22 week rugby league competition period.

Heeding the voices-through learning to heal: an application of single and double loop learning in a case study of past experience

Antoinette Baldwin
This thesis responds to the current climate of inquiry and complaint around past practice in the work of religious, charitable and service based organisations. It does not attempt to deal with issues of abuse or of illegal or unlawful practice but rather proposes an alternative approach to inquiry into past practice. In focussing on the learnings for one organisation whose practice was under inquiry the study presents a response that is life giving, growth promoting...

Experiences and influences of women directors

Zena Burgess
The present research provides the first analyses of Australian women directors from the perspective of social identity theory. The overall objective of the research program is to confirm the validity of social identity theory to the study of women on corporate boards and in doing so, add to the limited knowledge regarding successful women directors. An aim of the research was to identify factors that are significant in the social identity of women who are...

The sweetest little buggers: Exploitation to autonomy in representations of the Botswana San

Roie Thomas
"This study draws on postcolonial and post-tourism theories to explore tourism representations of the San (commonly known outside Africa as Bushmen); predominantly those who traditionally occupied the Central Kalahari region of Botswana. This thesis deploys images, articles and captions from tourist publications, tourist ’blogs, an academic documentary, the film The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980), literary texts such as selected works of Laurens van der Post, and Alexander McCall Smith’s (1998 –) No.1 Ladies’ Detective...

Hanging out in the concrete jungle: Exploring the culture of youth homelessness in Melbourne

Jennifer Hill
"Since early nineteenth century much homeless literature has conceptualised groups of homeless people as a homeless ‘subculture’ with distinct characteristics and norms. Theories of youth homelessness suggest that young people who participate in the subculture are at a high risk of experiencing chronic homelessness into their adulthood yet, until recently very little has been known about the youth homeless culture, particularly in the Australian context. In order to widen our understanding of the homelessness experienced...

Carer-child relationships in permanent care programs

Maria Alexandris
Over the past 20 years, there has been a steady increase in permanent care placements in Australia, however, relatively little research has been conducted on how to best support this growing population. Little is known about what variables contribute to the development and preservation of positive carer-child relationships. The current study examined the relationship of carer and child variables in permanent care carerchild relationships. In particular, the role that carer empathy, carer parenting style, child...

Myocardial mechanics in metabolic syndrome and aging populations

Edward Crendal
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death worldwide. The clustering of metabolic risk factors, defined as metabolic syndrome (MetS), and aging are two separate factors that significantly increase the risk of CVD. Both aging and MetS influence CVD by impairing heart tissue (myocardial) function. However, the exact understanding of mechanisms and evolution of these impairments are incomplete in MetS and aging populations. One of the most accessible and utilised techniques for assessing...

Experiencing humour: A critical care phenomenon

Jan Skinner
Humour, whilst frequently occurring within the Critical Care environment, has been traditionally viewed as both macabre and in poor taste. However, for the Registered Nurse working in this setting, humour plays a vital role in the day to day functioning at the unit level, and is identified as an important component in the development of interpersonal relationships between both co-workers and clients. Therefore, by describing this experience, the thesis seeks to elucidate this concept of...

Nurture, outreach and beyond: Reconceptualising Lutheran education for the contemporary Australian context

Meryl Jennings
The origins and development of the Lutheran school system in Australia since the1830s were strongly influenced by the two powerful metaphors, nurture and outreach. This study investigated the ways in which these foundational metaphors have been reshaped over time in response to the changing social and educational environments as well as through the adaptations brought about by practitioner dialogue and innovation in practice. The study thus sought to develop a reconceptualisation of Lutheran education in...

The benefits of believing you can change: implicit malleability theories moderate the relationship between low self-esteem and negative outcomes

James Conigrave
There are at least two ways to combat the negative effects of low self-esteem: directly improve people’s self-esteem, or to decouple the link between low self-esteem and negative outcomes (Hayes & Ciarrochi, 2015). Incremental theories are implicit beliefs that people’s attributes are malleable. In this thesis I argue that subscription to these beliefs may help combat the negative effects of low self-esteem. Incremental theories make individuals less likely to make trait attributions as a result...

Colossians, cosmology and Christ: A study into Colossians 1:15-17 with insights from Plato's Timaeus, Philo of Alexandria and middle Platonism

Matthew Burow
Colossians 1:15-20 has often been noted for its distinctive use of language and theological nuance, in particular, its ‘cosmic’ Christology. Pauline and Colossians research have identified Plato’s Timaeus, Middle Platonism and Philo of Alexandria as potentially offering beneficial insight into this Colossian ‘hymn’ and for the letter as a whole. Unfortunately, to date, these identifications have lacked a thorough treatment and have seldom been more than assertions or short, incidental statements that are part of...

Maternity care in rural Victoria: Midwives' perspectives

Kathryn Brundell
"This modified Grounded Theory study explored the experiences of midwives working in a rural Victorian setting during a period of maternity service redesign. Changes to the local maternity service under study were block funded by the Rural Maternity Initiative, Victoria, Australia (Edwards & Gale, 2007). The Rural Maternity Initiative, along with the release of the maternity service review report (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009), incorporated women’s requests for continuity of care provision, demedicalised care, choice in...

Riding the wave: An exploration of principals’ experiences leading their schools through and beyond critical incidents

Barbara Myors
"When a critical incident engulfs a school community, principals have key management roles in the incident and aftermath, as well as responsibility for successful outcomes, particularly for the wellbeing of staff, students and parents. Principals are also the conduit for communication and liaison with outside agencies, while ensuring the school still functions as an educational institution. In the past three decades in particular, researchers have considered the incidences of violence and environmental disasters in school...

Being is double: Jean-Luc Marion and John Milbank on God, being and analogy

Nathan Edward Lyons
"This thesis examines the contemporary dispute between philosopher Jean-Luc Marion and theologian John Milbank concerning the relation of God to being and the nature of theological analogy. I argue that Marion and Milbank begin from a shared opposition to Scotist univocity but tend in opposite directions in elaborating their constructive theologies. Marion takes an essentially Dionysian approach, emphasising the divine transcendence “beyond being” to such a degree as to produce an essentially equivocal account of...

Intrapersonal intelligence, executive function and stage three students

Maura Sellars
"This study investigated the capacities of ten to twelve year old students to develop the cognitive capacity of intrapersonal intelligence as defined by Howard Gardner. A group of forty, ten to twelve year old students across three Stage Three New South Wales classrooms were introduced to an Intervention Program specifically designed to foster their self knowledge as learners and their capacities to use this knowledge to develop the knowledge, skills and understandings collectively known as...

Calcium and Vitamin-D supplementation on bone structural properties in young male Jockeys: A randomised controlled trial

Leslie Silk
"Introduction: Young male jockeys compromise bone health by engaging in caloric restriction and high volumes of physical activity during periods of musculoskeletal growth and development. Failure to attain peak bone mass (PBM) during growth can have adverse short and long term musculoskeletal effects, with numerous studies demonstrating inferior bone health in jockey populations. However, no study to date has addressed counteracting the deleterious effects that participation in this sport has on bone health. The purpose...

A rhetorical analysis of Tertullian's Adversus Iudaeos

Geoffrey Dunn
In his book, Ancient Rhetoric and the Art of Tertullian, Robert Sider omitted any analysis of adversus Iudaeos because, as he stated elsewhere, the latter part of the treatise was an addition probably by someone other than Tertullian and taken from the third book of adversus Marcionem. Rather than accept that position unquestioningly this dissertation, inspired by Sider's methodology, provides an analysis of adversus Iudaeos according to the rules of classical rhetoric with regard to...

Towards a fifth Gospel via Schillebeeckx and Solle

Ann-Marie Harvey
Summary: The aim of this thesis, Towards ajifth gospel via Schillebeeclx and Solle, is a search for God and God's gospel. It is a quest in which I combine Edward Schillebeeckx's belief that Christian life is a fifth gospel and Dorothee Solle's praxis-orientated theology into a contrapuntal theological conversation. I argue that through each theologian's vision of Christian life a theological and hermeneutical framework is established within which men and women of faith can interpret...

Musculoskeletal stiffness and Achilles tendon mechanical property changes following exercise-induced muscle damage

Corey Joseph
This thesis investigated the affect of exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) on musculoskeletal stiffness (MSS), Achilles tendon (AT) stiffness and AT strain. Furthermore, this thesis determined the reliability of a protocol used to measure MSS with the aim to apply this protocol in the investigation of the EIMD associated changes in MSS, AT stiffness and AT strain. Three studies were conducted as part of this thesis.

Daily living transactions: Understanding how children and carers work together to complete daily living tasks and routines when the child has cerebral palsy.

Robyn Heesh
Objective: This research explored how children with cerebral palsy (CP) functioning at Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels IV and V work together with their carers to complete daily routines. It aimed to investigate the activities and skills that are important and may inform goal setting and intervention planning for children and carers. Design: An explanatory sequential mixed methods study. Method: Non-ambulant children (GMFCS IV and V) aged 5-18 years and their carers were...

The unblemished concubine: Representations of Anne Boleyn in the English written word, 2000-2012

Laura Saxton
Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, has been the subject of fictional and nonfictional historical narratives since her execution in 1536. Although already a contentious figure for her role in Henry VIII’s annulment of his first marriage and England’s ensuing break from the Roman Catholic Church, the nature of her death ensured that she would become a focus of examination, intrigue and scrutiny. This fascination is, in part, fuelled by limited primary source...

“Little Girl, Get Up!” (and Stand on your Own Two Feet!):

Janine Luttick
This study is concerned with the interpretation of the story of Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:21–24, 35–43) in the context of the first century CE. In modern scholarship, the passage is largely analysed in the context of the account of the healing of the bleeding woman (Mark 5:23–34). Some of the themes that routinely appear in analyses include ideas about gender and disease, attitudes to ritual impurity and notions of faith and fear. While treating 5:21–43...

Young children's online authoring: The techno-semiotic co-construction of blogs

Rachael Adlington
"Blogs provide unique authoring affordances for young children. To date, however, research has focused on older children, teenagers and adults as bloggers, and is limited in accounting for the semiotic roles of facilities, such as commenting and tagging. In contrast, this thesis is concerned with the intersection of technological and semiotic affordances of blogs. More specifically, it provides an account of the linguistic nature of blogs as collaborative texts, co-constructed by young blog authors and...

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