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Career journeys of initial teacher education graduates

LM Kidd
There is an expectation that Initial Teacher Education (ITE) graduates will become teachers in Kindergarten to Year 12 (K-12) schools and remain teaching in these compulsory years of schooling for a long period of time. This, however, is not always the case. Research shows that beginning teachers leave teaching in years K-12 early in their careers due to factors such as poor work conditions, and a lack of job security. Teacher attrition research, therefore, is...

Circumpolar ROMS climatology

Stuart Corney

Role of adipose tissue microvascular blood flow in Type 2 diabetes

D Hu
Microvascular blood flow is important to deliver key nutrients (e.g. oxygen, lipids and glucose) and hormones (e.g. insulin) to and remove waste products from adipose tissue. Total adipose tissue blood flow (ATBF) increases after a meal, and this response is impaired in obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D). Microvascular blood flow is more important than total blood flow for nutrient exchange in many tissues, however it is not known whether microvascular blood flow in adipose...

Spectroscopic detection and hyphenated techniques in microfluidic enabled gas chromatography

RL Gras
This thesis introduces newly innovated techniques and associated novel method developments in gas chromatography. There are two major emphases presented in this work: The first emphasis is in improving selectivity, sensitivity, and portability of analytical instrumentation with the use of molecular spectroscopy technique as a gas phase detector. Performance, benefit, and impact of using spectroscopic techniques with focus on ultraviolet (UV) detection were investigated first with a gas phase photometer and subsequently with a diode...

Skill utilisation in Australia : a response to the proposed 3Ps solution to the implications of population ageing

LJ Denny
The solution proposed by successive Australian governments to the challenges of an ageing demographic is to foster economic growth through a policy framework designed to increase the Three Ps (3Ps) – productivity, participation and population. Raising the skill level of a population has become the primary objective of national economic policies to increase productivity, yet current understandings of the optimal use of skills are limited and based on a relatively weak knowledge base. This thesis...

Ecophysiology of three habitat-forming seaweeds across a depth and latitudinal gradient in southeastern Australia

Flukes, Emma, Dr, Johnson, Craig, Prof & Wright, Jeffrey, Dr

Circum-Antarctic shoreward heat fluxes derived from eddy- and tide-resolving simulation

Andreas Klocker & Andrew Stewart

Assessing the performance of horizontal axis marine current turbines : the impact of evaluation methods and inflow parameters

M Rahimian
The oceans offer a considerable sustainable energy resource in the form of wave, marine currents and thermal energy and provide a potential alternative to fossil fuels. Marine current, or tidal, energy can be harnessed using horizontal axis marine current turbines (HAMCTs). In this work, the performance of a 2-bladed HAMCT was extensively investigated using experimental, theoretical and numerical models under different flow conditions. The motivation behind the study was to assess the influence of various...

System-driven gaps in information transfer for residents of aged care : a mixed method document analysis

BJ Campbell
Due to our ageing population, emergency departments (ED) in acute care facilities are dealing with increased transfers of residents from Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). These patients are at risk of acts of provision of unwanted treatments, omission of care, and adverse outcomes including increased mortality directly associated with gaps in transfer information. For at least 30 years, research has attempted to address this frequency of information gaps, which in general are thought to be...

Glacier dynamics, ice mass unloading and bedrock response in the southern Antarctic Peninsula

C Zhao
Rapid regional warming in the Antarctic Peninsula led to significant retreat and eventual collapse of several major ice shelves since the 1970s, followed by the subsequent acceleration and thinning of their feeding glaciers. The Wordie Ice Shelf, lying off the west coast of the southern Antarctic Peninsula, has undergone long-term disintegration since the 1960s with a substantial calving event occurring around 1989, followed by continuous steady retreat and its almost-complete disappearance by 2008. The dynamic...

Making healthy choices easy choices : taking Tasmanian primary school children on their own food journey

SL Waddingham
\(Introduction\) Most Australians, including children, are not eating a healthy diet according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG). Only two per cent of children are eating the recommended daily serves of vegetables and fruit, and nearly half of their daily intake comes from nutrient- poor and over-processed food. The prevalence and early onset of chronic disease are increasing globally. Currently in Australia, 90 per cent of deaths are attributable to chronic disease. Healthy eating habits...

Global Fisheries Landings V2.0

Reginald Watson

Condition of rocky reef communities around Tasmania: fish surveys

Barrett, Neville, Dr & Graham Edgar

Seamap Australia - national seafloor habitat V1.0

Vanessa Lucieer, Craig Johnson, Peter Walsh, Emma Flukes, Claire Butler & Roger Proctor
The Seamap Australia spatial data layer is a nationally synthesised data product of seafloor marine habitat data. Australian continental shelf benthic habitat layers in GIS format were collected from various stakeholders around the country. Through compiling all of these data sets, we established a controlled vocabulary, reviewed by ANDS and external independent assessors, to produce a national classification of marine habitats. This national marine habitat classification scheme complements work undertaken by the National Environmental Science...

Pyrite trace element geochemistry of black shales of the “Boring Billion” period (1800-800 Ma) : implications for evolution of the atmospheric oxygen and complex life

I Mukherjee
This study focused on a particular time span in Earth’s history known as the “Boring Billion” i.e., 1800-800 million years ago (Ma). This period has been referred to as a period of environmental stasis (geological and biological) that prohibited complex microscopic life forms to evolve into their macroscopic counterparts. Apart from absence of major biological evolutionary events, the period also lacks certain types of major ore deposits specifically, volcanic-hosted massive sulfides, orogenic gold deposits, Banded...

An unusual habitat for a common shark : life history, ecology and demographics of the spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania

DA Moreno Iturria
Sharks and their relatives (Elasmobranchii) are commonly understood to have a conservative life history that makes them particularly vulnerable to external pressures. However, species with high mobility potential and generalist diets have a higher ecological flexibility, resulting in an increased adaptive potential. One such species is the small and abundant spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias. Intense fishing pressure across much of their northern hemisphere distribution has resulted in the collapse of some populations. Some of these...

Pre-service teachers’ evolving perceptions and responses to teaching : changing career to find meaning and purpose

MC Parks
Commencing pre-service teachers enter initial teacher education programs with diverse preconceptions, understandings, beliefs and values about the teaching profession. A complex mix of personal, professional and contextual factors shape their perceptions about the challenges and rewards associated with teaching. These, in turn, influence their development and preparation for the classroom. Contemporary framings of initial teacher education emphasise the importance of interrupting and disrupting pre-service teachers’ preconceptions while helping them to develop more informed perspectives through...

Free improvisation in the context of repertoire interpretation : an applied investigation of Derek Bailey’s ballads

DP Kingston
The purpose of this practice-led research was to investigate the use of free improvisation within the context of repertoire interpretation. Through investigating an historical model in which these two approaches to music making co-exist, my aim was to increase my ability as an improviser and interpreter of original music. Free improvisation can imply an absence of premeditated organisation and content. Performing a repertoire requires the observance of some fixed material - reconciling these two approaches...

Global Fisheries Landings V4.0

Reginald Watson

Encounters with sustainability in Tasmania: an interpretive inquiry

KM Beasy
Critical discourses of sustainability challenge modern rhetoric of economic growth and challenge current modes of social development. Yet sustainability discourses are shaped predominantly by the perspectives and interests of middle class, tertiary educated, urban policy makers or environmentalists and have insufficiently engaged people beyond these cohorts, even in the advanced-capitalist societies where they have originated. In this study, I investigate how people who are not strongly engaged with sustainability discourses understand and engage with many...

Free surface interaction of a ‘T-foil’ hydrofoil

AJE Ashworth Briggs
This thesis presents an investigation of the flow field around the tip vortex of a t-foil hydrofoil. The objective of the investigation was to gain understanding of the mechanisms surrounding the inception of tip vortex ventilation of t-foil hydrofoils which will inform the evolution of the next generation of t-foil hydrofoil design for both commercial passenger and high performance sail craft. Qualitatively – Observations from images taken during high speed towing tank testing at velocities...

Exploring the social context of choking and its implications for care

MJ Hanley
Using grounded theory methodology this study retrospectively explored the social context of choking for at-risk adults and their carers through the lens of Australian coronial reports from 2000 - 2010. The data were the police, autopsy, finding, and inquest reports compiled as part of a coronial investigation into a choking fatality, which is a reportable death in Australia. Data were obtained through access to the National Coronial Information System (NCIS). The population of interest were...

Mechanisms and drivers of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in COPD

PL Spafford
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive and irreversible limitation of airflow which predominantly affectsa smokers. One of the mechanisms behind the development and progression of COPD is thought to be epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). EMT is a process whereby epithelial cells, which normally act as the body’s primary means of defence against injury, external pathogens and other damaging factors, lose their ability to form a cohesive barrier and instead take on characteristics of a...

Mechanisms of ecosystem stability for kelp beds in urban environments

SE Reeves
Ecologists have long been interested in determining the role biotic relationships play in natural systems. Even Darwin envisioned natural systems as "bound together by a web of complex relations”, noting how “complex and unexpected are the checks and relations between organic beings” (On the Origin of Species, 1859, pp 81-83). Any event or phenomenon that alters the implicit balance in the web of interactions, to any degree, can potentially facilitate a re-organisation in structure that...

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