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Biting mechanics determines craniofacial morphology among extant diprotodont herbivores: Dietary predictions for the giant extinct short-faced kangaroo, Simosthenurus occidentalis.

Dave Mitchell

SensorNets - SMART Farms Soil Moisture Network

Darren Moore & Raj Gaire

3D meshes data for Raptor talon shape and biomechanics

Gabriele Sansalone

Measures of eastern quoll vocalisations extracted using PRAAT

Annalie Dorph & Paul McDonald

The NSW Women's Health Sector Model of Service Delivery

Jacqueline Schroeder,

Price and Values Impact Renewable Energy Support

Keri Phillips

Talpids humerus and mandible 2D aligned landmark coordinates

Gabriele Sansalone

Modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent Himalayas

Pramod Lamsal

Eye movements and implicit source memory

Inés Antón-Méndez & Andrew Talk

The value of information from commercial livestock in genetic improvement programmes

Bruno Santos

The rules of engagement

Tanya Howard

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