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3D meshes data for Raptor talon shape and biomechanics

Gabriele Sansalone
3D digital models reconstructed from CT scans of museum specimens. All specimens are located in Australian Museum, Sydney. Aegypius monachus is located at BSPG Museum in Munich, Germany.

The effect of EFL teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) on EFL teaching in Saudi Arabian Secondary Schools

Sami Alghamdi
Data was collected using two main instruments – a web-based survey and semi-structured interviews. The data was analysed and presented for examination in a PhD Thesis. There are no restrictions on the thesis.

Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learning

Huifang Li
This study investigated the effects of recasts and output-only prompts (i.e., clarification requests, elicitations, and repetitions) on short-term EFL learning regarding three learner factors (i.e., learner level, language anxiety, and orientation to correction). Ninety Mandarin-speaking learners at a Chinese university were randomly assigned to one of two experimental groups or a control group. While all the learners completed the pre-/posttests and had their weekly English lessons as usual, only the learners in the experimental groups...

Consensus on the characteristics that comprise compassion from researchers in the field

Joanne Durkin & Kim Usher
This research was supported by Research Training Program Stipend (RTP) granted by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

The Canons Database

Jason Stoessel, Alana Blackburn & Denis Collins
This research tool was developed by Dr Denis Collins, University of Queensland, and Dr Jason Stoessel, University of New England, as part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP150102135) “Canonic techniques and musical change, c.1330–c.1530" from 2015 to 2018. Our goal has been to collect and classify every canon that survived in musical sources as late as 1530. Canon is defined here in the broadest sense as a polyphonic structure that results from one...

Comparing medieval and modern musical listening habits

Jason Stoessel, Ines Anton-Mendez & Kristal Spreadborough
The following information is also contained in the attached "ReadMe" text document. This document contains all the necessary information to reproduce the dataset, as well as the dataset itself. Included are: CONFIDENTIAL - Ethics application in original proprietary formant (Word Doc "EthicsFinalApplicationWithConditionsMet.dox") - Ethics application in open format ("CONFIDENTIALEthicsFinalApplicationWithConditionsMet.odt", "CONFIDENTIALEthicsFinalApplicationWithConditionsMet.pdf") - Ethics conditions in original proprietary format (Word doc "CONFIDENTIALEthicsConditions.dox") - Ethics conditions in open format ("CONFIDENTIALEthicsConditions.odt", "EthicsConditions.pdf") - Ethics approval ("EthicsApproval HE18-255.pdf") - Ethics...

Adaptive Learning and Forgetting in an Unconventional Experimental Routine

Elizabeth Kyonka
Learning and forgetting were assessed concurrently in two experiments that involved the same unconventional routine. The schedule of reinforcement changed every session. Sessions were run back-to-back with a 23-hour mid-session break such that in a single visit to the testing chamber, the subject completed the second half of one session and the first half of the next. The beginning of a new session was either signaled or unsignaled. Experiment 1 involved concurrent variable interval-variable interval...

The anatomy of a crushing bite: the specialised cranial mechanics of a giant extinct kangaroo

D Rex Mitchell
This dataset contains STL files of Simosthenurus occidentalis and Phascolarctos cinereus crania and mandibles for 3D modelling. The related publication, published earlier this year (10.1017/pab.2018.46), examines the skulls of twelve species, including the two species included in this dataset. The models for these same two species in the related study were generated from these same files, but for entirely different hypotheses and tests.

Modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent Himalayas

Pramod Lamsal
PhD thesis dataset including the modelling of flora and fauna in Nepal and adjacent Himalayas. Climate change impacts for flora and fauna in the region were the posited from these models.

The rules of engagement

Tanya Howard
Interview data from in-depth, one on one interviews with key informants involved in a range of participatory processes stimulated by legal requirements for natural resource planning and wind farm development.

The value of information from commercial livestock in genetic improvement programmes

Bruno Santos
PhD dataset includes a series of parameters generated by national sheep genetic improvement organisations, as well as pedigree and performance records from animals in Australia and New Zealand. The dataset also includes a series of simulation outcomes and documents with reports and manuscripts.

Eye movements and implicit source memory

Inés Antón-Méndez & Andrew Talk
During source memory studies, knowledge of some detail about the context of a previously experienced item or event is tested. Here, participants attended to different objects presented at different quadrants on a screen. In a later test phase, a single object was presented in all four quadrants, and participants verbally reported whether the object was new or previously seen (item recognition), and if it was previously seen, they indicated the original screen location (source memory...

Talpids humerus and mandible 2D aligned landmark coordinates

Gabriele Sansalone
2D landmark coordinates digitized on humerus and mandible pictures of 37 Talpidae species. Original specimens are stored in: ISEZ-PAN, Krakow; LACM, Los Angeles; Museo G.B. Grassi, Roma; Tsukuba Museum, Tokyo; NHM London; BSPG, Munich; UCMP, Berkeley; NHMW, Wien; MHN, Lisbon.

Price and Values Impact Renewable Energy Support

Keri Phillips
The survey comprised demographic items and measures to assess both political and values orientations. These were followed by contingent choice questions to assess participants’ support for the 50% RET at eight cost amounts. This study investigated how projected electricity prices and personal values influence public support for a 50% renewable energy target (RET) in Australia. In an online experiment, 404 participants rated their support for a 50% RET across eight projected increases in their quarterly...

Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environment

Justin Field
54 interviews with flexible knowledge workers, employed within the information technology sector, and based in Australia

Farmers, voluntary stewardship programs, and collaborative natural resource governance in rural Australia

Andrew Lawson
Qualitative, semi-structured interviews and surveys of Australian 23 farmers involved in voluntary stewardship programs. Qualitative, semi-structured interviews of 7 non-farmer stakeholders (animal welfare and environmental NGOs, Regional NRM body, government, researchers). Despite large financial investments by governments and farmers, as well as significant inputs of time, effort and goodwill, the ecological, social and productive capacity of the Australian rural environment is under threat. The nature of environmental problems, the limited capacity of rural communities and...

The NSW Women's Health Sector Model of Service Delivery

Jacqueline Schroeder,
Background and introduction The women's health sector (WHS) was established in the early 1970s, at a time when the state and the women's health movement (WHM) shared common goals for advancing women's health. The early 2000s, however, ushered in a new era with the adoption by the state of New Public Management (NPM) principles and values more akin to the private sector. The early WHM challenged the treatment of women by medical professions, claiming it...

Dataset for Prompting Help-Seeking to Reduce Psychological Distress: A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet Intervention

John Malouff
Many individuals who experience persistent problems with anxiety or depression do not seek treatment. The aim of this randomized controlled trial was to test the efficacy of a brief online social-cognitive intervention designed to increase help-seeking behavior and decrease psychological distress. The trial involving randomly assigning a distressed sample of 276 participants (151 females, 123 males, 2 others) aged 18-77 years (M = 36.64, SD = 13.08) either to a modeling and vicarious reinforcement condition...

Think big: Allometry as a driver of rates, trajectories and scaling in the evolution of primate brain shape

Gabriele Sansalone
For access to the dataset please contact Gabriele Sansalone, gsansalone@uniroma3.it

A Field Education Handbook for Social Work in School (SWiS) Placements

Scott Gartshore
This Handbook is designed to support social work students who are undertaking a placement in a school setting, as well as provide information and guidance for supervisors who will be supporting them. Social workers have an extensive history of working in schools across the world in order to provide support to students and families in addressing the social determinants of health which impact upon learning and educational outcomes. Social workers bring complimentary skills, and knowledge...

Intended and Taught GNH-Infused Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Thimphu and Samtse Districts, Bhutan: A Mixed Methods School Effectiveness Research

Pema Thinley
Quantitative data were gathered using a 6-point Likert-scale questionnaire from 22 government secondary schools of Thimphu and Samtse districts, Bhutan comprising 202 teachers. From the original sample of teachers (N=202) 12 volunteered for inclusion in semi-structured interviews. Data were collected from the secondary school teachers using tools such as survey and interviews.

Comparing habits of medieval and modern musical listening

Jason Stoessel, Ines Anton-Mendez & Kristal Spreadborough
This document contains all the necessary information relating to the dataset,: Data sets in open format (CSV “CleanedDataLikert”, “CleanedDataPriming”, “DemographicQuestionsLikert”, “DemographicQuestionsPriming”) Ethics approvals and experiment materials are also contained as locked files. For access to locked files, contact the authors.

Measures of eastern quoll vocalisations extracted using PRAAT

Annalie Dorph & Paul McDonald
Defining an acoustic repertoire is essential to understanding vocal signalling and communicative interactions within a species. Currently, quantitative and statistical definition is lacking for the vocalisations of many dasyurids, an important group of small to medium-sized marsupials from Australasia that includes the eastern quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus), a species of conservation concern. Beyond generating a better understanding of this species' social interactions, determining an acoustic repertoire will further improve detection rates and inference of vocalisations gathered...

Rock Price Cognitive Testing dataset

Deborah Rock & Ian Price
Data set for main trial for "Identifying culturally acceptable cognitive tests in remote Northern Australia". Uses SPSS .sav format.
Note: This dataset is restricted until related publications are made available. After this time the dataset will be made Open Access.

SensorNets - SMART Farms Soil Moisture Network

Darren Moore & Raj Gaire
Soil moisture, soil temperature, soil EC and air temperature data from 100 monitoring nodes located across a portion of the UNE SMART farms property Kirby. Data collected at ~10min intervals.

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