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Stefan Kramer

The Returns from Rent-Seeking: Campaign Contributions, Firm Subsidies and the Byrd Amendment

Kara M. Olson & Benjamin H. Liebman

Using Public And Member APIs For ORCID Integration

Stefan Kramer Don Gourley

One world, one currency: Exploring the issues

Martha A. Starr

Nontraditional or New Traditional Exports: Ecuador’s Flower Boom

Larry Sawers

Constitutionalism and Democracy Dataset (CDD) and Codebook

Todd A. Eisenstadt, Carl LeVan & Tofigh Maboudi

Why Talk about Carbon Removal?

David R. Morrow, Holly J. Buck, Wil C. G. Burns, Simon Nicholson & Carolyn Turkaly

DC’s Healthy Corner Store Program: an evaluation 2014-2016

Anastasia Snelling, Erin Watts, Rachel Albershardt, Hugo Van Dyke & Neil Kpamegan

The Healthy Schools Act of 2010: Building Healthy School Environments

E. Watts, A. Snelling, S. Irvine-Belson, H. Van Dyke, E. Malloy & Y. Ghamarian

List of U.S. Military Bases Abroad

David Vine

The Spread of Anti-Dumping Regimes and the Role of Retaliation in Filings

Robert M. Feinberg & Kara M. Olson

Does Money Matter in the CIS? Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices

Martha A. Starr

List of U.S. Military Bases Abroad

David Vine

Monetary Policy in Post-Conflict Countries: Restoring Credibility

Martha A. Starr

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