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Cable Wayleave, Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire. Archaeological Watching Brief (OASIS ID: cotswold2-278919)

Cotswold Archaeology
An archaeological watching brief was undertaken by Cotswold Archaeology during groundworks associated with a series of broadband cable trenches within Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire. A series of compacted limestone deposits, interpreted as the intermittent survival of a former trackway, and part of an associated drainage ditch were identified during the current works. The trackway and ditch may be contemporary with the formation of Cirencester Park in the 18th century. No artefactual material predating the modern period...

Camel Creek, Tredinnick, Cornwall. Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: oxfordar1-323439)

Oxford Archaeology (South)
Oxford Archaeology was commissioned by Pegasus Group on behalf of Camel Creek Ltd to undertake an archaeological evaluation at the site of a proposed expansion of the holiday and leisure park at Tredinnick, Cornwall. The evaluation comprised 49 trenches, which were located to investigate anomalies identified during a preceding geophysical survey. A substantial number of archaeological features were identified during survey and evaluation trenching, including linear features such as ditches and gullies indicative of the...

Totnes Castle, Devon. Programme of archaeological work (OASIS ID: cotswold2-283123)

Cotswold Archaeology
In November 2016, Cotswold Archaeology (CA) carried out a programme of archaeological work in advance of the rebuilding of a collapsed section of boundary wall at Totnes Castle, Devon. The works comprised the archaeological hand excavation of a new foundation trench for the section of wall to be rebuilt. This trench lay at the western limit of the castle grounds, at the boundary with the adjacent residential plots. The archaeological work recorded a substantial cut...

Homestead, Halfkey Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. Archaeological Watching Brief (OASIS ID: borderar1-298636)

Border Archaeology
Border Archaeology Ltd was commissioned by Alex Young of Tower Davies Ltd on behalf of Cardwell Hill Developments to carry out a programme of Archaeological Observation in connection with the excavation of foundations for a development comprising four houses and associated garages at Half Key Road Malvern Worcestershire WR14 1UL. The site lies close to an area known for the manufacture of Romano-British Severn Valley Ware (SVW), with kiln wasters discovered at No. 11 Half...

East Barn, Three Tuns Farm, Harlow Hill, Northumberland. Archaeological Watching Brief (OASIS ID: aagarcha1-299818)

AAG Archaeology
AAG Archaeology were commissioned to undertake an archaeological watching brief at East Barn, Three Tuns Farm, Harlow Hill, Northumberland, NE15 0QD (NZ0792968361). The watching brief confirmed what was already suspected, that there had previously been ancillary or extending structures added to the East Barn to form a larger complex of farm buildings, probably as part of a dairy farming operation which peaked in the twentieth century. Only a reused dressed stone was of any interest,...

45 Military Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland. Archaeological Watching Brief (OASIS ID: aagarcha1-297460)

AAG Archaeology
AAG Archaeology were commissioned by to undertake an archaeological watching brief at 45 Military Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland, NE15 0HA (NZ1290467096). The watching brief did not return any definite archaeological features or deposits. There may be some intrusive industrial residue in the subsoil, industrial refuse has previously been found dumped in the Vallum opposite this stretch of Military Road during the early medieval, albeit closer to the village. The rock content of the subsoil and fill...

Land off Yarm Road, Middleton St George, Darlington, Durham. Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: wessexar1-312624)

Wessex Archaeology
Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by Commercial Developments Projects Limited, to undertake an archaeological evaluation in Middleton St George, Darlington, Durham. The proposed development comprises the construction of ten residential dwellings, an area of open public space with connecting roads and a shop with associated parking. A planning application submitted to Darlington Borough Council was granted subject to planning conditions, including a condition for a programme of archaeological work. All works were undertaken in accordance with...

Bromborough Courthouse, Merseyside

Magnitude Surveys Ltd
A4 spiral bound hardback report Digital version pdf format

Geophysical Survey Report of Land north of Pretoria Road, Ibstock, Leicestershire (MSSK268)

Magnitude Surveys Ltd
PDF report with figures appended. Compressed for upload.

Geophysical Survey of Formby Lifeboat House

Magnitude Surveys Ltd
A4 spiral bound hardback report Digital version pdf format

Gorthleck Mainout Route Diversion, Dores, Inverness-shire: Archaeological Desk Based Assessment and Walkover Survey

West Coast Archaeological Services
Bound hard copy report with text, maps, digital images and databases. Digital archive including CD containing digital images, databases and report copies.

Generator Installation and Access Upgrade, Nerabus, Islay Desk-based Assessment and Archaeological Watching Brief Data Structure Report

West Coast Archaeological Services
PDF document with plans and images

The Chain Locker, Falmouth, Cornwall, Historic building record and watching brief

Cornwall Council Historic Environment Service
A4 bound document

Land Adj. Pontrilas Sawmills, Pontrilas, Herefordshire

Field evaluation client report

Land at Church Bank Burton-in-Kendal, Cumbria

Magnitude Surveys Ltd
A4 spiral bound hardback report Digital version pdf format

Geophysical Survey Report of Hill Farm Road, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Magnitude Surveys Ltd

Land at Mells Road, Vobster Cross, Mells, Somerset: An Archaeological Excavation

Thames Valley Archaeological Services
A4 comb-bound client report. A short note will be prepared for formal publication.

Land at The Greyfisher, Ayleswade Road, Harnham, Salisbury, Wiltshire; an archaeological evaluation

Thames Valley Archaeological Services
A4 comb-bound client report

Land off Longlands, Repton, Derbyshire, Archaeological Evaluation Report

Wessex Archaeology
A4 Comb bound report

Shrewton Steam Laundry, High Street, Shrewton,Wiltshire: Archaeological Watching Brief and Historic Building Record

Wessex Archaeology
Standard watching brief illustrated watching brief report, soft cover and approx. 25 pages

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