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GlassShop (Hiviehale Outpost)

Andrew Reinhard
The planet GlassShop in the Legacy is both paradox and contradiction: paradox because the same base unit exists in two places at once, and contradiction because a cold-weather crop currently grows on a hot-weather planet, albeit underground. One remarkable thing about the base of Hiviehale Outpost is that both the base-as-located and the generic base unit that marks the original outpost's location have the same name in their Base ID unit: "Hiviehale Outpost." Typically the...

Eslachlan Kayham (Panda's)

Andrew Reinhard
Panda's base on Eslachlan Kayham was built on 27 August 2017, although the Legacy Hub planet had been discovered by Galactic Hub second-in-command AndyKrycek on 10 December 2016 and further explored by him in March, April, and August 2017, although he never built there. This is a rare example of a planet being discovered, visited, but not settled by the original player, instead inhabited by another Hub member months after the discovery. The base itself...

Caoimhe (Paddy's Paddock)

Andrew Reinhard
The site of Paddy's Paddock was created by player Crispy Chrisu on the planet formerly known as Caoimhe in the Pathfinder era. The abandoned settlement is notable for two features: 1) a large billboard featuring the thumb logo from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and 2) the base has moved from its original building site, likely because of a glitch or player agency prior to the arrival of Andrew Reinhard for the No Man's...

Elebor (Longitude Base)

Andrew Reinhard
Base Description UniDestiny's base is oriented roughly east-west with the base unit opening to the west. A Roamer exocraft geobay lies just east of the main building. A Nomad exocraft geobay is immediately to the west. The building preserves a coiled, snakelike build, which is incomplete. The base unit ID and blueprint vendor are intact. Walking down a short corridor, one walks up a flight of stairs adjacent to an automatic door that opens into...

Asphodel (The Birdcage)

Andrew Reinhard
Asphodel and its only surviving base have changed between its founding in April 2017 and the Atlas Rises cataclysm in August 2018. The Birdcage, created by player gcderrick, once shared a planet with other player bases, as well as a system densely populated in the Galactic Hub. The update changed all of the planet names (as scanned from space), and the other bases (including Elysium) have all disappeared. Asphodel itself was a paradise planet when...

Land at Marsworth Road and Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Aylesbury. Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: cotswold2-317800)

Cotswold Archaeology
In March 2017, an archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cotswold Archaeology of land at Marsworth Road and Vicarage Road, Pitstone, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The evaluation, which was commissioned by Archaeology Collective, acting on behalf of Nicholas King Developments PLC, was carried out to inform a planning application 16/02142/PREAPP for residential development. The evaluation comprised the excavation of fourteen trial trenches, eleven measuring 30m long x 1.8m wide, one measuring 15m long x 1.8 m wide and...


Compass Archaeology
In-house report: 53 pp., including 29 illustrations and photographs, and six tables. Text includes historical background to the site, details of methodology used, description and interpretation of deposits/features investigated and separate finds reports.

St Mary's Churchyard, St Mary's Terrace, London W2 1SJ. An Archaeological Report.

Compass Archaeology
Short report summarising the background to and results of the archaeological recording project and watching brief. Background information includes project scope, location and geology, historical and archaeological background, and objectives and methodology. The results section describes the recording project and subsequent watching brief, accompanied by relevant photographs. Finished with concluding remarks and a bibliography. OASIS form included as an appendix.

Heeley City Farm Community Project

Archaeological Research And Consultancy At The University Of Sheffield (ARCUS)

Doncaster Racecourse

Headland Archaeology Ltd
A4 bound report

Mitre Square Development- Phase 2, Duke's Place, City of London, EC3A 5BZ

Compass Archaeology
A report summarising the details of the watching brief and archaeological evaluation. Contains relevant background details including reasons for commission, site location, historical and archaeological background and site and post-excavation methodology. Results include plans, photographs and text of monitored works with a short discussion and conclusion. Results are supported by relevant specialist analyses.

Land adjacent to 4 St Marys Grove Newton Regis Warwickshire

Archaeology Warwickshire
A4 Comb-bound report with colour plates

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