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Data underpinning article "Multilevel Power Transfer Function Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror"

Feng Wen, Stylianos Sygletos, Christos P. Tsekrekos, Xingyu Zhou, Yong Geng, Baojian Wu, Kun Qiu & Sergei Turitsyn

Semi-Analytical Modelling of Linear Mode Coupling in Few-Mode Fibers

Filipe Ferreira, Christian Sanchez Costa, Stylianos Sygletos & Andrew Ellis

Data underpinning article "Effect of support oxygen storage capacity on the catalytic performance of Rh nanoparticles for CO2 reforming of methane"

Ioannis Yentekakis, Grammatiki Goula, Maria Hatzisymeon, Ioanna Betsi-argroppoulou, Georgia Botzolaki, Kalliopi Kousi, Dimitris Kondarides, Martin Taylor, Christopher Parlett, Amin Osatiashtiani, Georgios Kyriakou, Juan Holgado & Richard Lambert

Developing a Tool to Support Communication of Parental Concerns When a Child is in Hospital

Gemma L Heath, Hermione Montgomery, Caron Eyre, Carole Cummins, Helen M Pattison & Rachel L Shaw

Tailored mesoporous silica supports for Ni catalysed hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming

Christopher Parlett, Ayse Aydin, Lee Durndell, Lucia Frattini, Mark Isaacs, Adam Lee, Xiaotong Liu, Luca Olivi, Rima Trofimovaite, Karen Wilson & Chunfei Wu

Data underpinning article " Delaminated CoAl-Layered Double Hydroxide@TiO2 Heterojunction Nanocomposites for CO2 Photocatalytic Reduction"

Santosh Kumar, Lee Durndell, Jinesh Manayil, Mark Isaacs, Christopher Parlett, Sekar Karthikeyan, Richard Douthwaite, Ben Coulson & Karen Wilson

Data underpinning article "RIN Mitigation and Transmission Performance Enhancement with Forward Broadband Pump"

Mingming Tan, Pawel Rosa, Son Thai Le, Vladislav Dvoyrin, Asif Iqbal, Srikanth Sugavanam, Sergei Turitsyn & Paul Harper

Data underpinning article "Citrate-mediated sol–gel synthesis of Al-substituted sulfated zirconia catalysts for α-pinene isomerization"

Abdallah Rabee, Lee Durndell, Nasr Fouad, Lucia Frattini, Mark Isaacs, Adam Lee, Gamal Mekhemer, Vannia dos Santos, Karen Wilson & Mohamed Zaki

Octyl co-grafted PrSO3H/SBA-15: tunable hydrophobic solid acid catalysts for acetic acid esterification

Jinesh Manayil, Vannia Cristina Dos Santos, Friederike Jentoft, Marta Granollers Mesa, Adam Lee & Karen Wilson

A high-sensitivity coherent receiver without frequency recovery enabled by doubly differential QPSK

Tingting Zhang, Christian Sánchez, Stylianos Sygletos, Lida Sadeghioon & Andrew D Ellis

Data underpinning article "A C-terminal cysteine residue is required for peptide-based inhibition of the NGF/TrkA interaction at nM concentrations: implications for peptide-based analgesics."

Andrew J Poole, Laura Frigotto, Matthew E Smith, Claudia Baar, Gabriela Ivanova-Berndt, Agnes Jaulent, Catherine Stace, Christopher G Ullman & Anna V Hine

Data underpinning article "Methane Detection Scheme based upon the Changing Optical Constants of a Zinc Oxide/Platinum Matrix created by a Redox Reaction and their effect upon Surface Plasmons "

Thomas Allsop, Vojtech Kundrát, Kyriacos Kalli, Graham Lee, Ron Neal, Peter Bond, Baogul Shi, John Sullivan, Phil Culverhouse & David Webb

Data underpinning article "Enhanced Nonlinearity Compensation Efficiency of Optical Phase Conjugation System"

Abdallah Ali, Mohammad Al-Khateeb, Tingting Zhang, Filipe Ferreira & Andrew Ellis

Data underpinning article "Communication System Using Periodic Nonlinear Fourier Transform Based on Riemann-Hilbert Problem"

morteza kamalian kopae, Dmitry Shepelsky, Anastasiia Vasylchenkova, Yaroslav Prylepskiy & Sergei Turitsyn

Data underpinning article "Characterisation of Linear and Nonlinear Noise of a Dual-Stage Broadband Discrete Raman Amplifier"

Md Asif Iqbal, Lukasz Krzczanowicz, Mohammad Al-Khateeb, Ian Phillips, Mingming Tan, Paul Harper & Wladek Forysiak

A new application for transition metal chalcogenides: WS2 catalysed esterification of carboxylic acids

Vannia Cristina Dos Santos, Lee Durndell, Mark A. Isaacs, Christopher Parlett, Karen Wilson & Adam Lee

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