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Data for "A chemometric study of ageing in lead-based paints"

Jonathan Skelton, Anuradha Pallipurath, Spike Bucklow & Stephen Elliott
Raw data to accompany the results and discussion in the manuscript "A chemometric study of ageing in lead-based paints".

Data set for CLEO paper "Double Pass Gain in Helium-Xenon Discharges in Hollow Optical Fibres at 3.5μm"

Adrian Love & Samuel Bateman
Data from Helium Xenon discharges in hollow core fibre, including electrical properties (current, voltages), output signal and spectra

Dataset for "Endothelin receptor Aa regulates proliferation and differentiation of Erb-dependant pigment progenitors in zebrafish"

Robert Kelsh, Karen Camargo Sosa, Sarah Colanesi & Jeanette Müller
This dataset contains the data underlying the paper "Endothelin receptor Aa regulates proliferation and differentiation of Erb-dependant pigment progenitors in zebrafish" that were not included directly in Results or Supplementary Information. It contains the cell counts from figures 2, 4, 5, and 6.

COincident Probabilistic climate change weather data for a Sustainable built Environment (COPSE)

Sukumar Natarajan
Datasets for the EPSRC funded COPSE project This repository contains the datasets associated with the outputs from the University of Bath.

Dataset for "TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibrils; probing the mechanisms of gelation via Small Angle X-Ray Scattering"

Julien Schmitt
These data are associated with the study of oxidized cellulose nanofibril (OCNF) suspensions upon concentration and salt. The set includes TEM (transmission electron microscopy) and cryo-TEM micrographs, rheology files, SAXS (small-angle X-ray scattering) data and SAXS fits.

Dataset for 'Breakdown in the case for materials with giant permittivity?'

James Roscow & Chris R. Bowen
Raw data from 2D electrostatic finite element modelling study of a single conductive inclusion contained within a ferroelectric matrix. An external field was applied and the local electric field within each element was recorded and stored in the raw data files for varying inclusion aspect ratio and angle with respect to applied field. Permittivity data has also been recorded.

DFT dataset: X=(Li,Na,Ca,Mg,Al) Intercalation into (F/OH)-Substituted Anatase TiO2

Benjamin Morgan
This dataset contains inputs and outputs for a series of calculations considering the intercalation of Li, Na, Mg, Ca, and Al into F/OH-substituted anatase TiO2. These calculations were performed using VASP (Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package).

Dataset for Two-way photonic interface for linking the Sr + transition at 422 nm to the telecommunication C band

Thomas Wright & Peter Mosley
Dataset for the publication "Two-way photonic interface for linking the Sr + transition at 422 nm to the telecommunication C band". Includes both the raw data code used to calculate the up- and down-conversion efficiencies, signal to noise ratios and μ1 values plotted in the manuscript.

Probabilistic adaptive thermal comfort for resilient design

David Coley, Antonio Manuel Herrera Fernandez, Daniel Fosas, Chunde Liu & Marika Vellei
Adaptive thermal comfort theory has become the bedrock of much thinking about how to judge if a free-running environment is suitable for human occupation. In design work, the conditions predicted by a thermal model, when the model is presented with one possible annual weather time series (a reference year), are compared to the limits of human comfort. If the temperatures are within the comfort limits, the building is judged to be suitable. However, the weather...

Dataset for Investigation of InGaN facet-dependent non-polar growth rates and composition for core-shell LEDs

Ionut Girgel, Emmanuel Le Boulbar, Pierre-Marie Coulon, Suman-Lata Sahonta, Duncan Allsopp, Colin J. Humphreys & Philip Shields
This dataset contains the results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) measurements carried out on core-shell nanostructures. The samples are highly regular arrays of GaN plasma etched cores onto which thick InGaN layers were grown using different metal organic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) growth parameters. Three different InGaN growth conditions were considered with the following parameters: 750°C at 300 mbar, 700°C at 300 mbar and 750°C at 100 mbar. Statistical growth...

Data for "Suppression of lattice thermal conductivity by mass-conserving cation mutation in multi-component semiconductors"

Taizo Shibuya, Jonathan Skelton & Adam Jackson
In semiconductors almost all heat is conducted by phonons (lattice vibrations), which is limited by their quasi-particle lifetimes. Phonon-phonon interactions represent scattering mechanisms that produce thermal resistance. In thermoelectric materials, this resistance due to anharmonicity should be maximised for optimal performance. We use a first-principles lattice-dynamics approach to explore the changes in lattice dynamics across an isostructural series where the average atomic mass is conserved: ZnS to CuGaS2 to Cu2ZnGeS4. Our results demonstrate an enhancement...

Dataset for "Energy or Carbon? Exploring the relative size of universal zero carbon and zero energy design spaces"

Anna Parkin
A new Standard Building Model (SBM) was developed in Matlab to simulate the construction and performance of multiple buildings in multiple global locations. Virtual materials objects, with embodied carbon and energy, and where applicable thermal resistance properties, were combined by SBM to create virtual building objects. These were then assessed under defined conditions (locations, number of occupants, infiltration levels, etc.) to generate SBM cases. The properties of the building objects, and the specifications of the...

Dataset for Sox10 contributes to the balance of fate choice in dorsal root ganglion progenitors

Robert Kelsh
The development of functional peripheral ganglia requires a balance of specification of both neuronal and glial components. In the developing dorsal root ganglia (DRGs), these components form from partially-restricted bipotent neuroglial precursors derived from the neural crest. Work in mouse and chick has identified several factors, including Delta/Notch signaling, required for specification of a balance of these components. We have previously shown in zebrafish that the Sry-related HMG domain transcription factor, Sox10, plays an unexpected,...

Observation of oxygen dimers via energy transfer from silicon nanoparticles

Daniel Wolverson
Publication abstract: Energy transfer from photo-excited excitons confined in silicon nanoparticles to oxygen dimers adsorbed on the nanoparticle surfaces is studied as a function of temperature and magnetic field. Quenching features in the nanoparticle photoluminescence spectrum arise from energy transfer to the oxygen dimers with and without the emission of Si TO(Δ) phonons and, also, with and without the vibrational excitation of the dimers. The dependence of the quenching on magnetic field shows that energy...

Data set for Carbonation of Hydrous Materials at the Molecular Level: a ToF-SIMS, Raman and DFT Study

James Grant, Gianluca Pesce, Steve Parker, Marco Molinari & Richard Ball
Experimental and computational data to support article: 'Carbonation of Hydrous Materials at the Molecular Level: a ToF-SIMS, Raman and DFT Study'. Includes ToFSims Data, Raman Data from the study of hydration of portlandite containing O18 and computational DFT data using VASP to support the analysis.

Dataset for 'Prevention of Encrustation and Blockage of Urinary Catheters by Proteus mirabilis via pH-Triggered Release of Bacteriophage'

Scarlet Milo, Hollie Hathaway, Jonathan Nzakizwanayo, Diana R Alves, Patricia Pérez Esteban, Brian V Jones & Toby Jenkins
The crystalline biofilms of Proteus mirabilis can seriously complicate the care of patients undergoing long-term indwelling urinary catheterisation. Expression of bacterial urease causes a significant increase in urinary pH, leading to the supersaturation and precipitation of struvite and apatite crystals. These crystals become lodged within the biofilm, resulting in the blockage of urine flow through the catheter. This dataset presents the effect on bacterial growth, and hence time to blockage of urinary catheters as a...

Real Geometry and Connectedness via Triangular Description: CAD Example Bank

David Wilson
A PDF file which lists the examples, their properties and their source; A text file for Maple which is designed to be read by Maple for easy access to the examples; A text file for QEPCAD from which examples can be easily copied for input into QEPCAD.

Degradation of a β-O-4 model lignin species by vanadium Schiff-base catalysts: influence of catalyst structure and reaction conditions on activity and selectivity

Matthew Jones
The data uploaded is the raw data so that the reader can follow the procedure we used for the determination of the rate constants and activation energies in the papers

Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC²)

University of Bath
Our facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive material and chemical characterisation service.

Metaphors of Identity: Focus Groups

Niki Panteli, James Davenport, Ben Marder & Fabio Nemetz
This set of files contain focus groups data collected for the first phase of the Metaphors of Identity research project. Focus groups involved a small group of people (3 to 6 participants) across different age groups: teenagers (15-17 age group), young adults (19-29 age group) and an older age group (50-60 age group). Focus groups took place between the period March 2012 and March 2013. Each group engaged in a metaphoric discussion that largely arose...

Dataset for "Displacement Talbot Lithography for nano-engineering of III-nitride materials"

Pierre-Marie Coulon
This dataset contains scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of various nano-patterns. The nano-patterns are first created in the resist via Displacement Talbot Lithography. The nano-patterns in the resist are then used to create dielectric or metal mask, respectively via Inductively coupled plasma dry etching or lift-off. Finally, the masks are employed either for the bottom-up selective area growth (via metal organic vapour phase epitaxy) or for the top-down fabrication of nanostructures. A combination of top-down...

Embodied energy and embodied carbon of 81 shelters globally

Noorullah Kuchai, Aude Matard & David Coley
This excel file contains information and calculations used to estimate the embodied energy and the embodied carbon of emergency, transitional and durable shelters used to house displaced persons. The study considers a sample of 81 shelters drawn from 34 countries in South and Central America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Dataset for "Singlet oxygen generation by nanoporous silicon: photoluminescence dynamics in magnetic field"

Daniel Wolverson
The dataset contains raw measurements of low temperature magneto-photoluminescence spectra for porous silicon samples exposed to different levels of adsorbed oxygen. The data is structured in pairs of wavelength (nm) and photon counts, which were recorded for 1s or 10s acquisition time and constant temperature of 1.5K

Dataset for "Headache impairs attentional performance: an extension and replication"

Nina Attridge, Donna Noonan, Elaine Wainwright, Christopher Eccleston & Edmund Keogh
Background Pain has advantages for our immediate safety, but it also disrupts our ability to perform other tasks that require attention. Multiple previous studies have documented detrimental effects of pain on attention, but the specific nature of the effects is inconsistent. This may be because different studies investigate different types of pain, such as laboratory-induced thermal pain, menstrual pain, or headache. Here, we replicated a study investigating the effect of headache on attention, and extended...

Dataset for 'Pre-Exercise Breakfast Ingestion versus Extended Overnight Fasting Increases Postprandial Glucose Flux after Exercise in Healthy Men: Pre-exercise feeding and postprandial glucose flux'

Rob Edinburgh, Aaron Hengist, Harry Smith, Rebecca Travers, Francoise Koumanov, James Betts, Dylan Thompson, Jean-Philippe Walhin, Gareth Wallis, D. Lee Hamilton, Emma Stevenson, Kevin Tipton & Javier Gonzalez
The aim of this study was to characterise postprandial glucose flux after exercise in the fed versus overnight fasted-state and to investigate potential underlying mechanisms. In a randomized order, twelve men underwent breakfast-rest (BR; 3 h semi-recumbent), breakfast-exercise (BE; 2 h semi-recumbent before 60-min of cycling (50% peak power output) and overnight fasted-exercise (FE; as per BE omitting breakfast) trials. An oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was completed post-exercise (post-rest on BR). Dual stable isotope...

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