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Data for "A chemometric study of ageing in lead-based paints"

Jonathan Skelton, Anuradha Pallipurath, Spike Bucklow & Stephen Elliott
Raw data to accompany the results and discussion in the manuscript "A chemometric study of ageing in lead-based paints".

Feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias_academics/researchers

Harriet Carroll
Responses from academics/researchers in the project "The perceived feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias". Data were collected via Bristol Online Surveys. Using convenience snowball method, we collected opinions from academics and researchers regarding 9 different methods of peer-review/publication that have been proposed to reduce publication bias. Respondents were asked questions regarding their views on the efficacy of the publication process, and then asked to choose the method they felt to be most effective at...

Metaphors of Identity: Focus Groups

Niki Panteli, James Davenport, Ben Marder & Fabio Nemetz
This set of files contain focus groups data collected for the first phase of the Metaphors of Identity research project. Focus groups involved a small group of people (3 to 6 participants) across different age groups: teenagers (15-17 age group), young adults (19-29 age group) and an older age group (50-60 age group). Focus groups took place between the period March 2012 and March 2013. Each group engaged in a metaphoric discussion that largely arose...

Dataset for GW4 "First Programming Courses" project

James Davenport, Ellen Murphy & Tom Crick
Data collected from 2016 survey of UK Computer Science Departments about 'first programming languages' and associated features

Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber

James Roper
Data for results in "Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber" paper.

Energy behaviour change model validation

Nataliya Mogles & Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas
This dataset includes psychological data (environmental values, success expectancy, perceived barriers for pro-environmental behaviour, general energy literacy) and electricity consumption data for 20 households in Exeter, UK. This dataset was created within the ENLITEN project funded by EPSRC (grant number EP/K002724/1)

Dataset for "Nanostructured WO3 photoanodes for efficient water splitting via anodisation in citric acid"

Jifang Zhang
Research data files for paper "Nanostructured WO3 photoanodes for efficient water splitting via anodisation in citric acid". The data characterise the anodisation of tungsten using citric acid, and were collected from LSV (linear sweep voltammetry), SEM (scanning electron microscopy), IPCE (incident photon-to-current efficiency) measurements, XRD (X-ray diffraction), and UV-VIS (ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy).

Assessment of laboratory and daily energy expenditure estimates from consumer multi-sensor physical activity monitors-dataset

Enhad Chowdhury
Wearable physical activity monitors are growing in popularity and provide the opportunity for large numbers of the public to self-monitor physical activity behaviours. The latest generation of these devices feature multiple sensors, ostensibly similar or even superior to advanced research instruments. However, little is known about the accuracy of their energy expenditure estimates. Here, we assessed their performance against criterion measurements in both controlled laboratory conditions (simulated activities of daily living and structured exercise) and...

Postprandial metabolism and appetite do not differ between lean adults that eat breakfast or morning fast for 6 weeks-dataset

Enhad Chowdhury & James Betts
We present data collected as part of a randomised controlled trial to establish if daily breakfast consumption or fasting until noon modifies the acute metabolic and appetitive responses to a fixed breakfast and ad libitum lunch. The dataset contains measurements of participants' food intake, appetite regulatory hormones and metabolic responses throughout a laboratory testing day before and after a sustained period of either daily breakfast consumption or morning fasting.

Thermodynamic insights and assessment of the circular economy - dataset

Sam Cooper
Data supporting analysis in this study and detailed results, as described in study ('Supplementary Information'). Three excel spreadsheets: Detailed results; Details of circular economy approaches modeled and modelling parameters; Parameters used to enable exergy analysis

Dataset for "Intrinsic flexibility of the EMT zeolite framework under pressure"

Antony Nearchou, Mero-Lee Cornelius & Jonathan Skelton
A collection of the data used, and reported in the article "Intrinsic flexibility of the EMT zeolite framework under pressure". This includes high pressure powder X-ray diffraction data collected on the ID15B and ID27 beamlines at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). It also includes the data from first-principles comparative DFT and lattice-dynamics calculations to calculate the lattice energy and vibrational entropy of the EMT and FAU frameworks. The purpose of this research was to...

Dataset for "Ultrasound Imaging Velocimetry with interleaved images for improved pulsatile arterial flow measurements: a new correction method, experimental and in vivo validation"

Katharine Fraser, Christian Poelma, Zhou Zhou, Eleni Bazigou, Meng-Xing Tang & Peter Weinberg
Blood velocity measurements are important in physiological science and clinical diagnosis. Doppler ultrasound is the most commonly used method but can only measure one velocity component. Ultrasound imaging velocimetry (UIV) is a promising technique capable of measuring two velocity components; however, there is a limit on the maximum velocity that can be measured with conventional hardware which results from the way images are acquired by sweeping the ultrasound beam across the field of view. Interleaved...

Data set for a validated open-source multi-solver fourth generation composite femur model

Richie Gill & Alisdair MacLeod
Contains Abaqus, Ansys and FEBio validated models of fourth generation composite femurs and the output results as well as the experimental data for validation ** The condition for use of these models is that the following publication is cited: ** A.R.MacLeod, H.Rose, H.S.Gill, A Validated Open-Source Multi-Solver Fourth Generation Composite Femur Model, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2016 The files contained in this directory are for the composite femur model F10 discussed in the publication. All...

Dataset for moment redistribution in FRP-strengthened RC members

Abbas Tajaddini
This dataset holds the data files used to generate the figures of the article: Tajaddini, A., Ibell, T., Darby, A., Evernden, M., and Silva, P. (2016). "Prediction of Capacity for Moment Redistribution in FRP-Strengthened Continuous RC T-Beams." J. Compos. Constr. , 10.1061/(ASCE)CC.1943-5614.0000719 , 04016066.

Data for cryocharging and cryokinetics analysis of hydrogen storage in MIL-101 (Cr) and AX-21.

Nuno Bimbo & Valeska Ting
Data for high-pressure hydrogen adsorption in MIL-101 (Cr) and AX-21. Includes: - Excel files (.xlsx) with isotherm data as excess uptake of hydrogen in weight percent (mass of hydrogen divided by dry mass of sample) for the metal-organic framework material MIL-101 (Cr) at 77, 90, 100, 110, 130, 150, 200 and 292 K and up to 12 MPa and for the activated carbon AX-21 at 90, 100, 110, 120, 150, 200 and 298 K and...

An ongoing role for Wnt signaling in differentiating melanocytes in vivo

Robert Kelsh
The accompanying files contain the original data files or code for the studies in the following paper in PCMR: An ongoing role for Wnt signaling in differentiating melanocytes in vivo. Laura Vibert1, Gerardo Aquino2, Ines Gehring3, Tatiana Subkhankulova1, Thomas F. Schilling3, Andrea Rocco2 and Robert N. Kelsh1 Correspondence: Robert Kelsh email: bssrnk@bath.ac.uk 1Developmental Biology Programme, Department of Biology and Biochemistry and Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Claverton Down, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK 2Department...

Dataset for research paper: α-Synuclein Increases β-Amyloid Secretion by Promoting β-/γ-Secretase Processing of APP

Hazel Roberts & David Brown
Includes the original data used for all main figures and supplementary data figures, and data used in Table 1.

Dataset on experimental data available in the literature on "Medium chain carboxylic acids from complex organic feedstock by mixed culture fermentation"

Vicky De Groof, Marta Coma Bech, Tom Arnot, David Leak & Ana Lanham
This dataset was created as a compilation of experimental data in the literature on the production of medium chain carboxylic acids (MCCAs) by microbial mixed cultures (MMC) fermentation. The intention was to provide a dataset as comprehensive as possible that includes the majority of experimental results available in this research area to the best of our knowledge. The focus lied on MMC-based studies processing complex organic feedstock, yet selected studies were included on synthetic substrates....

Dataset for "Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment".

Giorgia Giardina
Data supporting figures in the publication "Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment". This dataset contains InSAR-based monitoring data of ground and building displacements. The data was collected using multitemporal synthetic aperture radar interferometry.

Dataset for "Displacement Talbot Lithography: an alternative technique to fabricate nanostructured metamaterials"

Emmanuel Le Boulbar
This dataset contains scanning electron microscopy (SEM) secondary electron (SE) images of linear gratings resist, dashes and holes in resist that were obtained using Displacement Talbot lithography. These techniques were used to assess the dimensions of the resist features that were obtained with linear grating mask, using single or double exposure steps. SE images also shows the lift-off profile used in order to obtain metamaterial 'fishnet' like metallic structures. The dimensions of the measured linear...

Dataset for Optical characterization of magnesium incorporation in p-GaN layers for core–shell nanorod light-emitting diodes

Ionut Girgel, Alexander Šatka, Juraj Priesol, Pierre-Marie Coulon, Emmanuel Le Boulbar, Tim Batten, Duncan Allsopp & Philip Shields
This dataset contains the results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), micro-photoluminescence (PL), cathodoluminescence (CL), Raman, and Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) measurements carried out on GaN-based core-shell nanostructures. The samples are highly regular arrays of GaN etched cores onto which various p-doped layers were grown using metal organic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE). The level of p-doping was varied between different samples.

Data supporting "Structure and properties of ‘Type IV’ lanthanide nitrate hydrate:urea deep eutectic solvents"

Oliver Hammond & Karen Edler
This dataset contains reduced neutron and X-Ray scattering data. These data can be used to model and determine the nanostructure of novel 'Type IV' lanthanide nitrate hydrate:urea deep eutectic solvents (in this case Ln = Ce), using Empirical Potential Structure Refinement (EPSR) modelling.

The causal role of breakfast in energy balance and health: a randomized controlled trial in obese adults

Enhad Chowdhury & James Betts
Background: The causal nature of associations between breakfast and health remain unclear in obese individuals. Objective: To conduct a randomized controlled trial examining causal links between breakfast habits and components of energy balance in free-living obese humans. Design: The Bath Breakfast Project is a randomized controlled trial with repeated-measures at baseline and follow-up amongst a cohort in South-West England aged 21-60 y with Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)-derived fat mass indices ≥13 kg·m-2 (women; n=15) and...

Dataset for Hollow-fiber membrane technology: Characterization and proposed use as a potential mimic of skin vascularization towards the development of a novel skin absorption in vitro model

Marianne Ellis
This dataset contains data collected using capillary bed bioreactor (CBB), a new method for pseudovascularisation of skin models. The data was collected by sampling the permeate that exited the fibres, and the amount of caffeine in the samples was measured using HPLC for the purpose of assessing permeability. By observing and analyzing the data we can conclude that the new bioreactor will be more physiologically accurate than the current model and can therefore potentially refine...

Data for the publication 'First Map of Coherent Low Frequency Continuum Radiation in the Sky'

Martin Fullekrug
This data is to illustrate the theory, data analysis, and exemplary results of the array processing described in the corresponding publication entitled 'First map of coherent low frequency continuum radiation in the sky'.

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