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Magnetic interactions in Fe1-xMxSb2O4, M = Mg, Co, deduced from Mössbauer spectroscopy

FJ Berry, Ben De Laune, Colin Greaves, Hien-Yoong Hah, C Johnson, J Johnson, S Kamali, J Marco, MF Thomas & Mariana Whitaker
Magnesium- and cobalt- substituted FeSb2O4, of composition Fe1−xMgxSb2O4 (x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75) and Fe0.25Co0.75Sb2O4 have been examined by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy. The complex spectra recorded from the magnetically ordered materials are interpreted in terms of two models in which the dominant magnetic interactions occur along the rutile-related chains of FeO6 octahedra in the magnetic structure of FeSb2O4. In materials of the type Fe1−xMgxSb2O4, the diamagnetic Mg2+ ions have no magnetic moment and behave as...

Data from: Recurrence in silent corticotroph adenomas after primary treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Athanasios Fountas, Aikaterini Lavrentaki, Anuradhaa Subramanian, Konstantinos A. Toulis, Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar & Niki Karavitaki

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  • 2018
  • 2019

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