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Topotactic fluorine insertion into the channels of FeSb2O4-related materials.

Ben De Laune, Greg Rees, Jose Marco, Hien-Yoong Hah, Charles Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Frank Berry, John Hanna & Colin Greaves

Research data supporting "Post-traumatic stress disorder and self-reported outcomes after traumatic brain injury in victims of assault"

Dominic Bown, Antonio Belli, David Davies & Emma Toman
Anonymised demographics information and questionnaire scores for patients attending traumatic brain injury follow-up clinic at QEHB. Coding information for data is recorded as comments attached to each column title.

Two step PMF data from London studies

David C.S. Beddows & Roy Harrison
Some air pollution datasets contain multiple variables with a range of measurement units, and combined analysis by Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) can be problematic, but can offer benefits from the greater information content. In this work, a novel method is devised and the source apportionment of a mixed unit data set (PM10 mass and Number Size Distribution NSD) is achieved using a novel two-step approach to PMF. In the first step the PM10 data is...

In-situ Synchrotron X‑ray Characterisation of Corrosion Products in Zr Artificial Pits in Simulated Physiological Solutions

Yue Zhang, Owen Addison, Petre Flaviu Gostin, Alexander Morrell, Angus Cook, Alethea Liens, Jing Wu, Konstantin Ignatyev, Mihai Stoica & Alison Davenport

The mechanics of hyperactivation in adhered human sperm

Ean Hin Ooi, David J Smith, Hermes Gadelha, Eamonn A Gaffney & Jackson C Kirkman-Brown

Dataset of radar and optical imagery of road actors

Liam Daniel, Dominic Phippen, Edward Hoare, Ana Stroescu, Mikhail Cherniakov, Peter Gardner & Marina Gashinova

Effect of Si-doping on the structure and conductivity of Sr2-xCaxMnFeO6-δ systems

A D Smith, M J James, C A Hancock & P R Slater
Following previous work on silicate doping of perovskite (Sr/Ca)MnO3 and (Sr/Ca)FeO3- δ materials for potential application as electrode materials within solid oxide fuel cells, here we report the successful incorporation of silicon doping into the mixed Mn/Fe systems, Sr2-xCaxMnFeO6-δ.

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