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The early Cambrian fossil embryo Pseudooides is a direct developing cnidarian, not an early ecdysozoan.

Baichuan Duan, Xi-Ping Dong, Luis Porras, Kelly Vargas, John A Cunningham & Philip Donoghue
Synchrotron x-ray tomographic (SRXTM) datasets and analyses of Pseudooides prima from the Early Cambrian Kuanchuanpu Formation, Shaanxi Province, China. Each .7z archive zip file contains the data relating to a single specimen.

ARIES mQTL results

George Davey Smith, Caroline L. Relton, Tom R. Gaunt, Gibran Hemani & Hashem A. Shihab
Methylation QTL results from the ALSPAC Accessible Resource for Integrated Epigenomics Studies (ARIES).

Does repeatedly viewing overweight versus underweight images change satisfaction with own body size?

Helen Bould & Marcus Munafo
The study investigated whether one week of exposure to images of bodies of different weights affects the way healthy adult women perceive their own body size.

Caring for the Beyond Two Buddhist Festivals for the Deceased

Gregory Kourilsky, Rita Langer & Patrice Ladwig
In Lao Buddhism the relationship between the living and the dead is expressed and perpetuated in rituals. The ‘Festival of rice packets covering the earth’ and the ‘Festival of rice drawn by lots’ are part of the annual ritual cycle of Lao Buddhists and are performed in the 9th lunar month at new moon and full moon respectively. Both rituals are occasions for caring for deceased relatives, ghosts and agricultural divinities by transferring food and...

Control-based continuation: bifurcation and stability analysis for physical experiments

David Barton
Experimental data associated with the paper "Control-based continuation: bifurcation and stability analysis for physical experiments" by David A.W. Barton

Model-free precise in-hand manipulation with a 3d-printed tactile gripper

Benjamin Ward-Cherrier & Nathan Lepora
EPSRC grant on tactile superresolution sensing (EP/M02993X/1) and Leadership Award from the Leverhulme Trust on 'A biomimetic forebrain for robot touch' (RL-2016-39). The following data was obtained from the TacTip-GR2, an optical tactile sensor integrated on the GR2 gripper. The hand rolled cylinders of different diameters (20,25,30 and 35 mm) along a reorientation range in 40 increments. The data was used to demonstrate in-hand tactile reorientation in the GR2 gripper over sinusoidal trajectories.

Data associated with Hall et al. (2015), Developmental Psychology

Debbora Hall, Christopher Jarrold & Amy Zarandi
Data (.csv files) and metadata file for data associated with Hall et al. (2015) Developmental Psychology publication

Supporting data for "A ground investigation to inform earthquake hazard assessment in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal"

Charlotte Gilder, Rama Mohan Pokhrel & Paul Vardanega
Supporting data for "A ground investigation to inform earthquake hazard assessment in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal" Paper to be presented at the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1-6 September 2019

1834 Parisian deaf-mute banquet

Michael Gulliver
Commentaried English translation of the official published account of the 1834 Parisian Deaf-Mute banquet. Traduction commentée en anglais du récit official du banquet de l'année 1834 des sourds-muets de Paris.

Designing health care for the people who need it

Christopher Salisbury
Full text of James Mackenzie given at RCGP London 23/11/18

Object exploration using vision and active touch

Luke Cramphorn, Maria Elena Giannaccini, Nicholas Pestell, Emma Roscow, Nathan Lepora, Kirsty Aquilina & Benjamin Ward-Cherrier
EPSRC grant on tactile superresolution sensing (EP/M02993X/1) and Leverhulme Grant on 'Biomimetic Forebrain for Robot Touch' (RL-2016-39). The following data was obtained from the TacTip, an optical tactile sensor integrated on a 6-dof robotic arm. Data was collected for contour following experiments. Location and identity data was collected over 360 deg (20 degree increments) and a 20 mm range (1 mm increments) across the edge. Paper to be published in proceedings of IROS 2017.

Data from Pellicular Soft Robots (02-2019)

Andrew Conn & Krishna Manaswi Digumarti
This data supports the research article "Pellicular Morphing Surfaces for Soft Robots."

Black Diamond paper (Biomaterials Science 2018)

Paul May
This is the raw data for ''Studies of Black Silicon and Black Diamond as materials for antibacterial surfaces' publihsed in Biomaterials Science 2018

Data: Response to “placoderms and the evolutionary origin of teeth”

M Ruecklin & Philip Donoghue
X-ray tomographic slice data of recent chondrichthyan teeth.

Mini standoff Raman probe Published Data

Oliver Stevens & John Day
Spectral data from mini standoff Raman probe experiments

PGOPHER version 8.0

Colin Western
PGOPHER is a general purpose program for simulating and fitting rotational, vibrational and electronic spectra. Included here are executables, source code, documentation and sample files for version 8.0.102 of the PGOPHER program. This archive also includes older versions of the program for reference. Please also see the program web site, http://pgopher.chm.bris.ac.uk/. The program is open source, and covered by the LGPL. The documentation and other files are covered by the University of Bristol repository's Non-Commercial...

Resisting the urge to smoke: Inhibitory control training in cigarette smokers

Angela Attwood & Marcus Munafo
This study examines the effects of Inhibitory Control Training (ICT) on response inhibition towards smoking-related cues, smoking resistance and cigarette use. We hypothesised that ICT would improve response inhibition and smoking resistance and reduce cigarette use. Our data suggest that ICT enhances the ability to resist smoking, indicating that training may be a promising adjunct to smoking pharmacotherapy. Further research is required to improve the duration of training effects and to understand the mechanism underlying...

Data for Alex Croot's 2018 paper in JCPM

Paul May
Raw data for Alex Croot's 2018 paper in J. Phys.: Cond. Matter, entitled 'A theoretical study of substitutional boron-nitrogen clusters in diamond'

Interacting surface defects FEA results

Harry Coules
Results from finite element models of interacting dissimilar semi-elliptical surface cracks in a plate. They are intended to allow the study of the interaction between closely-spaced defects for application in fracture mechanics and structural integrity assessment.

Big Data VR simulated datasets

Rebecca Wilson, Demetris Avraam & Paul Burton
These datasets are simulated data generated for the Big Data VR project - Wellcome Trust grant code 102215/Z/13/B Queries about this data: becca.wilson@newcastle.ac.uk

Fibre direction and stacking sequence measurement

Rostand Tayong Boumda, Martin Mienczakowski, Robert Smith, Luke Nelson, Robert Hughes, Sithembinkosi Mhlanga, Christina Fraij & Ningbo Xie
The data is related to the following publication: Fibre direction and stacking sequence measurement in carbon fibre composites using Radon transforms of ultrasonic data. By L. J. Nelson and R. A. Smith

Consolidation-driven defect generation in thick composite parts

Stephen Hallett, Oliver Nixon-Pearson, Dmitry Ivanov & Jonathan Belnoue
This repository contains numerical simulation data from a study on the influence of consolidation on defect severity in thick composite laminates. It was conducted at the University of Bristol under under the EPSRC funded research grant: Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites project “Defect Generation Mechanisms in Thick and Variable Thickness Composite Parts – Understanding, Predicting and Mitigation (DefGen)", (grant reference no. EP/I033513/1). The data is in support of the paper "Consolidation-driven defect generation in...

Romundina and the evolutionary origin of teeth

Philip Donoghue & Martin Rücklin
X-ray tomographic slice data of early vertebrate tooth plates and scales.

M21-IMA Thermal Properties

James Kratz & Anastasios Mesogitis
This data was obtained and analysed according to the methods described in the paper "Heat transfer simulation of the cure of thermoplastic particle interleaf carbon fibre epoxy prepregs" by T Mesogitis, J Kratz, and A Skordos, published in the Journal of Composite Materials, 2019.

Accurate Representations of the Physicochemical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols - Faraday Discussion 2017

Frances Marshall, Rose Willoughby, Allen Haddrell, Michael Cotterell, Grazia Rovelli, Young Chul Song, Aleksandra Marsh, Rachael Miles, Andrew Rickards, Bryan Bzdek & Jonathan Reid
Laboratory studies can provide important insights into the processes that occur at the scale of individual particles in ambient aerosol. We examine the accuracies of measurements of core physicochemical properties of aerosols that can be made in single particle studies and explore the impact of these properties on the microscopic processes that occur in ambient aerosol. Presenting new measurements, we examine here the refinements in our understanding of aerosol hygroscopicity, surface tension, viscosity and optical...

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