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Assessing the Airborne Survival of Bacteria in Populations of Aerosol Droplets with a Novel Technology

Jonathan Reid, Allen Haddrell, Mara Otero Fernandez & Henry Oswin
The airborne transmission of infection relies on the ability of pathogens to survive aerosol transport as they transit between hosts. Understanding the parameters that determine the survival of airborne microorganisms is critical to mitigating the impact of disease outbreaks. Conventional techniques for investigating bioaerosol longevity in vitro have systemic limitations that prevent the accurate representation of conditions that these particles would experience in the natural environment. Here, we report a new approach that enables the...

DS-KCF tracker code (C++ version)

Majid Mirmehdi, Tilo Burghardt, Lili Tao, Massimo Camplani, Sion Hannuna & Dima Aldamen
This repository contains the source code (C++ version 1.0) of the DS-KCF tracker published in S. Hannuna, M. Camplani, J. Hall, M. Mirmehdi, D. Damen, T. Burghardt, A. Paiement, L. Tao, DS-KCF: A real-time tracker for RGB-D data, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (2016)

Histology and affinity of anaspids, and the early evolution of the vertebrate dermal skeleton

Philip Donoghue & Joseph Keating
Synchrotron x-ray tomographic datasets of anaspid scales. Keating, J. N. & Donoghue, P. C. J. 2016. Histology and affinity of anaspids, and the early evolution of the vertebrate dermal skeleton. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: BrCN photolysis in PFCs

Andrew Orr-Ewing, Hugo Marroux, Michael Ashfold, Michael Grubb & Philip Coulter
Experimental data from the study of the ultrafast dynamics of BrCN photodissociation in the gas phase and in solution in perfluorocarbon solvents.

WrapToR composite truss structures: improved process and structural efficiency

Christopher Hunt
This data set is for the paper entitled "Improved structural efficiency of WrapToR composite truss structures through shear web buckling suppression"

Data from Euglenoid-inspired Soft Robots (07-2017)

Jonathan Rossiter
This dataset is provided as a supplement to the paper "Euglenoid-inspired Giant Shape Change for Hightly Deformable Soft Robots" by K.M. Digumarti, Andrew Conn and Jonathan Rossiter, accepted for publication in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters on 22 June 2017. DOI: 10.1109/LRA.2017.2726113


David Billington, David Ernsting, Stephen Dugdale & Thomas Millichamp
Determination of spin and orbital magnetisation in the ferromagnetic superconductor UCoGe

Liu Hao et al. (2015): Position- and time-resolved Stark broadening diagnostics of a non-thermal laser-induced plasma

Hao Liu, Benjamin Truscott & Michael Ashfold
Original data and supplementary information for the article "Position- and time-resolved Stark broadening diagnostics of a non-thermal laser-induced plasma" by Liu Hao, Benjamin S Truscott and Michael N R Ashfold

Wound dressings CHX-HMP

Michele Barbour
The aim is to develop a novel wound dressing augmented with a novel antimicrobial material. The focus of this proof-of-principle study will be intravenous securement dressings used to protect venous catheter entry sites. The development of wound care product with sustained antimicrobial efficacy has applications beyond any one clinical application and will be of interest to manufacturers and researchers in areas such as diabetic foot care, burns treatment and other chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are...

Data from paper "Global bimodal precipitation seasonality: A systematic overview"

Wouter Knoben
Data used to create sinusoidal functions that approximate month-to-month rainfall patterns on a global scale and are used to find whether locations experience one or two rainfall seasons per year.

VibroBot 2016

Jonathan Rossiter
Data from development of the VibroBot robot that competed in the 2016 RoboSoft challenge, and paper to be published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI

Depth video and skeleton of people walking up stairs

Massimo Camplani, Adeline Paiement, L Tao, Sion Hannuna, Dima Damen (Aldamen), Majid Mirmehdi & Tilo Burghardt
This dataset contains sequences of depth images of people walking up stairs, as well as the associated skeletons obtained from the OpenNI SDK. These data have been acquired in the frame of the SPHERE IRC for the experiments on movement quality assessment in: A. Paiement, L. Tao, M. Camplani, S. Hannuna, D. Damen, M. Mirmehdi, Online quality assessment of human movement from skeleton data, in Proceedings of BMVC 2014.

The Drying Kinetics of Salt Solution Droplets: Water Evaporation Rates and Crystallisation - J Phys Chem B (2018)

Jonathan Reid, Allen Haddrell & Rachael Miles
The drying and crystallisation of solution droplets is a problem of broad relevance, determining the micro-structures of particles formed in spray drying, the phase of particles delivered by, for example, aerosol formulations for inhalation therapies, and the impact of aerosols on radiative forcing and climate. The ephemeral nature of free-droplets, particularly when considering the drying kinetics of droplets with highly volatile constituents, has often precluded the accurate measurement of transient properties such as droplet size...

Dataset for Drivers’ Manoeuvre Prediction for Safe HRI

Ute Leonards, Guido Herrmann & Erwin Lopez
We are looking at human-robot interaction problems, in particular, at the actions of a human inside a car. This will be of importance as cars are going to autonomous. Thus, data are going to be collected which allow the characterisation and prediction of actions of humans in a simulated car environment. The data are all anonymised and the experimental procedure has been design and has passed the strict formal ethical assessment procedures of the School...


Jake Longo Galea & Daniel Page
Data sets in relation to the publication GMOPST14 at Asiacrypt 2014

Keeping pace with your eating: Visual feedback affects eating rate in humans

ML Bosworth
Raw data for the paper entitled "Keeping pace with your eating: Visual feedback affects eating rate in humans". Abstract: Deliberately eating at a slower pace promotes satiation and produces a sustained reduction in body weight. Therefore, understanding factors that affect eating rate should be given high priority. Eating rate is affected by the physical/textural properties of a food, by motivational state, and by portion size and palatability. This study explored the prospect that eating rate...

Supporting data for "Residential Damp Detection with Temperature and Humidity Urban Sensing"

David Nepomuceno
Project contains humidity and temperature readings from inside a building during a short research project conducted in 2017 in Bristol.

Data from SABRE H2020 (09-2018)

Benjamin Woods, Andres Rivero Bracho, Stephane Fournier, Vaclav Ondra & Branislav Titurus
SABRE is an EU funded H2020 project researching Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency. The goal is to develop morphing structures and analysis methods to optimise the aerodynamics of helicopter blades to allow for emissions reductions.

2011 Grímsvötn eruption: table of ash shape parameters

Emma Liu, Katharine Cashman & Alison Rust
This dataset contains raw size measurements and derived shape parameters for six ash samples of the 2011 Grímsvötn eruption, Iceland (G1, G3, G4, G6, G7, & G8). All size measurements were made on backscattered electron SEM images using ImageJ image analysis software. Size measurements have units of pixels, and the dimensions of each pixels (in microns) is given for each sample. This dataset forms part of the supplementary material for the publication Liu, E.J., Cashman,...

Data associated with Jarrold et al. (2015), QJEP

Debbora Hall, Amy Zarandi & Christopher Jarrold
Data (.csv files), SPSS analysis syntax records (in .txt file format), and metadata/instruction file for data and analyses associated with Jarrold et al. (2015) QJEP publication

Effect of of gamelike features on cognitive test performance

Marcus Munafo & Jim Lumsden
This study compared three versions of Go/No-Go (GNG) task, each with different gamelike features (non-game, points, theme) across two different testing sites (laboratory and online). We used a between subjects design, with reaction times (RT) on Go trials, Go trial accuracy, No-Go trial accuracy and subjective ratings as the dependent variables of interest.

Mendelian Randomisation Training materials

Kate Northstone
The folder contains training materials for the Mendelian Randomisation Course using simulated ALSPAC data developed by Nic Timpson and Colleagues

Caring for the Beyond Two Buddhist Festivals for the Deceased

Gregory Kourilsky, Rita Langer & Patrice Ladwig
In Lao Buddhism the relationship between the living and the dead is expressed and perpetuated in rituals. The ‘Festival of rice packets covering the earth’ and the ‘Festival of rice drawn by lots’ are part of the annual ritual cycle of Lao Buddhists and are performed in the 9th lunar month at new moon and full moon respectively. Both rituals are occasions for caring for deceased relatives, ghosts and agricultural divinities by transferring food and...

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: CN + acetone reaction in chloroform

Greg Dunning, Andrew Orr-Ewing & Thomas Preston
Experimental data associated with the study of the ultrafast dynamics of reactions of CN radicals with acetone in solution, using femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy.

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