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Electrodynamics of Josephson junctions containing strong ferromagnets

D Massarotti, N Banerjee, R Caruso, G Rotoli, Mark Blamire & F Tafuri
Triplet supercurrents in multilayer ferromagnetic Josephson junctions with misaligned magnetization can penetrate thicker ferromagnetic barriers compared to the singlet component. Although the static properties of these junctions have been extensively studied, the dynamic characteristics remain largely unexplored. Here we report a comprehensive electrodynamic characterization of multilayer ferromagnetic Josephson junctions composed of Co and Ho. By measuring the temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics and the switching current distributions down to 0.3 K, we show that phase dynamics of...

Complications of acute and chronic hyperglycemia

Maria Marcovecchio
Hyperglycemia is due to a dysregulation in the complex mechanisms implicated in glucose homeostasis. Chronic hyperglycemia, as measured by hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), is a key risk factor for the development of microvascular and macrovascular complications, which in turn negatively influence the prognosis of patients with diabetes. Several studies have shown that acute hyperglycemia can add to the effect of chronic hyperglycemia in inducing tissue damage. Acute hyperglycemia can manifest as high fasting plasma glucose (FPG)...

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Mirror symmetry for lattice polarized del Pezzo surfaces

Charles F Doran & Alan Thompson
We describe a notion of lattice polarization for rational elliptic surfaces and weak del Pezzo surfaces, and describe the complex moduli of the former and the Kahler cone of the latter. We then propose a version of mirror symmetry relating these two objects, which should be thought of as a form of Fano-LG correspondence. Finally, we relate this notion to other forms of mirror symmetry, including Dolgachev-Nikulin-Pinkham mirror symmetry for lattice polarized K3 surfaces and...

Effect of internal moisture content on the Tg values of CFRP rods

Eleni Toumpanaki, Janet Lees, Michel Barbezat & Giovanni Terrasi
DMA tests are used for the material charaterisation of CFRP tendons for civil engineering applications and to assess the high temperature behavior of CFRP prestressed structures by measuring the glass transition temperature Tg. The glass transition temperature is sensitive to the moisture content of the CFRP tendons and standard test methods (e.g. ASTM D7028 (ASTM 2007)) have not yet qualitatively addressed the effect of small moisture content variations from environmental conditions in the Tg values....

The level crossing rates and associated statistical properties of a random frequency response function

Robin Langley
This work is concerned with the statistical properties of the frequency response function of the energy of a random system. Earlier studies have considered the statistical distribution of the function at a single frequency, or alternatively the statistics of a band-average of the function. In contrast the present analysis considers the statistical fluctuations over a frequency band, and results are obtained for the mean rate at which the function crosses a specified level (or equivalently,...

A One-Covariate at a Time, Multiple Testing Approach to Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Regression Models

A. Chudik, G. Kapetanios & M. H. Pesaran
Model specification and selection are recurring themes in econometric analysis. Both topics become considerably more complicated in the case of large-dimensional data sets where the set of specification possibilities can become quite large. In the context of linear regression models, penalised regression has become the de facto benchmark technique used to trade o� parsimony and .t when the number of possible covariates is large, often much larger than the number of available observations. However, issues...

Genetic evidence for a western Chinese origin of broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum).

Harriet Hunt, Anna Rudzinski, Hongen Jiang, Ruiyun Wang, Mark G Thomas & Martin Jones
Broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum) is a key domesticated cereal that has been associated with the north China centre of agricultural origins. Early archaeobotanical evidence for this crop has generated two major debates: First, its contested presence in pre-7000 cal BP sites in eastern Europe has admitted the possibility of a western origin. Second, its occurrence in the 7th and 8th millennia cal BP in diverse regions of northern China is consistent with several possible origin...

Synchronization crossover of polariton condensates in weakly disordered lattices

Hamid Ohadi, Y Del Valle-Inclan Redondo, AJ Ramsay, Z Hatzopoulos, TCH Liew, Eastham, PR, PG Savvidis & Jeremy Baumberg
We demonstrate that the synchronization of a lattice of solid-state condensates when intersite tunneling is switched on depends strongly on the weak local disorder. This finding is vital for implementation of condensate arrays as computation devices. The condensates here are nonlinear bosonic fluids of exciton-polaritons trapped in a weakly disordered Bose-Hubbard potential, where the nearest-neighboring tunneling rate (Josephson coupling) can be dynamically tuned. The system can thus be tuned from a localized to a delocalized...

Metasurfaces Atop Metamaterials: Surface Morphology Induces Linear Dichroism in Gyroid Optical Metamaterials.

James A Dolan, Raphael Dehmel, Angela Demetriadou, Yibei Gu, Ulrich Wiesner, Timothy Wilkinson, Ilja Gunkel, Ortwin Hess, Jeremy Baumberg, Ullrich Steiner, Matthias Saba & Bodo D Wilts
Optical metamaterials offer the tantalizing possibility of creating extraordinary optical properties through the careful design and arrangement of sub-wavelength structural units. Gyroid-structured optical metamaterials possess a chiral, cubic, and triply-periodic bulk morphology, and exhibit a red-shifted effective plasma frequency. They also exhibit a strong linear dichroism (i.e. a variation in optical properties—reflectance and transmittance—as a function of azimuthal orientation of linearly polarized incident light), the origin of which is not yet understood. Here, we study...


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Research data supporting "Asymptotic limits on tablet coating variability based on cap-to-band thickness distributions: a discrete element model (DEM) study"

Chunlei Pei & James Elliott
In this compressed .zip file, the open data is provide to reproduce the data on the paper: Asymptotic limits on tablet coating variability based on cap-to-band thickness distributions: a discrete element model (DEM) study. The data can be divided into 3 categories: DEM input files are used to generate the dynamics of tablets in drum mixing; Ray-tracing and image analysis codes and input files use the position and orientation of tablets to model the spray...

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Adjoint based shape optimization of the microchannels in an inkjet printhead

Petr Kungurtsev & Matthew Juniper
In drop-on-demand injket printheads, ink is pumped steadily through small channels, each of which contains an actuator and a nozzle. When an actuator pulses, a droplet is forced through the nozzle, after which acoustic oscillations reverberate within the channel. Manufacturers would like to damp the residual reverberations, without increasing the pressure drop required to drive the steady flow. In this paper we use gradient-based optimization to show that this can be achieved by constricting the...

Evolution of iris colour in relation to cavity nesting and parental care in passerine birds

GL Davidson, A Thornton & Nicola Clayton
Strong selection pressures are known to act on animal coloration. Although many animals vary in eye colour, virtually no research has investigated the functional significance of these colour traits. Passeriformes have a range of iris colours, making them an ideal system to investigate how and why iris colour has evolved. Using phylogenetic comparative methods, we tested the hypothesis that conspicuous iris colour in passerine birds evolved in response to (a) coordination of offspring care and...

The Sleep/Wake Cycle Is Directly Modulated by Changes in Energy Balance

Tinh-Hai Collet, Der Klaauw Agatha A Van, Elana Henning, Julia Keogh, Diane Suddaby, Sekesai V Dachi, Síle Dunbar, Sarah Kelway, Suzanne L Dickson, Ismaa Farooqi & Sebastian M Schmid
$\textbf{Study Objectives:}$ The rise in obesity has been paralleled by a decline in sleep duration in epidemiological studies. However, the potential mechanisms linking energy balance and the sleep/wake cycle are not well understood. We aimed to examine the effects of manipulating energy balance on the sleep/wake cycle. $\textbf{Methods:}$ Twelve healthy normal weight men were housed in a clinical research facility and studied at three time points: baseline, after energy balance was disrupted by 2 days...

Associations between introduction and withdrawal of a financial incentive and timing of attendance for antenatal care and incidence of small for gestational age: natural experimental evaluation using interrupted time series methods.

Jean Adams, Zelda Van Der Waal, Steven Rushton & Judith Rankin
Abstract Objectives To determine whether introduction or withdrawal of a maternal financial incentive was associated with changes in timing of first attendance for antenatal care (‘booking’), or incidence of small for gestational age. Design A natural experimental evaluation using interrupted time series analysis. Setting A hospital-based maternity unit. Participants 34,589 women (and their live-born babies) who delivered at the study hospital and completed the 25th week of pregnancy in the 75 months before (January 2003–March...

Identification of LukPQ, a novel, equid-adapted leukocidin of Staphylococcus aureus.

Gerrit Koop, Manouk Vrieling, Daniel ML Storisteanu, Laurence Lok, Thomas Monie, Glenn Van Wigcheren, Claire Raisen, Xiaoliang Ba, Nicholas Gleadall, Nazreen Hadjirin, Arjen J Timmerman, Jaap A Wagenaar, Heleen M Klunder, J Ross Fitzgerald, Ruth Zadoks, Gavin K Paterson, Carmen Torres, Andrew S Waller, Anette Loeffler, Igor Loncaric, Armando E Hoet, Karin Bergström, Luisa De Martino, Constança Pomba, Hermínia De Lencastre … & Mark Holmes

Parkaeology and climate change: Assessing the vulnerability of archaeological resources at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Alaska

Caitlin Rankin, Christy Mog & Shawn Jones
The United States National Park Service (NPS) recognizes that cultural resources are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts because such resources are fixed on the landscape, cannot be replaced, and, if lost, lost permanently. To reduce the threat of climate change on cultural resources, Goal 7 in the Climate Change Response Strategy requests individual national parks to develop, prioritize and implement management strategies to preserve cultural resources vulnerable to climate change impacts. The NPS’s response...

Integrated case management of repeated intimate partner violence: a randomized, controlled trial

J Goosey, Lawrence Sherman & Peter Neyroud
Research Question: Can integrated case management by a multi-agency partnership of the relations between offenders and victims with repeated incidents of intimate partner violence (IPV) reduce the frequency or severity of harm from that violence? Data: Three batches of 60 IPV dyads were enrolled in a trial, with data collected on services delivered to them and police records for 2 years before and 2 years after random assignment to treatment and control groups. Methods: The...

Classification of conflicts in cases of foreign intervention in civil wars

Zamir Singer, Noam Ziso,
This thesis is not available on this repository until the author agrees to make it public. If you are the author of this thesis and would like to make your work openly available, please contact us: thesis@repository.cam.ac.uk.

Small-World Brain Networks Revisited

Danielle S Bassett & Edward Bullmore
It is nearly 20 years since the concept of a small-world network was first quantitatively defined, by a combination of high clustering and short path length; and about 10 years since this metric of complex network topology began to be widely applied to analysis of neuroimaging and other neuroscience data as part of the rapid growth of the new field of connectomics. Here, we review briefly the foundational concepts of graph theoretical estimation and generation...

Reversing Testamentary Dispositions in Favour of Informal Carers

Brian Sloan
This is the accepted manuscript. The final version is available from Hart Publishing at http://www.bloomsburyprofessional.com/uk/current-issues-in-succession-law-9781782256274/. At the author's request, this record has been locked. The article is available from SSRN at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2812109.

Chemical Characterisations of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

Arazi Pinhas
We examine the properties of exoplanetary atmospheres using state-of-the-art retrieval methods and theoretical models. The examinations include investigations of the chemical compositions and abundances, the cloud and haze properties, and the temperature structures of exoplanetary atmospheres. The detailed theoretical models we have developed study the chemistry of exoplanetary atmospheres across the gas and solid phases of matter. The first theoretical model investigates the extent to which solids evaporate in the envelopes of giant planets and...

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