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Electronic and surface energies supporting the article "Hydrogen adsorption for Transition Metal Carbides: A DFT Study"

Fabrizio Silveri, Matthew G Quesne, Alberto Roldan, C Richard A Catlow & Nora H De Leeuw

Substitutional doping with Fe of the zinc oxide ZnO(10-10) surfaces

David Santos-Carballal, Abdelaziz Cadi-Essadek & Nora H De Leeuw

Data pertaining to quantitative determination of Pt- catalysed D-glucose oxidation products using 2D NMR

Robert D Armstrong, Jun Hirayama, David W Knight & Graham J Hutchings

Amplifying Solventless Synthesis: One-pot Multistep Mechanochemical Synthesis of Fluorinated Pyrazolones

Howard JL, Nicholson W, Sagatov Y & Browne DL

Wide-field imaging of single nanoparticle extinction with sub-nm^2 noise floor

Lukas Payne, Wolfgang W Langbein & Paola Borri

Hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition in the liquid phase using Pd nanoparticles supported on CNFs with different surface properties

Felipe Sanchez, Mohammad Hayal Alotaibi, Davide Motta, Carine Edith Chan-Thaw, Andrianelison Rakotomahevitra, Tommaso Tabanelli, Alberto Roldan, Ceri Hammond, Qian He, Davies Tom, Alberto Villa & Nikolaos Dimitratos

Study of NaVOPO4 Polymorphs as Cathode Materials for Na-ion Batteries

Pablo A Aparicio, James A Dawson, Mohammad S Islam & Nora H De Leeuw

Droplet Dynamics on Chemically Heterogeneous Substrates

Nikos Savva & Danny Groves

CO2 and H2 Adsorption and Reaction at Nin/YSZ(111) Interfaces: a Density Functional Theory Study

Abdelaziz Cadi-Essadek, Alberto Roldan, Xavier Aparicio-Anglès & Nora H De Leeuw

DFT+U Study of the electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties of Co, CoO, and Co3O4

Abdelaziz Cadi-Essadek, Alberto Roldan, David Santos Carballal, P E Ngoepe & Nora H De Leeuw

Stability and Mobility of Supported Nin (n = 1-10) Clusters on ZrO2(111) and YSZ(111) Surfaces: a Density Functional Theory Study

Abdelaziz Cadi-Essadek, Alberto Roldan & Nora H De Leeuw

Structure-based design of allosteric calpain-1 inhibitors populating a novel bioactivity space

Leen Kalash, Joel Cresser-Brown, Johnny Habchi, Connor Morgan, David J Miller, Robert C Glen, Rudolf K Allemann & Andreas Bender

Catalysts for production of high value chemicals from bio-derived sustainable waste streams

Paul J Smith

Enhanced Frequency Response From Industrial Heating Loads for Electric Power Systems (Great Britain and Bitumen Tanks as examples)

Yue Zhou, Meng Cheng & Jianzhong Wu

Tautomerization of Phenol at the External Lewis Acid Sites of Sc-, Fe- and Ga-substituted Zeolite MFI

Carlos Hernandez-Tamargo, Alberto Roldan & Nora H De Leeuw

Data for "Computational QM/MM investigation of the adsorption of MTH active species in H-Y and H-ZSM-5"

Stefan Adrian Nastase, Alexander O'Malley, Charles Richard Arthur Catlow & Andrew J Logsdail

Integrated III-V Haemocytometer: SU-8 surface treatment and analysis

A Sobiesierski, R Thomas, DJ Morgan, PM Smowton & A Moskalenko

Building community-driven vertical greening systems for people living on less than £1 a day: a case study in Nigeria - DATASET

Akinwolemiwa OH, Gwilliam JA, Bleil De Souza C & De Luca LM

Directed Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Glycerol Through Tailored Platinum Nanoparticles

C Richard A Catlow & Nikolaos Dimitratos

Data used for reliability analysis of half-bridge MMCs

J Guo & J Liang

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