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CLiP Solomon Islands Microplastics in sediment 2017

Strategy Data Governance
This dataset contains 2 csv files. One file contains data on microplastic abundance expressed in number of particles per 5g dried sediment from 6 riverine, transitional and coastal locations on Guadalcanal Island (Solomon Islands) in 2017. One file contains spectrum analysis for some of the particles carried out with a ATR-FTIR. A READ-ME text file contains description of columns content for these two csv files. There is a .zip file that includes a csv file...

Impacts of climate change on Arctic sea-ice

Katharine Giles, Ann Keen, Helene Hewitt, Seymour Laxon, Sheldon Bacon, Daniel Feltham, Chris Folland, Tim Graham, Ed Hawkins, Daniel Hodson, Laura Jackson, Sarah Keeley, Matthew Menary, Matthew Palmer, Jeff Ridley, Doug Smith, Meric Srokosz, Alex West & Richard Wood
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 13-19

Cefas SmartBuoy Monitoring Network

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. SmartBuoys are autonomous marine monitoring systems making high frequency measurements of physical, chemical and biological parameters (Greenwood et al., 2010). They have been deployed as part of the UK marine eutrophication monitoring programme. Sea surface temperature is measured using an FSI or Aanderaa...

Impacts of climate change on built structures (offshore)

Jon Side, Rob Harris, David Woolf, Mike Bell & Anthony Brooks
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 295-301

Impacts of climate change on pollution (estuarine and coastal)

David Sheahan, Jackie Maud, Andrew Wither, Colin Moffat & Clemens Engelke
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 244-251

Seawater salinity trend analysis for the North East Atlantic (North West European Shelf)

Strategy Data Governance
This gridded data product provides a trend analysis to estimate the changes in Seawater Salinity at sea surface and near sea bed for the North West European Shelf from 1st January 1985 to 30th June 2014 at 7 Km spatial resolution. Monthly and seasonal trend values were generated by applying a Generalised Additive Model (GAM) on a time series of modelling output data for Salinity at 7 Km spatial resolution from the North West Shelf...

CLiP Solomon Islands Marine Litter Abundance and Composition

Strategy Data Governance
This dataset contains 3 csv files. One file contains data on marine litter abundance and composition expressed in number of items per category. One file contains location names and GPS coordinates in decimal degrees. One file contains metadata collected during the clean-ups. A READ-ME text file contains description of columns content for the three csv files. Marine litter items were collected during beach clean-ups on Guadalcanal Island (Solomon Islands) between November 2018 and January 2019....

Impacts of climate change on non-native species

Elizabeth J. Cook, Stuart Jenkins, Christine Maggs, Dan Minchin, Frédéric Mineur, Chris Nall & Jack Sewell
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 155-166

Impacts of climate change on seabirds

Francis Daunt & Ian Mitchell
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 125-133

Marine Climate Change Impacts: 10 years’ experience of science to policy reporting

This report card summarises how our understanding of marine climate change impacts has developed since the first MCCIP report card and lessons for science to policy reporting.

Salmon production model

Keith Jeffery
The bio-economic model can be used to identify and summarise potential production scenarios for Atlantic Salmon. Users can specify an initial fish weight, time of year and desired harvest weight; the model would then return the Time to Harvest for this scenario. Furthermore the model can optimise the time spent in an intermediate system such that the time in net pens is reduced below (eg) 12 months. The model is one of the key outputs...

Impacts of climate change on shallow and shelf subtidal habitats

Silvana N.R. Birchenough, Julie Bremner, Peter Henderson, Hilmar Hinz, Stuart Jenkins, Nova Mieszkowska, J. Murray Roberts, Nicholas A. Kamenos & Shaun Plenty
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 193-203

Impacts of climate change on temperature (air and sea)

Stephen R. Dye, Sarah L. Hughes, Jonathan Tinker, David I. Berry, N. Penny Holliday, Elizabeth C. Kent, Kevin Kennington, Mark Inall, Tim Smyth, Glenn Nolan, Kieran Lyons, Olga Andres & Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 1-12

Intertidal species and habitat

Michael Burrows
MCCIP Science Review 2017, 62-72

Impacts of climate change on fisheries

John K. Pinnegar, A. Garrett, S.D. Simpson, G.H. Engelhard & J. Van Der Kooij
MCCIP Science Review 2017, 73-99

ESM2 Profiler/mini CTD Logger

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. ESM2 is a Cefas developed micro–logger for applications requiring a small low–power logger with integrated sensors and battery. It has standard sensors for conductivity, temperature, depth, optical backscatter and roll & pitch. Data are saved compact flash cards which are easily removed for...

UK shelf and North Sea quantitative sediment composition predictions

Oliver Williams
Spatial predictions of substrate composition for the UK shelf and North Sea. Compositional fractions of mud, sand and gravel were modelled for an area of the UK and North Sea using a statistical regression model. This dataset consists of percentage composition predictions for the mud, sand and gravel components as raster tifs. In addition the proportion of each of these sediment components were combined to predict the likely sediment classification as both a EUNIS habitat...

Impacts of climate change on air-sea exchanges of heat and water

Simon A. Josey & David I. Berry
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 87-90

Impacts of climate change on aquaculture

Matt Gubbins, Ian Bricknell & Matt Service
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 318-327

Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry - CANDYFLOSS SmartBuoy

Tom Hull
This data set consists of biogeochemical sensor data from SmartBuoy moorings (Mills et al, 2005). SmartBuoys consist of a 4 meter tall stainless steel frame with a fibreglass torroid for buoyancy. Instruments are attached at a nominal 1 meter depth to the frame. In-air sensors are mounted to the top of the torroid. The buoys feature a satellite telemetry system providing near real-time telemetry. Temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and photosynthetic active radiation...

Non-native species

Elizabeth J. Cottier-Cook, C. Beveridge, J.D. Bishop, J. Brodie, P.F. Clark, G. Epstein, Stuart Jenkins, D.G. Johns, J. Loxton, A. MacLeod, Christine Maggs, Dan Minchin, F. Mineur, Jack Sewell & C.A. Wood
MCCIP Science Review 2017, 47-61

Impacts of climate change on air-sea exchanges of CO2

Ian Totterdell
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 91-97

Cefas Citizen Science Diver Recorded Temperatures

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. This data source differs from the others in this collection because it arises from an investigation into the potential for Citizen Science to contribute to assessments of the marine environment. The dataset is derived from a database containing over 7,000 records of temperature...

Ichthyoplankton Analysis Data from the Western Coastal Shelf 2016

Hayden Close
Ichthyoplankton abundance data (fish eggs and larvae) to study the Spatial abundance of the species in 2016 from the western approaches of the Celtic sea in the region between 48⁰N and 54.5⁰N between March and August along the western continental shelf from France to the waters around the middle of Ireland. These samples were loaned to Cefas by ICES WGMEGS participating nations that collected the samples. The dataset consists of 551 samples split across 6...

Sediment Organic Carbon in Marine Sediments around England and Wales 1996 - 2015

Claire Mason
Sediment organic carbon (and nitrogen) data from marine samples collected between 1996-2015 around England and Wales. Measurements for <2mm sediment fraction or/and <63µm sediment fraction are given. Silt/clay(%) is also included (for either/both sieving and laser methodologies) as well as sample weight where available. These data have been collated from a variety of sources, including CSEMP monitoring, nephrops monitoring, fishing pressures research and the NERC shelf seas programme to support on-going investigations for the Cefas/Defra...

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