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SME-Oriented Collaborative Customer Insights Platform for user-driven RdM (SOC-UDRdM)

Ying Liu & Liangxiu Han
This is one of five reports created as part of the feasibility studies conducted by the RECODE Network

Enhanced CASSI Snapshot Imager Using Dual Prism Dispersion

Mengjia Ding
Poster and 3MT presentation at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.Snapshot Multispectral Imaging has been a highly-efficient technique for remote sensing application in great contrast to the conventional scanning system on the aspect of military target detection, agricultural monitoring and medical examination. Among many snapshot multispectral imagers, Coded Aperture Snapshot Spectral Imager(CASSI) has been introduced for a decade with the exploitation of a simple combination of coded aperture mask and dispersive element to acquire...

Dynamic fiber-optic shape sensing using fiber segment interferometry

Thomas Kissinger, Edmond Chehura, Stephen E. Staines, Stephen W. James & Ralph P. Tatam
Research Data for Paper "Dynamic fibe- optic shape sensing using fiber segment interferometry" by Thomas Kissinger, Edmond Chehura, Stephen E. Staines, Stephen W. James and Ralph P. Tatam, Cranfield University, UK

Thematic Analysis - Final Roadmap

Mariale Moreno, Fiona Charnley, Dorothée BESSIERE & Ashutosh Tiwari
Complete thematic analysis to create the roadmap that sets the vision for the UK's consumer goods industry

Data for "A Confidence Map based Damage Assessment Approach using Pulsed Thermographic Inspection"

Yifan Zhao
The data for the paper accepted by NDT E International.

The zip contains txt files and also .raw and .mat which require Matlab.

Fabrication of Optical Fibre Tapers

K.Mullaney@Cranfield.Ac.Uk, Stephen James & Ralph Tatam
Data concerning the fabrication of tapered optical fibres. Presented in Proc. SPIE 10323, 10323D.
channelled_spectrum_development.zip - Evolution of channeled spectrum during tapering of SMF 28 optical fiber, using a CO2 laser as the heat source.
OFS_2017_TAPER_FIGURE2.xlsx - The spectral response of a Vosskuhler NIR-300P NIR camera and the Planckian black body radiation curves (dashed lines) for a range of temperatures near the melting point of silica optical fibres.
OFS_2017_TAPER_FIGURE4.xlsx - The strain measured bya fibre Bragg gratings...

LPG spectral data in moist clay and sandy soil

Spectral output from an LPG sensor (as described in the linked paper) and a theta probe buried in both clay and sandy soil types during saturation with water.

Poster presentation: Ultra-precision control of a reel-to-reel process

Andrew Graham, Paul Morantz & Paul Comley
Poster presentation of research work at the EPSRC Centre for innovative manufacturing in ultra precision.

AzoBenzene controlled monolayer UV exposure

Matthew Partridge
Two files containing data from the monolayer's expansion and compression during the exposure of the material to UV exposure. The two files show the change in area and surface pressure separately while controlling the other. In each case the film was exposed 3 times.

Percentage intensity difference of transparent 3D plastics

Alexander Tothill
Spectra of 3D printed microfluidic cuvette devices. The spectra are in an excel file and were recorded using an Ocean Optics S2000 340 - 1000nm Spectrophotometer and a tungsten light source. The % difference was calculated using the reference (a commercial plastic cuvette) data.

Workshop Series Towards Preference Marketplace Development

Samet Isaev, Harris Makatsoris, Stephen Green & Fabrizio Ceschin
A series of workshops have been conducted to develop a digital crowdsourcing tool. Preference marketplace is inspired from traditional stock market and prediction markets. the aim of the proposed method is to engage consumers using game mechanics in order to aggregate large and diverse group of people`s opinion to identify the most promising new product ideas and concepts. First we conducted paper based workshops to collect feedback from users. Participants engagement were very good and...

Durability labelling

Mariale Moreno
Survey of attitudes and behaviours of households in the UK towards purchasing, use and dispose of workhorse products to design a durability labelling

Anomaly Detection for Security Imaging

Jerone Andrews
Technical paper presented at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.

Non-intrusive inspection systems are increasingly used to scan intermodal freight shipping containers, at national ports, to ensure cargo conformity with customs regulations. Initially, each container is risk assessed based on shipping information such as origin, destination, and manifest. If the risk is deemed sufficiently high the container is imaged, typically by non-intrusive X-ray radiography. Finally, on the basis of the X-ray image, a human operator...

FloodMEMORY - model simulations

Victoria Janes
Outputs from SHETRAN simulations from FloodMEMORY project.

See article "Improving bank erosion modelling at catchment scale by incorporating temporal and spatial variability".

Beampattern and Polarisation Synthesis of 3D RF-seeker Antenna Arrays

Luc Fourtinon
Poster presentation at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
Existing missile radar seekers use a mechanical rotating antenna to steer the radiating beam in the direction of the target. Recent research is investigating the possibility to replace the mechanical RF seeker with a novel 3D conformal antenna, embedded below the radome, that can steer the beam electronically. 3D conformal antenna arrays may offer many advantages, such as a higher gain and an extended coverage, and...

Supporting data for "A framework to estimate the cost of No-Fault Found events"

John Ahmet Erkoyuncu, Rajkumar Roy, Samir Khan & Syed Mohammed Fazal Hussain
The files cover: the questionnaire used, the input data requirements, and a presentation containing further data and supporting information that went into the modelling in the paper "A framework to estimate the cost of No-Fault Found events".

figsharefest Europe presentation "Gettin figgy with it: a year's success with figshare"

Georgina Parsons
Presentation given at figshare's European event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28 June 2017. Case study of Cranfield University's implementation of figshare and post-launch foci, after one year using the new repository.

Raw time results

David Judt, Craig Lawson & Helen Lockett
Raw data for the wing D-nose aircraft system assembly time trials

Modelling Ultraviolet Missile Seekers

Itor James
3MT presentation at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.Surface to Air Missile (SAM) seekers are beginning to make use of wavebands other than the traditional Infrared (IR). One of the wavebands they are beginning to use is the Ultraviolet (UV). This study aims to prove that modelling of typical missile seekers utilising UV is possible and to investigate the variables which influence the performance. The study will also investigate methods by which the aircraft...

Absorbance spectra of microfluidic cuvette glucose sensor

Alexander Tothill
The spectra of a 3D printed micro fluidic device with varying concentrations of glucose and it's reaction to produce blue quinoneimine dye. The spectra were recorded with an s2000 Ocean Optics spectrophotometer and a tungsten light source.

Attribute table, evaluation data & analysis of evaluation data for published paper "Obligations and aspirations: a critical evaluation of offshore wind farm cumulative impact assessments"

Edward Willsteed, Simon Jude, Andrew B Gill & Silvana Birchenough
Files uploaded enable:
1) application of the critical evaluation framework developed to other fields;
2) re-examination of the data generated by the evaluation.

The full methodology is reported in the published paper. Information identifying individual Environmental Statements has been removed from publicly available data.

The Best Offense is Taking Out Cyber Proxies

Arianna Schuler Scott & Monica Kaminska
Poster presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
It has been interesting to see Russia goading other states on the cyber offensive front, acting through ‘proxies’, people recruited online to carry out illegal operations. To date no state has overtly condemned attacks that are undoubtedly rooted in the dark web, a space where criminals operate behind a veneer of anonymity and privacy. A mixture of technical and non-technical backgrounds, we are working to understand...

MaRIUS land use

Victoria Janes
Outputs of the IAP2 batch simulation with a range of precipitation and temperature perturbations.

See article "Dynamic response of land use and river nutrient concentration to long-term climatic changes".

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