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Air jet flow control on pitching aerofoils

Simon Prince, Richard Green & Vahik Khodaglian
Experimental data on the effect of steady and pulsed air jet vortex generator blowing on a RAE9645 aerofoil section in dynamic stall.

Speckle tracking approaches in speckle correlation sensing

Tom Charrett, Krzysztof Kotowski & Ralph Tatam
Data and code used to generate the conference paper:
"Speckle tracking approaches in speckle correlation sensing"Thomas O. H. Charrett, Krzysztof Kotowski, and Ralph P. Tatam SPIE Optics and Optoelectonics, Prague, 2017.

lib_feature_tracking.py - python module/library used to simplify the other scripts
feature detectors.py - python script used to test processing times of feature detectors.
feature descriptors.py - python script used to test processing times of feature descriptors and matching methods
modelled shifts.py - python script used to generate figure 1...

Adhesively bonded composite testing

Hamed Yazdani Nezhad & David Ayre
Dataset used in Figure 2 in "Tensile Response of Adhesively Bonded Composite-to-composite Single-lap Joints in the Presence of Bond Deficiency" (doi:10.1016/j.procir.2016.09.021).

Also used in "A novel process-linked assembly failure model for adhesively bonded composite structures" (doi:10.1016/j.cirp.2017.04.103).

Through the Looking Glass: Exploring the Relationship Between Nonverbal and Verbal Behaviour on Rapport and Dyadic Cooperation

Lynn Weiher
Poster presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
This research programme wishes to explore the relationship between verbal and nonverbal behaviour, rapport, and dyadic cooperation. Although researchers have long recognised the complementary roles that verbal and nonverbal behaviour play in interaction, we know little about how verbal and nonverbal mimicry co-occur, nor how these relate to the established outcomes of rapport (internal perception) or cooperation (external behaviour).
In this study, dyads engage in short interview-style...

Gender Diversity Index - preliminary considerations and results

Anne Laure Humbert & Elisabeth Gunther
In this report we outline the preliminary concept for the Gender Diversity Index.

Poster presentation: Ultra-precision control of a reel-to-reel process

Andrew Graham, Paul Morantz & Paul Comley
Poster presentation of research work at the EPSRC Centre for innovative manufacturing in ultra precision.

A Paradigm Shift Toward Zero Accident

Amirmasoud Soltani
Presented at the "Future of Transportation" World Conference, July 2017, Cologne, Germany.

Imaging and Discrimination of High-Z Materials with Muon Scattering Tomography

Leonor Frazao, S. Maddrell-Mander, C. Thomay, J. Velthuis & C. Steer
Technical paper presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
We have developed methods to define the edges of uranium blocks embedded in concrete, and to discriminate them from different high-Z materials, using muon scattering tomography. There is a need to characterise containers of nuclear waste without having to open them. This is particularly important for legacy waste, which includes large containers with unknown materials. Muon scattering tomography uses as probes the natural occurring cosmic...

2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium (DSDS16) in conjunction with DSTL and AWE: symposium outputs

Cranfield University
This collection showcases outputs from the second Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium, hosted at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom by Cranfield University in association with Dstl. It is the only UK conference to provide research students and early career researchers in defence and security with an opportunity to present their work to a sector-wide audience. Covering both technology and social sciences research, contributions include technical papers, a 3MT (three minute thesis) competition, a...

Shear Localisation During Deformation of Thermo-Visco-Plastic Materials

Robert Timms
Technical Paper presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
The mechanisms responsible for ignition of explosive materials in response to low energy stimuli, known as “insults" in the literature, are still not well understood. It is in general believed that explosive ignition is of thermal origin, with mechanical energy being converted into heat energy in localised regions, forming so-called “hot spots”. We investigate how an instability caused by thermal softening may give rise to...

Self-Discharge Resistance Values at Different Initial Charge and Temperature Levels

S.E.Yousif@Cranfield.Ac.Uk, Daniel Auger, Abbas Fotouhi & Karsten Propp
Table II: Self-discharge resistance values at different initial charge and temperature levels from 'Self-Discharge Effects in Lithium-Sulfur Equivalent Circuit Networks for State Estimation'. Opens with Microsoft Excel.

Workshop Series Towards Preference Marketplace Development

Samet Isaev, Harris Makatsoris, Stephen Green & Fabrizio Ceschin
A series of workshops have been conducted to develop a digital crowdsourcing tool. Preference marketplace is inspired from traditional stock market and prediction markets. the aim of the proposed method is to engage consumers using game mechanics in order to aggregate large and diverse group of people`s opinion to identify the most promising new product ideas and concepts. First we conducted paper based workshops to collect feedback from users. Participants engagement were very good and...

Rapid Monitoring of Bioaerosols from industrial, rural and urban environments

Sonia Garcia Alcega, Frederic Coulon & Sean Tyrrel
•Sampling at constant flow rate and varying sampling time: - does not affect in presence/absence of MVOCs (70% similarity) - There is large difference in abundance (ng.m-3), (20% similarity). • Sampling at different flow rates and varying sampling time affects both peak detection and concentration.

IMPACT Showcase: Bioaerosols monitoring

Sonia Garcia Alcega, Frederic Coulon & Sean Tyrrel
Why shall we concern ourselves with bioaerosols in the environment? Poster showcasing work being conducting by Cranfield University

Business as Unusual: Designing products with consumers in the loop

Mariale Moreno, Harris Makatsoris, Leila Sheldrick, Emma Dewberry & Matt Sinclair
This is one of five feasibility studies conducted as part of the recode network

Anomaly Detection for Security Imaging

Jerone Andrews
Technical paper presented at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.

Non-intrusive inspection systems are increasingly used to scan intermodal freight shipping containers, at national ports, to ensure cargo conformity with customs regulations. Initially, each container is risk assessed based on shipping information such as origin, destination, and manifest. If the risk is deemed sufficiently high the container is imaged, typically by non-intrusive X-ray radiography. Finally, on the basis of the X-ray image, a human operator...

DFA/MOST results

David Judt, Craig Lawson & Helen Lockett
Results for the empirical analysis of the assembly tasks using DFA and basicMOST

Where’s Oxygen!

Akhil Kallepalli
3MT presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
May it be diagnostic medicine or surgical assistance, oxygen perfusion determination is one of the primary indicators of healthy tissue. In this talk, I will be discussing the utility and applications of non-contact oxygen estimation.

Interviews of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Officers

Jordan Nunan, Rebecca Milne, Andrea Shawyer, Dave Walsh & Ian Stanier
Poster presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
Intelligence led policing is deemed a proactive measure to counter criminal activity. The use of both overt and covert practices are used to support this proactive approach to policing England and Wales. There are a variety of methods that agencies can use to collect intelligence. First amongst collection capabilities is the discipline of HUMINT, the branch charged with eliciting intelligence through interaction with human sources, such...

How to Predict the Vibration Energy Dissipation of Bolted Joint?

Damien Lancereau
3MT presented at the 2017 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
The objective of this PhD is to investigate and understand the dynamics of joints in built-up structures. Currently, we do not understand the influence of the joints on the damping or the stiffness of a system. Our work will try to improve the quality of dynamics in finite element simulations. The aeronautic industry is currently limited in there design by the lake of dynamic joint model....

Searching for High Density Material in Cargo Containers Using Gravity Gradiometry

David Leahy
Poster presented at the 2016 Defence and Security Doctoral Symposium.
Imaging cargo containers at ports in this country is an important task, especially if they are being checked for possible fissile material. Some detection methods cannot be used as they are too destructive. A possible alternative is the use of gravity gradiometry - a non-destructive sensing technique which can provide better resolution than straightforward gravity readings, with the trade-off being less penetration power. The resulting inverse...

Landfill mining report_2016.pdf

Luisa Canopoli, Stuart Wagland & Frederic Coulon
An era of rising consumption has led to resource scarcity across major industries. One way to overcome this challenge and ascertain future supply of resources is recovery of landfilled material. This so-called landfilled mining may valorise previously discarded material streams for a number of purposes and contribute to a circular economy. Across England and Wales, there are more than 20,000 landfill sites of which 90% have been closed before 1996. Besides the general belief that...

Network on consumer goods, big data and re-distributed Manufacturing - RECODE Network

Mariale Moreno, Fiona Charnley & Ashutosh Tiwari
This document is a compilation of the work conducted as part of the RECODE Network.

Testing and Evaluation of Preference Marketplace Web Application

Samet Isaev, Mariale Moreno & Harris Makatsoris
Preference marketplace is digital crowdsourcing tool which employs game mechanics to engage consumers in order to understand their requirements and prioritise the most required product attributes and concepts. A number of case study including food and beverage products has been employed to test the performance of the platform. This platform is web application under development by the Harris Makatsoris research group. Workshops were organised by the Harris Makatsoris research group to collect data at Cranfield...

Digital Re-distributed Manufacturing (RdM) Studio

Ashutosh Tiwari, Christopher Turner, Mohamed Zaki, Doroteya Vladimirova & Martin Geibdorfer
This is one of five reports conducted as part of a feasibility study for the RECODE Network

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