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Confocal microscopy images

Confocal microscopy images: All of the samples after shear stress treatment were observed using Leica confocal microscopy. The images show fields of view under microscopy. Excel chart for data analysis: Bacterial counting was performed by the software Image J, and analysed using Excel.

Combined GWAS of metaformin glycaemic reponse in 1372 GoDARTS patients

Kaixin Zhou
This dataset includes the GWAS screening results that were used to the supplementary Figure 1 in the paper “Variation in the Glucose Transporter gene SLC2A2 is associated with glycaemic response to metformin” by Zhou et al. in Nature Genetics. Brief descriptions of the 12 columns in this file are in the following table. Column Descriptions SNP SNP identifier CHR Chromosome BP Base pair (NCBI build 36) EFFECT_ALLELE The effect allele NMISS Number of subjects in...

Chemical composition of different sources of petrol

Nic Daeid & Mat-Desa
Petrol samples were collected directly from nine different public fuelling stations in Glasgow, Scotland. Samples of 10, 25, 50, 75, 90, and 95% evaporated product were prepared, resulting in 63 samples in total which were analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry.

Ardler Inventor Days

Loraine Clarke & Nick Taylor
Anonymised data collected from a one-day Inventor Kits workshop held as part of the EPSRC Hacking for Situated Civic Engagement projects. The dataset includes transcripts of interviews held with participants and researchers after the event. Further information about this work can be found in: Taylor, N., Clarke, L., Skelly, M. and Nevay, S. (2018). Strategies for engaging communities in creating physical civic technologies. Proceedings of CHI 2018.

50 Salads

Stephen McKenna & Sebastian Stein
50 Salads Activity recognition research has shifted focus from distinguishing full-body motion patterns to recognizing complex interactions of multiple entities. Manipulative gestures - characterized by interactions between hands, tools, and manipulable objects - frequently occur in food preparation, manufacturing, and assembly tasks, and have a variety of applications including situational support, automated supervision, and skill assessment. With the aim to stimulate research on recognizing manipulative gestures we introduce the 50 Salads dataset. It captures 25...

Structural Characterisation of Printable Noble Metal/Poly(Vinyl-­‐ Alcohol) Nanocomposites for Optical Applications

Andrew Hourd, Richard Baker & Amin Abdolvand
In order to enable exploitation of noble metal/poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) nanocomposites for device fabrication, solutions of poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) suitable for piezo-­‐driven inkjet printing techniques are identified and discussed in terms of their material properties. The printable poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) medium is then exploited as a host material through the formation of silver or gold nanoparticles in order to create nanocomposites that exhibit a surface plasmon resonance behaviour associated with the small metallic inclusions. To mitigate some of the material redistribution...

Charting the Digital Lifespan Work Package 1 Interview Guides: Digital Experience at Life Transitions 2

Kathryn Orzech & Wendy Moncur
This file includes the interview guides from the EPSRC-funded Charting the Digital Lifespan project [PI: Moncur. EPSRC Reference EP/L00383X/1]. This project investigated digital personhood and digital experience at the life transitions of leaving secondary school, becoming a parent, and retiring from work in the UK. This file contains three Interview guides, used to structure interviews with individuals at each life transition point. The guides set out questions and also notes (including types of internet activity...

Open access data for 'Measurements of nonlinear lensing in a semiconductor disk laser gain sample under optical pumping and using a resonant femtosecond probe laser', Applied Physics Letters 109, 121113 (2016).

Adrian H. Quarterman, Shamil Mirkhanov, C. J. C. Smyth & Keith Wilcox
Data for figures 2a 2b 2c and 3 in Measurements of nonlinear lensing in a semiconductor disk laser gain sample under optical pumping and using a resonant femtosecond probe laser. Applied Physics Letters 109. 121113. 2016. Excel spreadsheet includes the data plotted in each figure section as labelled. See published manuscript for further detail.

Macro Micro Studio

Neil Burford, Rod Jones, Stephen Reynolds & David Rodley
Supplementary Information

Myosin II-mediated cell shape changes and cell intercalation contribute to primitive streak formation

Emil Rozbicki, Manli Chuai, Antti I. Karjalainen, Feifei Song, Helen M. Sang, René Martin, Hans-Joachim Knölker, Michael P. MacDonald & Cornelis J. Weijer
The dataset shown represents a timelapse sequence showing cell and tissue dynamics during primitive streak formation in chick embryo. The data were acquired using Myr-GFP embryos and a custom built light-sheet microscope. The sequence shows the developmental period covering the time interval from the freshly laid egg (stage EGXIII), prior to the onset of tissue movement until the end of the formation of the primitive streak (Stage HH4). Shown here is only one of the...

Figures in support of 27.5 W/m2 collection efficiency solar laser using a diffuse scattering cooling liquid

This is the recorded data corresponding to the graphs provided in the published paper “27.5 W/m2 collection efficiency solar laser using a diffuse scattering cooling liquid”. Figure 2A: The absorption as a function of ray incident angle for 98% and 0% diffuse reflectivity. Figure 2B: Modelled solar absorption in Nd:YAG rod as a function of reflectivity of diffuse scatterer in contact with the side wall of the rod. Figure 4: Modelled laser output power as...

Imprinting of Glass Fleming, Goldie & Abdolvand Opt Mater Express 2015

Lauren Fleming, David Goldie & Amin Abdolvand
A diffractive optical element is fabricated in soda-lime float glass using a simple and inexpensive process. The glass is sandwiched between a mesh anode (lattice constant 2 μm) and a flat metal cathode. Applying a direct current while at a moderately elevated temperature of 553 K induces thermal poling of the glass. The result is that the structured pattern of the electrode is imprinted on the glass as the electric field causes ion depleted regions...

Centrifuge test data - Influence of initial stress distribution on liquefaction induced settlement of shallow foundations

Daniele Bertalot & Andrew Brennan
The files are databases in Matlab format (.mat files). - Each file contains processed instrument readings relative to a given centrifuge test. Three datasets are given, relative to centrifuge test BD5, BD7 and BD8 respectively. - Each dataset consists of three variables: ACC (accelerometers readings), PPT (Pore Pressure Transducers readings), LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transducers readings). - variable ACC consists of a matrix of 15 columns: first column represents the reference time vector, while columns...

Positron annihilation studies of Zn-doped CdTe (Applied Physics Letters L16-01848R)

David Keeble, Gurmeet Kanda & Mohamed Rabeh Mohamed Abdellatif
Positron annihilation lifetime spectra, density functional theory input and output files, and trapping model data fitting.

Accelerometer localization

Stephen McKenna & Sebastian Stein
Accelerometer localization With accelerometers becoming increasingly ubiquitous (through, e.g., smartphones and tablets) there is a growing interest in fusing accelerometer data with visual data. Combining these sensor types has strong potential as they provide complementary information. While accelerometers capture subtleties in the movement of the device, computer vision may, for example, put this information into spatial context and into relation with other entities. This dataset captures the problem of localizing an accelerometer in the visual...

Consent and Inclusion of care home residents: Additional research materials, analysis and results

Marianne Dee & Vicki Hanson
This site contains information on the gathering of data (2016-17) from the residents of care homes for older people in the U.K. The study created a novel visual game activity to enhance engagement with residents, and a redesigned ethical consenting approach to be more accessible, equitable and inclusive. Described are the tools used to develop a visual method of interacting with vulnerable people to better facilitate interviews with them. This includes the research materials, the...

Tweets from #leadersdebate (2015 UK General Election TV Debates)

Nick Taylor
Tweets using #leadersdebate hashtag collected during ITV Leader's Debate on 2nd April 2015 in the lead-up to the 2015 UK General Election. 100 tweets were requested from the Search API every 30 seconds, beginning at the start of the debate and continuing for approximately 90 minutes afterwards. Retweets were excluded. 772 tweets (every 20th message) were analysed and are provided here. Due to licensing restrictions, only the tweet IDs can be made available. Users of...

Whole Genome Sequencing Variant Call Files for Trypanosoma brucei clones resistant to nifurtimox or fexinidazole

Alan Fairlamb, Bernado Foth & Matthew Berriman
Genomic DNA prepared from parental and drug resistant clones from T.brucei was sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer. The Illumina data were aligned against the T.brucei TREU927 reference genome and variants were called using SAMtools v0.1.19 and BCF tools. The files are in variant call format listing all 190064 genomic positions at which any one of the six drug-resistant and the parental parasite lines had a variant call.

Hackathon fieldwork 2016

Nick Taylor & Loraine Clarke
Fieldnotes and interviews from six hackathons attended as part of the "Hacking for Situated Civic Engagement" project. Further information about these events can be found in: Taylor, N. and Clarke, L.(2018). Everybody’s hacking: participation and the mainstreaming of hackathons. Proceedings of CHI 2018. Due to the wording of the ethics materials used, data can only be made to researchers. Further information about the conditions for access are available from the University of Dundee by writing...

Analysis of coupled axial and lateral deformation of roots in soil — figure data

Meijer , Muir Wood, Knappett, Bengough & Liang Teng
This data archive is linked to the following publication: ‘Analysis of coupled axial and lateral deformation of roots in soil’ by G.J. Meijer, D. Muir Wood, J.A. Knappett, A.G. Bengough and T. Liang, as published in the International Journal for Analytical and Numerical Methods in Geomechanics (https://doi.org/10.1002/nag.2880). This data achieve contains all data required to replot any graph in this manuscript (Figures 8-18 and 20-22). Note that this paper is covered by a CC-BY license,...

Audience and Expert Perspectives on Second Screens

Gorkovenko & Taylor
This dataset contains transcripts of co-design workshops and expert interviews carried out as part of a research project exploring how second screens (i.e. devices used while watching television) could be used to support engagement with televised political debates. We conducted four two-hour workshops with 18 participants in total, where they discussed the issues with political discourse online at large and the opportunities for second screens. The discussions were structured around four open-ended topics: (1) content,...

Chemical composition of different medium petroleum distillates (MPD)

Nic Daeid & Mat-Desa
Petrol samples were collected directly from nine different public fuelling stations in Glasgow, Scotland. Samples of 10, 25, 50, 75, 90, and 95% evaporated product were prepared, resulting in 63 samples in total which were analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry.

Multimodal Focused Interaction Dataset

Bano & McKenna
Recording of daily life experiences from a first-person perspective has become more prevalent with the increasing availability of wearable cameras and sensors. This dataset was captured during development of a system for automatic detection of social interactions in such data streams, and in particular focused interactions in which co-present individuals, having mutual focus of attention, interact by establishing face-to-face engagement and direct conversation. Existing public datasets for social interaction captured from first person perspective tend...

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