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Supporting data for: Superconducting and mechanical properties of low-temperature solders for joints

Yeekin Tsui, Ra'ad Mahmoud, Elizabeth Surrey & Damian Hampshire
All large superconducting applications require electrical connections between superconductors or between superconductors and other metallic parts of the systems. Such connections are essential components for these applications and are usually made by melting the solder (or soft soldering). In general, the melting point, electrical resistivity, mechanical and wetting properties and toxicity are all important criteria when choosing the best solder for a specific application. If the solder itself is superconducting under the operating conditions of...

Data for "Dressed-state electromagnetically induced transparency for light storage in uniform phase spin-waves"

Nikola Šibalić
We present, experimentally and theoretically, a scheme for dressed-state electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in a three-step cascade system where a four-level system is mapped into an effective three-level system. Theoretical analysis reveals that the scheme provides coherent state control via adiabatic following and provides a generalized protocol for light storage in uniform phase spin-waves that are insensitive to motional dephasing. The three-step driving enables a number of other features including spatial selectivity of the excitation...

A terahertz-driven non-equilibrium phase transition in a room temperature atomic vapour [dataset]

Kevin Weatherill
There are few demonstrated examples of phase transitions that may be driven directly by terahertz-frequency electric fields, and those that are known require field strengths exceeding 1MVcm−1. Here we report a non-equilibrium phase transition driven by a weak (≪ 1Vcm−1), continuous-wave terahertz electric field. The system consists of room-temperature caesium vapour under continuous optical excitation to a high-lying Rydberg state, which is resonantly coupled to a nearby level by the terahertz electric field. We use...

Comparison of Jc in GdBCO tape using Dc magnetisation and harmonic Ac susceptibility measurements [dataset]

Elizabeth Surrey, Seung Hyun Moon & Damian Hampshire
We have measured the critical current density (Jc) of a sample of SuNAM HTS tape using Ac Susceptibility (ACS) and Dc Magnetisation (DCM) techniques. In DCM measurements, inhomogeneity in the applied Dc field causes a systematic underestimate of Jc. The error in DCM measurements is characterized by the penetration parameter, gamma, and grows as Jc decreases. Using a harmonic ACS analysis, we have obtained more accurate measurements of Jc as a function of applied Dc...

Computer-aided patterning design for self-assembled microsphere lithography

Rhiannon Lees
In this paper, we use a finite difference time domain solver to simulate the near field optical properties of self-assembled microsphere arrays when exposed to an incoherent light source. Such arrays are typically used for microsphere lithography where each sphere acts as a ball lens, focusing ultraviolet light into an underlying photoresist layer. It is well known that arrays of circular features can be patterned using this technique. However, here, our simulations show that additional...

Durham RCUK Open Access Data Year 4 (Apr2016-Mar2017)

James Bisset, Sarah Hyland & Frederick W. F. Foulds
NOTE: In early 2017, RCUK changed their 'compliance reporting' year to match their 'financial reporting' year, so that both reflected the period April 1st to March 31st each year. This means that part of this Year 4 data will overlap with the previous year 3 compliance data.

Data for "A single-mode external cavity diode laser using an intra-cavity atomic Faraday filter with short-term linewidth <400 kHz and long-term stability of <1 MHz"

James Keaveney
We report on the development of a diode laser system - the `Faraday laser' - using an atomic Faraday filter as the frequency-selective element. In contrast to typical external-cavity diode laser systems which offer tunable output frequency but require additional control systems in order to achieve a stable output frequency, our system only lases at a single frequency, set by the peak transmission frequency of the internal atomic Farady filter. Our system has both short-term...

Generalized Dynamic Object Removal for Dense Stereo Vision Based Scene Mapping using Synthesised Optical Flow - Evaluation Dataset

O.K. Hamilton & Toby P. Breckon
Mapping an ever changing urban environment is a challenging task as we are generally interested in mapping the static scene and not the dynamic objects therein, such as cars and people. We propose a novel approach to the problem of dynamic object removal within stereo based scene mapping that is both independent of the underlying stereo approach in use and applicable to varying object motion relative to scene depth and camera motion. By leveraging both...

Data from "Effect of line broadening on the performance of Faraday filters"

M. A. Zentile, R. S. Mathew, J. Keaveney, D. J. Whiting, C. S. Adams & I. G. Hughes
Data files that underpins the article tiled "Effect of line broadening on the performance of Faraday filters". All data provided here are in the same units as used in the corresponding article, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Data from "Fluorescent Carbon Dot – Molecular Salt Hydrogels"

Angelina Cayuela, Stuart R. Kennedy, M. Laura Soriano, Christopher D. Jones, M. Laura Soriano, Miguel Valcárcel & Jonathan W. Steed
The incorporation of functionalised carbon nanodots within a novel low molecular weight salt hydrogel derived from 5-aminosalycilic acid is reported. The carbon dots result in markedly enhanced gelation properties, while inclusion within the hydrophobic gel results in a dramatic fluorescence enhancement for the carbon nanomaterials. The resulting hybrid CD Gels exhibit a useful sensor response for heavy metal ions, particularly Pb2+.

Direct loading of a large Yb MOT on the 1S0 → 3P1 transition(Data Files)

Alex Guttridge, Stephen Hopkins, Stefan Kemp, Danielle Boddy, Ruben Freytag, Matthew Jones, Michael Tarbutt, Ed Hinds & Simon Cornish
Data files used in "Fluorescence spectroscopy of an ytterbium atomic beam". For more information refer to the README.txt file included in data zip file.

Correlated magnetic oxides studied using muon-spin spectroscopy: Supporting data

Robert Williams & Tom Lancaster
Supporting data for the PhD thesis of R C Williams: "Correlated magnetic oxides studied using muon-spin spectroscopy"

Brownfield land dataset

Clare Bambra, Steve Robertson, Adetayo Kasim, Joe Smith, Jo Cairns, Alison Copeland, Nina Finlay & Karen Johnson
This dataset contains the relative proportion of brownfield land (or previously developed land) at Census Statistical Ward Level in England taken from 2009 National Land Use Database, age and sex standardised morbidity (from 2001 UK Census) and age and sex standardised all-cause premature mortality (below 75 years) from the Office for National Statistics (1998-2003)

Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells

Budhika Mendis, A.A. Taylor, J.D. Major, G. Kartopu, D. Lamb, J. Duenow, R.G. Dhere, X. Maeder, S.J.C. Irvine & K. Durose
Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells.

Rain Drop Image Data Set for Guo 2018 study - still image set

Tiancheng Guo
The presence of raindrop induced image distortion has a significant negative impact on the performance of a wide range of all-weather visual sensing applications including within the increasingly important contexts of visual surveillance and vehicle autonomy. A key part of this problem is robust raindrop detection such that the potential for performance degradation in effected image regions can be identified. Here we address the problem of raindrop detection in colour video imagery by considering three...

Absolute fluorescence and absorption measurements over a dynamic range of 1E6 with cavity-enhanced laser-induced fluorescence [dataset]

Scott E. Sanders, Oliver R. Willis, N. Hendrik Nahler & Eckart Wrede
The meta data is listed in the file Metadata.pdf included in the ZIP file.

Torso rotation and hand position modulation functional MRI [dataset]

Jason Connolly
The following three .zip files contain: 1. RawSaccadotopy data: Eyetracking data for an experiment in which an EyeLink 2 was used to record monocular eye position under one of three torso orientations (torso under head). The head position was always facing the screen. There were 5 runs per torso orientation (or 15 runs across the 3 experimental torso rotation conditions). R = Right; L = left and C = Center 2. HandCentredStudyRaw data: functional MRI...

Spin transport across the interface in ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic systems [dataset]

C Swindells
Understanding interfacial spin transport is key to developing magnetoelectonic devices, however the exact nature of parameters involved is unclear. Here, we report a detailed ferromagnetic reso- nance based spin-transport analysis on a variety of structures of both ferromagnetic (Co, CoFeB) and heavy metal layers (Pt, Ru) in order to fully quantify interfacial spin transport parameters. Enhanced spin-mixing conductance is observed for more closely matched ferromagnet and heavy metal crystal structures, and, significantly, inclusion of a...

Data from "Simulating spin dynamics in organic solids under heteronuclear decoupling"

Ilya Frantsuzov, Matthias Ernst, Steven P. Brown & Paul Hodgkinson
Abstract from article: Although considerable progress has been made in simulating the dynamics of multiple coupled nuclear spins, predicting the evolution of nuclear magnetisation in the presence of radio-frequency decoupling remains challenging. We use exact numerical simulations of the spin dynamics under simultaneous magic-angle spinning and RF decoupling to determine the extent to which numerical simulations can be used to predict the experimental performance of heteronuclear decoupling for the CW, TPPM and XiX sequences, using...

Dynamic Vorticity Banding in Discontinuously Shear Thickening Suspensions [software]

Rahul Chacko, Romain Mari, Michael Cates & Suzanne Fielding
It has recently been argued that steady-state vorticity bands cannot arise in shear thickening suspensions because the normal stress imbalance across the interface between the bands will set up particle migrations. In this Letter, we develop a simple continuum model that couples shear thickening to particle migration. We show by linear stability analysis that homogeneous flow is unstable towards vorticity banding, as expected, in the regime of negative constitutive slope. In full nonlinear computations, we...

Versatile Zeeman slower CsYb data

Stephen A. Hopkins, Kirsteen L. Butler, Alexander Guttridge, Stefan L. Kemp, Ruben Freytag, Ed A. Hinds, Michael R. Tarbutt & Simon L. Cornish
We describe the design, construction and operation of a versatile dual-species Zeeman slower for both Cs and Yb, which is easily adaptable for use with other alkali metals and alkaline earths. With the aid of analytic models and numerical simulation of decelerator action, we highlight several real-world problems affecting the performance of a slower and discuss effective solutions. To capture Yb into a magneto-optical trap (MOT), we use the broad 1S0 to 1P1 transition at...

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