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Citation Data Comparison [dataset]

James Bisset
Comparison of citation date for three published journal articles (2012,2015,2016) as provided by three sources: Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science. Data supporting blog post at https://dulib.home.blog/2019/07/17/i-am-not-a-number-i-am-a-free-man/

On the use of domain-based material point methods for problems involving large distortion [dataset]

Lei Wang, William Coombs & Charles Augarde
Challenging solid mechanics problems exist in areas such as geotechnical and biomedical engineering which require numerical methods that can cope with very large deformations, both stretches and torsion. One candidate for these problems is the Material Point Method (MPM), and to deal with stability issues the standard form of the MPM has been developed into new "domain-based" techniques which change how information is mapped between the computational mesh and the material points. The latest of...

Managing and sharing research data​ : an RDM training course [other]

Nicholas Syrotiuk
Part of a Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership (NINE DTP) workshop called "Making the most of your data," held at Durham on 09 July 2019.​

Quantum magnetism in molecular spin ladders probed with muon-spin spectroscopy [dataset]

Tom Lancaster, Fan Xiao, Ben Huddart, Robert Williams, Francis Pratt, Blundell, Stephen, , Stewart Clark, Robert Scheuermann, Tatsuo Goko, Simon Ward, Jamie Manson, Christian Ruegg & Karl Kramer
We present the results of muon-spin spectroscopy (μ+SR) measurements on the molecular spin ladder system (Hpip)2CuBr4(1−x)Cl4x, [Hpip=(C5H12N)]. Using transverse field μ+SR we are able to identify characteristic behaviour in each of the regions of the phase diagram of the x=0 strong-rung spin ladder system (Hpip)2CuBr4. Comparison of our results to those of the dimer-based molecular magnet Cu(pyz)(gly)(ClO4) shows several common features. We locate the crossovers in partially disordered (Hpip)2CuBr4(1−x)Cl4x (x=0.05), where a region of behaviour...

Yeavering, Northumberland, UK. Resource Assessment [dataset]

Tudor Skinner
This assessment report compiles existing information from a variety of sources pertinent to the multi-period archaeological site of Yeavering, Northumberland, UK. These sources of evidence are evaluated and synthesised and the report presents an overview of what we know and understand of the archaeology of Yeavering and its environs over time.

Modeling the Critical Current of Polycrystalline Superconducting Films in High Magnetic Fields [dataset]

Alexander I. Blair
We have performed simulations using time-dependent Ginzburg—Landau theory on a 2D polycrystalline system where grain boundaries are modelled as narrow regions with a locally reduced critical temperature (Tc). For the small system sizes investigated, we find that the critical current density (Jc) is not sensitive to changes in grain size until the grain size is sufficiently small that it limits the average superparticle density in the system through the proximity effect. Furthermore, once Tc in...

Could High H98-Factor Commercial Tokamak Power Plants Use Nb–Ti Toroidal Field Coils? [dataset]

S. B. L. Chislett-McDonald
In large engineering applications, materials that can fail by brittle fracture are avoided if there are practical, ductile alterna-tives. In recent years, advances in the experimental control and shaping of fusion energy plasmas have produced confinement times that are longer than the accepted IPB98(y,2) values (i.e. higher H98-factors). Detailed understanding of these enhancements in H98-factor is not available, but values as large as 1.5 - 1.8 may be possible [1, 2]. If such high values...

A parabolic level set reinitialisation method using a discontinuous Galerkin discretisation [figure data]

Thomas Adams, Nicholas McLeish, Stefano Giani & William M Coombs
Level set reinitialisation is a part of the level set methodology which allows one to generate, at any point during level set evolution, a level set function which is a signed distance function to its own zero isocontour. Whilst not in general a required condition, maintaining the level set function as a signed distance function is often desirable as it removes a known source of numerical instability. This paper presents a novel level set reinitialisation...

Coexistence of magnetic order and persistent spin dynamics in a quantum kagome antiferromagnet with no intersite mixing [dataset]

Andrej Zorko, Matej Pregelj, Martin Klanjšek, Matjaž Gomilšek, Zvonko Jagličić, James S. Lord, Joel A. T. Verezhak, Tian Shang, Wei Sun & Jin-Xiao Mi
One of the key questions concerning frustrated lattices that has lately emerged is the role of disorder in inducing spin-liquid-like properties. In this context, the quantum kagome antiferromagnet YCu3(OH)6Cl3, which has been recently reported as the first geometrically perfect realization of the kagome lattice with negligible magnetic/nonmagnetic intersite mixing and a possible quantum-spin-liquid ground state, is of particular interest. However, contrary to previous conjectures, here we show clear evidence of bulk magnetic ordering in this...

Wafer Defect Microscopy Enhancement using Perceptually Motivated Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Networks [dataset]

Russell Maguire
The silicon super-resolution (SiSR) network is a new convolutional neural network for enhancing the inspection of defects in silicon devices. This paper demonstrates how the proposed SiSR network is able to upscale microscopy images of patterns and defects by x4 in each direction, aiding inspection in small--medium scale device fabrication. The alignment cameras of a laser-writer were repurposed to capture a large dataset of patterned wafer microscopy examples at two different magnification factors, but small...

Dynamic Vorticity Banding in Discontinuously Shear Thickening Suspensions [software]

Rahul Chacko, Romain Mari, Michael Cates & Suzanne Fielding
It has recently been argued that steady-state vorticity bands cannot arise in shear thickening suspensions because the normal stress imbalance across the interface between the bands will set up particle migrations. In this Letter, we develop a simple continuum model that couples shear thickening to particle migration. We show by linear stability analysis that homogeneous flow is unstable towards vorticity banding, as expected, in the regime of negative constitutive slope. In full nonlinear computations, we...

Influence of soil grading on the hygro-mechanical properties of hyper-compacted earth for masonry construction [dataset]

Alessia Cuccurullo
This paper presents a study, at material scale, of the dependency between particle size distribution and the mechanical, hygroscopic and durability properties of compacted raw (unfired) earth for manufacturing bricks. Stiffness and strength are measured by unconfined compression tests while vapour adsorption/desorption is investigated by moisture buffering tests. In addition, the durability to water erosion is evaluated by immersion tests. All experiments were performed on cylindrical earth samples compacted at a very high pressure (100...

The effect of ambient humidity on the stiffness and strength of a hyper-compacted silty clay for earth building [dataset]

Alessia Cuccurullo
The effect of pore suction and water content on the engineering properties of partially saturated soils has been extensively studied by geotechnical researchers. It is well known that unsaturated soils become stiffer, stronger and less permeable as suction increases and saturation decreases. The results from these studies are however not directly applicable to the analysis of earth buildings, which are made of coarser soils compacted to a much denser state. The present paper investigates the...

Kondo screening in a charge-insulating spinon metal [dataset]

Matjaž Gomilšek, Rok Žitko, Martin Klanjšek, Martin Pregelj, Christopher Baines, Yuesheng Li, Qingming Zhang & Andrej Zorko
The Kondo effect, an eminent manifestation of many-body physics in condensed matter, is traditionally explained as exchange scattering of conduction electrons on a spinful impurity in a metal. The resulting screening of the impurity's local moment by the electron Fermi sea is characterized by a Kondo temperature TK, below which the system enters a strongly-coupled regime. In recent years, this effect has found its realizations beyond the bulk-metal paradigm in many other conduction-electron systems, such...

Ultra-high speed Terahertz imaging using atomic vapour [dataset]

Lucy Alexandra Downes, Kevin John Weatherill, Andrew Rae MacKellar, Daniel James Whiting, Charles S. Adams & Cyril Bourgenot

Optimisation of the coherence transfer delay in PSYCOSY experiments [dataset]

Alan Kenwright
We investigate by a combination of experimental measurements, Fokker-Planck theory simulations, and analytical predictions, the coherence evolution delay necessary in PSYCOSY experiments to ensure discrimination in favour of the larger correlations typically arising from short range (nJ, n<=3) 1H-1H couplings, and show that in general a coherence evolution delay of around 30 ms is optimum.

Self-Supervised Image Classification [dataset]

Patrice Carbonneau
This collection contains data and models for the Self-Supervised Classification workflow. Further information, and Python code, can be found in this GitHub repository: https://github.com/geojames/Self-Supervised-Classification

Advances in the use of biological stabilisers and hyper-compaction for sustainable earthen construction materials [dataset]

Alessia Cuccurullo
In the majority of cases, earthen construction materials for real buildings require amendment to deliver suitable material properties, which could be some additional strength or resilience to erosion. In modern earthen construction, in India, Australia and other parts of the world, cement and lime have been successfully used as stabilisers, providing both strength and durability benefits. However, the use of cement is detrimental to the green credentials of earthen construction materials, due to the large...

Recyclable Palladium Catalyst Cloths for Carbon–Carbon Coupling Reactions [dataset]

Matthew Wilson
Low loading palladium catalyst cloths have been prepared by surface complexation of palladium(II) chloride with plasmachemical imidazole functionalised non-woven polypropylene cloth. For Sonogashira, Mizoroki-Heck, and Suzuki-Miyaura carbon-carbon coupling reactions in conjunction with environmentally friendly solvents, high product yields (54%, 82%, and 99% respectively) and selectivities (99%, 93%, and greater than 99% respectively) have been measured. These palladium catalyst cloths show low levels of metal leaching and can be recycled multiple times.

Data management plans (DMPs and maDMPs) [other]

Nicholas Syrotiuk
Slides available on Prezi.com until we pay to download them in a proprietary file format: https://prezi.com/p/udmgch_km-mb

Multifaceted design optimisation for superomniphobic surfaces [dataset]

Jack Panter & Halim Kusumaatmaja
This dataset contains the simulated data for the contact angle hysteresis (CAH), critical pressures, critical heights, transition state energies, and genetic algorithm populations presented in the results and discussions of the main text and supplementary material of: Panter, J. R., Gizaw, Y., and Kusumaatmaja, H., Multifaceted design optimisation for superomniphobic surfaces, Science Advances, 2019.

Shear reversal in dense suspensions: the challenge to fabric evolution models from simulation data [software]

Rahul Chacko, Romain Mari, Suzanne Fielding & Michael Cates
Dense suspensions of hard particles are important as industrial or environmental materials (e.g. fresh concrete, food, paint or mud). To date, most constitutive models developed to describe them are, explicitly or effectively, ‘fabric evolution models’ based on: (i) a stress rule connecting the macroscopic stress to a second-rank microstructural fabric tensor 𝙌 ; and (ii) a closed time-evolution equation for 𝙌 . In dense suspensions, most of the stress comes from short-ranged pairwise steric or...

3D Properties in (RE)BCO Tapes measured in Fields up to 35 T [dataset]

Satoshi Awaji, Elizabeth Surrey, Tatsunori Okada & Mark J. Raine
We have measured the temperature and angular dependence of the upper critical field (B¬_C2) for three state of the art (RE)BCO HTS tapes using variable-temperature ac susceptibility measurements in applied fields up to 35 T. The three tapes measured were a Fujikura tape without artificial pinning centers and Superpower tapes with and without artificial pinning centers. We have obtained fits to our B_C2 (T,θ) data using both the anisotropic Ginzburg-Landau (G-L) model and Klemm’s model...

Magnetic order and enhanced exchange in the quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based antiferromagnet Cu(NO3)2(pyz)3 [dataset]

Tom Lancaster, Benjamin M Huddart, Jamie Brambleby, Paul A Goddard, Fan Xiao, Stephen J Blundell, Francis L Pratt, John Singleton, Piero Macchi, Rebecca Scatena, Alyssa M Barton & Jamie L Manson
The quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based Heisenberg antiferromagnet Cu(NO3)2(pyz)3 has an intrachain coupling J = 13.7(1) K and exhibits a state of long-range magnetic order below TN = 0.105(1) K. The ratio of interchain to intrachain coupling is estimated to be |J′/J| = 3.3 × 10−3, demonstrating a high degree of isolation for the Cu chains.

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