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Dynamic Morphologies and Stability of Droplet Interface Bilayers [dataset and software]

Benjamin Guiselin, Jack O Law, Buddhapriya Chakrabarti & Halim Kusumaatmaja
We develop a theoretical framework for understanding dynamic morphologies and stability of droplet interface bilayers (DIBs), accounting for lipid kinetics in the monolayers and bilayer, and droplet evaporation due to imbalance between osmotic and Laplace pressures. Our theory quantitatively describes distinct pathways observed in experiments when DIBs become unstable. We find that when the timescale for lipid desorption is slow compared to droplet evaporation, the lipid bilayer will grow and the droplets approach a hemispherical...

Direct measurement of excited-state dipole matrix elements using electromagnetically induced transparency in the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime

Daniel J Whiting, James Keaveney, Charles S Adams & Ifan G Hughes
The folder "transmission-spectra" contains the raw data files (in CSV format) for the transmission signal of the probe beam along with files named etalon and reference which were used in the frequency calibration of the transmission spectra. The folder "beam-profiles" contains the raw images of the probe and control beams in BMP format.

Segments of straws [dataset]

Zhenning Liu
Each row of the file represents one segment. The first two columns are x-coordinates and y-coordinates of beginning points of each segment and the third, fourth columns are coordinates of endpoints. The fifth and sixth columns are m and b values of the straight line function y=mx+b of segments.

Relating Molecular Morphology to Charge Mobility in Semi-Crystalline Conjugated Polymers: Underpinning data

Matthew Jones, Buddhapriya Charkrabarti & David Huang
The dataset.zip file contains four sets of data used in the Journal of Physical Chemistry paper to which this DOI is linked. These are - Crystal data; Charge transport data; charge transport input data (morphologies); paracrystallinity data. Each sub directory contains a short .txt file to assist interpreting the data.

A terahertz-driven non-equilibrium phase transition in a room temperature atomic vapour [dataset]

Kevin Weatherill
There are few demonstrated examples of phase transitions that may be driven directly by terahertz-frequency electric fields, and those that are known require field strengths exceeding 1MVcm−1. Here we report a non-equilibrium phase transition driven by a weak (≪ 1Vcm−1), continuous-wave terahertz electric field. The system consists of room-temperature caesium vapour under continuous optical excitation to a high-lying Rydberg state, which is resonantly coupled to a nearby level by the terahertz electric field. We use...

Coexistence of magnetic order and persistent spin dynamics in a quantum kagome antiferromagnet with no intersite mixing [dataset]

Andrej Zorko, Matej Pregelj, Martin Klanjšek, Matjaž Gomilšek, Zvonko Jagličić, James S. Lord, Joel A. T. Verezhak, Tian Shang, Wei Sun & Jin-Xiao Mi
One of the key questions concerning frustrated lattices that has lately emerged is the role of disorder in inducing spin-liquid-like properties. In this context, the quantum kagome antiferromagnet YCu3(OH)6Cl3, which has been recently reported as the first geometrically perfect realization of the kagome lattice with negligible magnetic/nonmagnetic intersite mixing and a possible quantum-spin-liquid ground state, is of particular interest. However, contrary to previous conjectures, here we show clear evidence of bulk magnetic ordering in this...

Rydberg-Dressed Magneto-Optical Trap [dataset]

N. C. Jackson, A.D. Bounds, R.K. Hanley, R. Faoro, E.M. Bridge, P. Huillery & M. P. A. Jones
Data supporting the publication "Rydberg-Dressed Magneto-Optical Trap". Contains data for each of the Figures 1-5 shown in the main text.

Biaxial Strain Measurements of Jc on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor [dataset]

Jack Richard Greenwood, Elizabeth Surrey & Damian Hampshire
The attached dataset contains all data plotted in the figures published in: Greenwood, Jack R, Surrey, Elizabeth & Hampshire, Damian (2018) Biaxial Strain Measurements of JC on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 28, Issue: 4, June 2018) Please see the README.txt file inside the .zip file for a more detailed description of the contents. Jack Greenwood March 2018 email: jack.r.greenwood@durham.ac.uk

Electrical and mechanical diagnostic indicators of wind turbine induction generator rotor faults [dataset]

Donatella Zappalá
In MW-sized wind turbines, the most widely-used generator is the wound rotor induction machine, with a partially-rated voltage source converter connected to the rotor. This generator is a significant cause of wind turbine fault modes. In this paper, a harmonic time-stepped generator model is applied to derive wound rotor induction generator electrical & mechanical signals for fault measurement, and propose simple closed-form analytical expressions to describe them. Predictions are then validated with tests on a...

Ultracold collisions of Cs in excited hyperfine and Zeeman states [dataset]

Matthew D. Frye
We investigate Cs+Cs scattering in excited Zeeman and hyperfine states. We calculate the real and imaginary parts of the s-wave scattering length; the imaginary part directly provides the rate coefficient for 2-body inelastic loss, while the real part allows us to identify regions of magnetic field where 3-body recombination will be slow. We identify field regions where Cs in its (f,mf)=(3,+2) and (3,+1) states may be stable enough to allow Bose-Einstein condensation, and additional regions...

Data for The Association of Defensin HNP-2 with Negatively Charged Membranes: A Combined Fluorescence and Linear Dichroism Study

John Sanderson, Catherine Pridmore & Alison Rodger
Data generated during a study of defensin HNP-2 association with lipid membranes. Data are grouped by experiment. Information on files is located in each experiment directory, and in some cases where appropriate, in individual directories and files. Data types include: fluorescence (Figs. 2, 4, 6, S1); Linear Dichroism (Fig. 5, S8); Dichrocalc (Fig. 10, 11); APBS (Fig. 12, S17); FRET (Fig. S2, S3); DLS (Fig. S4, S5); DSC (Fig. S6); Circular Dichroism (Fig. S7).

Data Supporting "Interfacial Structure Dependent Spin Mixing Conductance in Cobalt Thin Films", Physical Review Letters 115, 056601 (2015)

Mustafa Tokac, Sergiy Bunyaev, Gleb Kakazei, David Schmool, Del Atkinson & Aidan Hindmarch
Enhancement of Gilbert damping in polycrystalline cobalt thin-film multilayers of various thicknesses, overlayered with copper or iridium, was studied in order to understand the role of local interface structure in spinpumping. X-ray diffraction indicates that cobalt films less than 6 nm thick have strong fcc(111) texture while thicker films are dominated by hcp(0001) structure. The intrinsic damping for cobalt thicknesses above 6 nm is weakly dependent on cobalt thickness for both overlayer materials, and below...

Extending Deep Neural Network Trail Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation within the Forest Canopy - Evaluation [dataset]

Bruna G. Maciel-Pearson & Toby P. Breckon
Autonomous flight within a forest canopy represents a key challenge for generalised scene understanding on-board a future Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms. Here we present an approach for automatic trail navigation within such an unstructured environment that successfully generalises across differing image resolutions - allowing UAV with a varying sensor payload capabilities to operate equally in such challenging environmental conditions. Specifically, this work presents an optimised deep neural network architecture, capable of state-of-the-art performance across...

Rain Drop Image Data Set for Guo 2018 study - still image set

Tiancheng Guo
The presence of raindrop induced image distortion has a significant negative impact on the performance of a wide range of all-weather visual sensing applications including within the increasingly important contexts of visual surveillance and vehicle autonomy. A key part of this problem is robust raindrop detection such that the potential for performance degradation in effected image regions can be identified. Here we address the problem of raindrop detection in colour video imagery by considering three...

Absolute fluorescence and absorption measurements over a dynamic range of 1E6 with cavity-enhanced laser-induced fluorescence [dataset]

Scott E. Sanders, Oliver R. Willis, N. Hendrik Nahler & Eckart Wrede
The meta data is listed in the file Metadata.pdf included in the ZIP file.

Data for the paper: GMP polyamine hybrid hydrogels-enhanced gel strength probed by z-spectroscopy

Juan A. Aguilar Malavia, Raquel Belda Vidal, Jonathan W. Steed, Gareth A. Morris & Enrique Garcia-España
The self-assembling tendencies of guanosine-5’-monophosphate (GMP) can be drastically increased using polyamines, with potential applications in the production of biocompatible smart materials, as well as for the design of anti-tumoral drugs based on G-quadruplex tabilization. Results from scanning electron microscopy (SEM), wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS), rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) z-spectroscopy studies are presented.

Spin-orbit coupled interferometry with ring–trapped Bose–Einstein condensates: supporting data

John L. Helm, Thomas P. Billam, Ana Rakonjac, Simon L. Cornish & Simon A. Gardiner
We propose a method of atom-interferometry using a spinor Bose–Einstein (BEC) and the well-established experimental technique of time-varying magnetic fields as a coherent beam-splitter. Our protocol creates long-lived superpositional counterflow states, which are of fundamental interest and can be made sensitive to both the Sagnac effect and magnetic fields on the sub micro-Gauss scale. We split a ring-trapped condensate, initially in the m f = 0 hyperfine sub-level, into superpositions of both internal spin state...

Comparison of Jc in GdBCO tape using Dc magnetisation and harmonic Ac susceptibility measurements [dataset]

Elizabeth Surrey, Seung Hyun Moon & Damian Hampshire
We have measured the critical current density (Jc) of a sample of SuNAM HTS tape using Ac Susceptibility (ACS) and Dc Magnetisation (DCM) techniques. In DCM measurements, inhomogeneity in the applied Dc field causes a systematic underestimate of Jc. The error in DCM measurements is characterized by the penetration parameter, gamma, and grows as Jc decreases. Using a harmonic ACS analysis, we have obtained more accurate measurements of Jc as a function of applied Dc...

NURBS plasticity: non-associated plastic flow [figure data]

W.M. Coombs & Y. Ghaffari Motlagh
This paper extends the non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) plasticity frame- work of Coombs et al. [11] and Coombs and Ghaffari Motlagh [10] to include non-associated plastic flow. The NURBS plasticity approach allows any smooth isotropic yield envelope to be represented by a NURBS surface whilst the numerical algorithm (and code) remains unchanged. This paper provides the full theoretical and algorithmic basis of the non-associated NURBS plasticity approach and demonstrates the predictive capability of the...

Production of ultracold Cs*Yb molecules by photoassociation [dataset]

Alex Guttridge
Data files used in the publication "Production of ultracold Cs*Yb molecules by photoassociation"

Data Supporting 'Understanding the role of damping and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on dynamic domain wall behaviour in platinum-ferromagnet nanowires', Scientific Reports 7: 4569 (2017)

A.T. Hindmarch
(Abstract from article) Heavy metal layers, exemplified by Pt, are known to play a significant role in the magnetization behaviour of thin-film ferromagnets by three distinct mechanisms that can each contribute to the reversal process. These include modifying the local magnetization state via an interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (IDMI), enhancement of the damping, via d-d hybridisation and spin-pumping across the interface, and the mediation of the magnetization switching, with the flow of current through a system,...

Bioinspired Breathable Architecture Data Archive

Rowan M Von Spreckelsen & Matthew T Harris
Abstract from paper: Thuja plicata is a coniferous tree which displays remarkable water channelling properties. In this article, an easily fabricated mesh inspired by the hierarchical macro surface structure of Thuja plicata branchlets is described which emulates this efficient water collection behaviour. The key parameters are shown to be the pore size, pore angle, mesh rotation, tilt angle (branch droop) and layering (branch overlap). Envisaged societal applications include water harvesting and low cost breathable architecture...

Coulomb anti-blockade in a Rydberg dressed gas [dataset]

Alistair Bounds & Matther Jones
We perform a comprehensive investigation of the coupling between a Rydberg-dressed atomic gas and an ultra-cold plasma. Using simultaneous timeresolved measurements of both neutral atoms and ions, we show that plasma formation occurs via a Coulomb anti-blockade mechanism, in which background ions DC Stark shift nearby atoms into resonance at specific distances. The result is a highly correlated growth of the Rydberg population that shares some similarities with that previously observed for van der Waals...

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