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Thesis supplementary data: Laser cooling and optical trapping of Ytterbium

Stefan Kemp
This thesis presents the development of an experimental apparatus designed to investigate the ultracold collisional properties for mixtures of Cs and Yb, with a long-term view to the creation of ultracold CsYb molecules via indirect cooling methods. The unpaired electron spin that is inherent to molecules of this form gives rise to a magnetic dipole moment in addition to a ground state electric dipole moment. This enables extra control over molecular interactions and should enable...

Influence of soil grading on the hygro-mechanical properties of hyper-compacted earth for masonry construction [dataset]

Alessia Cuccurullo
This paper presents a study, at material scale, of the dependency between particle size distribution and the mechanical, hygroscopic and durability properties of compacted raw (unfired) earth for manufacturing bricks. Stiffness and strength are measured by unconfined compression tests while vapour adsorption/desorption is investigated by moisture buffering tests. In addition, the durability to water erosion is evaluated by immersion tests. All experiments were performed on cylindrical earth samples compacted at a very high pressure (100...

Segments of straws [dataset]

Zhenning Liu
Each row of the file represents one segment. The first two columns are x-coordinates and y-coordinates of beginning points of each segment and the third, fourth columns are coordinates of endpoints. The fifth and sixth columns are m and b values of the straight line function y=mx+b of segments.

Biaxial Strain Dependence of Jc of a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor at 77 K in Low Fields [Dataset]

Jack R Greenwood
The attached dataset contains all of the data plotted in the figures in the article: Greenwood, Jack R, Surrey, Elizabeth & Hampshire, Damian (2019) 'The Biaxial Strain Dependence of Jc of a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor at 77 K in Low Fields,' IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 29, Issue: 5, August 2019). Please see the README.txt file inside the .zip file for a more detailed description of the contents. Jack Greenwood March 2019 email: jack.r.greenwood@durham.ac.uk

Data Supporting "Interfacial Structure Dependent Spin Mixing Conductance in Cobalt Thin Films", Physical Review Letters 115, 056601 (2015)

Mustafa Tokac, Sergiy Bunyaev, Gleb Kakazei, David Schmool, Del Atkinson & Aidan Hindmarch
Enhancement of Gilbert damping in polycrystalline cobalt thin-film multilayers of various thicknesses, overlayered with copper or iridium, was studied in order to understand the role of local interface structure in spinpumping. X-ray diffraction indicates that cobalt films less than 6 nm thick have strong fcc(111) texture while thicker films are dominated by hcp(0001) structure. The intrinsic damping for cobalt thicknesses above 6 nm is weakly dependent on cobalt thickness for both overlayer materials, and below...

Excitation of knotted vortex lines in matter waves: Supporting data

F. Maucher, Simon A. Gardiner & Ifan G. Hughes
Supporting data for the publication http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.01012, "Excitation of knotted vortex lines in matter waves". Authors: Fabian Maucher, Simon A. Gardiner, Ifan G. Hughes.

Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells

Budhika Mendis, A.A. Taylor, J.D. Major, G. Kartopu, D. Lamb, J. Duenow, R.G. Dhere, X. Maeder, S.J.C. Irvine & K. Durose
Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells.

Intercombination Effects in Dipole-Mediated Energy Transfer (Data Files)

Christophe Vaillant, Robert Potvliege & Matt Jones
Data files to accompany the article entitled "Intercombination Effects in Dipole-Mediated Energy Transfer". Data files include all data used in the generation of the figures shown in the article. For more information, please see the article in question, or refer to the README.txt file

Data from: "Intrinsic Optical Bistability in a Strongly-Driven Rydberg Ensemble"

Natalia R. De Melo, Nikola Šibalić, Christopher G. Wade, Jorge M. Kondo, Charles S. Adams & Kevin J. Weatherill

Measuring the disorder of vortex lattices in a Bose-Einstein condensate: supporting data

A. Rakonjac, A. L. Marchant, T. P. Billam, J. L. Helm, M. M. H. Yu, S. A. Gardiner & S. L. Cornish
We report observations of the formation and subsequent decay of a vortex lattice in a Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a hybrid optical-magnetic trap. Vortices are induced by rotating the anharmonic magnetic potential that provides confinement in the horizontal plane. We present simple numerical techniques based on image analysis to detect vortices and analyse their distributions. We use these methods to quantify the amount of order present in the vortex distribution as it transitions from a...

Atomic Faraday filter with equivalent noise bandwidth less than 1 GHz: Data

M. A. Zentile, J. Keaveney, D. J. Whiting, C. S. Adams & I. G. Hughes
Filter spectra and optimisation results

Data for "Rationalising heteronuclear decoupling in refocussing applications of solid-state NMR"

Paul Hodgkinson & Ilya Frantsuzov
Factors affecting the performance of 1H heteronuclear decoupling sequences for magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR of organic solids are explored, as observed by time constants for the decay of nuclear magnetisation under a spin-echo (T2'). Using a common protocol over a wide range of experimental conditions, including very high magnetic fields and very high radio-frequency (RF) nutation rates, decoupling performance is observed to degrade consistently with increasing magnetic field. Inhomogeneity of the RF field is found...

Supporting data: Mechanism for the uniaxial strain dependence of the critical current in practical REBCO tapes

Kozo Osamura, Shutaro Machiya & Damian Hampshire
Abstract form paper: In order to elucidate the effect of uniaxial strain on the critical current of practical REBCO tapes (REBa2Cu3O7−d , RE = Y and Gd) fabricated by Superpower and SuNAM, two types of critical current measurements were carried out. In the first, the tape sample was attached directly to a universal testing machine and pulled under a tensile load. In the second, the tape was soldered to a Cu–Be springboard and then attached...

A high-order elliptic PDE based level set reinitialisation method using a discontinuous Galerkin discretisation [figure data]

Thomas Adams, Stefano Giani & William M Coombs
Abstract from paper: In this paper, an efficient, high-order accurate, level set reinitialisation method is proposed, based on the elliptic reinitialisation method (Basting and Kuzmin, 2013), which is discretised spatially using the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) symmetric interior penalty method (SIPG). In order to achieve this a number of improvements have been made to the elliptic reinitialisation method including; reformulation of the underlying minimisation problem driving the solution; adoption of a Lagrange multiplier approach for enforcing...

Supporting datasets for: Contactless nonlinear optics mediated by long-range Rydberg interactions

Hannes Busche, Paul Huillery, Simon W. Ball, Teodora V. Ilieva, Matthew P. A. Jones & Charles S. Adams

Torso rotation and hand position modulation functional MRI [dataset]

Jason Connolly
Please download this dataset from DU Box as follows: https://durhamuniversity.box.com/s/woibn9xp2q00vbn6p20h2f1eeckv72j3 Note: Login is *not* required.

Optimisation of the coherence transfer delay in PSYCOSY experiments [dataset]

Alan Kenwright
We investigate by a combination of experimental measurements, Fokker-Planck theory simulations, and analytical predictions, the coherence evolution delay necessary in PSYCOSY experiments to ensure discrimination in favour of the larger correlations typically arising from short range (nJ, n<=3) 1H-1H couplings, and show that in general a coherence evolution delay of around 30 ms is optimum.

Finding spin-glass ground states using quantum walks [dataset]

Adam Callison
This file contains the numerical data supporting the numerical data supporting arXiv:1903.05003, the abstract used here is the abstract of that paper.

Supporting Data for Pharmaceutical Polymorph Control in a Drug-Mimetic Supramolecular Gel

Jonathan A. Foster, Krishna K. Damodaran, Antoine Maurin, Graeme M. Day, Hugh P. G. Thompson, Gary S. Cameron, Jenifer Cuestra & Jonathan W. Steed
We report the synthesis of a bis(urea) gelator designed to specifically mimic the chemical structure of the highly polymorphic drug substance ROY. Crystallization of ROY from toluene gels of this gelator results in the formation of the metastable red form instead of the thermodynamic yellow polymorph. In contrast, all other gels and solution control experimetns give the yellow form. Conformational and crystal structure prediction methods have been used to propose the structure of the gel...

Substrate-Independent Epitaxial Growth of the Metal–Organic Framework MOF-508a. [dataset]

Matthew Wilson
Plasmachemical deposition is a substrate-independent method for the conformal surface functionalization of solid substrates. Structurally well-defined pulsed plasma deposited poly(1-allylimidazole) layers provide surface imidazole linker groups for the directed liquid-phase epitaxial (layer-by-layer) growth of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) at room temperature. For the case of microporous [Zn (benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate)-(4,4′-bipyridine)0.5] (MOF-508), the MOF-508a polymorph containing two interpenetrating crystal lattice frameworks undergoes orientated Volmer–Weber growth and displays CO2 gas capture behavior at atmospheric concentrations in proportion to the number...

Quantum magnetism in molecular spin ladders probed with muon-spin spectroscopy [dataset]

Tom Lancaster, Fan Xiao, Ben Huddart, Robert Williams, Francis Pratt, Blundell, Stephen, , Stewart Clark, Robert Scheuermann, Tatsuo Goko, Simon Ward, Jamie Manson, Christian Ruegg & Karl Kramer
We present the results of muon-spin spectroscopy (μ+SR) measurements on the molecular spin ladder system (Hpip)2CuBr4(1−x)Cl4x, [Hpip=(C5H12N)]. Using transverse field μ+SR we are able to identify characteristic behaviour in each of the regions of the phase diagram of the x=0 strong-rung spin ladder system (Hpip)2CuBr4. Comparison of our results to those of the dimer-based molecular magnet Cu(pyz)(gly)(ClO4) shows several common features. We locate the crossovers in partially disordered (Hpip)2CuBr4(1−x)Cl4x (x=0.05), where a region of behaviour...

Imposition of essential boundary conditions in the material point method (figure data)

Michael Cortis, Charles Augarde, William Coombs, Scott Robinson, Andrews Brennan & Michael Brown
There is increasing interest in the Material Point Method (MPM) as a means of modelling solid mechanics problems in which very large deformations occur, e.g. in the study of landslides and metal forming, however some aspects vital to wider use of the method have to date been ignored, in particular methods for imposing essential boundary conditions in the case where the problem domain boundary does not coincide with the background grid element edges. In this...

ElecSus: extension to arbitrary geometry magneto-optics [dataset and software]

James Keaveney, Charles Adams & Ifan Hughes
An alternative to the GitHub repositories for the ElecSus codes and test data, also available at https://github.com/jameskeaveney/ElecSus and https://github.com/jameskeaveney/ElecSusTestData

Rydberg-Dressed Magneto-Optical Trap [dataset]

N. C. Jackson, A.D. Bounds, R.K. Hanley, R. Faoro, E.M. Bridge, P. Huillery & M. P. A. Jones
Data supporting the publication "Rydberg-Dressed Magneto-Optical Trap". Contains data for each of the Figures 1-5 shown in the main text.

Pretrained Neural Network Models for Guo 2018 study - TensorFlow format

Tiancheng Guo
The presence of raindrop induced image distortion has a significant negative impact on the performance of a wide range of all-weather visual sensing applications including within the increasingly important contexts of visual surveillance and vehicle autonomy. A key part of this problem is robust raindrop detection such that the potential for performance degradation in effected image regions can be identified. Here we address the problem of raindrop detection in colour video imagery by considering three...

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