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Modifications to the ECMWF WAM code

Jean-Raymond Bidlot, B. Hansen & Peter Janssen

A TIGR-like atmospheric profile database for accurate radiative flux computation

F. Chevallier, A. Chedin, F. Chéruy & J.-J. Morcrette

The value of targeted observations - Part III: Influence of different weather regimes.

Carla Cardinali, Roberto Buizza, G.A. Kelly, M. Shapiro & Jean-Noël Thépaut

Metview’s new user interface

Sandor Kertész & I. Russell

A multivariate treatment of bias for sequential data assimilation: application to the tropical oceans.

Magdalena Alonso-Balmaseda, D.P. Dee, A. Vidard & D.L.T. Anderson

A comparison of ETKF Targeting Guidance with ECMWF and NRL TE-SVs Targeting Guidance

S. Majumdar, C.H. Bishop, Roberto Buizza & R. Gelaro

Parametrization of convective gusts

Peter Bechtold & Jean-Raymond Bidlot

Data assimilation in weather forecasting: a case study in PDE-constrained optimization

Mike Fisher, J. Nocedal, Y. Trémolet & S.J. Wright

The MACC Global Fire Assimilation System: First Emission Products (GFASv0)

J. Kaiser, Johannes Flemming, M.G. Schultz, Martin Suttie & M.J. Wooster

A Strategy for Data Assimilation

Massimo Bonavita, Y. Trémolet, Elias Hólm, S. Lang, Marcin Chrust, Marta Janiskova, Philippe Lopez, Patrick Laloyaux, Patricia de Rosnay, Mike Fisher, M. Hamrud & Stephen English

CERA-20C: An Earth system approach to climate reanalysis

Patrick Laloyaux, Eric de Boisseson & Per Dahlgren

The 2015/2016 El Niño and beyond

Tim Stockdale, Magdalena Balmaseda & Laura Ferranti

Impact of the representation of the infiltration on the river flow during intense rainfall events in Jules

C. Largeron, H.L. Cloke, A. Verhoef, A. Martinez-de-la-Torre & Anna Mueller-Quintino

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