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Is preparing for a language switch like preparing for a task switch? (dataset)

A Lavric, A Clapp, A East, H Elchlepp & S Monsell

Microscope calibration using laser written fluorescence (dataset)

AD Corbett, M Shaw, A Yacoot, A Jefferson, L Schermelleh, T Wilson, M Booth & PS Salter

Model derived uncertainties in deep ocean temperature trends between 1990-2010 (dataset)

FK Garry, E McDonagh, A Blaker, C Roberts, D Desbruyeres, E Frajka-Williams & B King

UK lung cancer screening model

TM Snowsill, H Yang, E Griffin, HL Long, J Varley-Campbell, H Coelho, S Robinson & C Hyde

Investigating the nature of chiral near-field interactions (dataset)

Lauren E. Barr, Simon A. R. Horsley, Ian R. Hooper, Jake K. Eager, Cameron P. Gallagher, Samuel M. Hornett, Alastair P. Hibbins & Euan Hendry

Simulating the cloudy atmospheres of HD 209458 b and HD 189733 b with the 3D Met Office Unified Model (dataset)

S Lines, NJ Mayne, I Boutle, J Manners, G Lee, C Helling, B Drummond, D Amundsen, J Goyal, D Acreman, P Tremblin & M Kerslake

Cardiopulmonary responses to maximal aerobic exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis (dataset)

CAP Williams, K Wedgwood, H Mohammadi, K Prouse, O Tomlinson & K Tsaneva

Collagen reorganization in cartilage under strain probed by polarization sensitive Second Harmonic Generation microscopy (dataset)

Jessica Mansfield, Vipul Mandalia, Andrew Toms, C. Peter Winlove & Sophie Brasselet

Generic Grid of Transmission Spectra

Jayesh Goyal, Hannah Wakeford, Nathan Mayne, Nikole Lewis, Benjamin Drummond & David Sing

Reliable, resilient and sustainable urban drainage systems: an analysis of robustness under deep uncertainty (dataset)

Arturo Casal-Campos, Seyed M. K. Sadr, Guangtao Fu & David Butler

Investigation of the coupling between tunable split-ring resonators (dataset)

M Baraclough, IR Hooper & WL Barnes

Health in fishing communities: A global perspective (dataset)

Anna Woodhead, Rachel Turner, Kirsten Abernethy & Lucy Szaboova

Design and fabrication of plasmonic cavities for magneto-optical sensing (dataset)

THJ Loughran, J Roth, PS Keatley, E Hendry, WL Barnes, RJ Hicken, JF Einsle, A Amy, W Hendren, RM Bowman & P Dawson

Molecular dynamics simulations disclose early stages of the photo-activation of cryptochrome 4 (dataset)

Daniel R. Kattnig, Claus Nielsen & Ilia A. Solov'yov

The relationship between social rank and spatial learning in pheasants, Phasianus colchicus: Cause or consequence? (dataset)

Ellis Langley, Jayden Van Horik, Mark Whiteside, Christine Beardsworth & Joah Madden

Late Holocene sea-level changes in eastern Québec and potential drivers (dataset)

RL Barnett, P Bernatchez, M Garneau, MJ Brain, DJ Charman, DB Stephenson, S Haley & N Sanderson

The acoustic phase resonances and surface waves supported by a compound rigid grating (dataset)

J Beadle, T Starkey, J Dockrey, Sambles & A Hibbins

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