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Structure of the Lusaka fresh product market in Zambia

Munguzwe Hichaambwa
Structure of the Lusaka fresh product market in Zambia

Higher frequency of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ancestral EAI strains, in the northern region of Brazil, as compared to previous studies in South America and Brazil

Emilyn Costa Conceição, Maria Luíza Lopes, Nalin Rastogi, David Couvin, Ismari Perini Furlaneto, Harrison Magdinier Gomes, Sidra Ezídio Gonçalves Vasconcellos, Suffys Philip Noel, Maria Paula Cruz Schneider, Maísa Silva De Sousa, Christophe Sola, Ricardo José De Paula Souza E Guimarães, Rafael Silva Duarte & Karla Valeria Lima
Background: Rare genotyping information is available for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) strains circulating in the Northern part of Brazil, including the state of Pará.

Methods: Thus, we characterized the MTBC clinical isolates from this state by spoligotyping and compare the data with patterns found around the world, besides analyzing drug resistance, and socio-demographic information. We also performed Geographic Information System (GIS) analyses to highlight potential specificities of MTBC strains distribution in the region using...

Pernicious anemia in African Americans

Antony Irungu, Uche Ike & Anita Lwanga
Pernicious anemia, an autoimmune disorder characterized by the inability to absorb Vitamin B12, can be caused by decreased intrinsic factor (IF), antibodies against parietal cells, antibodies against IF, chronic atrophic gastritis or gastrectomy. Traditionally pernicious anemia was thought to affect primarily elderly individuals of Northern European descent. However, a study done at Cook County Hospital, in 1971, reported that 93 out of 1000 patients diagnosed with pernicious anemia in between 1931 to 1942 were African...

Clinical and cost–effectiveness of internet–delivered behaviour therapy for children and adolescents with Tourette syndrome: Protocol for a single-blind randomised controlled trial in Sweden

Per Andrén, Lorena Fernández De La Cruz, Fabian Lenhard, Kayoko Isomura, Erik Andersson, Charlotte L. Hall, E. Bethan Davies, Tara Murphy, Chris Hollis, Inna Feldman, Matteo Bottai, Eva Serlachius & David Mataix-Cols
Behaviour therapy (BT) for Tourette syndrome (TS) and chronic tic disorder (CTD) is effective but rarely available. To increase its availability, we developed a therapist- and parent-guided Internet-delivered BT programme for young people with TS/CTD, named BIP TIC. Preliminary results from a pilot study suggest that BIP TIC is a feasible and highly acceptable treatment. We now plan to evaluate BIP TIC in a full-scale randomised controlled trial in Sweden to determine its clinical...

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