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Individual demographic data collected from participants and lice found by detection combing post-treatment

Ian F. Burgess, Christine M. Brown & Pat Nair
Ethnicity: E= European, C= Caribbean, A= South Asian Length of hair: CC= close cropped, AE= above ears, ES= ears to shoulders, BS= below shoulders Thickness of hair: F= fine, T= thick Straightness of hair: S= straight, SC= slight curl, C= curly Stages of lice found: #1= first stage nymph, #2= second stage nymph, #3= third stage nymph, M= male adult louse, F= female adult louse N/A= combing not applicable

Cycle threshold values for qRTPCR

Erin Wolf Horrell & John D'Orazio
Cycle threshold (CT) values were calculated for BD3 and TBP (housekeeping genes) for each donor. CT values were determined in duplicate for each sample. The “A” column represents the donor. The “B” column represents the sample treatment for the donor. The “C” column represents the target mRNA measured. The “D” column represents the CT value determined for that sample.

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  • 2014

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