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Forensic analysis of microbial lipids

Christopher Ehrhardt
Bacterial lipid profiles are dynamic features of the cell that can change rapidly in response to an organism’s growth environment. Within a forensic setting, these can provide unique clues as to the origin of microbial threat agents that are recovered as evidence, particularly Bacillus spores. Phospholipids contain a hydrophobic tail comprised of long-chain fatty acids. The types of fatty acid structures and their relative abundance within the cell are heavily influenced by the composition of...

Raw data for the statements made in the Results ‘Phenotype of human astrocytes in 3D gels’

Peddagangannagari Sreekanthreddy, Radka Gromnicova, Heather Davies, James Phillips, Ignacio A. Romero & David Male
Percentage of TE7- and GFAP- positive cells in Human astrocyte 2D and 3D cultures after 7 days.

Raw Data Sensitivity Analysis non-SLE greater than 50 successful readings

J. Fallon Campbell, Sarah J. Swartz & Scott E. Wenderfer
File contains the coded ambulatory blood pressure monitoring data and matched demographic data for the subset of the non-SLE pediatric cohort meeting a more stringent criterion of ABPM data quality, in particular the successful completion of 50 or more BP measurements within the 24-hour monitoring period. ABPM data was abstracted from Space Labs software, using a 90th percentile cutoff to distinguish normal versus high BP values. Age is in years, BMI = body mass index.

The future of HTA is MCDA

Jack Dowie
Much of the talent and resources involved in decision analysis-based Health Technology Assessment is focused on advancing ‘best practice’ as assessed by normative standards. While entirely rational from the point of view of publications, grants and careers this often has the effect of deterring the adoption, in decision practice, of less complex and rigorous analytical methods that would represent an improvement on the predominantly intuitive status quo. (See Value of Analysis Analysis poster.) A second...

Lepbase – an Ensembl (and more) for the Lepidoptera

Sujai Kumar
LepBase.org is a multi-genome database for the Lepidoptera. Our goal is to provide a unified interface to the genomes generated by individual labs, and to provide rich comparative analyses across species that typically require extensive human curation and computational resources. Release 1.0 includes a genome browser (Ensembl), blast-server (SequenceServer.com), a community annotation tool (WebApollo), and orthology predictions. We have also written several tools that make it very easy for anyone to set up their own...

Multimodal effects of color and aroma on predicted palatability of semisolid and liquid milk beverages

Akihisa Takemura, Okuda Shino & Okajima Katsunori
We have revealed the effect of color and aroma on "predicted palatability" quantitatively before drinking tea. To reveal the effect of jellies and milk beverages, we used four types of liquids (milk beverages) and four types of semisolids (jellies made of the milk beverages) present on the market as visual stimuli: milk, strawberry milk, green tea soy-milk and coffee with milk. As olfactory stimuli, we used four types of flavor samples as olfactory stimuli: vanilla,...

Differences in quantitative sensory testing measures in patients with poor outcomes following total knee replacement

Anthony Wright, Penny Moss, Karen Sloan, Richard Beaver, Jarle Pedersen, Gerard Vehof, Henrik Borge, Luca Maestroni & Philip Cheong
Background and aims:
Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is a standard intervention for painful knee osteoarthritis, yet up to 15% of patients report severe persistent postsurgical pain. The aim of this study was to determine whether patients with persistent pain post TKR exhibit widespread multi-modality hyperalgesia.

Individuals with poor outcomes following TKR exhibited widespread mechanical and thermal (multi-modality) hyperalgesia. This may indicate that central augmentation of pain is an important contributor to poor outcomes following joint replacement surgery.

Compound A, a novel, potent and selective mGluR2 positive allosteric modulator: III. Effects in clinically relevant translational cognition models that could be used as biomarkers

Vanessa Naimoli, Rob Featherstone, Lisa Potestio, Ray Kosley, Geoff Varty, Guy Griebel & Mark Black
COMPOUND A is a positive allosteric modulator of mGluR2 and has a procognitive profile.The present study investigated the effects of COMPOUND A in two clinically relevant cognition models, Latent Inhibition (LI) and Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEPs). LI and AEP are cross-species phenomena that are deficient in schizophrenia and that can be recorded in both rodents and human. Deficits in LI are believed to reflect aberrant switching/distractibility akin to schizophrenia. Deficiencies in AEPs have been regarded...

Blur adaptation, blur sensitivity and visual load

Anete Petrova, Laura Strautina, Peteris Cikmacs & Gunta Krumina
Blur is an important dimension of the image quality. It is important to increase the knowledge about the perception of blur because of its relevance to visual acuity, control of accommodation and other visual functions. The aim of our study was to find out how the blur adaptation influences the blur sensitivity and to evaluate the effect of visual load on the blur sensitivity because of its connection to accommodative functions. We evaluated different blur...

On the search for species of interest

Emmanuel C. Nwankwo
Describes the field experience in the study of the effects of species interaction on species distribution and biodiversity.

Publications on Tourette syndrome: 1950–2014.

Cheryl A Richards & Kevin J Black
This file contains the PubMed data used to generate Figure 1 in the associated article.

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