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Propranolol treatment for children with hemangioma

Juliana Albuquerque, Rosane Magalhães, Jamille Felix, Maria Vilani Bastos, Francisco H C Felix & Juvenia Fontenele
Introduction: Hemangioma are tumors formed by the proliferation of blood vessels, most common in childhood. Recently, propranolol has been shown to have an effect on these lesions. Objectives: To evaluate the response of children with hemangiomas to treatment with propranolol. Methodology: Retrospective analysis of medical records. Patients aged 0-19 years with hemangioma with or without previous treatment were included. The response was assessed by comparing the onset of treatment and the status at the last...

Raw data for water contact angle.

Nasrul Arahman, Afrilia Fahrina, Mukramah Yusuf Wahab & Umi Fathanah

Nanopore detection of Influenza virus direct from respiratory samples.

Kuiama Lewandowski, Yifei Xu, Sheila Lumley, Ali Vaughan, Richard Vipond, Miles Carroll, Sarah Walker, Peter Simmonds, Dona Foster, Tim Peto, Derrick Crook, Philippa Matthews & Steven Pullan
A poster describing the development of a Nanopore sequencing solution to detect and provide complete sequences of Influenza virus from patient throat swabs.

SeeGEM: Lightweight interactive visualization of DNA sequence variation prioritization

David McGaughey
Identification of genetic variation causing human disease in a proband is a complex process; raw DNA sequence must be aligned to a reference genome, genotypes called from the aligned reads, annotations (e.g. gnomAD, CADD) appended, and family structure (proband, mother, father) delineated.

The most powerful and popular tool for doing the filtering and inheritance pattern testing is the GEMINI tool. However even running GEMINI to filter for DNA variants passing quality control metrics, match proper...

Dataset 1. Raw data of NG-Tax pipeline for analysis of 16S rRNA amplicons from complex biome

Javier Ramiro-Garcia, Gerben D. A. Hermes, Christos Giatsis, Detmer Sipkema, Erwin G. Zoetendal, Peter J. Schaap & Hauke Smidt

Interparietal hernia – a rare cause of intestinal obstruction

Ana Rita Mateus Loureiro, Adriano Marques, Júlio Constantino & Carlos Casimiro
The interparietal hernia is a rare condition in which the hernia sac lies between the layers of the abdominal wall. This is the first case report of an interparietal hernia whose sac lies posterior to the rectus abdominis muscle and isn’t related to previous abdominal incisions. The laparoscopic approach can be used for treatment in some cases.

Care for Syrian refugees with diabetes: outcomes from Médecins Sans Frontières programmes in the Levant

K Moussally, J Edwards, K Jobanputra, M Prasai, A Sibourd-Baudry, C Perruzo, W Van Den Boogaard, S Muhammad, J Faqirzai, C Lakis, T Homan, S Shanka, M Amrani & P Boulle

Improving reproducibility and reuse in computational and systems neuroscience

Andrew Davison
In this talk I surveyed recent initiatives to improve reproducibility in computational and systems neuroscience, focusing on automatic capture of workflow provenance, on model sharing, and on community-driven open source tool development.

Show me the money: data on the landscape of U.S. postdoctoral salaries

Adriana Bankston, Rodoniki Athanasiadou, McKenzie Carlisle, Drew T. Doering, Carrie Niziolek, Christopher L. Pickett & Gary S. McDowell
Reliable data about the scientific enterprise is essential to making change in the system. Unfortunately, very little data exist on salary, benefits, career and training outcomes for junior scientists. Future of Research (FoR) is a non-profit organization with the goal of empowering junior scientists to improve the scientific system via evidence-based resources. We call for greater transparency on these critical issues, and for holding institutions accountable, by collecting data and making it openly available, in...

Data of the results obtained in the study

Diana S. Vargas-Bermudez, Andrés Díaz, José Darío Mogollón & Jairo Jaime
The data obtained and analysed for the ELISA and qPCRy tests are available in an attached document where are classified by farms. Likewise, the results of the negative controls used are included.

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