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Review of food and agricultural policies in Malawi

Federica Angelucci, Alethia Cameron, Hélène Gourichon & Valentina Pernechele
Review of food and agricultural policies in Malawi

Supporting evidence-informed priority-setting

John Lavis
This report highlights some of the key insights about how best to support evidence-informed priority setting. It is divided into two parts, the first focuses on the importance of knowing your context as different types of policy decisions will likely warrant different approaches when making and influencing policy decisions to support evidence-informed priority setting. Second, the report provides guidance on how to approach intervening within the defined context. Intervening involves assessing ‘evidence-supply side’ versus ‘evidence-demand...

Distribution patterns and genetic diversity of Cedrela montana Moritz ex Turcz. in Ecuador.

Carlos Manchego, Augusta Cueva-Agila, Cristian Bastidas, Patrick Hildebrant, Bernd Stimm, Sven Gunter, Manuel Curto & Harald Meimberg
Deforestation and climate change are two of the main threats to tropical forests. The first is largely caused by an unsustainable approach linked to resource acquisition and the second by uncertainty associated with future climate scenarios and their impact on forest dynamics. The problem increases if we take into account that Ecuador reached in 2014 one of the highest deforestation rates in all of South America and temperature increases > 1oC have already been detected...

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