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Magnetic microscopy and topological stability of homochiral Neel domain walls in a Pt/Co/AlOx trilayer

M. J. Benitez, A. Hrabec, A. P. Mihai, T. A. Moore, G. Burnell, D McGrouther, C. H. Marrows & S. McVitie
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A cognitive stylistic analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle-earth

Jekaterina Bragina
This study provides an extensive cognitive stylistic analysis of one of the most intricate and vast high fantasy worlds created in modern literature – J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The two most popular works that describe this single world are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The analysis of these texts is conducted using modern cognitive stylistic and linguistic theories (Text World Theory, Schema Theory, Possible Worlds Theory and Cognitive Metaphor Theory), as...

Dynamic surfaces for the study of mesenchymal stem cell growth through adhesion regulation

Jemma Roberts, Jugal Sahoo, Laura McNamara, Karl V. Burgess, Jingli Yang, Enateri Alakpa, Hilary Anderson, Jake Hay, Lesley-Anne Turner, Stephen Yarwood, Mischa Zelzer, Richard Oreffo, Rein Ulijn & Matthew J. Dalby
The dataset that underpins this work includes data referring to: 1. Characterization studies of FMOC- and PEG-RGD substrates e.g. ToF-SIMS, water contact angle and Solid-state fluorescence microscopy. 2. Cytotoxicity and cell growth studies e.g. live/dead and BrdU. 3. Cell adhesion and morphology studies e.g. integrin localization, adhesion expression, integrin localization, cell size, and cytoskeletal tension. 4. Phenotype expression e.g. analysis of stem cell, adipogenic, chondrogenic and osteogenic markers. 5. Metabolomic studies e.g. analysis of metabolites...

Single-pixel three-dimensional imaging with time-based depth resolution

Ming-Jie Sun, Matthew Edgar, G.M. Gibson, Baoqing Sun, Neal Radwell, Robert Lamb & Miles J. Padgett

Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks Project

Ronan Deazley, Kerry Patterson & Victoria Stobo
The spreadsheet records data about the individual cuttings from printed material such as newspapers and magazines in the 30 page sample of Scrapbook 12. This includes the physical description as well as information about the source, creator, date and copyright status (if known).

Compiling vector pascal to the Xeon Phi

Mozhgan Chimeh, Paul Cockshott, S.B. Oehler, A. Tousimogarad & T. Xu

4D STEM data set supporting “Antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase domain development in nanopatterned FeRh islands”

R. C. Temple, Trevor Almeida, J. R. Massey, K Fallon, R. Lamb, Damien McGrouther, Stephen McVitie, T. A. Moore & C. H. Marrows

How fast is a twisted photon?

Ashley Lyons, Thomas Roger, Niclas Westerberg, Stefano Vezzoli, Calum Maitland, Jonathan Leach, Miles Padgett & Daniele Faccio

Assessment of biocompatibility of 3D printed photopolymers using zebrafish embryo toxicity assays

N. P. Macdonald, F. Zhu, C. J. Hall, J. Reboud, P. S. Crosier, E. E. Patton, D. Wlodkowic & J. M. Cooper

Visualization of surface acoustic waves in thin liquid films

R. W. Rambach, J. Taiber, C. M. L. Scheck, C. Meyer, J. Reboud, J. M. Cooper & T. Franke
We demonstrate that the propagation path of a surface acoustic wave (SAW), excited with an interdigitated transducer (IDT), can be visualized using a thin liquid film dispensed onto a lithium niobate (LiNbO3) substrate. The practical advantages of this visualization method are its rapid and simple implementation, with many potential applications including in characterising acoustic pumping within microfluidic channels. It also enables low-cost characterisation of IDT designs thereby allowing the determination of anisotropy and orientation of...

Sylvia Plath - the woman and her time: an intertextual approach

Claire Josephine Brennan
Criticism of Sylvia Plath's writing has tended to privilege her personal history over the social and historical context that to a large extent constructs the personal. This thesis is concerned with placing the writing of Plath within its social and historical context, and aims to illustrate, through considering the process of the construction of self through society, the extent to which Plath's writing is involved with an era. Recent discussions considering Plath from a feminist...

The interactome of Rift Valley fever phlebovirus- towards the identification of new intervention strategies

Timothy James Mottram
Rift Valley fever phlebovirus (RVFV) is an ongoing threat to both humans and animals across the continent of Africa. RVFV is a member of the Phlebovirus genus and Phenuviridae family, within the Bunyavirales order. Members of the Phlebovirus genus are characterised by a negative sense tripartite RNA genome. The large (L) segment encodes the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (L), the medium (M) segment encodes the two glycoproteins Gn and Gc, and the small segment (S) encodes...

Almost finiteness of groupoid actions and Z-stability of C*-algebras associated to tilings

Luke John Ito
The property of almost finiteness was first introduced by Matui for locally compact Hausdorff totally disconnected étale groupoids with compact unit spaces, and has since been extended by Suzuki to drop the assumption of being totally disconnected. A property of the same name has been defined by Kerr for free actions of discrete groups on compact metric spaces. In this setting, Kerr shows that almost finiteness has direct relevance to the classification programme for simple,...

The influence of oxygen on the isolated human umbilical artery

Stephen John MacLennan
This study is an investigation of two aspects of the effect of oxygen on the isolated human umbilical artery. The physiological environment of the artery, with respect to the blood, in utero, is both acidic and de-oxygenated, i.e. pH -7.28, PO2 ~15mmHg. The major part of this work uses longitudinal strips of the artery which were initially set-up under these physiological conditions. The experimental work is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 is an assessment...

Habits of the heart: a sketch of a Bourdieusian theory of study selection using the example of German economics students

Tim Winzler
The project aims to explore the relationship between social origin, habitus and study selection of successful German Economics students in order to better understand the disciplinary reproduction of academic Economics as well as its current state. It uses Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory, as applied to the areas of education and science, to develop a sketch of a theory of study selection that mirrors the relational, structural and analogical character of this particular viewpoint. In this,...

Information leakage and insider trading prior to market switches in the UK

Angelos Synapis
This PhD thesis comprises three empirical studies relating to the phenomenon of market switches in the UK and more specifically the moves from the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) to the Main Market (MM) and vice versa. The AIM is a secondary, light and exchange regulated market and the MM is a main and traditional regulated market. The markets have several eligibility and ongoing regulatory differences between them. The main scope of the AIM is to...

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