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'Almost-stable' matchings in the hospitals / residents problem with couples: An integer programming approach

David Manlove, Iain McBride & James Trimble
The Hospitals / Residents problem with Couples (hrc) models the allocation of intending junior doctors to hospitals where couples are allowed to submit joint preference lists over pairs of (typically geographically close) hospitals. It is known that a stable matching need not exist, so we consider min bp hrc, the problem of finding a matching that admits the minimum number of blocking pairs (i.e., is “as stable as possible”). We show that this problem is...

The molecular clutch drives cell response to surface viscosity

Mark Bennett, Marco Cantini, Julien Reboud, J. M. Cooper, Pere Roca-Cusachs & Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez
The dataset contains data files with original raw data and their description. The dataset has been created to help anyone interested in the work carried out in this paper to view and understand the data.

Tree parameters

Alejandra Vovides, Uta Berger & Jorge Lopez-Portillo
Tree parameters (stem diameter, height and crown radii in eight cardinal directions) for 12 mangrove forest stands located along a soil salinity gradient within the mangrove forest of the Lagoon of La Mancha, located in the central Gulf Coast of Mexico. The data set was used to study the responses of tree crowns to asymmetric neighbourhood pressure and dominant wind direction. The data set was created in collaboration between The Institute of Ecology (INECOL, Mexico),...

Assessment of biocompatibility of 3D printed photopolymers using zebrafish embryo toxicity assays

N. P. Macdonald, F. Zhu, C. J. Hall, J. Reboud, P. S. Crosier, E. E. Patton, D. Wlodkowic & J. M. Cooper

3D single-pixel video

Yiwei Zhang, Matthew Edgar, Baoqing Sun, Neal Radwell, G.M. Gibson & Miles J. Padgett

Broadband and efficient adiabatic three-wave-mixing

Andrey Markov, Anna Mazhorova, Holger Breitenborn, Andrew Bruhacs, Matteo Clerici, Daniele Modotto, Ottavia Jedrkiewicz, Paolo di Trapani, Arkady Major, Francois Vidal & Roberto Morandotti

Plasmonic sensor monolithically integrated with a CMOS photodiode

Abdul Shakoor, Boon C. Cheah, Danni Hao, Mohammed Al-Rawhani, Bence Nagy, James Grant, Carl Dale, Neil Keegan, Calum McNeil & David R.S. Cumming

Reversible DNA Micro-patterning Using the Fluorous Effect

Gabriella Flynn, Jamie Withers, Gerard Macias-Soteula, J. M. Cooper, Glenn Burley & Alasdair W. Clark
Microscopy images, QCM data, Fluorescence intensity data.

Photon-sparse microscopy: Visible light imaging using infrared illumination

Reuben S. Aspden, Nathan R. Gemmell, Peter A. Morris, Daniel S. Tasca, Lena Mertens, Michael G. Tanner, Robert A. Kirkwood, Alessandro Ruggeri, Alberto Tosi, Robert W. Boyd, Gerald S. Buller, Robert H. Hadfield & Miles J. Padgett

Compiling vector pascal to the Xeon Phi

Mozhgan Chimeh, Paul Cockshott, S.B. Oehler, A. Tousimogarad & T. Xu

Hierarchical Bayesian Regression (HBR) and Analytic Gradient Calculation (GCGP)

A. Aderhold, Dirk Husmeier & M. Grzegorczyk
The software contains two components: The HBR code and the gradient calculation code (GCGP) that uses the Gaussian Process package GPstuff (http://research.cs.aalto.fi/pml/software/gpstuff/) by: Jarno Vanhatalo, Jaakko Riihimäki, Jouni Hartikainen, Pasi Jylänki, Ville Tolvanen, and Aki Vehtari (2013). GPstuff: Bayesian Modeling with Gaussian Processes. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 14(Apr):1175-1179 The HBR code was originally written by Marco Grzegorczyk, and adapted by Andrej Aderhold for the Biopepa data. It is located in the subfolder 'HBR/', see...

LIASA participant survey results analysis

Joy Davidson, Sarah Jones, Michelle Khan & Richard Higgs
This dataset contains visualisations and results by question for anonymised polling data collected at the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) workshop on research data management in collaboration with the Digital Curation Centre, and also a copy of the survey questions. The workshop was held in Cape Town, South Africa on March 27, 2014 and had 41 participants representing Universities and Research Councils across South Africa. The survey questions address awareness of funders'...

Quantitative TEM imaging of the magnetostructural and phase transitions in FeRh thin film systems

Trevor Almeida, Rowan Temple, Jamie Massey, Kayla Fallon, Damien McGrouther, Thomas Moore, Christopher Marrows & Stephen McVitie
Data to support the associated publication.

Influence of thickness and interface on the low-temperature enhancement of the spin Seebeck effect in YIG films

D. A. MacLaren & Ciaran Fergusson
The attached file contains only the microscopy data that was collected in the UK

Pushing the limits of magnetic anisotropy in trigonal bipyramidal Ni(II).

Katie E. R. Marriott, Lakshmi Bhasaran, Claire Wilson, Marisa Medarde, Stefan T. Ochsenbein, Stephen Hill & Mark Murrie

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