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Using tunable hydrogels for selection of lineage guiding metabolites in stem cell cultures

Enateri V. Alakpa, Vineetha Jayawarna, Karl V. Burgess, Christopher C. West, Sanne C.J. Bakker, Sangita Roy, Nadeem Javid, Scott Fleming, Dimitris A. Lamprou, Jingli Yang, Angela Miller, Andrew J. Urquhart, Pim W.J.M. Frederix, Neil T. Hunt, Bruno PĂ©ault, Rein V. Ulijn & Matthew J. Dalby

Compiling vector pascal to the Xeon Phi

Mozhgan Chimeh, Paul Cockshott, S.B. Oehler, A. Tousimogarad & T. Xu

One dimensional transport in silicon nanowire junction-less field effect transistors

Muhammad Mirza, Felix J. Schupp, Jan A. Mol, D. A. MacLaren, G. Andrew D. Briggs & Douglas J. Paul

DASHing Towards Hollywood

S. Ahsan, Stephen McQuistin, Colin S. Perkins & J. Ott

High resolution structural characterisation of laser-induced defect clusters inside diamond

Patrick S. Salter, Martin J. Booth, Arnaud Courvoisier, David A.J. Moran & D. A. MacLaren

Broadband and efficient adiabatic three-wave-mixing

Andrey Markov, Anna Mazhorova, Holger Breitenborn, Andrew Bruhacs, Matteo Clerici, Daniele Modotto, Ottavia Jedrkiewicz, Paolo di Trapani, Arkady Major, Francois Vidal & Roberto Morandotti

Detecting swipe errors on touchscreens using grip modulation.

Md Noor, Mohammad Faizuddin, Simon Rogers & John Williamson

Long lasting impressions: After decades of regeneration, rainforest biodiversity remains differentially affected following varied human disturbances

Andrew Whitworth, Roger Downie, Jaime Villacampa Ortega, Laura Dominie Braunholtz & Ross MacLeod

Controlling Interpenetration through Linker Conformation in the Modulated Synthesis of Sc Metal-Organic Frameworks

Ross J. Marshall, Ciaran T. Lennon, Andi Tao, Hans M. Senn, Claire Wilson, David Fairen-Jimenez & Ross S. Forgan

Shirt Sponsorship by Gambling Companies in the English and Scottish Premier Leagues: global reach and public health concerns

Chris Bunn, Robin Ireland, Jonathan Minton, Daniel Holman, Matthew Philpott & Stephanie Chambers

Football fans in training (FFIT) research study.

Sally Wyke, Kate Hunt, Cindy Gray, Chris Bunn & Elaine Hindle

Amino acids as highly efficient modulators for single crystals of Zirconium and Hafnium metal-organic frameworks.

Ross J. Marshall, Claire L. Hobday, Colin F. Murphie, Sarah L. Girffin, Carole A. Morrison, Stephen A. Moggach & Ross S. Forgan

Human former seasonal Influenza A(H1N1) haemagglutination inhibition data 1977-2009 from the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, London, UK

Victoria Gregory, William T. Harvey, Rodney S. Daniels, Richard Reeve, Lynne Whittaker, Chandi Halai, Alan Douglas, Rose Gonsalves, John J. Skehel, Alan J. Hay & John W. McCauley

CMOS Compatible Metamaterial Absorbers for Hyperspectral MWIR Imaging and Sensing Applications

James Grant, Mitchell Kenney, Yash Shah, Ivonne Escorcia-Carranza & David R.S. Cumming

Increasing the severity of experimental fires does not alter post-fire soil carbon fluxes in northern peatlands

Roger Grau-Andres, Alan Gray, Matt Davies, Marian Scott & Susan Waldron

Zinc uptake promotes myoblast differentiation via Zip7 transporter and activation of Akt signalling transduction pathway

Hayk Mnatsakanyan, Roser Sabater i Serra, Patricia Rico & Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Paper-based Microfluidics for DNA Diagnostics of Malaria in Low Resource Under Served Rural Communities

Julien Reboud, Gaolian Xu, Alice Garrett, Moses Adriko, Zhugen Yang, Edridah Tukahebwa, Candia Rowel & Jonathan Cooper

Methods Matter: Different Biodiversity Survey Methodologies Identify Contrasting Biodiversity Patterns in a Human Modified Rainforest.

Andrew Whitworth, Jaime Villacampa Ortega, Shirley Jennifer Serrano Rojas, Roger Downie & Ross MacLeod

A Space-Variant Visual Pathway Model for Data Efficient Deep Learning

Piotr Ozimek, Nina Hristozova, Lorinc Balog & Jan Siebert

Approximate parameter inference in systems biology using gradient matching: a comparative evaluation

Benn Macdonald, Mu Niu, Simon Rogers, Maurizio Filippone & Dirk Husmeier

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