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Gillian Craig, Agnes Meershoek, Alice Zwerling, Amrita Daftary, Brian Citro, Caoimhe Smyth, Dean Lewis, Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh, Elaine Byrne, Ellen M. H Mitchell, Ieva Leimane, James Malar, Jens Levy, Julia Van Der Land, Kate Macintyre, Lisa G. Johnston, Nadine Ferris France, Nora Engel, Olive Mumba, Rajita Bhavaraju, Ronan R. Conroy, Sarah Van De Berg, Stephen H-F Macdonald, Timur Abdullaev & Tushar Nair

Through the School Gate

Wendy Wills & Samantha Seisdedos Murray

The Platformisation Of Work In Europe: Results from research in 13 European countries

Ursula Huws, Neil Spencer, Matthew Coates & Kaire Holts
These data are from an innovative survey carried out fourteen times across thirteen European countries (with the United Kingdom being surveyed twice - in 2016 and 2019), revealing, for the first time, the extent and characteristics of platform workers. In the above mentioned reports, the survey results are complemented by in-depth interviews with a range of platform workers, shedding light on the realities of their working lives, including the stresses, fears and health hazards they...

Proceedings of Abstracts 10th International Conference on Air Quality Science and Application

Ranjeet Sokhi, Charles Chemel, Vikas Singh, Joana Medeiros, Aidan Farrow, S. Finardi & Paola Radice

Indexing Dialysis Dose for Gender, Body size and Physical Activity: Impact on Survival

Sivakumar Sridharan, David Wellsted, Enric Vilar Hall, Andrew Davenport, Neil Ashman, Michael K Almond, Anindya Banerjee, Justin Dene Roberts & Kenneth Farrington

Community Engagement Evidence Synthesis : A final report for Alzheimer’s Society

Marina Buswell, Claire Goodman, Bridget Russell, Frances Bunn, Andrea Mayrhofer & Ellen Goodman

Care home readiness: a rapid review and consensus workshops on how organisational context affects care home engagement with health care innovation

Claire Goodman, Rachel Sharp, Charlotte Russell, Julienne Meyer, Adam Gordon, Tom Dening, Kirsten Corazzini, Jennifer Lynch & Frances Bunn

Developing the Guided Learner Journey

Paul Hudson & Helen Barefoot

The BodyMind Approach for supporting medically unexplained symptoms: Outcomes and Process

Helen Payne
The International Embodiment Conference. Duration: 10 Oct 2018 → 10 Oct 2018. Location of event: online Web address (URL): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mrryhu4wxmskxv9/AAAgdcTzRMK-XbqA0Uv3Pq0La?dl=0

Statistical Appendix for 'Towards Scalable Measures of Quality of Interaction'

Frank Foerster
The present file contains the results of all top-level parametric and non-parametric tests as generated by the respective funcion calls in R. The results of post-hoc tests are not included.

The Influence of Deprivation and the Food Environment on Food and Drink Purchased by Secondary School Pupils Beyond the School Gate

Wendy Wills, Ariadne Beatrice Kapetanaki, Kirsten Rennie, Giada Danesi, Alice Martin, Laura Hamilton & Aiden Bygrave

Digital Capabilities Exploration Game

Non Scantlebury, David Combes, Sian McKinstry & Kim Virgo-Sheriff

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