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Data used in Gardner et al. Forest defaunation

Charlie J Gardner, Jake Bicknell, Matthew J Struebig, William Baldwin-Cantello & Zoe G Davies

Moving Mountains: Overcoming the Individual Preference Effect: Supporting Data

DH Nicholson
SPSS data files supporting the 3 studies included in the Moving Mountains paper

A study of copyright specialists in UK educational and cultural institutions: Who are they and what do they do?

Philippa Hatch, Chris Morrison & Jane Secker
Reports on a survey of copyright specialists in UK educational and cultural institutions carried out in March 2017. It presents further evidence to build on earlier studies (Morrison and Secker, 2015; Todorova et al, 2017) which suggested that UK libraries and cultural institutions are more likely to have a copyright specialist in place and to offer formal training and support for both staff and students than institutions in other countries. Even when a copyright specialist...

University of Kent UKRI Open Access compliance report 2018-2019

Clair Waller, Josie Caplehorne, Rueben Guildford & Nigel Martin
This spreadsheet records open access article processing charges (APCs) paid from University of Kent's UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) open access budget between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, along with University of Kent’s overall compliance with the UKRI open access policy. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) subsumed Research Council UK (RCUK) on 1 May 2018. The report was presented to UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on {ADD DATE}

Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective

Paul A. Phillips, K. V. Subramanian & Victor Newman
Knowledge remains the key driver of success in the digital age. Management consultancy firms that can handle knowledge management effectively will reap economic and societal benefits. Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective, provides a fresh perspective on how management consultancy firms need to stay relevant to compete effectively. This book seeks to bridge the gap between the practitioner and academic camps and bring a sense of reality to the management consultancy landscape, which...

It's a girl!: supporting material for thesis "'To what extent is "sex" a constrained production, a forcible effect, one which sets the limits to what will qualify as a body?' (Butler, 1993: pg. 23) an embodied inquiry into feminine performance in 2016 with a focus on the female body as resistance"

Kate Reader
3 videos of performance Judith Butler argued that gender performance and gendered ways of being were strategies of survival, which became so normalised, through everyday habits and habitual performances, that men and women became 'entranced by their own fictions whereby the construction compels one's belief in its necessity and naturalness' (1988: pg. 522). Butler further supposed that, in order to discern the conditions of oppression that certain gendered performances receive, we must examine the daily...

Replication archive for 'Macroeconomic simulation comparison with a multivariate extension of the Markov Information Criterion'

Sylvain Barde
This archive contains all the code, parameters and files required to replicate the numerical analysis contained in the working paper entitled 'Macroeconomic -simulation comparison with a multivariate extension of the Markov Information Criterion'. Compressed with 7-zip

TORC2 dependent phosphorylation modulates calcium regulation of fission yeast myosin

Daniel P. Mulvihill
This collection represents the raw data (and data analysis spreadsheets) associated with the above project

Supporting Files NNEG project

Radu Tunaru & Enoch Nii Boi Quaye
These files were used to produce our results for the ERM project on NNEG valuation. Please note that the cash-flow analysis has been revamped.

Machine Space: videos to accompany the thesis 'The spatial cinema: an encounter between Lefebvre and the moving image'

Stephen Connolly
Machine Space is an essay film that explores the city of Detroit as a space of movement and circulation. This city is negotiated in the moving image as a palimpsest of maps, spatial metrics and automotive infrastructure; illustrating the material and discursive layers that have constructed this now post-industrial metropolis. This is a city where, in the words of the urban thinker Henri Lefebvre, 'the production of space itself replaces - or, rather, is superimposed...

Data extracted for realist review of alternative measures for dealing with simple possession of drugs

Alex Stevens
The file associated with this ‘read me’ document is an Excel spreadsheet containing data extracted for a realist review of alternatives to criminalisation for dealing with simple possession of illicit drugs. It contains information from nine countries in three categories (contexts, mechanisms and outcomes) from documents found through a systematic literature search that was carried out for the review.

Physical model of near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo from ground-based optical and thermal-IR observations

A. Rożek, S.C. Lowry, B. Rozitis, S.F. Green, C. Snodgrass, P.R. Weissman, A. Fitzsimmons, M.D. Hicks, K.J. Lawrence, S.R. Duddy, S.D. Wolters, G. Roberts-Borsani, R. Behrend & F. Manzini
Context. The near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo was subject to radar and lightcurve observations during a close approach in 1989, and observed up until 2008. It was selected as one of our ESO Large Programme targets, aimed at observational detections of the YORP effect through longterm lightcurve monitoring and physical modelling of near-Earth asteroids. Aims. We aimed to constrain physical properties of Cuyo: shape, spin-state, and spectroscopic & thermophysical properties of the surface. Methods. We acquired...

The role of conferences on the pathway to academic impact : evidence from a natural experiment

Fernanda L L de Leon & Ben McQuillan
The files attached here are the inputs and data to replicate the results reported in the paper “The Role of Conferences on the Pathway to Academic Impact: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” .

Novel segmentation strategies for fully-automated analysis of yeast images

Jennifer jao35@kent.ac.uk UNSPECIFIED O'Brien, Sanaul s.hoque@k Hoque, Daniel P. Mulvihill & Konstantinos Sirlantzis

The Irish Party System : A Criticism of Sartori's Contradictory Approach

David Alan Gatley
The idea for writing this dissertation came to me after reading Giovanni Sartori's book, "Parties and Party Systems". In reading this book it soon became obvious to me that Sartori's ideas about Eire (The Irish Republic) are, to say the least, contradictory. The purpose then of this dissertation was to attempt to test how well Sartori's model of party systems could be applied to the Irish case. That is, to answer the question: does the...

University of Kent RCUK Open Access compliance report 2017-18

Clair Waller, Nigel Martin & Rosalyn Bass
This spreadsheet records open access article processing charges (APCs)paid from University of Kent's Research Councils UK (RCUK) open access budget between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, along with University of Kent’s overall compliance with the RCUK open access policy. RCUK was subsumed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on 1 May 2018. The report was presented to UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on 23 May 2018

Fission yeast Polarity Recruitment Dataset

Daniel P. Mulvihill & Matthew Johnson
Fluorescence image datasets of 10 polarity determinant proteins within fission yeast in wild type and 11 deletion strains

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