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Negotiating the asylum

Natalie Mullen
This thesis examines the history of Lancaster Asylum, Lancashire’s first county asylum, from 1840 to 1915 to explore the relationship between asylum authority and patient agency in the institution. Whereas current historiography has dichotomized patients’ responses to asylum life as passive or resistant, this thesis advocates for a more nuanced definition of agency. A broader framework for thinking about the agency of marginalized groups, including asylum patients, is suggested. Patient resistance, coping mechanisms and engagement...

Next generation control of transport networks

Daniel King
It is widely understood by telecom operators and industry analysts that bandwidth demand is increasing dramatically, year on year, with typical growth figures of 50% for Internet-based traffic [5]. This trend means that the consumers will have both a wide variety of devices attaching to their networks and a range of high bandwidth service requirements. The corresponding impact is the effect on the traffic engineered network (often referred to as the “transport network”) to ensure...

Identification and analysis of the signalling networks that regulate Ciz1 levels in normal and cancer cell lines

Tekle Pauzaite
Ciz1 is a nuclear protein that associates with cyclin A – cyclin dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) and facilitates the initiation of DNA replication. Ciz1 overexpression has been linked to common cancer types, including breast, colon, prostate, lung, and liver cancers. This suggests that identification of mechanisms that regulate Ciz1 levels may represent potential drug targets in cancer. This work identifies that CDK2 and DDK activity are required to maintain Ciz1 levels. Chemical or genetic inhibition...

Essays on the economics of alcohol and risky behaviours

Luke Wilson
This thesis contains three self-contained essays surrounding the theme of the effects of the availability, consumption, and overall misuse of alcohol, as well as the participation in other risky behaviours associated with alcohol consumption. Chapter Two explores the effect of the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) on alcohol consumption amongst young adults in the United Kingdom (UK). Excessive alcohol consumption among young people is a major public health concern. How alcohol availability influences individual decisions,...

The effect of entrepreneurial ecosystems on performance of SMEs in low middle income countries with a particular focus on Pakistan

Sami Ullah
The entrepreneurial ecosystem is a relatively new perspective within the field of entrepreneurship but is now one of the most discussed topics in that field. It emphasizes the role of broader framework conditions that promote or constrain entrepreneurial activity in any region. The supportive institutional framework (reduced number of government regulations, ease in compliance of taxation system and control over corruption) and physical conditions (ease in access to finance, developed infrastructure, stability in political environment,...

A journey interrupted

Kate Ver Sprill
The thesis which follows is composed of two parts. The first component is a critical reflection of just over 20,000 words that details the process through which I wrote the poems in the collection it precedes. The research aims to demonstrate, using the liminal space of stone circles as an oblique influence, how poems shape and create liminal space, how an experience of that space is ordered by the structures that enclose it, and how...

Time Domain SLED-1 pulse compressor controller simulation codes

Amos Dexter
Two codes and their input files are provided as used for simulations in the PRAB publication "Control and performance improvements of an X-band SLED1 pulse compressor in use for testing accelerating structures at high power." by Benjamin Woolley, Igor Syratchev and Amos Dexter. The programs are written in ANSI Fortran77 The program pulse_comp_amp.for reads input file indata_amp.txt It solves envelope equations for two pulse compressor cavities, combines power with a perfect 3dB Hybrid and has...

Cenozoic evolution of the Pamir Salient; timing, mechanisms and paleo-environmental impacts

Tamsin Blayney
The formation of the Himalayas and surrounding mountain ranges is one of the most significant tectonic events of the Cenozoic, with far reaching impacts on both regional and global climate. The Pamir represents the indented westward continuation of the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau making them a key study area to examine internal deformation and intracontinental subduction processes. Yet the tectonics of the Pamir Salient is poorly understood. Much debate is ongoing, regarding the...

“A tool not a substitute”

Jacqui Basquill
The increasing availability of digital resources accessible to young children and their engagement with technology is often portrayed in a negative manner. Early years teachers are in an ideal position to address this by introducing technology to young children as a tool for learning. This study investigates the use of digital resources in a cross-case analysis of four early years settings. This multiple case study utilised the Technological Pedagogical And Content Framework (TPACK) (Mishra and...

Understanding compassion in intellectual disability services

Ellie Hickman
Section one of this thesis presents a systematic literature review which investigated the experiences of people with an intellectual disability of psychological talking therapy. Ten studies were included and reviewed. Eight main themes and three sub themes emerged. Developing new positive relationships along with learning new skills and confidentiality were important to people with intellectual disabilities. Negative aspects of therapy including both interpersonal problems with others in a group setting as well as process issues...

Large-scale Bayesian computation using Stochastic Gradient Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Jack Baker
Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), one of the most popular methods for inference on Bayesian models, scales poorly with dataset size. This is because it requires one or more calculations over the full dataset at each iteration. Stochastic gradient Markov chain Monte Carlo (SGMCMC) has become a popular MCMC method that aims to be more scalable at large datasets. It only requires a subset of the full data at each iteration. This thesis builds upon...

Indigenous identity in a contested land

Alexander Gough
The past fifty years has seen a significant shift in the recognition of indigenous peoples within international law. Once conceptualised as the antithesis to European identity, which in turn facilitated colonial ambitions, the recognition of indigenous identity and responding to indigenous peoples’ demands is now a well-established norm within the international legal system. Furthermore, the recognition of this identity can lead to benefits, such as a stake in controlling valuable resources. However, gaining tangible indigenous...

Visualisations and interaction gestures

Ege Sezen
Advancements in mobile technologies and the Internet have changed the habits of TV audiences. As a result, second screen, which can be defined as a form of companion device use to augment TV watching experience, is emerging as a practice. Research shows that a considerable proportion of TV football audiences use second screen when they watch football matches on TV. However, certain details regarding the usage of second screen and how they affect the users’...

Cumulus Paper - Combined Transcripts

Ding Wang & Vanessa Thomas
This dataset is the combined/anonymised dataset underpinning our "Cumulus Hong Kong 2016: Open Design for Ethnography" paper.

Gender and accent in medical profession

Tamara Rakic
Data set counting raw data from the experiment looking at evaluation of medical profession (doctor vs. nurse) based on target gender and accent (Received Pronunciation vs. regional accent).

Outward foreign direct investment and firm internationalisation from Sub Saharan Africa

Oludotun Fasanya
Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is a region with a population of over 1 billion people and abundant natural resources. With a current GDP of about US$1.6 trillion and an average GDP growth of about 5% over the last decade, it is fast developing into a vibrant business region. Its firms are also rapidly evolving to become competitive international players. With immense potential, SSA is one of the last unexplored frontiers of business, and conducting research into...

What is the experience of assisted dying for Dutch healthcare staff working in a hospice or chronic disease care centre?

Deborah Lewis
What is the experience of assisted dying for Dutch healthcare staff working in a hospice or chronic disease care centre?Background: Assisted dying is a contemporary issue with worldwide interest. Debate has largely focused around individuals seeking the right-to-die. Lacking thus far has been consideration of the experience of clinical staff. This research was conducted at a chronic disease centre and a hospice in the Netherlands where permissive legislation was first enacted.Aim: The aim of this...

Psychological perspectives on stigma and self-compassion in adults with epilepsy

David Baker
Section 1 describes a systematic literature review examining quantitative correlates of stigma in adults with epilepsy living in Western countries. To identify relevant literature, four academic databases (PsycINFO, CINAHL, PubMed, and Scopus) were systematically searched using key terms related to stigma and epilepsy. The findings of the review suggested that stigma can be predicted by demographic, illness-related, and psychosocial factors; although associations were found to be highly culturally-specific. Detrimental effects of stigma included both physical...

Is the application of a vulnerability framework effective in determining patterns of the incidence of dengue disease on the island of Dominica?

Heather Richards
The goal of the proposed thesis is to identify vulnerable areas of increased risk of transmission to dengue virus as a re-emerging public health threat. Vulnerability will be based on social, ecological, and environmental factors in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island nation in the Caribbean. Using a combination of susceptibility (social) and exposure (ecological / environmental) components, this thesis will aim to provide an evidence base for reducing disease burden from infectious disease...

Characterising dysbiosis in Alzheimer’s disease utilising the APP/PS1 mouse model

Nicole Finn
The gut brain axis (GBA) is a bi-directional communication system between the gastrointestinal tract (GI) and the brain. Correct functioning of the GBA is essential to human health and its dysfunction has been widely implicated in a variety of diseases including, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), anxiety, depression, and more recently Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Pathological changes associated with GBA dysfunction include: increased permeability of the epithelial gut barrier, localised and systemic inflammation, increased...

Vibrational spectroscopy as a tool to investigate the effects of environmental contaminants in predatory birds

Kelly Heys
Predatory birds are vulnerable to contaminants in the environment due to their high trophic position and long lifespans. They are also important sentinel species so tools are needed to measure and monitor contaminants, not only to protect avian populations, but to confer protection to lower trophic species as well. Vibrational spectroscopy is an economic, high-throughput technique that can be used to determine biomolecular profiles and can also identify alterations induced by exposure to environmental contaminants....

Organizing e-Waste

Alison Stowell
The dataset was created from material gathered from six organisations (4 private sector, 1 charity, 1 social enterprise) working in the e-waste management. The data includes, email correspondence, access letters, ethical approval, websites, internal and external documentation, interviews, interview transcripts, photographs, field diaries and financial records. Data cannot be shared for reasons explained below.

COrpus of Urdu News TExt Reuse (COUNTER)

Paul Rayson, Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab & Sharjeel Muhammad
The corpus contains 600 source-derived document pairs collected from the field of journalism. We believe these documents will be useful to evaluate mono-lingual text reuse detection systems in general and specifically for Urdu language.

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