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A thesis about design fiction

Joseph Galen Lindley
This research began as something else. Originally, I sought to research the possible futures of cryptographic currencies, and I encountered Design Fiction for the first time when assembling a methodology for that project. I was enticed by the rhetoric around Design Fiction and the aesthetic of works describing themselves as Design Fiction. However, as I researched the concept more thoroughly it quickly became apparent that grounding an entire doctoral thesis on Design Fiction alone may...

'So That All Shall Know': Memorialising Guatemala's Disappeared

Kate Bailey
Between 1960 – 1996, civil war waged in Guatemala. During the conflict an estimated 45,000 people were disappeared, abducted from their homes, public streets, and buildings by members of the military, the National Police force, and government sanctioned death squads, and never seen again. Owing to the clandestine nature of this form of violence, families of the disappeared were left in a perpetual state of uncertainty, not knowing where their loved ones had been taken...

Information bias and trust in bitcoin speculation

Barnaby Craggs
The Internet pervades modern life, offering up opportunities to connect, inform and be informed. As the range and number of sources for information online explode, how people select and interpret information has become a pertinent area for study, not least in light of the prevalence of fake-news. People are well known to act upon information they believe to be trustworthy and where the decision to act incurs risk, an inability to accurately select and assess...

Transnational students’ accounts of processes of networked learning

Dearbhla Casey
Globalisation of higher education has led to an increase in the delivery of transnational programmes, those where students are located in a different country than the providing institution. These programmes are marketed as offering the same degree at the same quality standards as that delivered onshore and often the specific context or place of learning is not considered. Literature on the student experience of learning in this setting is sparse. This study addresses this gap...

Exploring the experiences and understandings of psychosis through relationships with family members, mental health services, and society

Maximilian Homberger
This thesis includes three sections: a literature review, an empirical paper, and a critical appraisal of the thesis. Early Intervention Services (EIS) are specialist mental health services for people who are experiencing a ‘first episode of psychosis’. EIS are a widely adopted approach in England and internationally. Previous qualitative research exploring people’s experiences of accessing EIS was reviewed through a process of meta-ethnography. Eleven qualitative articles were included in this review; the findings of these...

Caratinga (Brazil) Dataset

Luigi Sedda
This dataset contains 44 human dengue locations (with location adjusted to the closest public area in order to preserve confidentiality) and 142 mosquito traps information (randomized around the real location in order to make unidentifiable the house that hosted the trap).

NRCan Riometer data, 7-15 March 2012

Neil Rogers
Supporting Information for the journal paper: Rogers et al. "Improving the twilight model for polar cap absorption nowcasts", Space Weather, 2016. This supporting information provides measurements from the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) riometers, which were used in Section 3.5 of the paper. The original NRCan riometer data (at 1-second intervals) is available on request from Donald.Danskin@Canada.ca. The time series in dataset S1 are the medians of the absorption values (dB) in 5-minute periods for each...

There’s a Dad for That!

Joseph Rice
This thesis explores work-family balance in relation to entrepreneurial decision-making using men and masculinities literature as the lens of critical analysis. This research critically examines men’s subjective work-life balance experiences by evaluating their attempts to navigate between their fatherhood and entrepreneurial goals. There has been a flood of research since the introduction of Greenhaus and Beutell’s (1985) sources of conflict between work and family where the central focus is often women’s experiences (Hammer et al.,...

An improved locator identifier split architecture (ILISA) to enhance mobility

Musab Isah
The increased use of mobile devices has prompted the need for efficient mobility management protocols to ensure continuity of communication sessions as users switch connection between available wireless access networks in an area. Locator/Identifier (LOC/ID) split architectures are designed to, among other functions, enable the mobility of nodes on the Internet. The protocols based on these architectures enable mobility by ensuring that the identifier (IP address) used for creating a communication session is maintained throughout...

Dataset for SAMS-ESRC-UKCES MBD Fellowship (Grant No ES/L002612/1)

Richard Williams
Documentation developed during the course of my SAMS-ESRC-UKCES Management and Business Development Fellowship (Grant No ES/L002612/1). The Data Management Plan was approved by the ESRC at the Je-S submission stage and the confidentiality agreement and participant information sheet were approved at the Ethics Approval stage. These documents state that: 1) the interview audio files will be destroyed after they have been transcribed; 2) only the MBD Fellow (Richard Williams) will have access to the interview...

Zika virus review Figure 1

Derek Gatherer
Data used in figure 1 of the Zika virus paper

Next generation analytics for open pervasive display networks

Mateusz Mikusz
Public displays and digital signs are becoming increasingly widely deployed as many spaces move towards becoming highly interactive and augmented environments. Market trends suggest further significant increases in the number of digital signs and both researchers and commercial entities are working on designing and developing novel uses for this technology. Given the level of investment, it is increasingly important to be able to understand the effectiveness of public displays. Current state-of-the-art analytics technology is limited...

Online simulation for the operational management of inpatient beds

David Oakley
In many modern hospitals, resources such as beds, theatre time, medical equipment and staff are shared between patients who require immediate care and must be dealt with as they arrive (emergency patients), and those whose care requirements are known to the hospital some time in advance (elective patients). Caring for these two types of patients poses a logistical challenge, since some portion of each resource must be set aside for emergency patients when planning for...

TOMCAT Model Data for Chlorinated VSLS 2017

Tom Claxton
20 netcdf output files from the chemistry transport model TOMCAT, for the final year of a model study. The 20 files represent the 5 regional emissions studies from 4 Chlorinated VSLS (Very Short-Lived Substances): Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2, DCM), Chloroform (CHCl3, CFM), Perchloroethylene (C2Cl4, PCE), and ethylene dichloride (C2H4Cl2, EDC). This dataset specifically concerns the tropospheric chemistry and distribution of Cl-VSLS, for investigation of injection into the stratosphere, leading towards ODP calculation. The 5 regions are Europe...

Heteroepitaxial Integration of Mid-Infrared InAsSb Light Emitting Diodes on Silicon

Evangelia Delli, Peter David Hodgson, Eva Repiso Menendez, Adam Patrick Craig, Jonathan Hayton, Qi Lu, Andrew Robert Julian Marshall, Anthony Krier & Peter Carrington


Paul Adesoji
Turkey leg tendon (TLT) is used as a model system to explore the process of collagen mineralisation. Mineralisation takes place in distinct regions across the length of the tendon and is accompanied by a change in biomechanical properties of collagen. The collagen becomes more aligned and adapted to the mechanical demand of the tendon. This study aimed to: 1) Identify the stages of mineralisation process & associated Raman spectral signatures using the TLT as a...

Demagnetisation of Solid 3He and Supercritical Superflow

Jakub Vonka
This work describes the efforts with two ultra low temperature experiments with superfluid 3He as medium of interest. The experiments are mostly performed at temperatures below 200uK, in the regime where superfluid quasiparticle excitations are ballistic. Recently, a novel experimental tool has been built in Lancaster - a superconducting goalpost-shaped wire that can be moved trough the superfluid in oscillatory as well as in uniform linear motion. An object moving with high enough velocity that...

Development of mid-infrared light emitting diodes to replace incandescent airfield lighting

Jonathan Paul Hayton
This work studied the replacement of incandescent airfield lighting systems withlight emitting diodes. The focus was on the replacement of the infrared component of the incandescent spectra. A series of LEDs with a variety of nanostructures in different material systems were produced and tested to determine their suitability in replacing incandescent airfield lighting systems.Utilising quantum dashes in the active region, a surface emitting LED achievedan output power of 1.2mW at 1.97 um. This device had...

Development and characterisation of novel structural composites from recycled materials

Adeayo Sotayo
Carpets are composite materials and, like many composite materials, waste carpet is both difficult and expensive to recycle because of the complicated, multi-stage processes involved. In the UK, approximately 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste are sent to landfill annually. However, the landfill option is becoming uneconomic due to increasing landfill charges, the reduction in landfill sites and changes in environmental legislation. This project, in collaboration with ECO2 Enterprises, aimed to avoid the landfill option and...

Enhancing photosynthetic capacity and energy conversion in wheat

João Pennacchi
Wheat is one of the major grain crops worldwide and provides approximately 20% of the total caloric and protein input for the world’s population. An increase in crop yields is required to meet the demands of the increasing world population in a challenging scenario of less predictable climatic conditions and sustainability requirements. There is an urgent need to develop crop plants that are more productive per land area and yield more stable outputs, without having...

Theory of mid-gap quantum transport through single molecule

Sara Sangtarash
Molecules due to their very small sizes, possess discrete energy levels and electrons can transmit from one side of the molecule to the other with high probability if their energy coincides with molecular energy levels. In the weak coupling limit such on-resonance electron transport is described by the simple Lorentzian-shaped Breit-Wigner formula. On the other hand, electrons with energy different than the molecular energy levels have to tunnel through the energy gap between two molecular...

Incorporating local harvester knowledge to assess vulnerability in the aquarium trade

Emily Malsack
The aquarium fishery in Calatagan, Batangas is one of many that participate in the global enterprise. This study looked at the aquarium trade from a ground-scale and personal perspective. A mixed methods approach was used to incorporate both literature and fishers’ knowledge to determine the sustainability of this particular fishery. Over 180 species of fish (97,635 individuals) were identified as being collected for the aquarium trade from 2013-July 2017 due to fishers’ receipts. One species,...

Quantile regression analysis of International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) data

Geraint Johnes
Stata program analysing International Social Survey Programme data - input into chapter in Johnes et al. (eds) (2017).

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