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Dataset associated with 'Infinite-period density-matrix model for terahertz-frequency quantum cascade lasers'

Aleksandar Demić, Andrew Grier, Zoran Ikonić, Alexander Valavanis, Craig A. Evans, Reshma Mohandas, Lianhe Li, Edmund H. Linfield, Alexander Davies & Dragan Indjin
In this work we present a density matrix model which considers an infinite quantum cascade laser (QCL) and models transport via a nearest neighbor approximation. We will discuss derivation of output parameters of the model in detail and show the direct mathematical link to semi-classical rate equation approach. This model can be extended to an arbitrary number of states in the QCL period, without a priori specification of upper and lower lasing level. Application of...

Dataset associated with the publication 'The Influence of Gold Nanorod Size on Photoacoustic Response, Melting and Cytotoxicity'

Oscar B. Knights
Raw and processed data of the experimental work for the publication entitled “The Influence of Gold Nanorod Size on Photoacoustic Response, Melting and Cytotoxicity”. The dataset includes photoacoustic signals data, processed photoacoustic amplitude data, gold nanord spectrophotometry data, and A549 cellular toxicity data.

First passage events in biological systems with non-exponential inter-event times (computer codes)

Mario Castro, Martin López-García, Grant Lythe & Carmen Molina-París
Computer codes for reproducing results of the paper "First passage events in biological systems with non-exponential inter-event times", Scientific Reports


Preston King
Everyone gets angry (at times). Anger is a sentiment, a measure of discontent. It is a sentiment the holder may repress or express, and if express, then in different degrees. (Let us not count the ways!) But anger at least is not rage. If we are attending to rage, let’s please not call it ‘anger’. Anger in se and in nub has nothing accordingly to do with forgiveness. Repressed, anger remains a sort of camp...

Dataset associated with 'Bimanual Reach to Grasp Movement After Cervical Spinal Cord Injury'

Laura Britten & Sarah Astill
Using kinematic analysis and Visual 3D software we calculated temporal and spatial variables regarding how people with a cervical spinal cord injury reach and grasp objects using one hand and two hands simultaneously compared to younger and older adults. Participants with a cSCI produced reach-to-grasp actions which took longer, were slower, and had longer deceleration phases than uninjured participants. These differences were exacerbated during bimanual reach-to-grasp tasks. Maximal grasp aperture was no different between groups,...

Polarised Raman Spectroscopy data of dimer liquid crystals

Zhaopeng Zhang & Helen F. Gleeson
Polarised Raman Spectroscopy (PRS) is used to quantify the orientational order in the conventional (N) and twist-bend (NTB) nematic phases of a homologous series of liquid crystalline dimers. The dimers investigated have 7, 8, 9 and 11 methylene groups connecting two cyanobiphenyl mesogens and data for 4-pentyl-4ʹ-cyanobiphenyl (5CB) and 4-octyl-4ʹ-cyanobiphenyl (8CB) are included for comparison. This data file includes the source data (polarised Raman spectra for the materials, deduced at various temperatures and for a...

The Academic Debate on Friendship and Politics

Heather Devere
From the 1980s there has been a revival of the concept of friendship in the academic literature across a range of disciplines. Increasingly, the academic debate is invoking friendship as a model that might illuminate issues related to communication, citizenship, international relations, ethnic and cultural identity, peace and conflict. This review concentrates on published scholarly texts focusing on friendship (and selected on the basis of having ‘friend’ or ‘friendship’ in their title). After a brief...

High-speed Imaging of Ice Nucleation in Water Proves the Existence of Active Sites - dataset

Mark Holden
This is the data for High-speed Imaging of Ice Nucleation in Water Proves the Existence of Active Sites, where we demonstrate that specific locations on the surface of feldspar and quartz are repeatedly the area in which ice growth originates in freezing experiments, i.e. the nucleation active sites. This means that heterogeneities on the surfaces are of first order importance in determining the temperature at which liquid water freezes. The data contained in this repository...

Data associated with 'In vitro biomechanical and hydrodynamic characterisation of decellularised human pulmonary and aortic roots'

Amisha Desai & Louise Jennings
This study has performed full and robust assessment of biomechanical and hydrodynamic properties of decellularised cryopreserved human aortic and pulmonary roots. Findings from this study will serve as a step forward to use decellularised human heart valves for clinical trial.

Embedding design structures in engineering information.

Hau Hing Chau, Alison McKay, Mark Robinson, Amar Kumar Behera, David Hogg, Alan de Pennington & Christopher Earl

Data associated with 'Sintering of calcium phosphates with a femtosecond pulsed laser for hard tissue engineering'

Antonios Anastasiou, Animesh Jha, Robert Mathieson & Brown Andrew
Direct laser sintering on hard tissues is likely to open new pathways for personalised medicine. To minimise irradiation damage of the surrounding soft tissues, lasers operating at wavelengths that are ‘safe’ for the tissues and biomaterials with improved optical properties are required. In this work laser sintering is demonstrated with the use of an ultrafast, femtosecond (100 fs) pulsed laser operating at a wavelength of 1045 nm and the optical properties of two existing calcium...

Identifying North Africans in the French Internal Resistance

Humphreys Philippa
Excel spreadsheet giving names, dates of birth, place of birth (town, country), GR16P file numbers for North African members of the French Internal Resistance (http://www.servicehistorique.sga.defense.gouv.fr/?q=content/dossiers-administratifs-de-r%C3%A9sistants)

Samuel Kimbriel: Friendship as sacred knowing: Overcoming isolation

Jennifer Jackson
What is the nature of authentic inquiry of human beings on all levels—personal, social, civic, and religious? How, and why, is the lived experience of friendship so central to such inquiry? These questions are at the heart of Samuel Kimbriel’s work in Friendship as Sacred Knowing: Overcoming Isolation. Kimbriel’s objective in Friendship as Sacred Knowing is a retrieval of “metaphysics of friendship”. He shows that a “cosmic” understanding of friendship is needed. That is an...

Headlines data for social media popularity prediction

Alicja Piotrkowicz
This dataset is part of a larger project on using headlines to predict the social media popularity of news articles. The dataset consists of two headlines corpora -- The Guardian and New York Times -- collected in 2014 using news outlet APIs. Each corpus includes a unique headline identifier (to enable recreating the corpus by querying the relevant API), the extracted features (news values, style, metadata), and the corresponding popularity on Twitter and Facebook.

Dataset associated with 'Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of mechanical stellar feedback in a sheet-like molecular cloud'

Christopher Wareing, Julian Pittard & Samuel Falle
Paper abstract: We have used the AMR hydrodynamic code, MG, to perform 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations with self-gravity of stellar feedback in a sheet-like molecular cloud formed through the action of the thermal instability. We simulate the interaction of the mechanical energy input from a 15 solar mass star and a 40 solar mass star into a 100 parsec-diameter 17000 solar mass cloud with a corrugated sheet morphology that in projection appears filamentary. The stellar winds...

Datasets for Alaric Hall, 'The instability of place-names in Anglo-Saxon England and early medieval Wales, and the loss of Roman toponymy', in 'Sense of Place in Anglo-Saxon England', ed. by R. Jones, D. Parsons and S. Semple, British Archaeological Reports: British Series (Oxford: Archaeopress).

Alaric Hall
These datasets comprise three spreadsheets of data regarding: 1. place-names in single-sheet Anglo-Saxon charters 2. place-names attested in Anglo-Saxon England up to 731 3. place-names attested in the Book of Llandaf. They also include a .kmz file (which can be opened, inter alia, with Google Earth) showing localisations of names from the Book of Llandaf. These datasets are cited in and accompany the article named in the title.

Land Value and Transport (Phase 2): Modelling and Appraisal - Final report

John Nellthorp, Manuel Ojeda Cabral, Daniel Johnson, Christopher Leahy & Like Jiang

Data set for 'Control of superconductivity with a single ferromagnetic layer in niobium/erbium bilayers'

Nathan Satchell, J.D.S. Witt, Machiel Flokstra, Steve Lee, J.F.K. Cooper, Christian Kinane, Sean Langridge & Gavin Burnell
Superconducting spintronics in hybrid superconductor{ferromagnet (S{F) heterostructures provides an exciting potential new class of device. The prototypical super-spintronic device is the superconducting spin-valve, where the critical temperature, Tc, of the S-layer can be controlled by the relative orientation of two (or more) F-layers. Here, we show that such control is also possible in a simple S/F bilayer. Using Field history to set the remanent magnetic state of a thin Er layer, we demonstrate for a...

Data associated with ‘Low-Loss Asymptotically Single-Mode THz Bragg Fiber Fabricated by Digital Light Processing Rapid Prototyping’

Binbin Hong, Matthew Swithenbank, Nicholas Greenall, Roland Clarke, Nonchautt Chudpooti, Prayoot Akkaraekthalin, Nutapong Somjit, John Cunningham & Ian Robertson
These data relate to the study of low-loss asymptotically single-Mode THz Bragg fiber fabricated by digital light processing rapid prototyping. They include the characterization of 3D printing material, namely HTM140. The data associated with the analytical analysis on the dispersion curves, propagation loss and the group velocity dispersion are also included. The numerical simulation results on the impact of support bridges on the propagation loss are archived. Finally, they also archive the measurement results of...

The Impacts of the Deregulation Act (2015) on Taxi-Related Incidents and Crimes in Leeds

Jacob Glenholmes, Nick Malleson, Fiona McLaughlin & David Jackson
The growth and popularity of ride hailing ‘apps’ in recent years continues to change the ways in which consumers are able to interact with private hire services in England and Wales. These ‘disruptive’ effects on the traditional taxi and private hire services industry have created a more fluid private hire service economy, giving drivers the means to work flexibly alongside other paid work and, on some platforms, work at higher rates when demand is high...

Integrated on-chip THz sensors for fluidic systems fabricated using flexible polyimide films

Christopher Russell, Matthew Swithenbank, Christopher D. Wood, Lianhe Li, Edmund H. Linfield, Giles Davies & John E. Cunningham
We investigate the use of an on-chip terahertz (THz) frequency sensor formed on a flexible, thin-film polyimide substrate to measure the properties of liquids encapsulated in a glass-walled capillary. We observe changes in the attenuation and velocity of the time-domain THz signal, which allows extraction of the broadband THz refractive index and relative attenuation coefficients of the liquid. The technique is used for sensing members of a homologous series of primary alcohols, and the results...

Dataset associated with 'Extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers with a diagonal LO-phonon extraction and injection stage'

Yingjun Han
We demonstrate an extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade laser experimentally, and modelled it with an extended density matrix approach. In our design, a diagonal LO-phonon scattering process is used to achieve both carrier extraction and injection simultaneously. Its simplicity makes it an ideal platform to investigate the scattering injection process for high temperature operation of THz QCLs. Figure 1 shows the band structure and electronic wave functions, and table 1 details the structural parameters of...

Wordless fragments extract

Carole Kirk
This digital reflection video is from phase one of the practice-led research project Painting as Emergent Knowledge. It is referred to in Chapter Two. This is a shorter extract from the original video which was shown in 'The Gesture of Thinking'.

Graphene electrodes for adaptive liquid crystal contact lenses

Sarabjot Kaur & Helen Gleeson
The unique feature of graphene is that its superlatives cover a whole range of properties: electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal and others. Each of such special properties earn graphene a place in current or future applications. However, the full potential of this material is realised when a number of its superlatives are used simultaneously in combination, which would allow one to create novel, unique applications, where no other material could be utilised. Here we demonstrate one...

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