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Organic Instruments: Early Electrophones and the Valorization of Technology in the Weimar Republic

Thomas Patteson
In standard histories of electronic music, early electric instruments typically appear as mere novelties in contrast to the studio technologies of the post-WWII period. But these earlier devices not only anticipated later developments in the history of what became known as “electronic music,” they also reveal connections to bigger debates about the role of technology in modernity. In this paper, I examine how the instruments of two German inventors of the 1920s and ‘30s change...

Colliding Stellar Winds Structure and X-ray Emission

Julian Pittard
In the paper, we have used a hydrodynamics code to perform 2D axisymmetric simulations of the wind-wind collision in a massive star binary system. This repository contains the raw data to accompany each figure in this peer-reviewed publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Napa Valley Earthquake geodetic slip inversion tools and data

Ruth M. J. Amey
This dataset contains all the data required to run perform a geodetic slip inversion using the software slipBERI (https://doi.org/10.5518/444) for the 2014 Mw 6.0 Napa Valley, California, earthquake. Additionally this dataset contains the models runs of the solutions found in the associated thesis and paper.

PEEK CFR-PEEK pin plate study dataset

Claire Brockett, Silvia Carbone, Abdellatif Abdelgaied, John Fisher & Louise Jennings
Pin on plate studies to understand the influence of contact pressure, cross shear and counterface were undertaken with surface analysis measured prior to test and at completion. Mean wear factors for each condition were calculated at the completion of the study. This dataset includes the mean wear factor for each condition and the surface roughness measurements.

Dataset associated with Passive Pico-injection Enables Controlled Crystallization in a Droplet Microfluidic Device

Shunbo Li
Segmented flow microfluidic devices offer an attractive means of studying crystallisation processes. However, while they have been widely employed for protein crystallisation, there are few examples of their use for sparingly-soluble compounds due to problems with rapid device fouling and irreproducibility over longer run-times. This article presents a microfluidic device which overcomes these issues, where this is constructed around a novel design of “pico-injector” that facilitates direct injection into flowing droplets. Exploiting a Venturi junction...

The First Festival of Live Electronic Music at the University of California Davis (1967)

Valentina Bertolani
It is common knowledge that live electronic music is different from electronic music. However, it is quite difficult to find a generally accepted definition of live electronic music (or interactive electronic music), as the boundaries of this label are blurry. A major factor of disagreement is how much interaction with the electronic part is needed to consider a piece interactive electronic music. Paul Sanden’s definition explicitly shows this tension: “live electronic music is understood as...

Fello demo

Andi Otto
The making of new musical instruments can be seen as a central strategy of musical innovation in the 20th century. One institution where ideas of novel electronic instruments have been especially fostered is STEIM in Amsterdam. Countless projects and artistic residencies have been commissioned at the 'Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music' for the past 40 years, with a main focus on the performing player and the dialogues of the body with electronic or digital setups. A...

Book Review: Lily Gardner Feldman, Germany’s Foreign Policy of Reconciliation: From Enmity to Amity

Simon Koschut
Contemporary German foreign policy remains a puzzle for many. Following unification and the reestablishment of full sovereignty after the end of the Cold war, Germany is perhaps one of the most powerful actors in Europe in economic, demographic, and territorial terms combined. Yet, in contrast to Neorealist expectations in the discipline of International Relations the Berlin Republic has not reassumed a role as a ‘normal’ great power nor has it tried to dominate the continent....

Workshop Summary: Friendship and Politics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Graham M Smith, Chiung-chiu Huang & Astrid HM Nordin
This workshop brought into conversation some of the interlocutors from the Chinese and Western traditions who have argued for the study of politics to turn its focus from the prevalence of enmity to the possibility of friendship. There is a wealth of thinking about friendship in both the Chinese and Western traditions and even significant overlap between the two perspectives. Yet, to date, there has been little direct dialogue between these interlocutors, and little development...

Data associated with ‘An In-Vitro Simulation Method for the Tribological Assessment of Complete Natural Hip Joints’

Dawn Groves & Sophie Williams
This dataset contains the input and output loading and motion profile data for the pendulum friction simulator used in this study. The dataset also contains the raw data files from the simulator as well as the calculated friction factor values for both the porcine hip hemiarthroplasty group and the porcine complete hip joint group.

Electroacoustic music in Finland in the 1960s and 1970s: a case study of Erkki Kurenniemi’s music and instrument design

Mikko Ojanen
In this presentation, I will introduce my PhD project which is focused on the history and analysis of Finnish electroacoustic music and electronic instrument design in the 1960s and 1970s. At the center of the focus is an instrument designer and composer Erkki Kurenniemi (b. 1941). Kurenniemi gained strong technical know-how, first, as an amateur radio operator already during the 1950s and later as a student and an assistant at the Department of Nuclear Physics...

Ovine annulus fibrosus damage material model calibration data set

Marlène Mengoni & Ruth Wilcox
Experimental data: microscopy images and geometrical and mechanical data of radially loaded samples of ovine lumbar annulus fibrosus tissue; Computational data: 1D damage model calibration using experimental data; Results data: stress and strains values associated with the experimental data.

The effects of automation on drivers’ lane changing

Ruth Madigan
An excel file containing all of the variables used in the analysis for the paper entitled “The effects of varying levels of vehicle automation on drivers’ lane changing behaviour”, along with a worksheet explaining coding procedures.

Study of the flexibility of GroEL through FFEA simulation and analysis

Albert Solernou, Benjamin S. Hanson, Robin A Richardson, Robert Welch, Sarah A. Harris, Daniel J. Read & Oliver G. Harlen
Input scripts, structural information and output trajectory, measurement and analysis data of GroEL using FFEA supporting the results presented in the article "Fluctuating Finite Element Analysis (FFEA): A Continuum Mechanics Software Tool for Mesoscale Simulation of Biomolecules" in PLoS Computational Biology

The migration of gesture …

Carole Kirk
This digital reflection video forms part of the PhD project 'Painting as Emergent Knowledge' and is a digital story created from the third and final practice event, 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' which was held at stage@eeds on the 18th May 2017. This video is referred to in Chapter Five.

The Orphan of Zhao (Shanghai Yueju Theatre)/《赵氏孤儿》(上海越剧院)

Staging China Research Network
This data consist of 11 productions of The Orphan of Zhao created by practitioners from four countries – China, Nigeria, Korea and Britain – and spans a range of theatrical genres: Chinese regional operas; spoken drama and Chinese opera in the Western style as well as dramas in Korean and in English (works by Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria and by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain). Viewers can find the introduction to each of...

Geothermal heat pump system operational data: high frequency monitoring of a large university building

Selvaraj S Naicker & Simon J Rees
This data was collected as part of a PhD project to analyze the performance of a large-scale non-domestic heat pump installation. The building in question was the Hugh Aston building at Demontfort University, Leicester, UK. High frequency data have been collected during the initial three years of operation of the system. This data has been collated to allow seasonal performance factors to be derived and also detailed analysis of heat pump, circulating pump and control...

Crystal morphology and interfacial stability of RS-Ibuprofen in relation to its molecular and synthonic structure dataset

Thai TH Nguyen, Ian Rosbottom, Ivan Marziano, Robert B Hammond & Kevin J Roberts
Raw data associated with the publication 'Crystal Morphology and Interfacial Stability of RS-Ibuprofen in Relation to Its Molecular and Synthonic Structure'.

Data associated with 'Emissions from residential energy use dominate exposure to ambient fine particulate matter in India'

Luke Conibear
Here we use a regional numerical weather prediction model online-coupled with chemistry, evaluated against extensive surface observations, to make the first high resolution study of the impacts of source contributions on ambient PM2.5 and human health in India.


Carole Kirk
Audio reflections made spontaneously whilst looking at the original painting. These are juxtaposed with digital images of the painting which I've animated using zoom and pan. From phase one of the practice-led research project Painting as Emergent Knowledge. Referred to in Chapter Two. This was shown as part of the first event: The Gesture of Thinking.

Three-Phase Coexistence in Lipid Membranes dataset

Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts, Udayan Chandra & Simon Connell

Data associated with 'Effect of FePd alloy composition on the dynamics of artificial spin ice'

SA Morley, ST Riley, Jose Maria Porro, Mark Rosamond, Edmund Linfield, John Cunningham, Sean Langridge & CH Marrows
Artificial spin ices (ASI) are arrays of single domain nano-magnetic islands, arranged in geometries that give rise to frustrated magnetostatic interactions. It is possible to reach their ground state via thermal annealing. We have made square ASI using different FePd alloys to vary the magnetization via co-sputtering. From a polarized state the samples were incrementally heated and we measured the vertex population as a function of temperature using magnetic force microscopy. For the higher magnetization...

Industrial Activity: Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity as dystopian sonic template

Alexei Monroe
Radio-Activity (1975) deals with the most dystopian themes the pioneering German electronic group ever addressed. It was released shortly before the emergence in Britain of what became known as industrial music. The paper will argue that the more sonically radical and conceptually dystopian elements of the album were a strong precedent for industrial music and the way in which it used electronically-generated sound and noise. The minimalistic electronic percussion, oscillator and voltage sounds, shortwave radio...

Supplemental material of manuscript entitled: Dose-response and evidence of underdiagnoses of adrenal glucocorticoid adverse events: findings from a population based cohort in England

Teumzghi F. Mebrahtu, Ann W. Morgan, Adam Keeley, Paul D. Baxter, Paul M. Stewart & Mar Pujades-Rodriguez
We conducted a population-based, record-linkage, open-cohort study to quantify dose-related risks of adrenal insufficiency, Cushing's syndrome and death in adults with six chronic inflammatory diseases commonly treated with oral glucocorticoids. We found high glucocorticoid dose-dependent increased risks of adrenal dysfunction and death but low absolute risks, indicating potential under-diagnosis in primary care and the need to increase physician and patient awareness and education about the risks of adrenal dysfunction induced by glucocorticoids.

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