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The Tree of Knowledge

Leah Warriner-Wood
This image shows the view from beneath the canopy of a tree in the grounds of Lincoln Castle. On a late Summer day in 2016 I found myself under this tree, spending a peaceful few hours reading a book on one of my PhD case studies. Trees have long been used as metaphors for growth – growth of body, growth of self, and growth of knowledge. This tree symbolises, to me, that knowledge is not...

View from the Office

Leah Warriner-Wood
This image shows a view across the Drawing Room at Doddington Hall, near Lincoln. The tapestry on a conservation frame in the foreground depicts the mythical ‘Trojan Horse’. This tapestry, and its fellows, are undergoing extensive conservation, having been taken down from the walls for the first time in over 250 years during 2014. Once conserved, the tapestries will go on public display, with new interpretation based on my research findings revealing their secrets to...

To Be Continued...

Rujia Xu
My PhD project is Text and Art Collision with Contemporary Chinese Art. This is a curatorial practice-led research, relates to the fields of contemporary philosophy, contemporary thinking of art, contemporary literary theories, contemporary Chinese art, and contemporary curation. This image is a poster that I designed for my next curatorial project To Be continued…, which was exhibited in China in April 2017. The ink calligraphy of a capital C is the initial letter of the...

Pipette to Patient: Diabetes Research

Melissa Amy Tombs
Type 1 diabetes is caused by immune mediated destruction of insulin-producing β-cells, leading to sustained elevated blood glucose and later ketoacidosis. Little is known about the immune response within the pancreatic islets and this research aims to reveal information at site of disease. Antibodies which target β-cell proteins support this destructive response and using genetic material from diabetic pancreas tissue I aim to express the recombinant antibodies and identify their specific targets. Understanding the destructive...

Multicomponent Crystals: Let's get together and feel alright

Paolo Lucaioli
Multicomponent crystals are defined as crystals containing at least two different molecules held together by various types of intermolecular interactions. Crystal engineering is the science investigating these interactions in terms of crystal packing and its aim is the use of this knowledge to design new solid materials with specific properties. Crystallisation (the process of crystal formation) is referred to as more of an art than a science: as in human everyday life, some compounds don’t...

Intergroup encounters in crested macaques (Macaca nigra)

Laura Martínez-Iñigo
My pictures show some of the individuals of crested macaque that I followed during the data collection of my thesis in Tangkoko Nature Reserve (North Sulawesi, Indonesia). I observed these monkeys and their groups in order to understand how different groups interact with each other and whether this affect the social relationships within the groups. In doing so, I could help to improve our understanding of the evolution of parochial altruism. Parochial altruism is the...

A comparative study on crowdfunding in the United States and the United Kingdom

Duyen Dai Chu
This research is aimed to discover how crowdfunding has evolved in the two different national contexts, in the UK and the US, over the past few years. It is also to assess and compare the impacts of the new crowdfunding regulations on the practical development of this industry in the two countries. In order to effectively address the research questions, the researcher selected to apply the philosophical stance of pragmatism, the inductive approach, the mixed...

Deprescribing, an intervention to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy

Irene Boateng
TITLE: Deprescribing, an intervention to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy BACKGROUND: Inappropriate polypharmacy (a situation which occurs when a medicines risk outweighs its benefit) is on the rise partly because prescribers tend to follow guidelines for single diseases resulting in multiple medications in co-morbid patients and do sometimes fail to consult reference sources to consider possible drug interactions. Inappropriate polypharmacy do cause adverse drug reactions, hospitalisations, medication non-adherence, drug reactions, falls and malnutrition. Deprescribing, the process of...

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