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Multiseeded YBCO bulk

Susannnah Speller


Daniel Anthony

RBDmap: a proteome-wide repertoire of RNA-binding domains of human RNA-binding proteins

Alfredo Castello Palomares, Bernd Fischer & Matthias W Hentze

Diffusion MRI fibre orientation dispersion estimates evaluated with polarized light imaging and histological analysis

Jeroen Mollink, Michiel Kleinnijenhuis & Menuka Pallebage-Gamarallage

Passive control of viscous flow via elastic snap-through

Michael Gomez, Dominic Vella & Derek Moulton


Zengguang Cheng

Updated census of Feynman periods up to 11 loops

Erik Panzer & Oliver Schnetz

6loop phi^4 theory

Erik Panzer & Mikhail V. Kompaniets

Dataset: Optical fabrication and characterisation of SU-8 disk photonic waveguide heterostructure cavities - version 2

Luke Nuttall, Stephen Lennon, Benjamin Reid & Frederic Brossard
The difficulty of achieving reliable spectral and spatial overlap is a serious problem when fabricating photonic crystal (PhC) cavities around self-assembled quantum dots. We present a method for using photoresist to optically fabricate heterostructure cavities in a PhC waveguide with a combined photolithography and micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy system. We confirm the creation of cavity modes with high quality factors (mean = 3.8*10^3, maximum = 7.4(2)*10^3). This method offers a promising route towards bright, on-chip single photon...

Dataset: Deterministic optical polarisation in nitride quantum dots at thermoelectrically cooled temperatures

Tong Wang, Timothy Puchtler, Saroj K. Patra, Stefan Schulz & Robert Taylor

Magnetic targeting to enhance microbubble delivery in an occluded micro arterial bifurcation

Marie De Saint Victor, Dario Carugo, Lester C Barnsley, Joshua Owen, Constantin C Coussios & Eleanor Stride

Magneto-orbital ordering in the divalent A-site quadruple perovskite manganites AMn7O12 (A = Sr, Cd, and Pb): data archive

Roger Johnson, Paolo Radaelli, Dimitry Khalyavin, Pascal Manuel, IS Glazkova, Noriki Terada & Alexei Belik

Colonization with antimicrobial-resistant organisms on admission to a Vietnamese ICU

Thuy Duong
There is a paucity of data regarding initial bacterial colonization on admission to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Patients admitted to ICUs in LMICs are at high-risk of subsequent infection with antimicrobial-resistant organisms (AROs). We conducted a prospective, observational study at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from November 2014 to January 2016 to assess the colonization and antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli,...

[Supporting material] On the expressive power of user-defined effects: Effect handlers, monadic reflection, delimited control

Matija Pretnar
We compare the expressive power of three programming abstractions for user-defined computational effects: Bauer and Pretnar's effect handlers, Filinski's monadic reflection, and delimited control without answer-type-modification. This comparison allows a precise discussion about the relative expressiveness of each programming abstraction. It also demonstrates the sensitivity of the relative expressiveness of user-defined effects to seemingly orthogonal language features.

We present three calculi, one per abstraction, extending Levy's call-by-push-value. For each calculus, we present syntax, operational semantics,...

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