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BioSignalML Ontology

FAIRsharing Team
An ontology for working with biosignals. This ontology defines concepts to describe the storage and exchange of biosignals, regardless of their underlying data format, and provides terms for common biosignal metadata.

Letters of William Given Affleck (1)

Affleck William Given
Originals and typed copies of the letters of William Given Affleck, Canadian Army.

Letter: To Mrs Voynich.

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Thanks Mrs Voynich for letters and a parcel / congratulates her on her literary success, which makes Ivor Gurney a bit jealous / wonders what difference the United States' attitude will make to the war / quotes an unidentified poem / describes earthworks / compares painting of this landscape to England and Cornwall / wishes Mrs Voynich well with her work.

Medical Web Lifestyle Aggregator

FAIRsharing Team
This ontology designed and developed in order to represent the detected intentions from the Web Lifestyle Data Aggregator. In particular, it seeks to represent what is involved in the gathering of data from the web and social lifestyle of user on the Internet. We decided, therefore, to develop the ontology using the Prot?g? v5.0, a free, open-source ontology editor from the Stanford University. The outcome of Prot?g? is available on the following URL: http://carre.kmi.open.ac.uk/ontology/lifestyle.owl The...

Letter: To Marion Scott.

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Envelope containing letter.

"Forewarned - No 20"

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Cigarette card image of a Punch cartoon of John Bull cocking a snook at the zeppelin. Editor's Comment: The first Zeppelin raid on England took place on 19th January 1915. To be topical, this card would most likely have been produced in that year.

Letter: To Marion Scott.

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Thanks Marion Scott for a parcel received on Christmas Day / describes a hunting excursion / thanks her for reaction to a verse / discusses her book / the feeling in the army / rumours of peace / the Scots / asks for a few items / asks after Scott's cook / books / Robert Burns and a musical score / assures that he is not ill / discusses Henry Newbolt / Walt Whitman /...

To Any Dead Officer

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Manuscript in ink in Siegfried Sassoon's hand. This is a clean draft without corrections. Included in a collection of manuscript drafts of fifty of Siegfried Sassoon's poems. In a note at the back of the volume dated 20th December 1924 Sassoon writes that the blank pages are the rest of my life'. He adds that I made this manuscript when considering my choice for Selected Poems', 1925'. At a later date he adds that numerous...

Pass of Nellie Ogden

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Item that my father has from his aunty. Editor's Comment: Pass: 'permission to be absent from his headquaters', issued permanently to Nellie Ogden, Women's Legion.

Letter: To David Jones, includes a chit from 1915 on the use of respirators and smoke helmets, (November 1968).

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Letter from W R Owen praising David Jones's work, and enclosing a chit from 1915 included in soldiers's pay books instructing them on the use of respirators and smoke helmets / Owen claims that he and Jones spent an afternoon in the Tate Gallery, London, together, contemplating works by William Blake, and that Jones's poem, 'In Parenthesis', has always meant a great deal to him.

The Hydra: 12th May 1917

Advertisement for Edinburgh cobbler selling service boots.

COPD Ontology

FAIRsharing Team
The COPD Ontology is a biomedical ontology used for modelling concepts associated to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in routine clinical databases.

William Cranston - 3rd Bn. Machine Gun Corps Journal (3)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Articles from the magazine of the 3rd Bn Machine Gun Corps, issue no 1, May 1919. I have 100 pages of the originals of issues 1-6 with many descriptions of actions in the Great War and accounts of regimental life. Editor's Comment: 'Honorary Editor, Lt.-Colonel W. J. Cranston. D.S.O.'. Cartoon portrait of Lt.-Col. Cranston facing prefatory material, with an article 'The Chronicles of the 3rd Bn. M.G.C. | No. 1 | Arras | March 21-28...

Postcard sent by Frederick Sharpe to his mother (1)

Sharpe Frederick
Company Quartermaster Serjeant (later Colour Serjeant) 203612 Frederick Browne Peronne Abel Sharpe, 1st/5th Bn. Norfolk Regiment. Having joined the Territorial Force before the war, he served with the 1st/5th Bn., part of 163rd Bde. 54th (East Anglian) Division, in Gallipoli, Egypt, and Palestine.

Letter To Leslie Gunston

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Incomplete (and wrongly dated in 'Wilfred Owen Collected Letters'). Includes versions of 'Roundel'. Possibly written from the 13th Casualty Clearing Station, Gaily, France. This is letter no. 255 in Ed. 'Wilfred Owen Collected Letters'.

Summary statistics relating to "GWAS identifies 14 loci for device-measured physical activity and sleep duration"

Aiden Doherty
Physical activity and sleep duration are established risk factors for many diseases, but their etiology is poorly understood, partly due to relying on self-reported evidence. Our 2018 Nature Communications article reports a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of device-measured physical activity and sleep duration in 91,105 UK Biobank participants, finding 14 significant loci (7 novel). This data deposit shares the summary statistics related to this GWAS study.

TissueNet v.2

FAIRsharing Team
Knowledge of the molecular interactions of human proteins within tissues is important for identifying their tissue-specific roles and for shedding light on tissue phenotypes. However, many protein-protein interactions (PPIs) have no tissue-contexts. The TissueNet database bridges this gap by associating experimentally-identified PPIs with human tissues that were shown to express both pair-mates. Users can select a protein and a tissue, and obtain a network view of the query protein and its tissue-associated PPIs. TissueNet v.2...

Autograph Book of Muriel Smith (15)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Purchased at auction, provenance unknown. Editor's Comment: Including pencil cartoons and sketches, ink drawings of cap badges etc. Most entries include regimental and battalion details with date, and some include date of wounding. Place name 'Coonoor' is mentioned occasionally: perhaps a house converted into a Convalescent or Auxiliary Hospital.

Army Form B.218M, Pay and Terms of Service for His Majesty's Army (2)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Gives information about payment for different categories of soldiers and allowances for dependants.

A Memoir of his service by W.R.Smith , Driver , R.E. (4)

Smith W R
This memoir was handwritten in a small notebook by my father when he was 83 years old . As far as I know , it was from memory ,as I never saw any diaries etc. in his house . To me this seems remarkable . I typed it up (badly) about 20 years ago, and am pleased if it is of interest ,as my Dad would have been . I willl submit a couple of...

Song ['O haste you...']

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Pencil draft in Ivor Gurney's hand of an unpublished poem. From a Black notebook inscribed 'Pvt Gurney 241282 / Gloucester', used by Ivor Gurney between November 1917 and January 1918, whilst Gurney was at Seaton Delaval, Northumberland on a signalling course. The diary includes some early drafts of poems, notes on the camp and military matters, sketches, lists, musical scores, addresses and sums. The rear cover of the book and following pages reveal a cigarette...

Photographs and Documents relating to William Simper, erroneously listed dead (1)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Lance Corporal 41829 William Alfred George Simper, 10th Bn. Essex Regiment: Initially his parents were informed that he had died, but then were told of his whereabouts: in Hospital Auxiliare 101 in Rennes, France. He was wounded in the thigh and buttock by shrapnel, believed caused by French artillery, and was nursed in a French convent by nuns. About 40 years later the quality of the 1918 french surgery was highly praised in a British...

Zebrafish anatomy and development

FAIRsharing Team
A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Zebrafish. If you work on the project responsible for "Zebrafish anatomy and development" then please consider helping us by claiming this record and updating it appropriately.

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