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Quantification of nodulation in red clover (Trifolium pratense), white clover (T. repens), lucerne (Medicago sativa) and black medic (M. lupulina) in a range of 10 UK farm soils

Rachel Roberts & Hannah Jones
Soil was a collected from 10 organic farms across the UK and evaluated for the presence of compatible rhizobia for red and white clover, lucerne and black medic (aka yellow trefoil). The data details nodulation of plants grown in soil solutions from each farm, in triplicate, compared to control inoculum.

Multiple equilibria of climate: outputs

David Ferreira
Outputs from the MIT General Circulation Model (MITgcm) run in the idealized "Boomerang" configuration (two 45 degree-wide land masses defining a narrow Atlantic-like basin and a wide Pacific-like basin connecting to an unblocked Southern ocean). This dataset contains all data necessary to reproduce figures and analysis published in Ferreira et al. (2018, doi:10.1029/2018GL077019). It includes outputs from the ocean, atmosphere, sea ice, carbon cycle, and land surface components of the MITgcm simulations of the Cold...

Dataset supporting a project of developing and optimising sample preparation in liquid AP-MALDI

Pavel Ryumin & Rainer Cramer
Dataset contains a set of data collected during liquid AP-MALDI MS sample preparation studies. Dataset contains 9 sets of mass spectrometry data acquired on an in-house developed AP-MALDI ion source attached to a commercial Synapt G2-Si mass spectrometer. Other data include 3 surface tension measurements acquired on a Kruess K-12 tensiometer, and 3 processed laser energy threshold measurements datasets.

TAMSAT Daily Rainfall Estimates (Version 3.0)

Ross Maidment, Emily Black & Matt Young
The dataset comprises high resolution (0.0375 degrees) satellite-derived daily rainfall estimates for all Africa from January 1983 to December 2016 (data from 2017 onwards can be downloaded from the TAMSAT website: http://www.tamsat.org.uk/). The dataset is derived from TAMSAT Version 3.0 pentadal (5-day) rainfall estimates (1983-present). Although the principle features of the TAMSAT rainfall estimation approach have remained the same in generating TAMSAT Version 3.0, the calibration used in Version 3.0 differs markedly to Version 2.0...

BIOME 6000 DB classified plotfile version 1

Sandy Harrison
The file contains BIOME 6000 reconstructions of vegetation at 0, 6, and 21ka at individual sites, where the original published nomenclature for individual regions has been converted to a globally-applicable standardized classification (BIOME 6000 Consolidated Name). Two other standardized classifications are also given: common biome names between BIOME 6000 and the BIOME 4.2 model (BIOME 4.2 BIOME 6000 common names) and the megabiome scheme used by Harrison and Bartlein (2012) (MegaBiome Scheme 2). Additional information...

Simulations with the sea ice model CICE investigating the impact of sea ice floe size distribution on seasonal Arctic sea ice retreat.

Adam Bateson, University Of Reading & Met Office Hadley Centre
This dataset has been generated by implementing a power law derived sea ice floe size distribution model within the CICE sea ice model. We use this dataset within the associated paper (Bateson et al., 2019) to investigate the impact of floe size on the seasonal fragmentation and melt of Arctic sea ice. We document several findings including that the floe size distribution model has a spatially and temporally dependent impact on the sea ice cover,...

LUCY: Large scale Urban Consumption of Energy

Sue Grimmond, Fredrik Lindberg, Lucy Allen, N Yogeswaran & Simone Kotthaus
Model and datasets to document changes in global anthropogenic heat flux (QF) for spatial (30′′ × 30′′ to 0.5° × 0.5°) resolution and temporal coverage (historical, current and future). See further details in the Lindberg et al. publications linked from this record.

Dataset supporting research into the production and analysis of multiply charged negative ions by atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry

Oliver Hale, Pavel Ryumin & Rainer Cramer
The dataset contains mass spectrometry data which was used as the basis for a published article focusing on the development of our in-house AP-MALDI ion source for negative ion production and analysis. The data is in the proprietary Waters .raw format, but can be converted to be viewed in free and open source software.

The impact of precipitating hydrometeors on the atmospheric radiation budget

Peter Hill
This dataset contains atmospheric radiative fluxes and heating rates. These fluxes and heating rates were calculated in order to quantify the effect of precipitating hydrometeors (particularly rain) on the radiation budget of the atmosphere and thereby determine whether climate and weather models should include a treatment of the radiative effect of rain. The dataset includes 4 files. all_hydro.nc and no_rain.nc contain full resolution SW and LW radiative fluxes at the surface and top of atmosphere...

Children with anxiety disorders in primary care: the views of general practitioners II (CADPC II)

Doireann O'Brien & Cathy Creswell
This dataset was generated to examine the extent to which GPs experience barriers and facilitators to identifying, managing and accessing specialist services for these disorders, as well as factors associated with GPs’ confidence. It contains a cross-sectional, self-report questionnaire in primary care, addressing identification, management and access to specialist services for children (under 12 years) with anxiety disorders, using a five point Likert scale. Some demographic information was provided by GPs. The participants were 971...

Perceptions of physicians in Saudi Arabia on the use of international clinical guidelines for managing primary insomnia

Ali Dobia & University Of Reading
This dataset is comprised of verbatim transcriptions from recordings of face-to-face interviews with physicians who are authorised to prescribe benzodiazepines and z-drugs at King Fahad Central Hospital in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Interviews were conducted to understand physicians’ perceptions of and attitudes towards using international guidelines to manage their patients with insomnia. Verbatim transcripts of the interviews were entered into NVivo 11 and analysed using thematic analysis. Themes were generated from the data expressing physicians’ knowledge...

MERRA derived hourly time series of GB-aggregated wind power, solar power and demand

Daniel Drew, Hannah Bloomfield, Phil Coker, Janet Barlow & David Brayshaw
MERRA reanalysis data (1980-2015) have been used to estimate the hourly aggregated wind and solar power generation for Great Britain based on a distribution of wind and solar farms which is considered to be representative of the current situation (June 2017). In addition a corresponding hourly time series of nationally aggregated (for Great Britain) electricity demand has been determined. The data have been produced to understand the long term variability of the renewable generation and...

EEG Data for Voluntary Finger Tapping Movement

Maitreyee Wairagkar
This dataset consists of EEG data recorded during voluntary asynchronous index finger tapping from 14 healthy individuals for investigating the temporal dynamics of EEG associated with motor intention. EEG was recorded using TruScan Deymed amplifier with 19 channels according to 10-20 international system for three conditions - right finger tap, left finger tap and resting state with sampling frequency of 1024Hz. 120 trials were collected per participant with 40 trials for each of the three...

Volcanic Ash Workshop Survey Results

Kelsey Mulder, Andrew Charlton-Perez, Alison Black, Rachel McCloy & Matthew Lickiss

Supplementary data for Note: A self-calibrating wide range balloon electrometer

Richard Giles Harrison, Graeme Marlton, Keri Nicoll, Martin Airey & Paul Williams
This dataset contains the radiosonde and additional sensor data for an adapted radiosonde launched on the 22nd September 2017 from Pallas at 0915 UT. The file contains standard meteorological data and the additional sensor channels that were used in the analysis shown in the Review of Scientific Instruments note: A self-calibrating wide range balloon electrometer by R. Giles Harrison, Graeme J. Marlton, Keri A. Nicoll, Martin W. Airey, Paul D. Williams.

Royal Berkshire Hospital Maternity building temperature measurements (July-August 2018).

Hannah Gough, Zhiwen Luo, Samuel Faulknall-Mills, University Of Reading & Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
This dataset contains raw temperature measurements of the internal temperatures measured during pre-heatwave conditions around the Maternity and Gynaecology building of the Royal Berkshire Hospital. The work was a pilot scheme to understand the overheating occurring within the department and what could be done to prevent it and to improve patient safety. Sensors were deployed for 2 months (July-Aug 2018). Full details can be found in Gough et al, in review: 'Assessment of overheating risk...

Yield parameter relationships of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) under the influence of fertiliser and insect pollination

Michael P D Garratt & Erika Degani
This dataset is made up of data from three studies. The first involves a flight cage trial where oilseed rape plants were grown under four fertiliser treatments and then exposed to insect pollination or not. A number of yield parameters were then collected from each plant. The second study involved a field study across three oilseed rape fields with insect pollinator exclusion cages placed over areas of the crop. Yield parameters were then collected from...

Monastic Magic and Healing

Gemma Watson
The dataset was created during research for Professor Roberta Gilchrist’s Rhind Lectures in 2017 and subsequent publication on Sacred Heritage (R. Gilchrist, 'Sacred Heritage and Monastic Archaeology: Interpreting Medieval Identities and Beliefs', Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). The Rhind Lectures are hosted annually by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Part of this research concentrated on establishing the range of archaeological evidence for magic and healing practices from later medieval monastic and church contexts in Scotland...

The synoptic meteorology driving the UK’s largest pollution episodes

Chris Webber
This dataset contains output from an inert-tracer study using the Met Office HADGEM2-GA4 model. The aim of the study was to analyse why omega block events are associated with such hazardous particulate matter (PM) within the UK. The dataset includes HADGEM3-GA4 Chemistry-Climate simulation output and nudged Blocking Index Metrics (blocking index, direction of blocking index and relative importance of air masses Indices) for the same time period. These are calculated on the theta = 2...

Reconstructions of the radiation fluxes at top of atmosphere and net surface energy flux in the period 1985-2015 from DEEP-C project

Chunlei Liu & Richard Allan
In order to study which mechanisms explain the reduced global surface warming rate since around 2000, and where the excess energy is due to rising greenhouse gas, the radiation fluxes (OLR, ASR and NET) at the top of atmosphere (TOA) prior to the CERES period are reconstructed using satellite observations, atmospheric reanalysis (ERA-Interim) and AMIP5 model simulations. The new approach using the mass-corrected atmospheric energy divergencies (transports) from ERA-Interim is employed to estimate the net...

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