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Professor Phil Lightfoot, Dr Finlay Morrison, Dr Silvia Capelli, Professor James Scott & Ms Rebecca Clulow


Professor Yoshiaki Kiyanagi, Dr Francesco Grazzi, Dr Antonella Scherillo, Miss Elisa Barzagli & Dr Alan Williams


Professor Anthony Powell, Dr Paz Vaqueiro-Rodriguez, Dr Jesus Prado-Gonjal, Mr Gabin Guélou & Mr Panagiotis Mangelis


Professor Xianran Xing, Dr Alexandra Gibbs, Dr KUN LIN & Dr Yili Cao

Investigation of the magnetic phase of the charge transfer compound CuTCNQ

Dr Ian Terry, Dr Adam Berlie, Dr Marek Szablewski & Mr Daniel Kondratyev
CuTCNQ (TCNQ = 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane) is material which exhibits electrical resistive switching at 300K and has two structural forms (I and II), each with very different electrical and magnetic properties. We have used muon spin rotation/relaxation measurements to study the magnetic phase transition in CuTCNQ-II below 10K and we have evidence to suggest that the material is a 3D Heisenberg ferromagnet or antiferromagnet, but with an ordering temperature of about 10.8K. We propose to complete our...

Neutron reflectivity studies on bulk heterojunction (BHJ) thin films

Dr Gabriel Bernardo, Dr Rebecca Welbourn, Dr Steve King, Mr Yiwei Zhang, Dr Jos Cooper, Dr Richard Thompson, Dr Andrew Parnell & Professor Richard Jones
Polymer solar cells (PSCs) open up new perspectives in the solar cell market. The morphology of the active layer of PSCs plays a crucial role on the corresponding device’s efficiency and different strategies have been developed for controlling it. The use of solvent additives, such as 1,8-diiodooctane (DIO), in addition to the primary host solvent has gained particular importance in recent years being very effective at improving the morphologies and PCEs of PSCs using some...


Professor Martin Dove, Dr Anthony Phillips, Dr Alan Drew, Dr David Voneshen, Dr Helen Walker & Mr Zhengqiang Yang


Ms Fleur Shearman, Mr Daniel O'Flynn, Mr Paul Craddock, Ms Laura Perucchetti, Ms Marie Vandenbeusch, Dr Saurabh Kabra, Dr Anna Fedrigo, Mr John Taylor & Mr Duncan Hook

Study of the magnetic structure of BaSrMg2Fe12O22: a candidate room temperature multiferroic

Dr Roger Johnson, Mr Noah Waterfield Price, Mr Francis Chmiel, Dr Dmitry Khalyavin & Professor Paolo Radaelli
Multiferroic materials, where there is a strong coupling between magnetic and electric order parameters, offer a route to novel voltage-controlled spintronics. Y-type hexaferrites are a well-known multiferroic systems, exhibiting multiferroic phases in externally applied magnetic fields, and offer the chance of device applications if a phase exhibiting a room-temperature multiferroicity in low externally applied field could be stabilised. Here we propose to study the magnetic structure of such a candidate system, BaSrMg2Fe12O22, which we recently...


O L G Alderman, A T Grigg, D Holland & A C Hannon

Magnetic Exciations in single crystalline Erbium Iron Garnet

Dr Greg Tucker, Dr Toby Perring, Professor Henrik Ronnow & Dr Simon Ward
Erbium iron garnet is a technologically important material with potential use in quantum computing. The predicted presence of a magnetic resonance and an optically active erbium ion transitions points to its possible use coupling a short-range electromagnetic superconducting quantum-bit control system and a long-range fiber-optic communication system. This could relax some of the size constraints on quantum computers thereby increasing the number of addressable quantum-bits available to a single computer. Erbium iron garnet has a...

Surface composition in the physical developer process for latent fingerprint visualization

Professor Robert Hillman, Dr Mario Campana, Dr Rebecca Welbourn, Dr Jodie Coulston, Dr Andrew Ballantyne, Dr Maxmilian Skoda, Professor Karl Ryder, Dr Rob Barker & Dr Rachel Sapstead
Physical developer (PD) is a latent fingerprint development technique that is highly effective on paper and related surfaces, notably banknotes. The process exploits a redox reaction in which Ag(I) ions in solution are reduced by Fe(II), resulting in deposition of metallic silver on fingerprint residue on the surface. The standard formulation includes both a cationic and non-ionic surfactant, whose presence is critical to formulation stability and efficacy, but whose role is poorly understood. However, the...


I D McKenzie, J Peck, S Jones, M J Loftus, U A Jayasooriya & S P Cottrell


Dr Ron Smith, Dr Jan-Willem Bos, Ms Maryana Asaad & Ms Sonia Barczak

Fractionalized spin excitations in a triangular-lattice quantum spin liquid candidate

Mr Jun Zhao, Dr Rob Bewley, Mr Hongliang WO & Miss Die Hu
The recently synthesised triangular-lattice rare-earth magnet KErSe2 crystallizes in the similar strucutre as the new quantum spin liquid candidate YbMgGaO4 but with less stie mixing problem. Our magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurement shows no evidence for long range spin order and indicates KErSe2 a quantum spin liquid candidate. Thus, elucidating the magnetic ground state of KErSe2 will shed more lights on rare earth frustrated magnets. For this experiment we request the beamtime of 6...

Characterising the magnetic structure of Pd3Fe under pressure

Professor Konstantin Kamenev, Dr Dmitry Khalyavin, Dr Xiao Wang, Professor Andrew Huxley, Dr Craig Bull, Professor Don Paul, Dr Christopher Ridley & Dr Pascal Manuel
Pd-Fe alloys are of interest due to the unusual interplay between the magnetic and mechanical properties they display. Examples include shape-memory effects in Fe-rich alloys, and the pressure induced zero thermal expansion (`Invar' behaviour) of Pd-rich alloys. Previous work has shown that Pd3Fe undergoes a large volume collapse under a pressure of 12GPa, with a loss of magnetic order. At this pressure the sample also displays almost zero thermal expansion up to 550K. From subsequent...


Dr Matthew Krzystyniak, Professor Felix Fernandez-Alonso & Dr Selena Richards


Mr Takashi Sato, Professor Koichi Kato, Professor Yukinobu Morimoto, Professor Toshiharu Fukunaga & Professor Masaaki Sugiyama


Dr Simon Hunt, Professor Ian Wood, Professor John Brodholt, Professor David Dobson, Dr Nicholas Funnell, Dr Andrew Thomson, Dr Martha Pamato & Miss Isra Ezad


M Liu, H-Q Luo, CZ Zhang, M W Wang & P Dai


C M Madsen, H Cavaye, K H Lee, I R Gentle, M James, P L Burn & K Jack


C Yan, A Mohamed, S D Cummings, M Sagisaka, J Eastoe & S E Rogers


Professor Stephen Blundell & Dr Francis Pratt

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