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Teenage Mothers and Education

Janet McLeod
The purpose of this study was twofold. Firstly, it was undertaken to establish whether teenage mothers were motivated to re-engage with education postpregnancy. Secondly, to consider whether Educational Psychologists could support the long-term educational outcomes of teenage mothers. Five teenage mothers between the ages of 16-19 were interviewed using semi-structured interviews, to explore this further: a) What are the views of teenage mothers living within an outer London Borough about their individual educational experiences? b)...

‘The Politics of Experience’: Young Refugees, the Dialogical Self & Therapeutic Social Work, Within a Psycho-Analytic Agency Context

Khurshid Meehan
This study is set in a psychoanalytic mental health outpatient agency and focuses on five adolescent refugees who were part of a specialist service. From a social work perspective it seemed the young people were subject to two contradictory dominant discourses – the hostile socio-political discourse of the “unwanted invader”, whilst inside the agency, the static, essentialised identity allied to the dominant discourse of trauma. The young people were clearly not a homogenous group, despite...

Experience of coercion and treatment pressures amongst mental health service users

Hannah Duncan
The existing body of literature indicates that psychiatric service-users commonly experience treatment pressures. In the research to date there has been a bias towards investigating (often compulsory) hospital admission and treatment at the expense of finding out about the wide range of experiences that service-users potentially perceive as treatment pressures. Similarly little research has explored the effects of these experiences over time, the processes that mediate them, or how they are managed. This research sought...

Management and creation of Open Mosaic Habitat for invertebrate conservation

James McGill
Some brownfield sites can support comparable invertebrate diversity to semi- natural early successional habitats. This was recognised in the designation of Open Mosaic Habitat on Previously Developed Land as a UK conservation priority. This project developed in response to the need for information to assist with management of brownfields protected for nature conservation, and from the lack of evidence about effectiveness of brownfield mosaic habitat creation. The study included: management interventions at Canvey Wick in...

Factors Influencing South Asian Women's Access to Maternity Related Health Services: A Mixed Methods Study in an Ethnically Diverse Urban Setting in the UK

Hena Wali Haque
Background: Women of South Asian heritage are more likely to experience adverse pregnancy outcomes than White British women. Poor access and engagement with maternity services may be one reason for this. A key measure of access in relation to maternity care is the initiation of antenatal care within the first trimester of pregnancy and late initiation has been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes. The importance of positive experiences of care is also recognised for improving...

Towards an Intracultural Actor Training: Utilising the Cultural Context of the Performer

Kristine Landon-Smith
This thesis offers an evolved methodology of practice that acknowledges and utilises difference in performance, and offers a potential way forward for theatre practice. This methodology is addressed primarily to directors and teachers in both training and professional theatre environments, and therefore offers specific guidance on rehearsal room practice. In 2016, state funded theatres in the United Kingdom and Australia (the territories in which I locate this thesis) are still largely monocultural, both in terms...

Deconstructing practitioners' understandings of intimate partner violence and abuse: implications for practice and supervision

Jane Lawrence
Against a background of often acrimonious debate among researchers, and contradictory research evidence, the most influential perspective in deciding criminal justice policy and the organisation of services across North America and Western Europe for those involved in intimate partner violence continues to be the gender paradigm. Approaches to practice based on the view that women are always victims and men perpetrate violence against them to maintain patriarchy have been criticised as reductionist and prescriptive. However,...

How do therapists who work with people with diagnoses of eating disorders talk about their own bodies?

Martha Kenyon
This thesis aims to explore how therapists construct their own bodies when working in the context of specialist eating dis/order services, using Foucauldian Discourse Analysis (FDA). The first chapter is a critical review of the existing literature on the therapist’s body within the specialist field of eating dis/orders, from perspectives of both research and practice. The methodology consisted of nine semi-structured interviews, with seven clinical psychologists and two trainee clinical psychologists who work in specialist...

The Views of Young People about an Intervention Programme Designed to Support Them with Exam Related Anxiety and Stress

Madeehah Qureshi
Both preparing for and sitting exams can be extremely stressful for children and young people. Whilst the research within the area of exam anxiety acknowledges the detrimental impact that it can have on individuals, much of the research has been completed with university students. Limited research has been carried out with children and young people. In addition to this, there is also little research that has been completed in order to understand which interventions are...

The potential therapeutic value of therapist stuckness in systemic practice

Geraldine Richardson
Theory development and research within the sphere of family therapy is an expression of who we are, where we are, and where our next horizon may lead us. The dialogical perspective introduces a new horizon to the systemic paradigm, a shift that supports new ways of observing practice. This project explored therapist stuckness, one aspect of the impasse phenomena, through this new lens. In response, the project introduced an alternative consultation model. The task of...

A New Shift? Explicit and Implicit Mentalizing in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: A Mixed Methods Design.

Rose Spencer
Mentalizing refers to a capacity to think about others or oneself in terms of intentional mental states (e.g. beliefs, desires, feelings). Mentalizing is particularly important in the early parent- infant relationship as it is thought to be the process underlying sensitive parenting and the foundation for healthy Mentalizing refers to a capacity to think about others or oneself in terms of intentional mental states (e.g. beliefs, desires, feelings). Mentalizing is particularly important in the early...

The Performance Characteristics of a Surface-Modified Cutting Tool

Titus Watmon
In the past, many papers have been presented which show that the coating of cutting tools often yields decreased wear rates and reduced coefficients of friction. Although different theories are proposed, covering areas such as hardness theory, diffusion barrier theory, thermal barrier theory, and reduced friction theory, most have not dealt with the question of how and why the coating of tool substrates with hard materials such as Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbide (TiC) and...

Psychiatric survivors and narratives of activism

Jonathan Paul Marek Buhagiar
Despite there being a substantial history of survivors challenging psychiatry, there has been little attention paid to the lives of these individuals. The literature has primarily focussed upon ‘recovery’ and the development of typologies of emotional distress. Whilst the focus upon people’s individual experience is to be welcomed, the literature has tended to background the causes to which survivors have committed part of their lives. The aim of this study was to explore the ‘journeys’...

The Multi-Faceted Experience of Empathy in Intellectual Disability Settings: An IPA Study

Ben Renton
This research thesis explored the concept of empathy. The specific purpose was to further understand the idea of empathy in relation to the experience of male support workers who provide residential care to adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and challenging behaviour. The thesis aimed to provide some insights into how support workers develop and extract meaning from their experiences of relationships with clients and the impact of this on their own self-care, namely, self-compassion. Since...

A social identity approach to career development: possible selves and prototypical occupational identities.

Julia Yates
The notion of identity lies at the heart of many career theories, yet the concept is not well or consistently defined within the literature. This programme of doctoral research aimed to explore two specific variants of career related identity: occupational prototypes and possible selves. The first study gathered data from psychology students (n=24) through focus groups. Participants described their prototypical representations of members of four occupations (social worker, primary teacher, clinical and occupational psychologists). A...

A Novel CMAUT-UML Framework for the Optimisation of Clinical Information System (CIS) and Prediction of CVD Percentage Risk

Aloysius Adotey Edoh
This research critically analyses the different types of clinical data representation used in modelling Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and their limitations. It identifies space complexity, information overload, performance degradation, erroneous data retrieval and transmission as some of the main challenges caused by inappropriate data representation. Literature reviewed, indicated that object-oriented Health Level 7 (HL7), Entity Attribute Value (EAV), Advanced ERD with XML, and ERD –FOL (First Order Logic) are some of the contemporary methods used...

A baby mouse in a tiny boat. In Psychotherapy Treatment can the Experience of Premature Birth be Considered Significant in Understanding the Internal World of a Child?

Lin Sweeney
This thesis discusses the potential impact a premature birth can have on a childʼs internal world. This was explored using a single case study of a girl who was born at 25 weeks gestation. There are ten sampled individual psychotherapy sessions and one initial meeting in order to research this question using grounded theory and thematic analysis. Themes that arose from this material, in connection with infant prematurity, include babies and growing up; incubators and...

Preparing for Adulthood: An exploration of the experiences of students with learning disabilities on their Person-Centred Annual Review

Judith Kusi
The Person-Centred Annual Review (PCAR) is advocated as an approach to reviewing the needs of students with an Education, Health and Care plan. This approach has its origins in the social model of disability and is a relatively new approach to statutory practices. There is some evidence that there are a number of complex social processes involved in the use of this approach and this research set out to explore how students with Learning Disabilities...

Unlocking Thesis Data Phase 1 baseline survey data

Stephen Grace, Michael Whitton, Sara Gould & Rachael Kotarski

‘The Emerging Butterfly’ how can a boy considered likely to receive an ADHD diagnosis at age 5 be provided with a different developmental experience? An extensive clinical exploration with an under 5 boy with an anticipated diagnosis of ADHD, and his journey towards health with the aid of intensive psychotherapy

Davina Brown
This thesis explores the issue of ADHD and its diagnosis in the very young. Also one of my tasks has been to illustrate how offering a four year old boy intensive psychotherapy can be very beneficial for his emotional development and general well being. The detailed analysis of clinical material and commentary covering four phases are explored and further discussion is presented that question whether there is a distinct link between a lack of early...

Managing Parallel Life Stages: A Quantitative Study of Psychological Wellbeing, Satisfaction with Life, and Parental Sense of Competence in Parents at Midlife

Ariana Jordan
Being a parent at midlife often entails the management of significant biological, cognitive, emotive, and psychosocial changes. This is often accompanied by increased responsibility in the home and work domains. Those who are parents at midlife will often have a child in adolescence, whose cognitive maturation may pose additional challenges to the status quo of an established family system. For twenty years, researchers have recognised the potential interaction of midlife themes in the parent with...

Unconscious Processes in Multi-Agency Partnership Working For Protecting and Safeguarding Children: A Psychoanalytic Examination of the Conception and Development of A Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (Mash) Project in an Inner London Local Authority

Claudious Madembo
This study was set within the context of child protection and safeguarding in an inner city local authority. Its main aim was to explore the unconscious processes experienced by organizational representatives when co-located to provide multi- agency partnership work in children services. It acknowledged that a lot has been written about the rational challenges to multi-agency work. It then took a different dimension which focussed on the ‘beneath the surface’ issues in partnership work. The...

Botany and Metaphor

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi
I started the doctorate program with works depicting fictional plants as a mirror or metaphor for my thoughts and feelings. The plants in the watercolour works on paper are impossible biologically and in terms of the environments in which I place them. In connection with these artworks I looked at the work of Charles Avery and Marcel Boodthaers, who both put their artwork in a fictional frame of an invented island and an imaginary museum...

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