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Taming Financial Capital: The Role and Limitation of Basel Capital Regulation in Pakistan

Shazaib Butt
The study investigates the role of International Basel Capital Regulation in taming the financial capital via improving risk management in banking. The study examines if capital adequacy ratios of commercial banks calculated under Basel Capital Accord reflect credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, and economic impact in Pakistan. The study employed dual methodology utilising both primary and secondary data. A Liker-scale questionnaire was administered in addition to deploying panel data approach. The results...

Peer Relationships Within The Recovery Journey: Perspectives Of Forensic Dual Diagnosis Clients

Jesscia Gran
Many forensic patients are diagnosed with both a ‘serious mental illness’, such as ‘schizophrenia’ and a ‘substance use disorder’. This is referred to as dual diagnosis, and is socially situated: distress, substance use and recovery appear linked to interpersonal and social context. Forensic services aim to facilitate patients’ recovery from mental health difficulties, substance use and offending, historically from a biomedical perspective. However, recently they have moved towards a ‘recovery model’ approach. Peer support is...

The Role of HBD-2 and HBD-3 in Human T Cell Development

Dawei Chen
Human β-defensins (hBDs) are a family of cationic peptides able to directly kill a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition to their antimicrobial activities, defensins also contribute to the modulation of both the host innate and adaptive immunity. In this project, we demonstrate that the αCD3/28 co-stimulation of human CD4+ T cells in the presence of 10μg/ml hBD-2 or hBD-3 together causes an up-regulation in numbers of CD4+CD69+CD25+ and CD4+CD69-CD25+...

Stuck cases: understanding the experience of children, families and clinicians in a child and adolescent mental health setting when the helping relationship becomes stuck.

Andrew J Dawson
Stuck cases in multi-disciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services occur when families attend for help but something in the helping process becomes a problem in itself, to the detriment of the child and the distress of parents and professionals alike. This research reviews the psychoanalytic literature in relation to stuckness and impasse and then samples the systemic literature, drawing comparison between them both. The literature review reveals that the study of stuckness has lead...

The Issues for Young People Post 16 with Additional Needs in College - A Mixed Methods Study

Alison Bell
The new Code of Practice (DfE, 2014) requires Educational Psychologists (EPs) to work with young people up to the age of 25. Therefore they would need to work in colleges with young people that have additional needs. This research asks what issues do young people (YP) with additional needs face in college and what support do they need? A systematic literature review showed that very little research has been done in this area, and most...

Pervasive Refusal Syndrome (PRS). Understandings and Perspectives of Treating Professional Working with Children and Young People.

Elizabeth Coombs
Pervasive refusal syndrome (PRS) is a descriptive label given to a constellation of difficulties with predominating features of refusal and rejection of help across several domains - walking, talking, eating, drinking and self-care. The severity of the presentation is often life threatening. It is a contested diagnosis, with debate regarding both its diagnostic specificity and aetiology. Despite the fact that management almost always requires extensive input from a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at a tertiary level...

Open Access Policy

University of East London
The University of East London is committed to and supports open access to its research publications. There is a worldwide move towards free and unrestricted access to research publications, with benefits for researchers, universities and wider society. UEL supports this initiative and recognises the importance of open access in increasing the visibility and impact of research. This policy is aligned with and supports HEFCE’s Policy for Open Access in the Post‐2014 REF, and is aligned...

Imagined Contact as a Means of Improving Attitudes towards People with Learning Disabilities and Reducing Intergroup Anxieties

Alessia Price
Background: It is well evidenced that people with learning disabilities are exposed to multiple disadvantages including stigma and discrimination; however, few interventions have been developed to tackle this. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effectiveness of an intervention called 'imagined contact' as a way to improve attitudes and reduce intergroup anxieties towards people with learning disabilities. This was the first time imagined contact had been delivered as a face-to-face intervention for...

#Like-What Are Adolescents Experiences Of Using Social Media?

Mohammad Sarif Alrai
Adolescent engagement with digital communication, especially social media, has risen in recent years. Given this, and a lack of psychological exploration of the topic, the current study set out to understand the experience of adolescents using social media. Six participants (three male and three female aged 14) shared their experiences through semi-structured interviews. They were all year 10 students in an Academy in southeast England. The resulting data was analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)....

A Discourse Analysis of Clinical Psychologists' Talk about Psychopathy in Forensic Settings

Kitty Clark-McGhee
Background: Psychopathy is a controversial psychological construct with a contentious history. Ambiguity regarding its pathology persists, coincident with long-standing critique of the construct. Contemporary research indicates ontological confusion, limitations with assessment practices, and the presence of a negative bias towards individuals identified as psychopathic; the implications of this raise serious ethical concerns. Despite this, the psychopathy construct is used within forensic settings to understand the psychology of forensic service users; in particular, clinical psychologists hold...

Investigating Links Between Intimacy and Violence in Intensive Psychotherapy

Julie Trice
This research examines links between intimacy and violence within the transference relationship of a three year old boy during intensive psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic clinical findings are used to examine triggers to violence that initially appeared to link with moments of emotional warmth. The research uses a retrospective single case study design. The clinical data cover a period of transition in the child's life from being a 'looked after child' in foster care to being adopted. There...

Encountering sex education and imagining positive sex: A discursive exploration of young people’s accounts

Stephanie Margaret Murphy
This study sought to explore how young people constructed their experience of sex and relationship education in the school setting, and their expectations of sexual relations. A Foucauldian-informed discourse analytic approach was adopted to examine how discourses of sex and sexuality as deployed by young people are informed by material and social structures, social relations and institutionalised practices, particularly sex education as delivered in schools, and how this impacted on possible ‘ways of being’ open...

The next best thing

Martin Andrew Barrett
The collective discourse within the Doctorate has been of particular importance to me as my practice has generally been a solitary experience. The title of my Doctorate came from a quote by the German artist Anselm Keifer. In an interview he was asked when he first thought about becoming an artist. He said that he had decided to be a priest when he was seven years old but was told that only God could make...

Psychosocial Concerns and Individual Anxieties for Fathers with Testicular Cancer

Kathleen Russell
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the major areas of psychosocial concerns, individual anxieties and coping responses for fathers with testicular cancer. While numerous studies have been carried out with mothers with cancer, research from the perspective of fathers with cancer is sparse. This study attempts to identify and explore their specific concerns and priorities. The study was approved by the Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH) Committee for Clinical Research (CCR) and the...

How do Parents within the Orthodox Jewish Community Experience Accessing a Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service?

Gemma Rowland
Previous research suggests that children of minority groups may be underserved by mainstream services (Elster, Jarosik, VanGeest & Fleming, 2003). There has been an identified need for research that focuses on barriers to accessing services faced by minority groups, such as the Orthodox Jewish community (Dogra, Singh, Svirdzenka & Vostansis, 2012). Given that parents are often the gate-keepers to care (Stiffman, Pescosolido & Cabassa, 2004), understanding their help-seeking behaviour is crucial to ensure that Orthodox...

Development of equal and unequal filtered power splitter using substrate integrated waveguide

Amadu Dainkeh
The objective of this thesis is to investigate and provide better solution to producing filtered power splitter with compact size and with use of no resistors for its isolation. The background investigation and utilisation of the established theories build up the design equations that are adapted to power dividers. These dividers contain filtering characteristics and are employed in microstrip and substrate integrated waveguide technology. The work involves the design of a filtered power splitter with...

Brief Psychotherapy with Children in a Specialist School: An Exploration of the Underlying Issues for Children and Mainstream Schools

Khuzuma Akhtar
This thesis explores brief psychotherapy with children on placement at a specialist school setting, as part of an on-site, child psychotherapy outreach provision. The study sought to explore two research questions concerning the themes that could emerge in brief work with children and how these themes could be discussed in relation to the understanding formed by their mainstream school teachers. A qualitative research design was used to investigate these questions. The methods used to collect...

Self-titration by experienced e-cigarette users: blood nicotine delivery and subjective effects

Lynne E. Dawkins, Catherine F. Kimber, Mira Doig, Colin Feyerabend & Olivia Corcoran
This is a UK laboratory study of twelve experienced e-cigarette users (11 males; 1 female; note the female participant’s data was removed from all analyses in the published paper) to understand the effects of e-liquid nicotine concentration on puffing patterns, plasma nicotine levels and subjective effects. All participants completed two vaping sessions under low (6 mg/mL) and high (24 mg/mL) nicotine e-liquid concentrations in two separate (counterbalanced) sessions at the University of East London (UEL)....

Representing Variability in Software Architecture

Umaima Haider
Software Architecture is a high level description of a software intensive system that enables architects to have a better intellectual control over the complete system. It is also used as a communication vehicle among the various system stakeholders. Variability in software-intensive systems is the ability of a software artefact (e.g., a system, subsystem, or component) to be extended, customised, or configured for deployment in a specific context. Although variability in software architecture is recognised as...

Story, Narrative, Material

Lewis Paul
This practice based Professional Doctorate in Fine Art explores the interaction between story, narrative, material, and related concepts. My creative practice is driven by considering autobiographical identity as a reclaimed space, the boundaries of which are adoption and sexuality. Conceptually, my work is informed by a matrix of boundary points, for example: masculine sexual identity and gender politics, (concepts that relate to the working man such as class, craft skill, visual identity) and on an...

Staging the Moment: Play and Fictional Reality

Veronica Shimanovskaya
While reflecting on the main topic of my interest, I realized that it is the moment of pure experience of the visible world before its transition into individual and subjectively perceived reality. Playing as a means of staying in that moment is a main strategy of my practice. As we can perceive very little of the true workings of the world by a momentary experience, the only impression we can gauge from it will add...

Emotional Impact of Sibling Bone Marrow Donors

Jane Elfer
This thesis reports on a study of the emotional impact on sibling bone marrow donors. lt considers in particular donation that takes place during their adolescence and was prompted by the concern of medical and nursing colleagues managing the treatment of young people with cancer. The study interviewed five donors and discusses these interviews using the lens of psychoanalytic theory to offer a deeper understanding of these donors' experiences. Understood in this way, particularly using...

Big and Pumped: Embodied Masculinity in Homosocial Sporting Environments

Christopher Morriss-Roberts
Queering male homosocial sporting environments and the relationship to masculinity and the body, is a multidimensional under-researched area of knowledge which experiences particular Queered epistemological challenges. This thesis aims to consider the relationship that men have with their bodies in homosocial sporting environments. Acknowledgement is given to the bonds that men make in defining their masculinity; this includes the role of the body and theenvironment in which this body exists. Ethical approval was granted from...

Identity and the Couple Relationship: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Women's Experiences of Caring for a Partner with Dementia

Andrea Degutis
Within an ageing population, the number of people with dementia is rapidly increasing. Dementia is considered a global health issue affecting 44 million people worldwide (Alzheimer’s Research UK, 2015). Due to an increase in the prevalence of dementia, the number of informal caregivers is also rising, with life-partners most commonly taking on this role and facing the transition into a caregiving relationship (Balfour, 2014). Historically, research has predominantly focused upon caregiver stress and burden and...

Exploring Children’s Experiences of Participating in a Mindfulness Intervention

Zoe Reavill
In recent years there has been a rapid growth in mindfulness practices being applied to improve the health and wellbeing of those who participate. As a result mindfulness-based interventions (MBI’s) have been applied in medical and educational settings. The purpose of this piece of research is to explore children’s understanding of mindfulness following their involvement in a 12 week mindfulness based intervention. The research provides an in-depth explorative interpretation of both the pupils and the...

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