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A File System for the J-Machine

Computer Science Technical Reports

Temporal Control of Ion Channel Activation

Oliver Syed Shafaat

Fast Adaptive Augmented Lagrangian Digital Image Correlation

Jin Yang

Movie 1: Red Lattice Delivery of Atoms with No Stark GMs

Alexander P. Burgers, Lucas S. Peng & H. Jeff Kimble

Concurrent Simulations of Plasma Reactors for VLSI Manufacturing

Computer Science Technical Reports

Scanning probe studies of thin films

Joseph O. Varghese

Topology Optimization of Silicon Anode Structures for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications

Sarah Louise Mitchell

Stability of bottom armoring under the attack of solitary waves

W. M. Keck Laboratory Of Hydraulics And Water Resources

An Examination of a Laboratory Variant of the BIV Scenario

Jaden Matthew Geller

Industrial Democracy: a Study of Labor Payment, Conditions, and Tendencies

Donald Peter MacFarlane

Valley Evolution by Meandering Rivers

Ajay Brian Sanjay Limaye

Robust Control of Evolutionary Dynamics

Vanessa Danielle Jonsson

Particle transport in flow through porous media : advection, longitudinal dispersion, and filtration

W. M. Keck Laboratory Of Hydraulics And Water Resources

Single Particle Motion in Active Matter

Eric W. Burkholder

From Single-Cell to Whole-Body: Developing a Molecular Neuroscience Toolkit

Nicholas Flytzanis

Advancing a Machine's Visual Awareness of People

David Christopher Hall

TCCON data from Saga (JP), Release GGG2014.R0

S. Kawakami, H. Ohyama, K. Arai, H. Okumura, C. Taura, T. Fukamachi & M. Sakashita

Small Scale Turbulence in High Karlovitz Number Premixed Flames

Brock Douglas Bobbitt

Theoretical Foundations for Quantum Measurement in a General Relativistic Framework

Belinda Heyun Pang

Lurking in ULIRGs: Molecular Gas in local Merging Galaxies

Swarnima Manohar

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